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Dessert with Kiki

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This is a continuation of my ‘coffee break’ with Kiki. The reader might want to read about that before opening this one. No coffee this time, just dessert.

When the phone rang that evening, I was surprised to see Kiki’s name and phone number on my caller ID. I grabbed the phone before the answer machine could kick in. “Hello, sweet thing.”

“Hi there, lover man, what’re you doing?”

“To tell the truth, I’ve been basking in the afterglow of this mornings activities. I hope it rains again in the morning.”

“Oh come on now,” she giggled. “You don’t mean to tell me that you have to have rain to…uh…get it up, do you?”

“No,” I replied, “It’s just an excuse to get you back for coffee. In fact, just hearing your voice has, as you say, got it up again. What are you doing this evening?”

“I just called to see if you’d like to go out for dinner. I don’t feel like cooking…food, that is and I feel like Chinese.”

“Hey, that sounds good to me. I’ll always go for good Chinese food.”

“Well then, why don’t you pick me up in a half hour and we’ll go to China Maid. They have good Chinese food.”

“You’re on. I’ll thrown on some clean clothes and be there.”

“Just don’t thrown on too many clothes, lover man. I don’t want to take too long getting my dessert.”

“Ditto, my dear. See you in thirty minutes.”

When I pulled in to her driveway, her front door opened and before I could get out to open the car door for her, she was in the passenger seat and leaning over to plant a deep kiss on me. “I hope you don’t mind my calling you at the last minute, lover,” she breathed throatedly. Her walking shorts and tee shirt of the morning had been replaced by a light, flowery, print summer dress and she carried a purse that matched the dress.

“God, no,” I replied. “I was trying to think of an excuse to call you. I’m glad you took the lead.” I put the car in gear and backed out of her drive and headed for the restaurant. I was, mentally, cursing the center console that separated us. I wanted to put an arm around her, to cup one of her breasts. Oh well, that would have to wait.

For the most part, the trip to the China Maid was quiet. I was very aware of Kiki’s hand on my thigh and my response…I just hoped that my arousal would not be too noticeable when we entered the restaurant. Thankfully, the place was dimly lit. We had to wait for a table so we sat at the bar and had drinks. As we chatted, Kiki suddenly leaned close to me and whispered, “I talked with Edith, my sister-in-law, this afternoon and I told her all about our morning. She said she was jealous and that it sure beat diddling myself, didn’t it. I told her it sure did, even though I was doing it right then, while we were on the phone.”

“Well,” I said. “It sure does, but I’ve got to tell you, I jacked-off twice this afternoon just thinking about our morning. And, since you called, I’ve had a hard-on. I can’t get you out of my mind.” Just at that moment, we were called for our table. Kiki was giggling like a school girl as I walked behind her, hoping to hide the bulge in my pants.

When the little Chinese waitress noticed we had brought our drinks to the table, she immediately took our order for food. As she left, Kiki leaned across the table and whispered, “I wonder it it’s true what they say about Chinese women.”

“What’s that,” I asked.

“You know,” she replied, “That their pussies run cross-wise.” I broke out in a laugh. “Of course it’s not true. Just ask our waitress when ataşehir escort she comes back.”

Our food arrived shortly and we started eating. I had ordered a combination plate of Moo Goo Gai Pan and Kiki had ordered a dish of Sweet and Sour Pork with white rice. About half way through the meal, she excused herself and went to the ladies room. When she returned to the table, she slid her purse towards me. “Look inside,” she said softly. I opened the catch and spread it open. There, nestled on top of the contents was a pair of black, lacy bikini panties. I snapped the purse closed and smiled at her. “We won’t have to waste time with those now, will we. I had almost relished the idea of seeing you in nothing more than those, but without them is even better.”

We hurried through the rest of our meal, both intent on thinking about what was to come. The bill finally came and I paid the waitress, leaving an exorbitant tip in my rush to leave. As I followed Kiki from the restaurant, I couldn’t help but notice that she had developed a damp spot on her dress where she had been sitting on it. It looked like she was just as eager for sex…excuse me…fucking, as I was. The five minute drive back to my house seemed to take hours but I finally pulled into my drive and we almost ran to the door.

