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Destined Hearts Ch. 05

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For every young man, his wedding is, undoubtedly, the most eagerly awaited day of his life. He has a million little hopes and dreams about his marriage; a vision of what his husband should be like, his own thoughts on the kind of life he wants to live once moves into his husband’s home. However, the picture-perfect life he envisions for himself and what destiny has in store for him isn’t always the same! Set in Ashton, Destined hearts is the story of one such starry-eyed, small-town groom, Praveen who embarks on the quest for marital bliss, his eyes brimming with hope.

Praveen’s new life has just begun, bringing more than he had bargained for. Will Praveen find his knight in shining armor who will whisk him away into a fairytale wedding only to live happily ever after or will he end up disillusioned and disappointed?

Destined hearts continues…


Praveen was coming out through the gate and his mood was definitely not right. He had a terrible headache and his entire body was in so much pain. He had travelled for the first time by air but it didn’t even feel like it. He didn’t love Antonio but why did it hurt so much. He wished it had been nothing but a terrible nightmare but it was all true. He had sat in the airplane alone while they sat together and romanced. The flight had taken about five straight hours but he didn’t even sleep.

He had arrived at the airport and it was really beautiful but he didn’t even have the time to check it out. He was walking slowly, looking in front of him but he couldn’t even see a thing because all he was seeing was his life turning into a nightmare.

Meanwhile, Antonio was holding Bruce’s waist tightly, smiling and kissing his cheeks from time to time. They were no longer in his hometown but he didn’t give a fuck about who saw them. All he knew was that he was with his lover and he was gonna enjoy himself.

He quickly took a turn and found Praveen a distance away from them walking really slowly. He wanted to reach the hotel quickly so that he could freshen up but the stupid boy was walking like a snail and it actually made him.

He slowly moved away from Bruce and furiously walked to Praveen who was so lost in his pain. He stood right in front of him but the boy was too hurt and preoccupied to even notice that he was standing there.

“What the hell are you doing?” Antonio snarled, folding his arms on his chest.

Hearing Antonio’s voice, Praveen slowly raised his face and stared into the face that reminded him of nothing but pain. He couldn’t even open his mouth to talk. He had a really huge lump in his throat.

“Do you think I have time to wait for you while you walk slowly?” He said harshly, trying not to shout. “I am really tired and I don’t have an entire day to wait for you.”

“I… I….”

“You wanted to get married to me and you also wanted to come to this honeymoon.” He warned, pointing his finger at the boy. “This is what you wanted so you better get used to it or go back to where you came from.”

Praveen dropped his eyes to the floor as he fought his tears. “You shouldn’t worry about that.” He said in a sad voice.

“Good!” Antonio chuckled bitterly. “Then let’s get out of here before you cause some drama. Coming here with you is already embarrassing.”

With those words, Antonio hissed and turned. He couldn’t even see the tear that went down Praveen’s eyes. He just held Bruce’s waist and the two of them started leaving together talking and laughing. He had dreamt of such a life with his husband but what was happening was the opposite.

He quickly rubbed his tears, looked everywhere and started following them behind. It wasn’t long and they found themselves outside. The driver to their beautiful and posh car packed the bags and they all entered. Praveen sat in front with the driver while Antonio and Bruce sat behind, holding each other and kissing from time to time.

It was supposed to be his honeymoon, he was supposed to be in Bruce’s place. He had dreamt of a wonderful fairytale life with someone he would be able to love and love him back but everything was really different. He had to accept that Bruce was the man that Antonio loved and not him. But the question was, for how long was he gonna endure everything? How long was he gonna sit quiet and watch as everything got worse?

The entire way to the hotel, Praveen was really lost. The city he was in was extremely beautiful and normally he was supposed to be looking around, admiring the whole place but he wasn’t in the mood. It took a bit longer before they finally reached the beautiful hotel. It was really huge, classy and sparkled everywhere.

They were beautiful cars, beautiful gardens and amazing swimming pools. It was really a beautiful place for relaxing but Praveen wasn’t gonna enjoy it. What really amazed him was the tall building with tinted glasses. It was to die for.

When he got out of the car, he couldn’t help but look around. But it didn’t last long before he looked behind him and saw Antonio and Bruce holding casino siteleri their hands together, smiling at each other.

