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Cuba Sex Adventures Ch. 02

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This is the second episode in a series about my sexual adventures in Cuba starting in the year 2000 until just recently in the year 2016. It’s best to read the first episode before diving into this one. It also describes a sexy encounter with a beautiful Cuban woman but more importantly, it starts with a handy guide to sexual customs in Cuba. This gives you some background that makes the stories understandable and believable. It helps if you plan to visit this male paradise to experience similar adventures before Cuba changes.

I’m a guy in his mid-fifties from Chicago. I stumbled into the erotic scene in Cuba as an unsuspecting tourist on a bicycling vacation. Being forty, recently divorced from an attractive American woman and starting my mid-life crisis, I was open for new things. A cute twenty-two-year-old Cuban school teacher picked me up at a bar in Santiago de Cuba. She zeroed in on me like I had a target on my back and within ten minutes of meeting was sitting on my lap and gazing up at me like I was a king. That night she taught me that there is good sex, great sex and then there is Cuban sex. I was hooked.

We American men are putty in Cuban women’s hands. They grow up in a culture where T.V. soap operas are the favorite form of viewing. The country shuts down at 9:30 every Wednesday to watch the soaps. Love stories and the drama around romance fills their minds from their early years. Girls, from a very early age learn to act and dress sexy. They become experts at getting foreigners to fall in love with them to support them, their families and too often, their Cuban boyfriends or husbands. Been there, done that.

What follows is a true story of an adventure that happened just a couple of weeks ago. After sixteen years and many hookups, I usually prefer women in their mid-twenties to mid-thirties rather than the younger girls. The older ladies offer a caring, expert love making any way you want it, fast or slow. They lay on the “I love you so much.” act that allows you fantasize it’s true for a few hours. Their object is to make you a long term lover or even a husband so treat you accordingly. They are great to hang out with and you can have a mature conversation with them.

Young beautiful girls have been pampered and wooed making them little princesses. They are still a great fuck since they have likely been sexually active since their fifteenth birthday, the age where they have a big ‘coming out’ party. Sex in Cuba is like steak in Texas or seafood in Boston, it is such a local obsession that the standards are raised to a much higher level. It’s hard to get a bad steak in Texas, bad clam chowder in Boston or bad sex in Cuba. So it is hot sex and not relationship sex if I had to say the difference between the very young chicas and the bit older and sexually wiser Cubanas.

By the way, I never and I mean never hook up with a girl that is under eighteen, the legal age in Cuba. It’s not worth it and it’s not necessary. I’m not attracted to very young girls, anyway. Also, I never go with a girl who is of age, but is even a bit reluctant. It ends up being unsatisfying sex. Once again, it’s unnecessary since there are lots of girls that quite willing to happily fuck your brains out, hoping you are enjoying her company and will hope you come back for more. Don’t get the idea that men like me who travel to Cuba for sexual adventures are trolling maliciously for unsuspecting girls and women to take advantage of. That is a what happens in America when older men hook up with young American girls. No, quite the opposite. In Cuba, there are huge numbers of girls and women trolling for foreigners to hook up with. It’s a win-win situation if done in the right spirit.

In my experience when I am fucking attractive young girls in Cuba, I really must get my lust on, early and strong. Lust is good and with every sexual encounter, I get totally lusty when I am approaching my orgasm. But with young, beautiful girls I get my lust on early and stronger. No gentle buildup and foreplay like with the older women. With the barely-legal chicas, I’m down and dirty from the start. We get stripped down nude in a flash and at an early moment I like to give their sweet asses a good slap. Nothing painful, just a wakeup call for who is in charge. I tend not to start with a blow job because these barely-legal girls are usually not too good at it. I don’t like being disappointed. It darkens my mood.

I want to get lusty, almost to the edge of violence when I am fucking their perfect bodies while looking at their beautiful faces. I’m not a violent person at all but in my lust I visit its neighborhood. This is why I usually fuck them missionary-style or get them up fucking cowboy. They are so beautiful to look at. Cowboy is better if they have nice tits. You can grab a couple of handfuls of luscious breasts as they twerk on your cock. These girls are expert salsa dancers who can gyrate their pussies amazingly. If you are prone to cumming at all quickly, NEVER, let a young chica get on top. You’ll be over the edge before you know it. Lucky for esenyurt otele gelen escort me, I’m now in my mid-fifties and I can fuck all night and cum when I want. That is a big benefit of maturity.

