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Daughters – Eve, Ch. 02

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Daughters of the American Evolution – Eve, Ch. 02

This story is part of a series called “Daughters of the American Evolution.” The stories are all based on the concept of an allegedly sinister (some say beneficent) organization called ‘Families Interaction Therapists’, or FIT, that has put into action a plan to subliminally convert every female on earth to lesbianism, and to non-violently reduce the number of men on earth by 98%.

Eve’s story is the account of how it all began….

* * * *

Adana and Eve

“Welcome to the club,” Eve said, leaning back in the kitchen chair.

“What’s going to happen to me?” Adana asked, her eyes narrowing on the blonde seated across from her.

Eve smiled, her eyes resting on Adana’s full bosom.

“I think that you and I are going to become very close friends.”

“What do you mean?” Adana asked, her eyes now unable to meet Eve’s.

“Well…you said that you were having dreams of other women, of having sex with them. Why are you?” Eve asked, not unkindly.

“I don’t know…that’s why I came to you,” Adana said, weariness and frustration in her voice. She moved her nearly empty tea cup a few inches to the right.

“And did you think that I’m an expert on dreams…on sexual dreams?” Eve asked, wryly.

“No, no…but I think they have something to do with this…infection. Maybe you know what they mean, how I can stop them,” Adana said, as she moved the tea cup back to its former position.

“Do you want to stop them?” Eve asked, with a faint smile. Her fingers caressed the handle of her own tea cup.

“Of course I do,” Adana said, sounding offended. Her breasts rose and fell noticeably, once.

“Really?” Eve said. “So if I suggested a therapy to you – one that involved a necessary intimate relationship between us – you’d accept it, if I promised you that it would take away the uncertainty you’re experiencing?”

Eve smiled to herself when she saw Adana’s eyes widen at hearing the word ‘intimate’, then watched as Adana’s eyes went from Eve’s mouth, to her breasts, then to her pelvis.

“I guess so,” Adana said, shrugging sulkily.

Eve smiled briefly. She was completely certain of what Adana wanted, even if Adana wasn’t aware herself.

“Very well, then,” Eve said. “I’ll help you.”

Adana looked relieved.

“Would you like more tea?” Eve asked the raven-tressed woman. Adana nodded, and Eve poured another cup for them both.

A few minutes later, setting down her cup, Adana said, “So, where do we go from here?”

Eve said, “You have to learn to trust me.” Adana didn’t respond, but just looked into Eve’s eyes. Eve could see her fear, and a terrible fatigue there.

Eve stared at Adana for a long minute, not saying anything, then stood and took Adana’s hand in hers. Adana’s hand was like cold paper. Adana hesitated, then rose, and followed Eve to the bedroom. Eve could feel Adana’s hand shaking, reflecting the torment and fear of the unknown the young girl was feeling.

Eve’s heart went out to the girl, but then considered that it was Adana’s fault alone that she was in her current situation – experiencing wild dreams of the lewdest kinds of sex with other women. Eve turned and looked at her erstwhile admitted ‘adversary.’

“You really need some sleep. Lie down here, and get what you need.” Eve’s voice was so soothing and seductive to Adana’s tired mind, that she could barely resist, and so she did as Eve commanded. Eve sat on the bed, her back against the headboard, her legs arranged to allow space for Adana between them.

Hesitantly, Adana sat, then moved between Eve’s legs, and rested her shoulder on Eve’s breast, her head on Eve’s shoulder. Both women were completely dressed.

Eve could feel the fear in Adana’s body, as tense as a coiled spring. She gently stroked the woman’s curly black hair, and her finger tips gently stroked over Adana’s neck, from her jaw line to her backbone.

“It’s okay…you’re safe…relax…relax…you’re safe with me…” Eve crooned, over and over again, until she felt Adana’s body gradually relax. Eve could feel Adana sinking slowly into sleep, her body pressing against Eve’s. When Eve was certain that Adana was asleep, she allowed herself to sleep, too.

* * * *

“Where are we?” Adana asked. She looked around at the bowers of flowering bushes, the numerous beautifully sculpted trees, the colorful birds flitting in and out of sight. The path before them seemed to stretch on endlessly.

“It looks like the Royal Botanic Gardens,” Eve said, looking around. She turned her face to Adana’s. “Shall we stroll?”

