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Day My Luck Changed Ch. 2

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As I slowly started to wake, I felt a warm sensation on my cock, I was still mostly asleep but the feeling was starting to get the better of me. I reached down to take my cock in my hand to make this feeling even better. But when I felt the back of a man’s head the events of the night before all rushed back to me.

At first I was unsure of what to do or hell I wasn’t even sure what to say for that matter. The only thing that came out of my mouth was a low moan from the feeling that I was experiencing. I have been married for a long time and never has my wife started my day out like this. I felt incredible. “Fuck that feels so good” Bob lifted his mouth off my cock and smiled and told me “Good morning, Do you like your wake up call?” “Oh shit yes please don’t stop”

Bob’s tongue was working wonders on me, I was getting little chills running through me, But then I felt the urge to pee, I didn’t what to spoil the feeling I was getting from Bob. But I finally had to urge him to stop, “Please man I can’t wait I need to go piss” Bob laughed and told me to hurry my ass up if I wanted more of what he was doing.

I ran to the bathroom and relived myself then took the wash cloth and washed myself as good as I could, As I turned to leave the bathroom I glanced at the mirror and instead of seeing the look of guilt that I thought I would see I instead saw a look of lust and want. I winked at the face in the mirror and just turned around and headed straight back to this new found pleasure.

As I approached the bed Bob reached out and wrapped his arms around me and his head went forward and sucked my now limber cock into his mouth. In a flash I felt myself growing in his mouth, it was so intense I almost fell to my knee’s, Bob knew what was happening to me and he gently turned me around and sat me on the edge of the bed. I was holding on to the back of his head as be engulfed me, his tongue was licking on the underside of my cock as he slowly took more of me into his mouth.

When my cock was fully imbedded in his mouth he slowly started to suck, The feeling was fucking unreal, I have never felt anything like that before, I knew I would not be able to hold out for long. His lips and tongue and throat were all just too much for me to take, just before I started to cum he run his fingers up the crack of my ass and that was the finale straw, He pulled his mouth back till just his lips were wrapped around the head of my cock, his right hand grabbed my Dick and started milking as the cum shot out into his waiting lips, He swallowed and never missed a drop, Finally as my cock went soft he let it slip form his lips. Then he gave me a grin and swallowed my cum.

“Bob you sure know how to start a day” I just let myself fall back on the bed and was completely spent. Bob crawled up beside me and gently asked if I was ok. I just smiled back and said, “Bob I don’t know what the hell I’m doing but I sure as shit enjoy it.” “And if you will be so kind as to give me a few min’s to get my breath back and what ever else you drained from me I will show you how much I enjoyed it.”

Bob laughed and slapped me on the side of my ass and said “no need right now I have other plans, that is if you’re up for it” I weakly replied “What kind of plan’s?” “ well if you get your ass up and take a shower we will go have breakfast and I will show you some of the sights.” As he jumped up from the bed he said “I know a great little stream out in the desert where we can take a nice relaxing swim and just kick back and enjoy, that sound ok to you?”

I said “sounds good to me” as I headed to the shower. When I returned Bob was already dressed and waiting so I quickly got dressed and we headed out the door. We got in Bob’s car and soon we were sitting in a nice little restaurant, I could not believe how hungry I was. I tore through a short stack of pancakes with bacon and was ready for more. Bob laughed at me and wanted to know what my problem was and I just smiled and said I was needing to build up my strength.

After we finished breakfast and had one more cup of coffee we started out of town, but before we got far Bob pulled over at a little store and went inside and bought a small ice chest casino siteleri and some beer and also some sandwich’s.

As I waited outside for Bob to get back to the car my mind started to working and started asking question’s like what to hell are you doing, You don’t have a clue who this man is and your going off into the fucking desert with him. He could get you so fucking lost you would never find your way back, or hell he could kill your ass and no one would ever know.

Of course about this time he came back to the car and my dick told my brain to shut up, Well not really but you have the idea. After going about twenty miles on Highway 10 Bob pulled off on to a side road and into the desert we went. As we drove along Bob and I just made small talk and discussed the things in life that gave us pleasure, we found we both liked to travel and also we both had a wife that we just got along with enough to stay married to.

It was not to much longer that Bob pulled on to a little trail that went behind a small hill and as we got around to the other side sure enough their was a small steam and a couple of trees, Not much shade but enough to keep the hot desert sun off your back. I grabbed the Ice chest and Bob went into the trunk of his car and brought out a tarp and a couple of blanket’s, He also pulled a role of clothesline from under the back seat of the car.

