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My initial thought was that this was all a dream, one long wild dream, but then I realized it was real. Very real. My senses had not deceived me. It was not my mind playing tricks on me, it was pure emotion. Undeniable pleasure that was washing over every nerve ending and uncontrollable waves of ecstasy.

I was at my desk on Saturday morning sipping coffee enjoying the quiet office and the availability to work without interruption of the phones or anyone. The clock that he had made me was making the only noise in the room, faintly; I could hear each minute tick by. I realized that the noise was hypnotic. Had he done this intentionally? Created those clock hands that moved ever so gently yet with definitive purpose to remind me of his own. Crafty that man I have been longing for.

That alone set me in motion for the events that followed. I removed the CD from it’s homemade case and slid it into the deck. The music was pure magic. Exactly what I needed to motivate me and make me smile from the inside out. Tingling sensations hit me here and there as I thought of him taking the time to burn the songs onto this disc as the esenyurt otele gelen escort words burned into my heart. With each beat I thought more and more of my true love. The words embedded in my brain and filled me with joy.

I sat back in my cool leather chair staring out of my office window and let the songs take me away. I was transformed into another place, another time, another spell taking me over and filling me with happiness.

I laid back and closed my eyes and felt his hands gently rubbing my temples. Sliding his hands down my face and upwards again with determined pressure to release my stress and assist me in my day by releasing any worries or cares. I felt completely comfortable and was being slowly guided into his world. He was taking his hand and I allowed him to lead the way. I followed eagerly awaiting the next move.

I could only smell and feel him, as I was blinded by the sunshine on my face, and we was not visible to me. It was touch and smell only. I was unable to reach out for him as when I did he was not there physically, only in esenyurt rus escort my mind.

I continued to relax and became increasingly aware of his hands rubbing my shoulders and gently massaging the back of my neck. I had bent forward by this time and was resting on the desk. He stroked my back and neck with such firm yet gentle strokes. I could feel everything negative thought leave me.

I began to moan under his strokes. My clothing had become an obstacle for him and he persuaded me to lift my arms as he removed my top and placed it in the side chair. I barely remember being turned around, but was immediately aware of his mouth on my chest. Sliding my bra down and away from my wanting flesh. His mouth suckling and nibbling my breast one at a time while the other would enjoy his gently massaging of my nipple. Erect and hard he sucked and nibbled on them with a determination that I could only imagine would lead to more.

I by this time was arching my back and longing for him to find my moist warm center. He had no idea how long I have waited for this, nor how I longed esenyurt türbanlı escort for him to take me completely. He remained dressed as if to say this was for me, all about me. I could not open my eyes to see him but I knew it was my Joel. I could sense his love and his concern. His mere touch sent chills through me. I needed more.

I stood and completed the task of disrobing. I stood before him naked and needy. He helped me sit on the desk and positioned me perfectly so that he could sit before me and feast on my breast and stroke my clitoris at the same time. I could barely breath as I was wanting to strip him and have him inside me, but clearly he was not going to allow this to happen. Finally, after many moments of almost reaching a point of no return, he laid me back gently on the desk and placed his mouth on me. He licked and sucked and fondled me until I could not last. I was completely arched into him and met his mouth with force because I needed to be had like this. I needed him to finally bring me to the brink and he did.

I could not recall how I finally became redressed and sitting at my desk, but I know I was not dreaming. My moisture was real, my dream state was undeniable, my inner core had been shaken and I have never felt this way before. . . well, I had but he had definitely been in the room at that time. Where was he now. Was I dreaming? I did not know. The feeling was so real. I suppose time will tell…

Still moist! It must have been real.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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