“I think I’d like that,” Adana said. She looked at Eve, wearing a light spring frock, in pastel pink, then down at herself, in a similar light dress, all in lace and white, contrasting against her olive-toned skin. They each wore sandals, and bracelets and matching gold rings on the ring fingers of their left hands. Eve wore a small pendant, Adana a shimmering, almost invisible necklace casino oyna of gold links.

The two walked together, occasionally brushing against each other, and talked about their childhoods, Eve in Olympia, Washington in the United States, and Adana in Barcelona, in Spain.

Adana laughed when Eve told a story about a classmate hiding an egg in her desk, that wasn’t discovered for half the year. It was a memorable year for Eve, she said. It was her first year back at school after her kidney transplant – she was so anxious to make friends.

Eve smiled at Adana’s story of a class trip to La Sagrada Familia, a massive temple in Barcelona, in which Adana was ‘lost’ while going off on her own, thinking the tour guide was a witch.

The two women admired the many blooming flowers and plants of the Gardens, and strolled the long, winding paths through it, sometimes encountering crowds or solitary visitors, but often finding themselves alone. Occasionally, their hands would brush together, and they would grasp each other’s hand, smiling shyly at each other – then separating again.

Their conversation sometimes turned to hopes and fears, and those were the times that they found themselves pausing to sit on a convenient wooden trail side bench, dark oak and satiny-finished, many artfully hidden in flowering bowers to afford privacy.

“I think I’m afraid of being alone in my life,” Adana confessed. “I think it leads me to make mistakes, sometimes.” Eve patted her hand.

“Sometimes mistakes bring people together,” Eve suggested.

“Do you feel that a woman as beautiful, and as intelligent as you really should have to worry about that?” Eve asked. “I think that you’re a more beautiful flower than any of these around us,” Eve said, the wave of her hand encompassing the foliage spread out in front of the couple.

“What do you worry about, Eve?” Adana asked, shyly. Eve thought about it, then responded.

“I think that I’m most afraid that I’ll be a failure – that I won’t succeed in ever leaving my mark on the world. Whether it’s in starting a family, or achieving something notable in science, I’m afraid that I’ll die having never changed anything, that my ripples in the waters of life will fade out, and affect nothing.”

“Do you think this is why we’ve been brought together?” Adana asked, curiously.

Eve shrugged.

“I don’t know. It’s all been very strange. I guess all we can do is to see how events unfold..” The two women sat on the bench, content, their hands together, drawing and granting serenity and energy to each other.

* * * *

Eve found herself waking, Adana still in her arms, both women still dressed in their clothing from the previous evening, their spring frocks gone with her fading dream.

“They were so pretty,” Eve mused. Adana’s hair was just below Eve’s nose. She smelt the scent of Adana’s scalp, a pleasant fragrance, overlaid by her perspiration, still pleasant nonetheless.

Adana slowly roused, then looked up at Eve through sleep-filled eyes. “I had the sweetest dream,” she whispered in her waking voice.

“About flowers?” Eve asked.

“Yes – and a garden. We were together, you and I. We spoke of many things.”

“I had the same dream,” Eve said. Adana looked at her, not believing it.

“You were lost in La Sagrada Familia as a child, on a class trip,” Eve said.

“How did you know that?” Adana asked.

“You told me,” Eve replied quietly.

“And you…you had a devilish classmate with an egg,” Adana said, slowly, disbelievingly. “And you had been ill as a child.” Eve smiled.

“Yes, I had failing kidneys. A transplant saved my life.” Eve said.

“We were together,” Eve confirmed, then leaned her face into Adana’s, and the two women kissed, gently, briefly, their lips touching softly as they learned a little about each other.

Reluctantly, Eve broke their kiss.

“We have to go – we’ll be late for work, and people will talk.”

“Oh my gosh, I have to take a bath – and change my clothes – oh my god!” Adana yelped. Eve laughed.

“Do you mind if we share that bath? The hot water in the mornings is kind of…well, ‘undependable’ would be kind,” Eve said.

Adana was shy, realizing a shared bath would obviously require them both to be nude, together. At the same time, she felt a curiosity about seeing Eve’s naked body, and a secret tingle at the prospect of seeing Eve naked. In no way was she ready to show her interest, though – and not ready to admit it even to herself.

“Umm, okay,” she said., her eyes now averted from Eve’s.

As Eve filled the tub, Adana removed her clothes in Eve’s bedroom, while Eve stripped in the bathroom. Eve eased into the tub, surprised and pleased that the temperature was just about right.