Here is a true story of a recent sexual adventure with the most beautiful young chica I had ever seen in my Cuban travels.

She was like a princess angel in white, floating into the dimly lit ‘parco central’ of my favorite small city in Cuba. Her beauty literally took my breath away as she stood talking with some teenaged Cuban boys. She was in the side of the park nearest the bar where foreigners drink on a patio. This was the area of the park where girls looking for a hookup frequent. She didn’t look the type but normal, innocent girls sometimes happen in, just to talk with friends or family, not looking for a foreigner hookup.

She looked in her late teens about five feet and a bit, tall. A pixy. She wore a silver dappled white miniskirt with a matching tight, white blouse over perky small tits. Over this she had a gossamer white see-through tunic with a white belt tight around her tiny waist. The miniskirt revealed a perfect small, athletic ass with firm, distinct, high cheeks like small melons. Cuban girls have the most amazing asses. They walk everywhere. Her face in the light of the overhead park lamps was like a teen beauty queen. Her skin was very white of the type from ancestors from Spain. She had light brown, straight hair with a healthy sheen, down to just below her shoulders. When she smiled happily while talking with the Cuban boys, she looked so wholesome and good-natured. The total package.

I sat on a park bench with my American friend, Walter, who has spent the last twenty years living here almost year-round. I turned to Walter and said, “My god, do you see that?” He was drinking her in with his eyes too. He replied, “I’ve never seen her here in the park. Wow, she’s incredible.” Walter is Cuba battle-hardened and not one to throw around compliments like that. She was certainly something special.

I saw my Cuban friend, Carlos, who is an English teacher at the local high school and a person that knows everything. I motioned him over and he came and sat with Walter and I.

“Carlos, see that girl in white over there. My life would be complete if I could be with her.” Just saying that made my cock steel hard with the remote possibility. In the U.S., the notion would be impossible, in Cuba, you never know. If anyone could arrange it, Carlos could.

Carlos said with just a slight Cuban accent, “Yes, she is really something. Last night was the first time I saw her in the park. I was talking with her and chatting her up really well but then she found out I was a Cuban. She would have nothing to do with me then. She wants a foreigner.” My ears perked up. He continued, “Do you want me to ask her to meet you?” I nodded yes and he went over to chat her up. To my dismay, she walked away and disappeared from sight.

Carlos sat back down. “Yes, she will talk with you but it has to be in the other side of the park. There are some benches over there in the dark area. She doesn’t want to talk with you in this area because there are some policemen patrolling. Give her five minutes and go and talk with her. Good luck, amigo.”

My mind was a jumble of thoughts as I sat and waited to go to her. I’ve been with many beautiful Cuban women. At first, I was intimidated by their gorgeous looks and perfect bodies that were way above my league back in America. But now I knew the score and am the confident boss is any encounter. The Cuban women appreciate a man taking control. It’s the culture. This girl was different. I’ll admit it. I was very intimidated. Imagine yourself at the Miss Teen America Pageant and when the winner is announced, you are told to meet her for a possible booty call. That was my state of mind.

I walked on the park pathway back away from the lights and buzz of Cubans and hard drinking loud foreigners to a quiet dark area on the far side of the park. There was the princess in white sitting on a park bench waiting. I sat beside her with my arm over the back of the bench and faced her. She seemed so small sitting beside me. I’m more than double her weight and over a foot taller. But she was a sexually mature girl with a pussy that might be very small but would certainly accommodate my normal-sized equipment. I was nervous and extremely hopeful.

I greeted her, “Buenas noches, mija.” Good evening girl.

She had a nervous look on her pretty face and replied, “Buenas.”

There was no use in beating around the bush. In my poor Spanish, I made her an offer of five times the going rate in CUC (Cuban currency) to be with her. This is still not a huge dollar amount in American terms. I thought it would be a bargain to have an evening I’ll remember for the rest of my life.

She started talking in a serious tone. I only understood a bit of it but I caught Spanish phrases I knew such as ‘good girl with a job’, ‘want serious esenyurt rus escort relationship’ and ‘not a girl of the streets wanting money’.

My hopes of a great sexual experience vanished into the Cuban night. That was that, she did not want to have sex with me for cash. I said I was sorry, thanked her and went back to sit with Walter and Carlos. I shared my disappointment and Carlos said he had her cellphone number and would call her. I went off to the bar and brought back three beers for us to drink as I mourned the near miss to my dream date.

