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“I think I may need a favour,” said Ed Friar to his son.

“What can I do for you?” Nick Friar said, taking a drink from the beer his father had handed him.

“You seem to have turned me into a girl magnet.”

Nick laughed. “I have?”

“Well, something has. Used to be I was invisible to anyone female under the age of fifty, but this last month or two, something’s changed.”

“Any particular girls? Apart from Louise and Gina, of course? And Kate Jones, for that matter…”

“One in particular. Her name is Rebecca — Rebecca Allyn. She works in the files department next to my office.”

“And you’ve pulled her.”

“No, she’s trying to pull me. It started quietly enough — lots of her dropping by to talk to me, finding excuses, you know? But it’s been getting more and more obvious. I think she undoes a button or two before she comes in now. Keeps leaning over the desk, asking about my private life, talking about what she wears in bed — or doesn’t…”

Nick laughed again. “Blimey. Well, like I say, it’s amazing what a bit of confidence will do for anyone, and Louise and Gina certainly gave you that. Go for it, I say.”

“I know you would, but there’s a difference here.”


“To start with, I have to work with her. Sure, we could get away with a quiet affair, but I doubt it’d stay that, and then things would just get difficult around the office. But more importantly, Becca is just eighteen. Yeah, yeah, I know that doesn’t make much odds to you, but there’s a difference between twenty-three-year-olds like Louise and Gina, who are old enough to know what they’re doing, and a quiet little teen like Becca. She’s obviously looking for a father figure…”

“What makes you say that?”

“The whole way she looks at me — and frankly, her whole little-girl way of trying to flirt with me. I don’t think she’s very experienced, actually. I could get her into bed without much effort, but I’d feel like a shit, and god knows what she’d end up doing.”

Nick took another drink and looked thoughtful. “Okay,” he said, “I can suggest one or two things that might help — but you’ll owe me afterwards. Still, seeing as you’ve chosen to blame me for your sudden effect on women…”


Rebecca Allyn was sitting in the pub, sipping nervously at a half of lager, when the nice-looking young man leant over her table. “Sorry to bother you,” he said, “but don’t you work in the office just down the road?”

“Yes,” she said, taken by surprise, “do I know you?”

“Probably not — I don’t work there myself, I’ve just been in and out of the place a few times. Thought I’d seen you once or twice, though. I was supposed to be meeting some people from there, actually, but they called me just a couple of minutes ago to cry off. I was already on my way in here and I thought I’d get a drink anyway.”

“Oh, damn.”

“You were supposed to be meeting them too?”

“Yes… Well, sort of. Something like that.” Rebecca bit her lip hard, while Nick looked at her with a friendly smile. She hadn’t actually been invited to meet anyone here, he knew, but his father had carefully made sure that she overheard a brief and completely spurious phone call that had implied that he’s be here at this time, correctly guessing that her increasingly stalker-ish tendencies would lead her to try and engineer an “accidental” meeting.

“Sorry that your trip was wasted too — they should have told you,” he said. “As we’re both on our own, mind if I join you?”

Rebecca waved a rather vague agreement, and the young man sat down at her table with his own drink and started chatting to her about TV and recent movies. Her replies were monosyllabic to begin with, but his charm was generally reliable, and by the time that he’d bought her a second half of lager, she was chatting at least a little.

Nick knew that he resembled his father just enough to, he hoped, appeal to a woman who liked Ed, without the relationship being obvious enough to give his game away. Anyway, Rebecca Allyn wasn’t paying enough attention to suspect much. When they’d finished their second drinks, he offered to walk her home — “As you’re not doing anything else here” — and she agreed. He suspected that she would be suspicious of any man who offered to buy her too many drinks — it was too old and crass a tactic — but the chance to walk and talk in the open air would look harmless enough.

(Not that he meant her harm, of course.)

She lived some distance off, but accepted his suggestion that they walk much of the way so they could talk some more. Before long, she was, if not pouring out her heart to him, then at least complaining about her boring job and then her lack of friends, which gave him the excuse to suggest a bite beylikdüzü escort of food together. She agreed, calling her mother at home on her mobile to say that she’d be late, and they found a café.