“Wow!” Bruce gasped, looking all around. “This place is really amazing. It is….” He couldn’t even begin to explain what he felt just by being at such a place with the love of his life.

“Yes, baby…” Antonio wrapped his arm around Bruce’s waist, giving him an adorable smile. He was happy he was with the man he loved to the moon. “….and our fun begins here. I will give you a very beautiful holiday, just the two of us.”

Bruce’s heart started pounding deep in his chest as shivers ran down his spine. “I love you so much.”

“I love you too.” He brought his head closer and kissed it. “Now let’s go inside so that we can freshen up and prepare for dinner.”

“Just the two of us?” Bruce asked.

“What do you think?” Antonio gushed, smiling like an idiot.

Bruce didn’t need to answer the question. Antonio knew exactly what he was thinking. Antonio kissed Bruce on the forehead and they started heading inside with the driver taking their bags out.

“Let me help you.” Praveen offered, staring at the driver.

“What?” The driver gasped. “No sir,” He shook his head. “I can handle it. Just go inside because I know you are very tired.”

“Are you sure?” Praveen asked. He didn’t wanna go inside to be humiliated.

“Yes!” He nodded.

Praveen took a deep breath and turned to go inside. The door opened on its own and he found himself in the most beautiful place he had ever been to. It was sparkling everywhere with gold ornaments, chandeliers and beautiful flowers everywhere. The smell was just wonderful and Praveen saw about two fountains as well.

There were many people, beautiful people and most of them were couples that were probably on their honeymoon. But Praveen wasn’t interested in that. He had come to his misery anyway.

Meanwhile, Antonio reached the reception and just from the gasp he got from her when he reached there, he knew that she was surprised to see him. He had been seen people staring at him while he was going in and knew that they had recognized him. He kept on smiling but he held Bruce’s hands and just walked.

“Hey!” He greeted, winking at her.

“Antonio…..” She gasped, holding her chest. She was a fan and it made him happy. “….you are here? Oh my God.”

“Yeah!” Antonio nodded, taking a quick glance at his boyfriend. “…I believe I have a reservation under Emilia Gonzalez?”

“Err…. Um,” She stuttered, now staring at him as if she wanted to fuck him. “I’m so sorry. Let me check.” She took out one of the registers but before she did anything.

“There is no need for that.” A voice spoke, a really happy voice.

Antonio quickly turned and found a handsome man who was probably in his late 50s coming towards him, staring at him with the most wonderful smile he had ever seen anyone look at him with.

“It was specially reserved and I came to welcome you myself.”

Antonio looked at Bruce in confusion and then at the man that was now just an inch closer to him. “Err…. I am really sorry sir but who are you?”

The man chuckled, extending his hand to Antonio. “My name is Mr. Goshu and I am the manager of this hotel.”

“Oh!” Antonio gasped as his face brightened. He quickly shook the man’s hand lovingly. “I am truly sorry about that, sir.”

“It’s really fine.” The man said, letting go of Antonio’s hand. “It’s an honor to have you at our hotel. You are a celebrity and a businessman and that makes us happy.”


“Yes!” The man beamed. “But before anything, may I congratulate you on your marriage?”

Antonio’s smile started fading when he heard of that.

“I am really happy for you.” He continued. “Marriage is one of the most important things that can happen to anyone.”

Antonio gave Bruce a quick glance and saw that he too was no longer smiling. He knew that he was probably hurt by what happened.

“Err… how did you know about that?”

“Are you kidding me?” The manager laughed, touching his chest. “The news about your marriage had spread like wildfire, especially in this city. Everyone knows you are married now and besides, you are here for your honeymoon right?”

Antonio was left speechless.

“Y… yes!” He nodded, smiling sheepishly. “I…. I am.”

“Okay.” The manager nodded, wondering why Antonio was acting weird. “…so where is he?”

Antonio’s heart started pounding deep in his chest. He looked at Bruce, slowly moving away from him. Bruce couldn’t have been more surprised. He had expected Antonio to introduce him as his husband or something like that but he didn’t. He was a bit angry.

“Huh….” Antonio looked around and saw Praveen coming towards him. “….Praveen?” He called.

Praveen got surprised when he heard someone calling him. He moved his face in front and saw Antonio gesturing at him with a smile. He stopped and closed his eyes to see if it was Antonio or just someone else. But it was canlı casino truly Antonio.