“The tub’s ready,” she told Adana, raising her voice a little to be heard in the other room. Adana entered the room, holding her blouse at her breasts, and draped down over her hips, looking embarrassed. She ventured a shy smile, but Eve canlı casino could see that she was unused to being in the nude in front of someone she’d fantasized about.

“I promise, my eyes are closed,” Eve said, and then heard and felt Adana entering the tub.

Eve visualized Adana stepping over the edge of the tub, her small, pink pussy opening as her legs parted, her interior glistening with her feminine anticipation and interest, her breasts full and round, tipped by sweetly suckable nipples. Adana sat down at the other end – which, in reality, was only a few inches away from Eve, once they’d both gotten settled. Eve opened her eyes, to see Adana smiling timidly.

“Well, I made it,” Adana said in a quavering voice. Eve looked at the woman, about her own age of twenty four, and felt an emotional warmth for her dream partner.

Instead of bringing up their shared dream, Eve instead offered Adana a bar of soap and a flannel. Adana accepted it gratefully, and began washing herself, taking care to let the cloth cover her breasts whenever possible, though Eve was still treated to glimpses of Adana’s lovely breasts, since the water level didn’t reach that high on either girl.

Similarly, Eve’s perky breasts, much smaller than Adana’s were fully in Adana’s view, as Eve made no effort to conceal herself.

It was Adana who brought up their shared experience first.

“So, did it really happen, did we have the same dream together, or was it just a coincidence?” Adana asked, as she rubbed the wash cloth over herself.

“I know one way we can find out a little more about whether it happened,” Eve said.

“How?” Adana asked.

“We could go there, you and I, and see if that place matches our memory,” Eve said. “I’ve never been there, so for me, that would be some kind of proof of, I don’t know, something.”

Adana thought about it. “Tomorrow’s Saturday, I’m off work, are you?”

At Eve’s nod, Adana added, “We could go to the Gardens then, and see.” Eve broke into a big smile.

“That sounds wonderful,” Eve said. “Let’s!”

Their agreement on what would essentially be a date, seemed to break the ice, and the two talked about their lives, and interests, and families. Eve was surprised to hear how closely their interests, and their differences, meshed in one way or another.

Eve had had mixed feelings at first – Adana had caused Eve to become infected, but then, that had wrought what Eve now saw as mostly positive changes to her life. And Adana had ‘stolen’ her man, but that was currently of little concern to Eve, now that she found her interests mainly in other women – including Adana herself – though Eve didn’t want to show how intense her interest was.

Not yet, anyway. And too soon it was time to finish the bath.

Eve exited the tub first, to allow Adana what little privacy there might be. She rose up, water streaming off her curves, droplets covering her body, then joining together to race down her stomach, back and sides, tickling her. She stood in front of Adana, her mons exposed to Adana for the first time, aware of her wet bush, and of how her pussy lips had become reddish from the heat of the water. Her slit pouted open, from the heat of the bath water, and her growing excitement at being naked with another woman.

Adana at first averted her eyes, but soon found herself unable to keep them off Eve’s pink body, particularly given that Eve’s ripe and pouting pussy was only slightly above Adana’s line of sight.

Eve turned to exit the tub, her full, round ass now exposed to Adana. She felt Adana’s eyes on her, hungrily consuming her bottom, and even the dark cleft between her perfect ass cheeks, as she stepped out of the tub, her ass cheeks flexing prettily for the bewildered woman. Eve looked back briefly, a reflex action, and caught Adana staring at her body, and was pleased at her interest.

The two dried off in separate rooms, then Eve offered Adana the use of one of her own outfits to wear to work.

“They’re clothes I just bought, and I’ve never worn,” she assured her, knowing that Adana would worry that someone would wonder why Adana had come into work the same time as Eve – late – and wearing an outfit they associated with Eve. Adana gratefully accepted the offer, and promised to return the clothes as soon as possible.

“I’m not in any hurry,” Eve assured her.

She had a momentary vision of Adana stripping her used panties off and handing them to her – then Eve immediately bringing the panties to her nose to smell the rich aroma of Adana’s body after a day’s wearing. Of course, she knew that Adana would want to launder the clothes first – she only wished there were some socially acceptable way to tell Adana that she would love to sniff her dirty panties!

The two made their way to work, and pretended, for the day at least, that everything that had happened between them, had not – only nodding politely at each other at lunch.

As Eve sat at her desk in the lab, she had the strangest feeling that kaçak casino Cynthia, the lab assistant, was staring at her. Yet, whenever she looked up, Cynthia was apparently busy with her own work.

