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Big Tits

Serena stared intently at the glowing screen in the darkness of her bedroom. A warm spring breeze rustled the lacy curtains at the window beside her desk. As she typed, the keys clicked contentedly. Nervously wetting her lips with her tongue, breathing in quiet anticipation, she sat with one foot tucked under her. The bluish light from the screen illuminated her profile; dark hair to her shoulders, dark eyes, full pouting lips with a hint of an easy smile, small build, with a fullness to her hips and slight arch to her back that spoke of her womanly charms. Her thin white negligee rustled with the breeze, barely covering her breasts. Her erect nipples stood out like sentinels against the gauzy material. Petite and perky, her breasts looked as if a sculptor who had labored over his work for endless hours to accomplish his goal of simple perfection formed them. At the hem of her nightdress, a hint of her round buttocks peeked out, the line of her elegant legs extending to her painted toenails.

Except for the computer, the room was decorated in a Victorian fashion, with an old oil lamp now burning on the bedside table, massage oils on the shelf below, a four poster king size bed with large pillows, a thick rug on the wooden floor, a bathroom door, and a door to the outer hall. It was closed. The posts on the bed were dark oak, massive in scope, with ornate carvings reaching up towards the ceiling. The warm light of the lamp threw shadows against the wall, in contrast to the luminescence of the computer screen.

It had been months since she moved in here from California. With a new job taking up much of her time, and no real new contacts, Serena’s social life was still in limbo. While she was pretty, and made friends easily, she really hadn’t gotten out that much. It would take time, she told herself, ‘be patient.’ Well, she was, and that was all right. The job was going fairly well, and she loved the small town feel of this place. It was just, well, she had her needs. And they were beginning to distract her from her work, too. Perhaps this would give her some relief.

She couldn’t believe it when her sister had sent her an email. Titled “A new era of cyber”, Serena had thought it was some kind of a joke being played. It was a measure of how huge her desire had become over the last few weeks, that she had considered logging on, and with a mixture of trepidation and embarrassment that she proceeded. But here she was. She could feel and hear her heartbeat as she sat bathed in the glow of the screen. ‘Please,’ she thought, ‘be for real.’

Her fingers worked efficiently and eagerly, responding to the input templates on the screen. Serena looked into the screen intently. Here was a template with a series of queries and selections. She worked the forms, aware of her growing heat, but trying to concentrate.

Selections popped up…”PARTNER QUANTITY, EXPERIENCE DURATION, ROMANTIC PREFERENCE, EXPERIENCE TYPE.” She licked her lips again, shifted in her seat, with her dark eyes widening at the possibilities. She smiled to herself, looked down momentarily, then took a deep breath and gazed back at the screen.

More selections: “ETHNIC ORIGIN/RACE (She paused here, biting her lip), DIMENSIONS (here were over 14 selections, covering various physical details, including an “other”. Also, there was a safety pop-up warning note next to penis and breast sizes): She got playful here, after checking her own breasts with her hand.

Still more categories: VERBAL/NON-VERBAL, EXPRESSIVE/NOISY. As Serena went through this list, she felt like a kid in a candy store. She knew better than to go for every variety, but it was very tempting. Her skin was flushed from exploring the possibilities in her mind. Wow.

Serena worked quietly, quickly, filling in the details. She had looked at the site three times now, and was getting more comfortable with the technical interface. While she knew it seemed crazy, Serena had a healthy sense of adventure, one she felt she had neglected recently. Plus, her sister said it was great, and she trusted her opinion. So, having decided to go ahead tonight, she felt her anticipation growing as she went. Nearly finished, she moved from entry to entry, warmth flushing her chest and abdomen.

EXPERIENCE PREVIEW: Click-Zoom-Click. An image grew larger on the screen. Her eyes widened for the second time. “Ahhh,” she said, “there you are. Come to Mama.” Serena felt her loins tingling, and she shifted again. There, on her IBM computer monitor, was an image of an adult male, approximately 32 years old, dark olive skin, obviously Italian ancestry, shoulder length dark hair, soulful eyes, with a strong jaw and chin, full lips, and a look of passion that focused on her in an alluring and seductive way. He was looking at her. She could feel his gaze upon her outline as she studied him intently. She wondered, “Can he see me?”