Once inside, Kiki fell into my arms, pressing her body to mine. I could feel her firm cupcake tits against my chest as we kissed passionately. For my part, I fumbled with her dress until I could get my hands under it and cup her bare ass cheeks in both hands, pulling her more tightly to my groin. As our tongues probed each others mouths, my cock, pressed against her mons through my shorts, was twitching in anticipation of the delights to come.

As she fumbled with the button on my shorts, I pulled her dress up over her head and tossed it onto one of the living room chairs. She kicked off her sandals as I pushed my zipper down, releasing my prick. As my shorts fell around my ankles, I kicked them to one side and my sandals quickly joined hers. While I struggled to get my shirt off, she grasped my rampant cock. Then we were both naked. The dim light from the street coming through the font window, illuminated her softly. “My god, Kiki,” I gasped, “You’re even more beautiful than I remembered. You have such a gorgeous figure!”

Kiki was a beautiful woman alright. At sixty years of age, she had the taut figure of a thirty year old, only her snow white hair belied her age. There was no sag to her gorgeous, smallish tits, each crowned with a silver dollar size aureole, topped by an erect nipple. She showed no sign of the thickening waist of a woman her age and her hips were gently rounded. I could not believe my good fortune at finding such a woman, one who genuinely loved sex!

I pulled her to me again, my erect prick slipping between her legs to throb against her pussy lips. She was breathing heavily as we again kised and I stroked one hand down her side to her womanly hips, then back up to cup one of her tits, feeling the nipple harden even more against my palm. My lips trailed a path around her face, to one hear and down to her neck.

“Come on Jon,” she said huskily. “Let’s not waste anymore time. I want you to eat my pussy again. I want you to make me cum with your tongue, I’m so hungry for you, I need you to make me cum.”

Somehow, we were suddenly in my bedroom. We had chosen my house for our tryst because of my kingsize bed, Kiki’s home boasted twin beds, not conducive avcılar escort to active lovemaking.

She sat on the edge of the bed and, laying back, parted her legs, opening her pussy to me. I knelt on the floor between those beautiful legs, sliding my hands upwards from her knees to her hips as I bowed my head to suckle her gorgeous cunt. Her body shivered as my mouth touched her already swollen cunt lips. Kiki reached down with both hands to spread those lips, revealing her clit, peeking out from within its hood. Beginning at her anus, my tongue traced a path towards her clit, pausing only to lick the moisture that was oozing from her fuck tunnel. As my tongue touched her clit, she grasped my head in both hands, pulling me hared against her.

“Oh god, Jon,” she sighed and her hips began to writhe. Since she had no purchase with her feet a few inches off the floor, her attempts to thrust were deminished and I had no trouble maintaining contact. With my lips encircling her clit, my tongue teased the tip of the small button and it began to grow out from its hood and she began moaning in ecstasy. With some difficulty I managed to insert two fingers into her cunt to finger-fuck her as I worked her clit. “Oh my god,” she moaned, “Oh my god, oh jeezus, oh god,” and her writhing became more and more wild. “Fuck me, Jon, oh god, fuck me hard!” I worked my fingers in and out, harder and faster, aware of the sloshing sound as her juices flowed voluminously around my fingers. After several minutes, she moaned aloud, “Oh jon, I’m gonna cum, oh god it feels so good, OH GOD, I’M CUMMING, OH GOD, DON’T STOP, DON’T STOP!” Now her legs wrapped around me and, as best she could, her body thrust upwards and her whole body tensed as the waves of pleasure flowed through her. Kiki’s juices seemed to squirt out around my fingers, flowing down my chin and dripping onto the bedspread. Her grasp on my head became a tight grip as she pulled me even harder against the apex of her wonton desire. After several minutes, I ceased stroking her cunt and withdrew my tongue from her clit, allowing her climax to subside.

Slowly the tension went out of her body and her breathing returned to normal. “Go, Jon, I don’t know how you do it but I’ve never felt such pleasure before in my life.” I grinned up at her. “How’d you like to feel a little more, my love?” “Yes, yes,” she whispered. “Make me cum again. Make me cum all night.”