“Cyn, is everything okay?” Eve finally asked.

“Yes, of course…why do you ask?” The attractive and muscular short-haired girl asked. She had a curious smile on her face.

“Oh nothing…just an odd feeling I had,” Eve said.

Changing the subject, Eve asked Cynthia where Ben, one of Eve’s fellow departmental scientists, and a fellow North American, was. She hadn’t seen him all day.

‘That’s a good question,” Cynthia said.

“Yesterday, he had a visitor, a rather swarthy fellow – suspicious looking, if you ask me – left with him, and I haven’t seen him since.”

“That’s rather odd,” Eve said.

“That’s what I thought,” Cynthia said, then shrugged.

Eve had some test results to show Andrew Holstead, so she gathered them together and took them to him in his office.

“So, do you have any plans for the weekend, Eve?” he asked.

“Oh, I thought I’d putter around my flat,” she said. “And I’ve got a few errands to run.”

She didn’t want to have to explain why she’d be spending time with Adana, since Andrew was aware of the Eve-Adana-Eric love triangle.

“That’s nice,” he said, absently. “By the way, did I see you come in with Adana this morning?”

Eve could feel her face redden – was he a mind reader?

“We may have gotten here at the same time,” she said. She wasn’t exactly sure why she was denying a relationship with another woman, as the company had no problem with lesbians or most any other lifestyle. It was more that Eve wanted to be the one who outed herself, if it came to that.

“Oh,” Andrew said, smiling. He then gave Eve further instructions on how to proceed with the project, and she returned to her work.

Eve called Adana before leaving for the day., and made arrangements for their trip to the Royal Botanic Gardens the next day. She had a warm feeling about their ‘date.’

Then, after her solitary dinner at home, Eve watched TV, followed by an intense masturbation session, coming five times in a matter of minutes. She sighed – the orgasms would have been so much more intense if Adana were there, she thought.

But in many ways, Adana was there – Eve had her naked image in her thoughts as she frigged herself, and she could smell the lingering traces of Adana on her pillow. It was more than enough to make Eve cum, again and again.

Eve didn’t know that Adana, too, was masturbating to thoughts of Eve, though she had less experience and knowledge of the many ways that Eve could please her sexually. It was enough for Adana to recall their closeness during the night, how tender and wonderful Eve had been to her, especially given all the awful things Adana had done to Eve, and finally, the lingering memory of Eve’s smell as Adana drifted into sleep, her head against Eve’s soft, warm breast the night before.

The next day, early on, the two women met at the bus stop where they could catch an express bus to reach the Gardens. Both seemed very chipper, and when they arrived at the Gardens, they were both in the best of spirits. Adana was especially light-hearted.

“I feel so excited!” Adana said. “I’m not really sure why, but in any case, I’m looking forward to spending the day with you.”

Eve was happy to hear that. Perhaps Adana was getting over her fears. Eve was growing excited at the thought of being alone with Adana – far more than she would have felt to be with even Felicia.

Walking through the Gardens, the two women stopped at several places and looked at each other, awed.

“Do you remember this?”


“Those flowers, I remember them exactly!”

After several hours, and lunch together, both Eve and Adana were convinced something inexplicable, but special between them, had happened in their shared dream. It was while they were walking to the bus stop at the Gardens to return home, that Eve casually took Adana’s hand in hers, and squeezed it gently. Eve looked at Adana, and was greeted with a warm smile.

“I feel as though there’s something special…and important…about us being together. Do you feel it?’ Eve asked.

Adana smiled. “Oh, yes,” she said. She paused, then said, “Would you like to have dinner at my place tonight?”

“I’d like that,” Eve said, hanging onto Adana’s arm, then shyly giving her a peck on the cheek, with a secret smile on her face.

“I really suck as a cook!” Eve exclaimed.

The two laughed, then Adana told Eve how to get to her apartment, only a few blocks from Eve’s. Eve suggested it might be easier if they just went together, straight from the bus stop. Adana agreed.

Eve grinned after their conversation. She felt as though the missing piece to a puzzle had just shown up. The two sat together on the bus the whole way back as though replaying the final scene from ‘The Graduate,’ just content to be in each other’s company – no words were necessary.

After disembarking at their stop, they strolled the several blocks to Adana’s place.

“Whoa, this apartment building is a lot nicer than mine,” Eve said. Adana shrugged.

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