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Courtney: Riding The Storm Out

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I was staying at Courtney’s condo this particular weekend. Her roommate was out of town and we had the run of the place. We could make as much noise as we wanted to, whenever we wanted and wherever we wanted. The kitchen table, the couch, her roommate’s bed and even the stairs soon fell witness to our in-out-in-out action. Life was good.

Saturday evening had us sitting in a local restaurant – eating nachos, drinking a few beers, and having a great old time. My occasional glances out the window had detected winds picking up a bit, as well as the sky beginning to fill with clouds. A strange feeling crept through my body – a mix between excitement, anxiety and anticipation. I shrugged it off and enjoyed the remainder of our little outing.

It was about 7:30 when we headed back to her place. The dark sky appeared ominous, and the trees swayed in strong winds of the front blowing through. We were just about home when large raindrops began splattering against the windshield.

“Looks like we are in for a good one,” I predicted the obvious.

We jumped from the Jeep and made a mad dash to her front door in a meager attempt to avoid getting wet. As Courtney fiddled with the lock on the front door, a soft rumble of thunder drifted through the evening air from off in the distance. It began to rain a little harder.

Once inside, we both seemed to forget about the rain. We kicked off our wet shoes and socks, grabbed some beers, popped a movie into the DVD, and settled on the couch. Only the occasional faint flash of distant lightening illuminating the sky outside the living room window reminded us of the weather outside.

About halfway into the movie it hit – a blinding, brilliant bolt of lightening coupled with a deafening clap of thunder that shook through the house, the couch and our bodies. I don’t know who jumped higher – Courtney or me. Instantly, the lights and the television cut off.

“WOAH!!! Holly Shit!! That was close!”

Those profound words of wisdom were all I could muster. The hairs on my arm and my neck stood on end, my heart raced as if juiced by the electrical surge, and a sharp pain shot through my left thigh. As the thunder’s rumble began to fade, I realized the pain in my leg was due to Courtney’s death grip. She sat wide-eyed and terrified, staring out the window into the darkness and grasping my leg for all she was worth. I managed to pry myself loose and made my way to the window. All the power in the neighborhood was out and the rain was coming down even harder that before. Another radiant flash and thunderous boom scared any remaining living daylights out of me.

From behind me, Courtney spoke. “I’m getting a little scared, Bill.”

Realizing I was supposed to be the man here, I hesitantly told her everything would be OK. “It’s just a little storm bakırköy üniversiteli escort that happens to be right over our heads. Don’t worry – it’ll blow over in a minute or two.”

I quickly decided I had better do something to take her mind off Mother Nature’s little temper tantrum. “I’ve got an idea,” I said as I walked into the kitchen to find a lighter and some candles. “How about we head on upstairs and forget about life for a while?”

Through the darkness I could barely make out Courtney’s devilish grin, but it was enough to let me know she was game. More flashes of lightening lit up the room as I grabbed her hand and guided her up the stairs. From the upper floor I could hear the rain beating against the roof and the wind whipping through the big oaks outside. We made our way down the hall and into her room. Through her window I noticed the frequency of the lightening was intensifying and the deluge of rain was pounding that side of the condo.

I set the two candles down – one on her dresser and one on the nightstand – and lit them. Another bright flash nearby followed immediately by the horrendous growl of thunder that again shook the house, rattling the window and causing the candle flames to dance. Courtney practically jumped into my arms.

The feel of Courtney’s fragile little frame in my arms, quivering in fear of the storm brewing just outside her bedroom window, gave me a rising sense of power. I picked her up and practically threw her on her massive bed that sat in the corner, pushed right up against the two walls with the length stretching along right beneath the window. The ferocity of the storm outside seemed to pour through my veins as I straddled her young body, grabbing the front hems of her blouse between two buttons and tearing them apart…buttons popping and shooting across the room. I grasped either side of the front clasp of her bra and fiercely yanked it apart…the tiny plastic hook easily snapping in half. A timely flash of lightening illuminated the room and I devoured her naked chest with my eyes…her tits – firm and ignoring the laws of gravity – rising and falling from her heated breaths…her nipples – hard and proud – reaching to the heavens. I cupped a breast in each hand and mashed them together, burying my face in the deep cleavage I created.

More lightening. And another long, loud rumble of thunder shook the room.

I just continued my assault on her breasts, taking one of her stiff nubs between my teeth while pinching the other. Nibbling…suckling…licking…flicking…tugging more than gently. Courtney’s body arched in response. Loud moans escaped from deep in her throat, yet could barely be heard over the endless stream of thunder and the rain pounding against the siding of the house.