In just a matter of seconds Bob had the tarp tied between the trees’s and now we had even more shade. We laid the blanket’s out on the ground and then started to get undressed. I was surprised to find that the stream was at least four to five feet deep and the water was not that hot but cool and refreshing. Bob explained that the stream came up out of the ground about a half mile from here and he had been swimming here most of his life.

Bob was staring into the water as I walked up behind him and squeezed the cheeks of his ass, I Then moved my arm around his waist and cupped his balls in my Hand. “Bob I really enjoyed what you did for me this morning and I want to repay you now.” Bob just laughed and grabbed my hand and pulled me into the water with him. We both came up fighting for air and laughing like little kids.

Bob then turned and swam over to the rocks on the other side of the stream and pulled himself up out of the water then he sat down and dangled his legs in the stream. When I swam over to him I discovered that when I stood in front of where he sat his cock was right at eye level. “Well now isn’t this convenient, I am beginning to wonder how many other guys you bring out here.”

“You can believe me or not but you are the first, I have been with a couple of other guys but I have never brought any of them here, You are the first one that I have ever felt comfortable enough to share this place with.”

I grabbed on to Bob’s legs to keep my balance and then I just started to kiss and lick his legs, I would go from one side to the other and back again, I moved up further and slowly started to lick on his balls, I pulled on his legs and pulled them up over my shoulder’s, My tongue then started to lick at the underside of his cock, his cock was a hard as a rock and I slowly wrapped my lips around it, I could not believe that just a short few days ago I had never done anything like this and would have thought it to be disgusting, but here I was with another mans Cock in my mouth and I was enjoying sucking on it.

I pulled back off his Cock and asked if he was ok or were the rocks hurting him, Bob replied that everything was fine, So I pulled him back to my lips and this time I lifted him up higher and started to lick his ass with my tongue, I licked from the base of his cock behind his ball’s back to the entrance to his ass, Little by little I would start to push my tongue into his Ass, Bob started to moan, softly at first but then he started to get louder and louder.

I moved my hand up under his Cock and got some pre cum from the tip and moved it to his Rosebud and slowly pushed it in, Bob reached for his cock and started to jerk it off, after just a little while I was able to put another finger in his ass and I started to move them in and out faster and faster, Bob canlı casino was getting so close now that he was starting to call out “Oh Fuck, Oh Fuck it feels so Fucking good” I could sense he was going to cum in a second so I pushed my head forward and engulfed his Cock as far as I could. His Cum just started to explode from his cock as soon As I took him in my mouth, I swallowed as much as I could but some slipped out the side on my mouth. He shot so much I knew I no chance of catching it all. I held him in my mouth until he started to go soft, Then I used my tongue and licked him clean.

I then just let myself slip back from him and went under the water to cool off just a bit, I felt him slid himself into the water beside me. He held me in his arms and said “that was incredible, You damn near sucked the life out of me” I just smiled and said “Now you know how I felt this morning.” Bob just smiled and said “ hey how about we get out and have a sandwich and a cold beer.” “Sounds great to me” I pulled away from Bob and swam to the edge and climbed out, I reached in the cooler and got us both a cold one.
We both went and sat down on the blankets and drank our beers and made small talk until Bob asked me “Well now that you have been with a guy what do you think” I looked at Bob and thought a second then replied, “I was nervous as hell at first but I really have surprised myself at how much I enjoy it”

Bob just smiled and said “You know its not that bad, it just makes you bi-sexual, I mean your still married and will still have sex with her, But hell once in a while if you get a chance you can have fun with another guy too.” I looked at Bob and said “shit it’s to bad its such a long drive to Phoenix from where I’m at in California” Well Bob remarked “we both like to travel, so maybe we can get together once in a while for a few days.”

“‘Bob How long has it been since you have been with another Guy” “Well if I remember this right its been about two year’s or just a hair longer, But it was just a quick blowjob kind of thing, nothing like this.”
I scooted a little closer to Bob and reached out an put my hand on his leg, “Bob I really do enjoy being here with you, Its funny I have been a little scared of what’s going on but at the same time I feel comfortable, Do you understand what I’m trying to say here?”

“Sure I do, on one hand you feel you should not be here having sex with a another man but on the other hand it feels to good to stop, Right?” “Ya that sums it up pretty good” after Bob finished his beer he just laid back on the blanket and then reached over and started lightly running his fingers across my stomach. Now that just lasted about one second, I reached down and moved his hand away, “Sorry man that fucking tickles.”