He wore beylikdüzü otele gelen escort no clothing and was damp as if just bathing, and stood on a small rock outcropping in an arid environment. There was a creek nearby, where trees and bushes flourished near the source of water. His legs were still wet up to his knees from wading the creek. Serena took in the shape of his feet and smiled to herself. They were strong yet elegant, like his hands. His whole body was well muscled, as if from work or outdoor activities. She enjoyed the look of the long thighs, and his full frame. Taking her time, Serena studied his form and how it all fit together. She imagined how they might be together. She was thinking not to be too impatient at this delicate phase. She wanted this to be just right.

He turned from her, and went to a towel on the bank, and bent down to dry himself. This part she liked just fine, she thought. When he turned back she finally focused on his loins and took in a sharp breath. His maleness was beginning to grow, and the shape was so perfect. She gazed at the shaft, so nice and strong, with a glans that combined the smooth beauty of ivory with the texture of purplish-red velvet. It pulsed and grew before her eyes. Her mouth a small ‘O’, a quiet involuntary gasp escaped her. The strength of her attraction surprised her. She had been without a man for too long, she thought, and was much too excited to turn back now. With some trepidation she went to the next step.

ACKNOWLEDGE AND ACCEPT (here there was a disclaimer which had lots of legal terms and fine print; then ‘Click “Yes” or “No”‘) Serena skipped the legal mumbo-jumbo. In her haste she clicked 5 times before she stopped. Click-click; ‘damn’; click-click; ‘okay, calm down’ click. “Finally. Well, here goes.” She whispered.

The image on the screen began to grow, and Serena moved back slightly. As She watched, he stepped towards the screen, ducked his head and emerged into her bedroom, smiling and passionately kissing her on the lips on his way out. He tasted exotic. She shivered and shyly smiled back. This was crazy, she thought, but my kind of crazy.

Still sitting, Serena sat and stared up unbelievingly at the figure that emerged, trying to assimilate what was in store for her this evening. It was difficult to grasp that he was actually here. He stood and looked down at her with a knowing smile. At her first impulse, she hugged him to her, her face pressing against his abdomen as she looked up at him. The downy hairs felt soft against her skin, and she felt safe and warm.

She gathered herself and looked down, rewarded by what she saw. There below her, his shaft continued its trek from before, ever upward, and she watched it expand before her very eyes. The skin had a tantalizing sheen, and she watched as the head danced excruciatingly close to her lips. He stroked her hair and looked down upon her frame.

Standing, Serena gently pushed him back toward the bed, and felt such inner joy as his knees bent and his body descended to the lush covers, like a tree being felled in the forest. “Mine.” She whispered. “All mine.” as his head hit the pillows. She stared intently again, as a cat with its prey. Her fingers played on his muscular belly, moving up to tangle in the hair on his chest.

She stared at his maleness, transfixed, looking down the shaft to the large round balls at the base, then back up the shaft again to the head. It seemed to smile at her. She was smiling back. It throbbed. A drop of semen glistened at her from the tip. “Wonderful.” she said. Her hand trembled as she reached out as if to pet it, and exhaled audibly when her fingers traced the shape of his glans. Serena opened her mouth and kissed it lovingly, sucking up the honey-like drops as she kissed. She savored the taste and texture, enjoying his musky smells and the feel in her mouth. Her new man moved his hips approvingly and put gentle pressure at the back of her head.

Placing both hands on his abdomen on either side of her new possession, she suckled in earnest, his glans disappearing into her full red lips, reappearing as she pulled him in and out of her luscious mouth. He moaned, thrusting slowly upward into the hot moistness of her, feeling her lips wrap around his length. She wrapped one hand around his shaft and pulled at him from the root, circling him with her tongue, then licking him thoroughly as he softly moaned his approval. Moving down to his near perfect scrotum she played and kissed as he looked down at her.

Serena then moved up his thighs to his stomach and kissed his navel, then his chest, and his neck and shoulders. She stopped to gaze at his dark handsome face and looked into his eyes, stroking his hair. He reached out for her and pulled her face to him kissing her lips softly at first, then with more urgency, beylikdüzü rus escort probing her mouth. Their tongues encircled and his hands went exploring on her back and buttocks. His kisses were playful and passionate at the same time, and Serena enjoyed his creativity.