Carlos was talking fast and hard on his cell. He said, “The girl wants to talk with you.”

Shocked, I took the phone. It was her musical, girlie voice. She was talking so rapidly that the only thing I understood was the Spanish phrase for ‘I love you very much’, “Te quiero mucho’. I didn’t have a clue as to where that came from but I replied that ‘I love you very much too.’ “Te quiero mucho tambien.” That was a bit of a lie. I was ‘in lust’ not ‘in love’ but what the fuck? I gave the phone back to Carlos.

He talked with her for a minute or so, hung up and turned to me. “Okay, she wants to be with you. She will meet you over on the next block beside that other small park. By the way, she is nineteen. I saw her I.D. last night. She is from a small farm town outside the city. You are one lucky dude, amigo.”

Oh, my god I thought, this was really going to happen. Only in Cuba. Holy fuck!

I walked in a horny daze in the cool night air, a block and a half to the meeting spot. There she was standing like a little angel in white waiting for me. I said, “Hola, mi amor.” Hello my love. Took her hand and gave her a traditional air kiss beside her right ear. “Vamos a mi casa.” We go to my house. I didn’t want to start a conversation and say the wrong thing to fuck things up with my bad Spanish. Best to just get to my room and get nude.

I took her hand and we walked on the dark streets towards my B&B room. Along the way, I asked her if she had her Cuban ID card, (pronounced ‘car-nay’ in Cuba) with her. I knew the owner of my B&B would need to see her ID to allow her to visit my room. He could lose his license if he was caught allowing someone in without an ID card. She said she knew her number but didn’t have the card. She couldn’t go and get it because she lived in a town outside the city. That would not fly. No card, no cozy fuck in my ‘casa de renta’ B&B.

Holy fuck, my heart sank. What the fuck could I do? My mind was racing at the possibilities. Where could we go for our sex play? It was about midnight, so maybe a small, deserted, dark park. We came to my ‘casa de renta’ lodging and kept walking. There were still a number of Cubans out walking in the streets. That is a key cultural difference to North America where streets are deserted late at night. Cubans are much more social and will be up late walking around visiting friends and family. Of course, they also do this to avoid the hot sun in the daytime. We kept walking and walking further away from the city core. My mind was frantic. I even started thinking that if we hit the edge of the city and the start of the sugar cane fields, maybe we could fuck in the dirt between the tall plants. That’s how desperate and horny I was.

Along the way, we passed an extremely well-dressed, and made-up transvestite standing proudly under one of the few street lights. A dozen feet away a pretty boy in his early twenties and very gay, strutted his stuff. I thought, this must be the gay stroll. Until maybe 2010 or so, homosexuality was a crime in Cuba. It’s still considered very bad and a straight man will get violent if another man accidently touches his ass. But gays no longer go to jail.

Suddenly it flashed in my lust-filled brain that this man/woman might know of a fuck-pad to rent for a couple of hours for my teen angel and I to get physical. I stopped on the sidewalk, turned and motioned the tall, stunning transvestite to come over away from the light. She ambled over with hips twerking and lipstick covered lips, pouting. In my broken Spanish, I asked if she knew of a room where my chica and I could fuck in for a short time and she replied sure. Off we went, the transvestite (pronounced ‘trans-bess-tee’ in Spanish), the gay boy, my princess and me. The four amigos.

Before we turned on to a dark side street, an empty horse-drawn coach trotted by. I yelled, “Coachero!” and waved him down. It would be almost impossible to get transportation after our fuck session this late at night so I gave the coach driver five CUC to follow us and wait outside the house we were going to.

You are most likely thinking I am crazy to go down dark back streets in a foreign country. That’s how somebody gets mugged or killed, right? Not in Cuba. It’s very safe. The laws against harming a tourist are very strict. I’ve heard twenty years for assault. So, I don’t worry about those things. But I also would not get drunk and wander the streets. That’s asking for trouble.

We came to esenyurt türbanlı escort a darkened house and the transvestite went up and knocked. We stayed on the street. Lights came on and there was a much talking at the door. Soon, he/she came back and said it would be 15 CUC for an hour (likely it was five or less but WTF). I gave the money and we went over to the door. The owner led us down a dark hallway to a back bedroom that had a curtain for privacy, not a door. That’s totally common in Cuba. I parted the curtains and the young princess and I went on in. There was a low level of light from a bedside lamp and a passable bed but not much else.