Well that certainly was the wrong thing to say next thing I know Bob is all over me fingers flying all over the place and he was intent on tickling me weather I wanted him to or not. Soon we were rolling around on the blankets laughing like a couple of kids, And more to defend my self than anything I leaned in and bit his right nipple, not real hard but enough to get his attention.

Well as it turns out that was the right thing to do because the next time I bit his nipple all I heard was a big “Oh Fuck that feels good don’t stop” Now he did not have very big nipples but what little he had sure got hard, and it was fun flicking my tongue back and forth over them, I started to suck them in my mouth and he was really liking that. “Now are you going to be good and stop fucking tickling me?”

He grinned and said “You keep playing with my nipples and I promise I will stop trying to tickle you.” I started to suck his right nipple in my mouth and used my fingers to pinch and pull on his other one, He was having a hell of a time trying to stay still now. I kept moving back and forth between his nipples with my tongue and fingers,

I run my hand down his body and just as I thought he was hard again. “Well now someone need a hand with something?” Bob didn’t say a word he was enjoying this too much, He had that eye’s glazed over kind of look on his face, The one we all get when we are feeling so good we feel helpless. I wanted to feel kaçak casino him in my mouth again so I started to move my lips down his body, slowly kissing and licking as I went. I lingered for a little while at his belly button, But than moved lower till I could feel his cock touch the side of my face.

Bob shifted his hips up a little and pleaded with me to take him in my mouth. He didn’t need to say anything, because right now that’s all I wanted to do was suck this man dry. But this time I wanted to take my time and explore a little I wanted him to never forget this day. I slowly licked under his ball’s and gently started sucking them. I was very gentle so I would not hurt them I just wanted to feel what it was like to have them inside my mouth. I let them slowly slip out and I then run my tongue back to the crack of his ass.

He pulled his legs back as far as he could so I could get a better shot at his ass. I licked at his rosebud until it was very wet, then I slowly curled my tongue tight and started to push at his hole, but it was way to tight so I reached out with a finger and pushed the tip of it in, soon I had two fingers inside his Ass, I pulled them both out and before it could close up all the way I was able to stick my tongue inside. So I just started a stabbing motion with my tongue.

But now I wanted what I had started for, I pulled my tongue away and started to lick the under side of his Cock, As I licked towards the tip of his cock I could taste the pre-cum that was starting to drip from him. I took my hand and squeezed until more came out and I gathered it on my fingers and then put my fingers back to the entrance of his ass, One went right in, then very soon a second then finally a third, I had three fingers sticking in him and he was going nuts. I then took him in my mouth and started running my mouth up and down his rock hard cock, I would move my tongue back and forth as I went down his shaft then as I pulled back I would suck for all I was worth, Bob could not last long at this pace his ass was being filled with my fingers and his cock was being sucked as if by a vacuum. Bob then let out a yell and his cock started to spew forth all the cum that had built up inside him, This time I could not swallow it fast enough, Cum was spilling out the sides of my mouth and running down my chin.

“ Oh fuck I can’t fucken move, I never cum that hard in my live” He was completely spent and could not move if his life depended on it. “Bob please I have to do this I have been wanting to for so long” Bob just shook his head up and down as I picked up his legs and put them over my shoulders as I kneeled down on the blanket, I pushed myself forward till I felt my cock at the entrance to his ass, I spit the last of his cum from mouth onto my hand and spread it on my cock, and I slowly pushed into him, it took a little to get the head in but soon it just went in and I stopped to give him time to adjust.

“Is it ok or am I hurting you?” “No its ok just go slow till I get used to it.” I slowly pushed another inch or so into him, and then stopped for a second, I could not believe how this felt on my cock it was so tight, Little by little I pushed until I bottomed out against his rear. Then very slowly I started to pull out then push back in, I kept this up till I heard Bob yelling at me to Fuck him harder, I put one arm under his back to help support him and I grabbed his cock with the other and I started fucking his ass like a madman which for a couple of seconds their I probably was, I lasted longed than I thought possible but then I started shooting load after load into his ass.

After I had finished Cumming I had pulled out and I watched in fascination as my cum started to drip out of his rear, I reached over and got some in my hand and started to smear it all over his ass and his Tummy. I got to laughing so hard for some reason, It was just the weirdest feeling to have just done what I did and finding how much I loved it.

We both finally got up and went to the cooler and picked up a couple more beers and went and lowered ourselves back into the water.


I hope you enjoyed the second part of my story. If you are still interested In more I would love to hear from you. And thanks to the ones who have e-mailed me with their thoughts and suggestion’s. And special thanks to the ones who voted for my story, I really thought that was cool, thanks again. Wineryguy

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