Praveen wondered what might have entered Antonio that he was smiling at him. He was definitely surprised. His heart started racing and he got really nervous and he took a deep breath. He walked closer to Antonio and slowly stood beside him.

Antonio smiled and wrapped his arm around his shoulder, surprising him even more. Antonio was really mad but he had to control himself.

“This is Praveen,” Antonio said with a controlled smile. “He is the boy I married.”

Praveen moved his face in front and saw the tall man smiling at him. He gave a not so sure smile.

“Wow! He is handsome.” The manager said as his face brightened up even more. “But I am not surprised because a celebrity like you is expected to marry a handsome boy.”

“Thank you.” Antonio giggled, pulling Praveen closer to him.

“It’s fine.” The man nodded. “But I am really sure that you are tired.”

“Yes!” Antonio nodded.

“Okay. Let me take you to your room personally.” He offered.

“Thank you.”

The manager nodded and turned. Antonio moved his hand to Praveen’s waist, holding him as if he was very much in love with him. Praveen felt as if a flame was passing through his entire body as Antonio held his waist. He hadn’t expected Antonio to do that. They both started moving as the manager entertained them with stories of the hotel.

Meanwhile, Bruce had a terrible heartache that made his entire body hurt. He had never felt the way he felt at that time. His entire body felt as if a load had just been placed on him. He felt angry, resentful and stupid. It was supposed to be him and Antonio, not Praveen and Antonio. Antonio was his fucking boyfriend. He felt like an idiot, especially when he saw how people were staring at Antonio and Praveen.

“Fuck!” He swore, following behind. He was staring at Praveen’s hair, wishing he could just rip it off his fucking ugly head. “Fuck!”

They reached the elevator while Antonio acted as if Bruce had just vanished. He was so mad that his fists were trembling. He couldn’t believe Antonio had just done that to them. Meanwhile, the manager who had no idea what was happening just kept on telling Antonio and Praveen how he was happy they had chosen the hotel for their honeymoon. Antonio’s fame kept on growing and growing day by day, especially after his marriage.

After what seemed like forever, they finally reached the 30th floor of the building and got out of the elevator. They followed the manager till they reached the most beautiful room. It was huge, simply amazing and cozy. There was a big bed on the right with red bedding with some flower petals, shaped in love. The lights were dim which made everything seem beautiful. There were a number of flowers around the room, a small dining table and anything luxurious that anyone would ever need.

On the left was a small red carpet which was near a fireplace. In other words, the entire room was a bit of something that would make romance really wonderful. But Praveen wasn’t interested in that anymore. He had stopped wishing and he knew that he didn’t love Antonio one bit.

“What do you think?” The manager asked, chuckling softly. “Is it something that would a fit a celebrity or do you need something more?”

“No!” Antonio gasped, looking all around but still holding on to Praveen’s waist. “It’s fine. I love it.”

“I knew you would.” The manager couldn’t have been happier. “I knew that you were gonna love it and that’s why I personally inspected the decorations.”

“Thank you.” Antonio said, looking at the manager.

“It’s just part of my job.” He smiled. “But it you need anything…”

“I will call room service.” He chimed in, giving the manager a smile.

“Okay.” The manager nodded. “I will leave you to settle in and relax.”

“Okay,” He paused and took a quick glance at Bruce who was getting red with anger. He wanted to kill Praveen right there. “But… can you please, get him a room?” He gestured.

The manager quickly moved his eyes to the direction of Bruce, noticing him for the first time. He smiled brightly because he had seen him somewhere, in a magazine.

“He is here with you?” He asked, pointing at Bruce. “Isn’t this Bruce, the supermodel?”

“Err…. Yes,” Antonio chuckled softly. “He is… he is our friend and we…” He knew he was gonna have to apologize later. “…we came with him….”

“Well, it’s no problem.” The manager said softly, shaking his head. “He may come with me and….”

“Well, no….” Bruce tried to control himself as he furiously dropped his hands. He couldn’t leave his boyfriend and Praveen alone. “…I will stay here and….”

“You will stay here?” The manager frowned, wondering what he was talking about. “But this is the couple’s room. Come with me and I will give you the best room I can find.”


“You are a model and I promise your room will be lovely.”

Bruce furiously ripped his eyes from the manager, kaçak casino moving them to his boyfriend. He expected him to say something, anything but he was just standing there with his arm on Praveen’s waist. He really, really hated him at that moment.