I sat bakırköy bdsm escort back up and observed my prey. The continuous lightening flashes illuminated the room and I saw her eyes – glazed and full…a mix of fear from the storm, surprise from my aggressive pursuit, and lust. I slid down Courtney’s legs, grabbing the top of her jeans and ripping apart the snap. I grabbed the zipper between my teeth and unzipped as my hands hooked around the waist and peeled her jeans from her legs…tossing them to the floor. I reached back up and literally tore her white-laced panties away with a manly grunt. Courtney gasped in disbelief.

As I positioned myself between her parted thighs, gripping a butt cheek in each hand and lifting her hips from the bed towards my face, yet another dazzling flare of lightening flashed around me…glistening off the tiny beads of wetness dripping from her folds. One mighty lap of my tongue up the quivering slit had Courtney’s thighs clamp firmly against my ears. The sounds of the raging storm were all but muffled – only the definite vibrations from thunder rippling through the house…through the room…through the bed…through Courtney’s body and into my head proved the storm still existed.

I darted my tongue deep into her hole, then up to entertain her clit. A gentle nibble on the protruding tiny piece of meat caused Courtney to buck violently. Her musky aroma…her sweet bitter taste…her damp pubic hairs tickling my nose…her firm little ass flexing in my hands…looking up across her flat stomach…flashes of lightening breaking the darkness…allowing me to watch her squeeze her breasts and pinch her nipples in rhythm to my dancing tongue…all soooooo erotic!

I pried myself from her clenched thighs and stood, licking her juices from around my mouth. A whimper of frustration slipped from Courtney’s lips.

The torrential rains continued to bombard the house – sounding like a stampede of wild horses galloping across the roof. I ripped my shirt from my body and yanked my jeans and boxers in one foul swoop. Courtney, now propped up on one elbow, watched in fascination as my throbbing pillar of Roman manhood was unveiled. Quick flashes of light revealed the tiny drop of pre-cum oozing from its tip.

I walked to the edge of the bed and took Courtney’s head in my hand as she bowed towards my groin…her hair a sweaty, tangled web between my fingers. First a delicate little dab of her tongue on the tip to steal the creamy droplet, then with mouth open wide taking me deep into her throat. Her expert tongue traced along the ridges and swollen veins, circling the head, teasing the tiny slit, then back down along my engorged shaft as her head bobbed back and forth…teeth dragging ever so delicately…soft lips lubricating the taut skin. One of her hands bakırköy elit escort reached behind me and gripped my ass – fingers lingering teasingly along the crevasse. The other gently weighed my sac – fingers rolling my aching balls.

Through closed eyes I sensed another vivid flash and thunder immediately roared. Again I felt the house shudder…the room shake…but as it flowed through Courtney, it was the fine, tiny vibrations causing her teeth to quiver along my sensitive cock that brought me to the brink. I quickly pulled away, grabbing the base of my tool and squeezing in a desperate attempt to cease the flow of juices from my constricted, tingling testis.

Courtney had apparently joined me in the frenzied heat of passion. She spun around on the bed and whipped open the window. A tremendous gust of wind ripped through the opening, slamming the door shut and immediately extinguishing the candles.

I watched intently as Courtney knelt on her bed – knees slightly parted and bracing herself on the sill…dark blonde hair flowing…firm round breasts swaying beneath…back slightly arched…round little ass vying for my attention. With her eyes shut and her face just inches from the screen, the driving rain had her face drenched in seconds…pouring down across her delicate chin…down her neck…across chest…along the curves of her youthful globes…then pausing briefly as tiny droplets, dangling from her erect nipples before cascading to the comforter upon which she perched.

The inexorable display of lightening, the deafening ruthless grumble of thunder, the howling wind, and the relentless deluge of rain was mind-altering.

I climbed onto the bed and positioned myself behind her, kneeling between her parted legs. With one hand braced on her hip, the other guided my cock towards her opening. No teasing…no gentle caresses…just a good solid plunge deep inside her eager pussy until my belly slapped against her ass.

The comforter was saturated, and her body was covered in moisture from the water splashing through the screen. Obviously not a concern as she rocked her body backwards to meet each of my thrusts…our moans squandered against the sounds of the storm. I felt my balls again to tingle as I reached around and harbored one of her wet tits in my hand without missing a stroke.

The curtains flared as gusts filled the room…the lightening exposed Courtney’s knuckles turned white as she gripped the windowsill – her nails digging into the waterlogged wood…the rain continued its battering…the loud deep rumble of thunder never ceasing…the tall trees outside the window bent awkwardly in the fierce winds.

I felt Courtney’s strong inner muscles begin to contract, gripping my shaft with every thrust.

I felt my balls tighten and my cock swell even more as I exploded deep inside. And through the dark, tumultuous night the tornado sirens began to sound…an eerie, bone-chilling noise…like the screaming Phoenix blasting from the fiery depths of Hell…..

…..We lay on the bed, both trying to catch our breath. The sirens gone…no more lightening…the thunder just a soft rumble off in the distance…a mere drizzle falling from the exhausted skies.

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