Feeling his hands on her nightdress she waited to feel him pull it up her body as they kissed, only to gasp as he ripped it in half, up the center of her back. As he pulled the shreds from her breasts, he kissed her neck and breastbone thoroughly. Hovering at her now hypersensitive breasts, he kissed every inch of them, except her nipples, and left her hoping for his return. She writhed in passion and agony waiting for him to take her into his mouth. He teased mercilessly.

Her breasts still aching as he kissed at her stomach and moved down to her hip bone, she decided to take charge and pressed her advantage of being on top. It felt so powerful. She positioned her nipple at his mouth and forced it between his lips. He surrendered, and suckled hungrily, enveloping her with his lips. Her back arched in pleasure and she moaned out load. Serena pressed on, and placed her other nipple in his warm mouth, to be satisfied by his contented suckles and approving moans. Comfortable in her dominance, she put her hands on his large bronze shoulders and drew her loins across his body, leaving a trail of her juices up his chest.

Serena has a feeling of power and control as she put her knees on either side of his head. She carefully placed her hands against the bed rails and wrapped her fingers luxuriously around them as the tender flesh of her pussy slowly descended towards his lips. He smiled up at her, a willing captive, marveling at the vision of the fullness of her mons above him, her perfect breasts rising with each breath. Each time he inhaled, her scent went deeper inside his chest, and he felt his prong growing fuller and harder still. He tasted her lips and their juiciness, teasing the tender skin with his mouth and tonguing her outer lips. Instantly she arched her back, eyes closed, with her face lifted upward.

As he sucked at her, she looked down through her hair, across her pert tender breasts, down to where she could see his mouth now locked onto her private garden of pleasure. Inside she exulted in this worship of her pussy, which had been untouched for so long. Erotic sounds of her moans, his suckling, her wetness slurping, and the bed creaking filled the room.

Serena alternated between holding still and moaning, thighs flexing, and grinding her cunt into his face, her hands clutching at the rails in the headboard for support. His large hands had long since possessed her buttocks and she felt her ass contained in them as he drank her nectars and probed her inner depths. In heaven, she never wanted him to stop.

And he would not. Mercilessly, his tongue entered her, probing her more deeply each time. Then his lips would engulf her whole pussy, and he sucked at her while stimulating her clitoris all the while.

He was fucking her with his tongue, and magically, it seemed to grow inside her with each stroke. It was imperceptible at first, but she became convinced with each passing second. It was very enjoyable, yet quite….different. Feeling this, Serena wanted to look down, but could not let herself. It was too wonderful. In her mind she told herself “Don’t stop, don’t stop, I don’t care if it’s real or not.” Her eyes closed and she strained holding the rails, and felt his hands pulling her down onto him in the strongest of grips. She was in a vortex which she could not leave if she wanted to, yet she wanted to be consumed by him, eaten until there was no more to eat. In her minds eye she could see his wonderful mouth, lips and tongue enveloping her pussy and her butt, sucking her whole body, it was so intense.

Time seemed to flow and stand still all at once. The fantastic probing continued, and she was sure she could feel him inside her up near her breasts, deep, deep, deep within her. ‘This can’t be happening.’ she thought, and denied the mounting physical evidence of the continuous pressure inside her. Her pleasure was real enough though, and her lustful curiosity pushed aside her fears long enough for her to look down and see his lips upon her.

And there, as she rode upon it, was a massive tongue. It was dark red and dripping with her juices, both beautiful and strange as it worked its way inside her. So thick and erotic, her gaze fixed upon the shape and size of it, hypnotized and transformed into a nothing but a pleasure sucking/fucking machine.

‘What am I doing?’ she thought, and wondered why she wasn’t repulsed. Yet, even while she looked on, her passion grew with each assault upon her love garden. Another moan escaped her lips as he slurped her from end to end. It should be wrong, but beylikdüzü türbanlı escort she didn’t care. It was Sooo GOOOOOD, she thought, why not just this one time?

Lust destroyed her logic, and she let go of any reservations and gave in. After all, she now only wanted one thing. She only wanted to be SUCKED and FUCKED and be invaded farther than she ever had, letting him have all of her! Almost sensing her inner conflict recede, the invader pressed at her labia, while penetrating her vagina more deeply than she had ever been probed. It waggled inside her. She could see her lower lips wrapping around him and sliding on his cock-tongue, and she closed her eyes again. This had to be a dream, she thought, but she didn’t care anymore.