Rebecca picked at a light meal, clearly not very hungry but not starving herself either. Once or twice over the main course, Nick noticed her looking at him in what seemed like an appraising fashion; then she seemed almost to decide something, and she fell on a slice of cake with some enthusiasm.

By coffee, maybe lubricated by the one small glass of wine that she’d suggested for herself, she was complaining about the man she liked who was ignoring her. Nick told her, sincerely enough, that any man who ignored her was an idiot — he knew that his father was no idiot, just being kind to her, and yes, she was more than pretty enough — and she smiled at him.

“Let’s walk some more,” he said as they left the café, “I’m staying near here, actually, but I ought to see you home.”

“Maybe I should see you home,” she said, and giggled.

“Maybe you should,” he said, carefully treating that as a hint. When women flirted with him in ways that took them towards his bed, he made a point of taking them more literally than they maybe expected; it left them with the feeling that what followed was their idea. Which it was, really, after all, even if it was his too.

At Gina’s flat, he let them both in and took Rebecca’s coat to hang it up, then took her chin between finger and thumb, and kissed her on the mouth. She responded voraciously, pushing her tongue into his mouth and running her hands through his hair.

He broke the kiss but kept his arms round her. “Bedroom’s that way,” he said with a nod. She followed his direction, while keeping a grip on his arm all the way.


In a car across the road, Louise extracted her mobile phone and called a number. “Mission accomplished, I reckon,” she said. “Bedroom light’s come on, anyway. Now, mind if I come over there and take my mind off my boyfriend screwing another woman in his ex-girlfriend’s bed?”

“You’ll be very welcome,” said Ed, “though I should warn you that the said ex-girlfriend is already here.”

Louise giggled. “You’re all greedy bastards, you Friars,” she said, turned off the phone, and started the engine.


In the bedroom, Rebecca let go of Nick’s arm as she turned to face him, but stayed close to him. She began pulling off her clothes, quickly if clumsily, with a detached expression.

“Hey, no rush,” said Nick, although not before she was stripped down to bra, knickers, and tights. “I like the enthusiasm, but I could get the feeling that you just want to use me and throw me away.”

“Isn’t that what men want, really?” Rebecca asked with a scowl.

“Not entirely. Well, not me, anyway.” Nick stepped forward and kissed her again. “It feels like you’re just using me for revenge on this guy who keeps ignoring you.”

“Does it?”

“Yeah. Which might be fine, if he knew that you were doing it. Maybe you can tell him later, I guess, but right now, I suggest that you concentrate a bit more on enjoying yourself.”

“How do you mean?”

“I’ll show you,” said Nick, releasing his embrace. Rebecca suddenly realised that he’d somehow managed to unfasten her bra while he was holding her, without her noticing. Now he carefully took it off her and tossed it onto a nearby chair. Leaning forward, he began to kiss her breasts.

“Oh,” she said, “that’s — that’s nice.”

“They are,” Nick agreed, between kisses. “Very, very nice tits.”

She pushed him away. “Don’t call them that!” she commanded, “Bloody men!”

Nick shrugged. “Yeah, it’s what all men call them when they can get them. So you can have men not calling them tits, or you can have –” he leaned forward quickly and ran his tongue slowly, gently round her nipple “– this. But not both.”

Rebecca sighed, but didn’t push him away again. That was a slightly chancy move, Nick reflected, but worth the risk. Get the girl thinking of herself as just a little bit dirty, and she’d relax into the upcoming fuck that much more easily.

“Now, just a second…” He said, and knelt in front of her, placing a couple more kisses on her nipples before he took the waistbands of her knickers and tights together in both hands and pulled them down to the floor in one quick movement. “Mmm,” he added, placing his hands on her buttocks; then he buried his face in her pubic bush. As he’d expected, she tried instinctively to pull away from him — but he didn’t let her. Instead, he explored with his mouth until he found her clitoris. A minute or so’s work there with his tongue and she was literally quivering. He relaxed his hold, beylikdüzü eve gelen escort and she staggered backwards towards the bed. He followed her, smiling, shedding his own clothes along the way — and palming a couple of condoms from his pocket in the process, putting them down on the bedside table. She lay down and he lay beside her, running a hand down her body to fondle her breasts and then her thighs, then touching her clitoris with a fingertip.