Finally, I was alone with my perfect, tiny, teen beauty. I pulled her to me a bit aggressively since my lust had kicked in with a surge. Her body was tight and firm. I could feel her perky tits against my lower chest. She looked up at me with the face of a girl worried about what a big, horny man was going to do to her. Her body stiffed. I kissed her and she opened her lips in the Cuban style. I sucked on her tongue and she on mine as her body relaxed. Soon she had both of her hands on the back of my neck pulling my lips to hers. What a horny little thing I thought.

It was time for some fucking. I broke the romance, stepped back and said, “Sin ropas” (Without clothes) and unbuttoned my shirt and stripped. I watched her as she became gloriously nude before my eyes. She, like most Cubans, are at ease about showing their bodies. Her tits were tiny, my guess a 32A cup with dark brown quarter-sized areoles and pea-sized nipples. Her pussy was cleanly shaven as is the style with most Cubanas and all young chicas. I got an immediate steel hard erection. When she was completely nude I hugged her again. Her skin was impossibly soft and I ran my hands down and grabbed a sweet handful of ass with each. They were tight and strong. Cubans walk everywhere and hence have the sexiest asses in the world.

I growled, “Mi gusta tus nalgas.” (I like your ass). I would have loved to massage that perfect butt for days but my cock was commanding me forward. I gave her bum a little slap and pointed to the bed. She jumped in with me following close behind.

We lay facing each other with me with a hand on her hip. Fuck did she look luscious all nude and all. The rest of the world and the screwed-up evening that got us to this strange bedroom all faded away. It was her and me, her sweet pussy and my stiff cock and the fog of primal lust that surrounded us and clouded my brain.

She whispered that she loved me very much and wanted to be my wife. I didn’t know where the fuck that came from but I was game to play along. Husbands and wives do a lot of fornicating and that suited my plans to a T. I said I loved her deeply as well and wanted to be her husband. Cubanas believe in love at first sight. The girls and women watch soap operas religiously. The most popular comes on T.V. on Wednesday nights and Cuba shuts down when it comes on.

I put her hand on my dick and she stroked me as she continued. I massaged her tight ass. She next asked me how many children I wanted. I swear this is true. I almost broke out in a huge laugh but caught myself and said two, a boy and a girl. Her beautiful full lips turned into a big smile. This was like the Twilight Zone but a very erotic zone.

Enough talk, it was time for fucking. I got up on my knees and went over between hers looking down at a sweet sight of a drop-dead gorgeous teen. Her beautiful face was encircled in a halo of light brown hair fanned out on the bed. Her narrow thighs were spread and her perfect tiny pussy lips were opened like a pink flower. Fuck, I would pay a million bucks to have a picture of that perfect vision.

Being the lust animal I am during sex, this vision did not soften my heart but rather made my lust level surge to almost a violent level. I spit on my hand and used it to lubricate the head of my cock and fell on her with a big grunt. The tip of my dick expertly found the opening to her honeypot. I pushed into her balls deep and fucked her in a blind fury, releasing all the pent up lust energy I had built up over the last few hours. The bed creaked loudly with every thrust. When I first went to Cuba, I would be embarrassed about the loud bed noises going through the paper-thin walls and glass-less windows when I fuck. I often heard sounds of fucking in the night from my bedroom. Now after all these years I love giving the neighbors those erotic sounds. Maybe they’ll get horny and have a good fuck themselves. Ha!

Gradually I came to my senses and my lust quelled. Fortunately, I hadn’t cum. That’s the great beauty of being older. I rolled off her, soaked in sweat from the humidity and hot air. She mounted me cowgirl as the sweat cooled on my chest. She reached back under her ass and expertly guided my dick to her love entrance. Nineteen-year-old chicas have more sexual experience than most American girls in their thirties. Her hair was all crazy now and her face had the look of a young teen that had just been hit by a lust truck, which she had been, me. She expertly did all the work, lifting her perfect ass and sliding my happy dick in and out of her tight teen pussy sleeve. She leaned forward and put both hands on my chest for leverage and stared deep into my eyes as her pussy gripped my dick deliciously and milked it like a Dutch farm girl with a prize Holstein cow.

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