Her pussy gushed with the motions, and his tongue stroked her up and down, filling every part of her womb. His whole face was wet with her juices, and his passion was unbelievable. He drank her like a man dying of thirst, and alternated with a thrusting she had never known. And she could not believe what he made her feel. She could feel her monstrous climax growing in the distance. Her bedroom filled with her cries of hunger, moaning, gasping, unbelieving. She watched it coming to her. He sucked at her clitoris as it were her breast and she felt lightning strike between her legs, then the inevitable thunder. “Oh, my god. Oh, god!” She felt like a sailboat being tossed in a storm, only the storm was filling her cunt and pulling her down to fuck her endlessly.

She gripped the bed rails and fucked his face, or was he fucking her pussy, she didn’t know anymore and she wanted his whole head inside her she was so hot she didn’t care. Her thighs pumped on him, her butt rising and falling on his face, faster and faster, forcing more of his prick-tongue inside of her each time. She could feel it approach, her climax was coming. He sucked at her whole pussy, and her clit rubbed his face. Then his tongue was reaching up, up, up into her, and she could feel her world falling away. He filled her, stretched her to lengths of her physical ability, and her pleasure soared. Her mind searched “How does he do this, how does he know?”. She clutched at the bedrails as if she would be pulled out to sea. She moaned and cried out “Help me! Ohhhhhhhhhhh, uhhhhhhh.” gasping as a woman unable to breathe, yet breathing in huge gasps. “No, no, oh, yes, yes, YES, YEEEESSSSS!”

She felt herself approaching the edge, and quivered, savoring his fantastically fat, long, wonderful tongue inside her yet, and then, pumped with a new fury. “Oh, oh, oh, oooohhhh. Eat me! FUCK ME! EAT ME!” She looked down to see white foamy flecks from her juices upon his huge tongue, the lips of her stretched pussy locked upon him as if for dear life. The bed creaked and rocked with her strength. “Oh my god. Ohmygod, OHMYGOD. Mmmmmmmmmmm. Ohhhhhhhhhhh. Unnnnhhhhhhhhhh oh please, ohhhhhhhhh, OHMYGOD!!”

She spasmed and drew herself up holding white knuckled to the bed, eyes closed and shuddering. Her climax was endless and exhausting. She felt herself falling and floating and did not care. He lapped contentedly at her now red full lips and smiled.

When she came to, she was on his chest, staring mindlessly at his chest hair as it rose and fell. He was looking down at her, through those wonderful eyes. She moved up to kiss him, and as their tongues danced her mind flew back to her visions, and she was aware of how full and pleasantly stretched she felt. Yet, everything was ‘back to normal’ in the tongue department. She took his chin in her hand and opened his mouth, looking in like a horse trader might look in on a prospective purchase. ‘Amazing,’ she said. At least she still had this wonderfully strange man in her bed. She got up for a moment to freshen up and admired his body stretched languidly out on her bed. “Wow.” She thought. She happily staggered into the washroom, wondering what could possibly be an encore.

As she emerged, planning their next erotic episode, she looked up to see the strange sight of her lover’s brilliant butt and legs disappearing into her computer monitor. She rushed at the desk “Wait!” but then remembered the screen where she had chosen the duration.

*1 1/2 Hours Total Time*

‘Damn! Damn, Damn, Damn!’

As she began to grasp the situation, Serena thought, oh well, in a few hours I have to go to work. Some yearnings lingered, though. She thought the lack of sleep would have been well worth the ‘sacrifice’. She grinned. “Next time.”

Still, his quick disappearance left her disconcerted. “Was it a dream?” “Was it real? How will I know?” Serena looked around her room searching for clues. It looked as it normally did, table here, computer there, bed rumpled, but still no real signs of what had transpired, or what she thought had transpired. In her distracted state, she went back to her bedside to put on her nightgown.

Standing naked in the middle of her room, she picked it up and looked down at the tattered remnants, a lazy smile crossing her face, eyes brightening. All of a sudden, her pussy felt quite wet, warm, and happily used, the way it should. She cocked her head slightly to one side and gazed happily back at the computer.

‘Wonder what I can dream up next time?’

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