She looked at him. “I hope that you don’t think…” she began.

“I think that you’re gorgeous,” he interrupted, “and that we both need this.” He set to work kissing her breasts.

“Ahhh,” Rebecca breathed, “you’re so much better than…”

She trailed off. “Yes?” Nick enquired, between kisses.

“Nothing. Sorry.”

Not actually a virgin, then, Nick decided. But whoever the spotty teenager was who’d first wheedled his way into Miss Allyn’s knickers, he evidently hadn’t had a clue about what mattered. Her body was practically pulsing with tension now, which was just as well, because his own erection was growing insistent. Sitting up, he guided her legs apart, placed himself between them, and grabbed a condom packet and fitted the contents. Then, as she looked down at his cock with a kind of fascination, he found his way and plunged into her with a single push.

Rebecca gasped, then began to moan softly as he began to thrust rhythmically. He held himself slightly above her, kissing her shoulders and neck from time to time as she threw her head back. She did need this, Nick realized — her instinct to find an older man to show her what was possible was a very good one, even if she’d got mixed up and unwisely latched onto his father. So he kept up the rhythm, and within a couple of minutes, she gasped her way to climax. Then he slowed down to a gentle rocking of his hips, and smiled down at her.

“God, yeah, that was good,” Rebecca murmured. “Now — you…” She seemed uncertain what to say or to offer.

“No hurry, lover,” Nick said, and slowly, carefully, began to increase the strength of his thrusts. At first, Rebecca looked puzzled at that; then she smiled a little, and within moments, she was gasping again. This time, as she approached her orgasm, she threw her arms around him, crushing him too her as she squealed with pleasure close by his ear. She released her hold and looked up at him afterwards, and he lifted himself above her again. She smiled a little sheepishly at him, but he allowed himself an honest smirk at her, and an uncontrolled frenzy of thrusting as her reached his own orgasm. She ran her hands down his sides as she felt him pumping and pulsing inside her.

“Wow,” she said as he rolled away from her and disposed of the condom, “you’re not bad.” Then she paused, seeming thoughtful. “So what’s next?” she asked.

“For now,” said Nick, “you hold me, and I hold you, and I tell you exactly how gorgeous your tits are.”

“Okay, you can call them that if you insist.”

“And can I tell you what a great cunt you’ve got?”

“Oh god, you’re dreadful.”

“But it is great! It’s hot and snug and juicy. It makes my cock feel wonderful!”

“I’m sure that a lot of other girls have got ones like it. I bet you’ve had a few of them.”

“Maybe — and they’re great too. But right now, you’ve got the cunt I’ve just fucked, and it’s beautiful.” Nick levered himself up and peered at Rebecca’s crotch. “You ought to be proud of it,” he added.

Rebecca sighed. “If you say so,” she said, and Nick kissed her again.

For a while, they lay together, with Rebecca quickly deciding to return Nick’s occasional soft kisses. Then, she noticed something.

“Hey,” she said, reaching down to tentatively touch Nick’s cock, “can we — can you actually, you know…”

“Fuck you again? Yeah, I should think so. If you’d like that.”

“I think I would.”

“Then say so. Tell me so.”

Rebecca brought her mouth close to Nick’s ear. “Fuck me again,” she whispered.

“Sure,” said Nick. “C’mon, I’ll show you something.” He sat up and guided her hand to his cock again, where a few careful touches helped him grow fully hard once more. She crouched next to him, watching in naïve fascination as he fitted another condom.

“Now,” he said, “get astride me — yeah, like that, rest your arms on my shoulders. Now…” He put one hand under her bottom, and used the other to guide his cock. “Now lower yourself…”

Rebecca obeyed, and gasped a little as he entered her once more. With a little effort, she wrapped her legs behind his back.

“Mmm,” Nick murmured, and leaned forward so that Rebecca had to lean back. He brought his face down to her breasts and began licking beylikdüzü masöz escort and nibbling her nipples, supporting her with his arms around her back as her weight pushed her crotch against his, and a little movement from hips stimulated her pussy.