I returned to lick up her white frothy cum that had been whipped up from my finger fucking before I moved back to her clit. The pink button was still engorged from my previous efforts. I teased it with the tip of my tongue and she gasped, her legs, still wrapped around my head, pulled me tight to her. “Oh my god, that feels so good, so damn good!”

Slowly she began rotating and thrusting her hips, fucking my face. Both her hands were on my head, her fingers entangled in my hair as she strived to pull me ever tighter. “Oh…uh…oh…uh,” she grunted over and over. Again I buried two fingers in her juicy cunt to fuck her with them. With some effort, I managed to reach up to grasp one of her tits, to pinch and squeeze the turgid nipple. That seemed to set her off again. “Oh god, oh my god, I’m gonna cum again,” she gasped between ragged breaths. I kept just the tip of my tongue gently lashing her clit and her body writhed wildly on the bed. “I’M CUMMING, OH GOD, JON, I’M CUMMING,” she cried out. “DON’T STOP, JON, OH PLEASE, DON’T STOP!” Once more her love honey seemed to squirt avrupa yakası escort and I tried to lick up as much as I could. Her body shuddered as her climax hit. This time I didn’t stop ministering to her love button but continued suck and tease it, trying to prolong her orgasm. For the longest time she continued moaning and crying out in her ecstasy.

Finally, she cried out, “Stop Jon, oh god stop. I can’t take any more.” Her legs straightened out and she was pushing my head away from her passion pit. “Oh god, Jon, I can’t taske any more.” I moved away from her and climbed onto the bed. She squirmed her way up to lay beside me, her head on my chest, panting furiously, trying to regain normal breathing. I glanced at my bedside clock and was amazed to see that we had been at it for almost an hour. “My god, Jon, I’ve never been so fulfilled before.” She pressed her face to mine and we locked lips in a most passionate kiss. She could taste herself as she probed my mouth with her tongue.

My still unsatisfied cock was straining upwards towards the ceiling and Kiki suddenly became aware of it. “Oh, my poor baby,” she whispered towards it. “I know just what you need.” She rose up on one elbow to lean over me while she gently took my erect member in one hand. “Oh, you beautiful thing,” she murmured, still speaking to my cock. Quickly she bowed her head to take the bulbous purple head between her lips. Her tongue swirled round it, making me involuntarily, thrust my hips up, trying to engulf the entire shaft in her mouth. At first she recoiled so that only the head was still between her lips, then slowly bent further, taking more of my prick in her mouth until fully half of the shaft was in her mouth. She held it there for fully a minute then raised up until she had only head was still in her mouth, then back down again. Each time she withdrew, her tongue swirled around it, paying special attention to the sensitive underside. God, but it felt good!

After several minutes of this, she withdrew completely and, looking up at me, said softly, “Do you want to cum this way, lover? I’d really like you to cum in my mouth the way you make me cum.” Huskily I answered, “Yes. I want to cum in your mouth.”

As soon as she heard the ‘yes’, she took me back in her mouth and resumed slowly bobbing up and down, seeming to take me deeper with each downward plunge. At first I just lay there quietly, enjoying the sensuousness of her mouth fucking my prick, but before long, my need for release became overpowering and I began thrusting up hard each time she came down on me, trying to bury my entire shaft in her throat. I had the bedspread clutched in both hands as I felt my release beginning to build.

“Oh god, baby,” I croaked. “I’m gonna cum, you’re gonna make me cum.” Her response was to speed up mouth fucking me until I could feel my jism beginning to blast from my balls. I strained upwards, trying to get deeper into her mouth as my cum suddenly exploded. With the first spurt, she seemed to gag slightly, then began swallowing rapidly. The effect was to take my cock right into her throat as though she were trying to swallow the whole thing. The constrictions in her throat as she swallowed only made me produce more and more jism until my balls were completely drained and my prick shrank to a flabby appendage.

Kike rose up and smiled at me. “Was that good, lover? Did you like it?”

“God yes, baby. That was tremendous.” I was completely exhausted. She lay back down beside me, her head once more on my chest. “We are so good together, lover,” she whispered.

“We sure are, baby, we sure are, I replied. Then, “What are you going to tell Edith now”

She giggled. “I’m going to make her so jealous she probably won’t speak to me again.”

In no time we were fast asleep in each others arms.

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