“Fine!” He said harshly, clenching his fists.

The manager smiled and then left the room with the angry man, closing the door.

Once they left, Praveen furiously moved away from Antonio and stood at a distance, staring at him as if he had just grown another head. He couldn’t believe Antonio had just done that. On the other hand, Antonio knew he was screwed. He had just treated his boyfriend as if he didn’t know him and he knew he was gonna be mad.

“Fuck!” He sighed, angrily moving his eyes to Praveen.

“This is your entire fault?” He snapped, pointing at him. “I am supposed to be with that man and loving him but because of you, he is probably hurt.”

To say Praveen was surprised would be an understatement. “But what have I done?” Praveen shrugged. “I didn’t do anything and you don’t have to blame me for everything.”

“Really?” Antonio chuckled bitterly, moving closer to the boy. “If you hadn’t come on this honeymoon then none of this would have happened.”

Praveen looked at Antonio and shook his head, feeling a little angry and hurt. “Maybe I shouldn’t have because this is nothing to me anyway.” He said softly. “But I didn’t do anything. You were the one that came to me and….”

“Because of you?” He rasped, stamping his foot on the floor. “This is happening because you are married to me. I have never felt so unlucky in my life before. Ever since you entered my life, everything has been going wrong and you know what….” He paused, chuckling like an evil man. “…now people know I am married and thanks to you, my boyfriend is probably hurt right now.”


“Shut up?” Antonio shouted, pointing at him. “You should shut your mouth because….”

“Why do you always see the worst in me?” Praveen chimed in, getting a little confident. “Have you ever for once thought about what I feel when….”

“Why should I care about your feeling, uh?” He slightly raised his head, folding his arms on his chest. “You and I share no relations.”

“I know that but just because I am married to you doesn’t mean that I wanted to get married to you.” He argued. He had no idea where he got his confidence from. “I also had dreams.”

“Yeah, right?” Antonio said in a harsh tone. “Dreams to get married to me so that you can steal our entire wealth…. You are probably enjoying everything that is happening.”

Praveen felt a huge lump in his throat. He felt tears build up in his eyes but he promised not to cry. “Why would I enjoy suffering?” He said in a sad tone, suppressing his tears. “Why would I enjoy the pain and humiliation you always inflict on me? Why would I enjoy living a life like this?”

Antonio looked at the boy and he felt no compassion for him at all. All he saw was this boy that was hungry for their entire wealth, a boy he hated with his entire being and the boy that made his blood boil.

“And why wouldn’t you when you have a goal?”

Praveen remained quiet as he stared at his husband, looking into his eyes. He had never seen him smile at him, not even once since they got married. All he did was blame him and pour insults at him, not even minding how he felt.

“But always remember what I have told you.” He warned, pointing his trembling finger at the boy. “You will suffer in this marriage.”

“You will suffer in this marriage.” Antonio’s voice echoed through his mind.

With an angry groan, Antonio furiously turned and went into the bathroom panting. He reached the bathroom and banged the door so hard that Praveen got startled. He could have sworn the ground shook.

“You will suffer in this marriage….” The words kept on repeating in his mind. “…always remember what I had told you.”

A tear went down Praveen’s cheek which he quickly rubbed. He slowly walked to the bed and sat on it, wondering what he could to get out of the situation he was in. He knew he had a responsibility. It wasn’t just about him anymore.


Bruce was moving about the room from side to side, breathing as if he was about to unleash his terror on someone. In fact, he was about to unleash his terror on someone, Praveen. He was really mad, raging because of what had happened.

The room was big. It was gorgeous and it had everything a model like him would ever need except for his boyfriend. Fuck! He could remember the humiliation, the pain and how he had felt when his boyfriend held the idiot’s waist.

“Calm down…..” Andrea said on the other end of the line.

“Calm down?” Bruce grunted, clenching his fists. “How the fuck do you expect me to calm down when my fucking boyfriend just did that to me?”

“I know how you feel but I also told you that stupid boy has a plan.”

“I don’t care about that stupid boy.” Bruce snapped, stamping his foot on the floor. “Have you heard any word of what I told you about….”

“Of course,” Andrea sighed on the other end, almost chuckling. “But I know my brother and he’d never hurt you intentionally, knowing how much he loves you.”

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