“That’s good,” said Rebecca, and he leaned back from her again to look at her face. Then he reached down with one hand into the junction of cock and cunt, and with a smile, he began to tease her clitoris with a fingertip. She moaned, grasping at his shoulders to keep herself upright as the new experiences pushed her towards a new orgasm. Nick smiled as she shut her eyes and reached that place with a moan. Then she opened her eyes and he grinned at her and grabbed her breasts with both hands, fondling them as he thrust up into her harder and harder, bouncing her up and down by raw strength. “God,” she muttered, as he convulsed and pumped within her cunt.

Then, he relaxed, and they both smiled. “You’ve got it,” he told her.

“I’ve got you,” she replied, with an oddly thoughtful tone. She wriggled backwards and off him, and looked down at his deflating cock. “Yeah,” she added, “this is okay.”

“Okay? ” laughed Nick, “You’re getting greedy already. I guess you’ve got some catching up to do.”

“I suppose,” said Rebecca, and clambered off the bed as Nick lay back. She looked down at him. “Hold on a bit,” she said, and left the room. Nick assumed that she was heading for the bathroom, but was mildly puzzled to see her dig through the heap of her clothes and extract her mobile phone before she left.


The phone rang in Ed’s flat. “I’ll get it,” Louise offered, superfluously, as the only two other people present were currently deeply engaged in each other, Ed balls-deep in Gina and thrusting hard with her vocal encouragement. Louise thought that it was late for anyone to be calling, which meant, she guessed, that there was a fair chance that this was Nick. She picked up the handset and announced the number in her best posh-secretary voice.

“Who’s that… Oh. No. I mean, can I speak to Mr Friar, please?” The voice at the other end of the line was female.

“Just a moment and I’ll see if he can come,” said Louise, and held the handset away from her ear while covering the mouthpiece. Behind her, a double set of orgasmic groans came from the bed. She put the handset back to her ear. “He certainly can. Just a moment.”

She turned and padded back over to the bed. “Lady for you, Ed,” she said politely. He freed a hand and took the phone.


“Ed? It’s Rebecca Allyn here.” There was a momentary pause, then Rebecca continued in a rush. “I want you to know… I want you to know that I just fucked your son.”


“Your son. Nicholas. The one whose picture used to be on your desk. He was a kid then, but he’s all grown up now! I’ve just fucked him! Twice! And I enjoyed it! In fact, I think I’ll go back in and see if he wants to do it again!”

Ed rolled onto his side on the bed, waving to Gina and Louise to pause their current competitive game of nibbling his ear and shoulder. “Now, Becca,” he said carefully, “I think that you ought to know…”

“There’s nothing you can say now, Ed!” announced the girl at the other end of the line. “And I don’t care what woman you’ve got there right now! That’s it! Finished!”

The line went dead. Ed rolled onto his back, and Louise and Gina draped themselves on top of him.

“Mission accomplished, or complications?” Louise asked.

“Both, I suppose,” Ed answered. “I forgot about an old picture. Though — you know how Nick was a bit worried about how he’d disentangle himself from her?”

“From a stalker-y teenager who he’s probably just given the first good fuck of her life?” Gina asked. “Yeah, he was wondering if that’d be tricky.”

“Well, it might not be too hard,” Ed said. “She seems to be working on the idea of breaking men’s hearts and throwing them away.”

“What, she’s going to use him up and then drop him?” Louise asked.

Ed nodded. “Possibly,” he said.

“Silly cow,” said Louise, without any malice in her tone, reaching down the length of Ed’s body for his cock. “It’s much more fun to use men up and then use them up again. And again, and again.”

“She’ll learn,” said Ed.

“She’s in bed with Nick,” said Gina, kissing Ed’s chest thoughtfully. “She’ll learn a fuck of a lot.”


In what she didn’t know was Gina’s flat, Rebecca lay back on what she didn’t know was Gina’s bed, and felt Nick applying his mouth to her pussy. She smiled, and then gasped as his tongue slid between her cunt lips. This was new — and interesting!

She’d have to take care not to get too attached to Nick, though, she reflected. She couldn’t afford to keep him for long. Still — men! It seemed that they offered far more possibilities than she’d ever realised before!

Nick paused for a moment, and she grasped his head and held him firmly in place. “You’ll stop when I tell you to stop, and not before,” she told him. “I know exactly what I’m going here, Nicholas, and don’t you forget it!”

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