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Dark Encounter

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Celebrity Fakes

I walked into my hotel room and started fumbling for the light switch. I was a bit tipsy. That is when I was pushed into the room by a male body being pressed to mine from behind and the door closed behind us.

“Don’t be afraid, I won’t hurt you,” he said softly into my ear.

His voice sounded vaguely familiar, but I could not pinpoint where I had heard it before. I considered screaming and fighting to get away — but something stopped me. I found I was slightly excited. It had been so long since I had done anything interesting or exciting.

It was still pitch dark in the room so I could not see anything. He was still pressed up behind me and I could feel he was excited. His hands were now on my hips and he dragged them around until they were on my breasts. I stood motionless as he lightly squeezed and massaged them until my nipples hardened. He took them between his fingers through my shirt and I was happy I had not worn a bra. It felt so good. His heavy breathing on my neck was warm.

As he played with my hardened nipples, I was wanting his hands on my bare skin. As if reading my mind, his hands traveled down to the hem of my shirt and he pulled if over my head. He brought his hands back down to my now bare breasts and as he started rolling my nipples between his fingers, I felt a wave of pleasure rip through me ending in my pussy, which I was sure was getting wet. A moan escaped my lips. At this, on the small of my back I felt his hard cock jump in his pants. I found myself wanting more.

I wanted his cock.

I wanted to be fucked.

I wanted to cum.

I wanted to cum hard.

I pressed back with my body and started to sway a bit, knowing I was rubbing against his cock. He let out a slight moan then reached down to pull up my skirt. His hand trailed across my hips and the tops of my thighs, then across my lower stomach. halkalı eve gelen escort The tips of his fingers dragging across my pelvis. Then he ran one hand down over my underwear across my pussy.

“Wow, you’re so wet.” He whispered.

He lightly ran his fingers over my pussy making me even wetter. He traced the edge of my panties with his finger letting it dip under. I was anxious for it to find home. I wanted to feel it slide across my clit, to dip inside of me. He took his time teasing. So close to where I wanted it. My body involuntarily trying to guide him where I wanted him. He laughed, slid his finger between my folds and up across my clit. This triggered another moan. He repeated this movement over and over slowly, then dipped his finger into me.

I could barely contain myself. He pulled his finger out and pulled off my skirt and panties in one motion. I was now standing naked but for my strappy sandals. His hands trailed up the backs of my legs and over my ass then up my back. He turned me around then pushed my back to the wall. It was still so dark that I could only see him as a shadowy figure in front of me. His hands still running over my body he leaned down and took my nipple between his lips. He licked and he sucked that nipple as his hand rolled my other nipple between his fingers.

After a minute or two he swapped his mouth and hand, so he was licking and sucking the other nipple. He then got down to his knees, spread my legs apart, leaned in and I could feel his warm breath on my pussy. He then lightly flicked his tongue across my clit. It was electric. My body twitched with the pleasure of it. His tongue was wet and very warm. He did this a few times before going in for a lick. I was so excited I know I was already open for him. His tongue licked all around my pussy and my body would halkalı grup yapan escort twitch every time he licked my clit. I was getting really close to cumming and I was sure he could sense it. My moans were getting louder. Then he pulled back.

I could hear that he was taking off his clothes. He took my hand and brough it to his hard cock. I started to lightly stroke him. I really wanted his hard cock inside of me. As I continued stroking him his fingers once again found my pussy. He inserted his finger into me and slowly finger fucked me as I stroked. Once in a while, he would pull his finger out to run it across my clit a few times before plunging it back in. He was so wet with pre-cum that my hand was easily sliding over his cock.

He then put his hands on my shoulders and pushed me to my knees. He guided his cock to my mouth and I gladly took it in. It was my turn to lick and suck. I continued to use one hand to run it up and down his shaft as I would take his cock into my mouth. He took the back of my head and started slowly pushing his cock a little deeper to the back of my throat each time he would thrust. I let my hand fall as there was no more room for it as he was pushing the full length of his cock into my mouth and throat. He would pull back just long enough for me to take a breath then he would thrust it back in. His cock was so hard. It surprised me how much of it I could take in.

He started to moan as his thrusts started to be faster and harder. Then he pulled out, with his hand tangled in my hair he pulled me to my feet and turned me around with my face to the wall and his cock entered me from behind. It was almost overwhelming. We were both so worked up. I was so wet his cock had no trouble sliding in and out. He was fucking me hard.

With his cock still in me he reached his halkalı masöz escort hand around and started to rub my clit. Once again, I was getting close to orgasm. I wanted it. I wanted to go over the edge. I was so close when he stopped and pulled out. I whimpered a bit as I wanted it so bad. Then I felt the tip of his cock push lightly against my anus. Slowly he started to push his cock in. I was so wet there was definitely enough lubrication. And then he was fully in. I thought it was overwhelming before, but that was nothing compared to what I was now experiencing. He was slowly pushing his cock in and out of my ass. I had been fucked up the ass a couple of times before, but it was never as good as this.

As his thrusts began to quicken a bit, he again leaned into me, reached around and started to rub my clit. I knew now that this was how I wanted to cum. There was no doubt it would be strong. As he fucked my ass we were both moaning uncontrollably. I could feel it building in both of us. He started to fuck me harder and faster. Our moans matching the rhythm and ferocity of the thrusts.

“Cum for me, Baby.” He whispered.

And that did it. Within a couple more thrusts I was pushed over the edge and came. And I came hard. I could feel the wetness of my cum run down my leg and I could feel my convulsions grabbing his cock from inside. Over and over the waves of orgasm ran through me down to the tips of my toes. And that is when I heard him cum. He groaned a few times with his quick thrusts. My convulsions milking his cock.

We stood still for a bit. My face still against the wall with his arms around me, his cock still buried in my ass. His head next to mine, both of us breathing heavily, letting the feel of what we just did continue to wash over us. He then kissed my cheek, pulled out and stepped back from me. He got dressed and I could hear him walking away. I saw the door to the room open as he was leaving letting the light from the hall enter the room. That’s when I saw that it was the bartender, I had been flirting with most of the night. He smiled at me.

“Wow, that was fun!” he said then left the room.

It occurred to me at that moment that in the entire exchange, I had not said a word.

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