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Dining Out

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Balls Deep

It’s a breezy Friday night in Tampa. I have already made reservations weeks in advance at an upscale downtown restaurant. When I come home from work, I tell you to get cleaned up and put on my favorite black dress. You know, the long, silk dress that looks like a halter-top that can barely contain your voluptuous breast. I love the fact that your entire back and the top of your beautiful, round ass are clearly visible in this dress. Therefore, you cannot wear any undergarments with this dress. It’s driving me crazy just picturing the dress on you. So I take in a deep breath, trying to keep my cool. Myself, I will put one of my black Armani suits with all of the works. Wanting to look my best for you, I take my time getting ready.

Even though I took my time getting ready, I finished getting dressed first. So I went to downstairs to wait for you. Minutes later, I hear about to walk down the stairs. As usual you like to make an entrance. Walking down the steps slowly and seductively. Teasing me with every step while flashing me your beautiful smile at me.

Even though I have seen you in this dress before, I’m still amazed by the sight of you. You look flawless from head to toe. When you reached the bottom of the stairs, you gave me a light kiss on the lips and asked me how do you look? I responded tell you how sexy and beautiful you are. You ask me where are we going, and I said dinner and dancing or maybe a jazz club. Before leaving the house, I draped you in your black, floor length coat, offered you my arm, and out the door we went.

We arrive at the restaurant on time. I tipped the valet, and notice him watching you as you got out the car. My first instinct is to get upset, but I knew he couldn’t help it. I would have done the same thing in his shoes. Once inside, I checked in with the Matre’ D to see if we could be seated now. After the confirmation, I checked in your coat, and notice more heads turning. Not only the men in the room were you checking out, but also some women. This time I just smiled and gloated as we maltepe escort walked to our table. So far you are completely oblivious of all the looks and stares from other people.

The Matre’ D escorted us to out table that is located on a higher platform from floor level. After I helped you with your seat, I told you about the looks and stares that you were getting. You tried to play it cool, but your nipples told me something different. They were already visible through your dress, but now they were straining against the fabric. The sight of this sent my head spinning with crazy thoughts and ideas.

The waiter arrived and didn’t react like everyone has so far. I’m thinking that he is either gay or very professional, so we proceeded with our order. You wanted seafood for your main course, and I wanted steak for mine. I also ordered a bottle of wine to start the night off right.

Not being a big drinker like I used to be, I started to feel really good after a few glasses. Actually we both were. All of the wine was putting me in a playful mood. I excused myself to go to the bathroom, but on my return I asked you to pull up your dress and open your legs when I walk back up the platform. At first you didn’t want to do it, but me with my silver tongue convinced you to do it. Walking off cool, but excited to the bathroom.

On my return I was disappointed because of the tablecloth was blocking the view of my prize. I adjusted the tablecloth some so I (or anyone else who noticed) can see my prize for the night. Since we were on a higher platform, I didn’t need to adjust it that much, so still look somewhat normal. I excused myself again after another glass of wine, and told you to pull up your dress and open your legs again when I return. I hit jackpot when I returned this time!!

I was able to see your lips on your kitten because you just shaved your clean before we left the house. Also I noticed that your kitten lips were getting moist. This definitely brought a smile to my face. You mecidiyeköy escort immediately knew that I could see it when you saw the reaction on my face. You asked me how much could I see when I returned to my seat. I said all of it but only on a certain step, otherwise I just see you legs. You smile and giggling telling me that you are feeling very naughty. I agreed because I was starting to really enjoy myself. I decided to move the tablecloth back, but asked to keep your dress and legs in the same position. I had something else in mind.

Noticing that the waiter was on his way with our food, I decided to move under to table. Parting your sexy legs more, I started kissing and sucking on the kitten lips. Waiting patiently for the waiter to arrive, I finally heard footsteps walking up to the platform.

Turning things up a notch, I started sucking gently on your clit with my tongue. I knew that I had you when your breathing has increased. You start rocking your hips and moaning in a low tone. You are definitely enjoying yourself, but you suddenly stop you realize the waiter arrives is in front of you.

Embarrassed but still excited you tried greeting the waiter. I’m still sucking on your clit while the waiter serves the food to our table. You are trying to keep your cool until he leaves, but you are unable to. You start sweating and loudly saying one obscenity after another. The waiter asked if you are okay, and you sexily replied OH YES!! The waiter has finally caught on to the situation and walked off.

I was making sure you have at least one orgasm while I’m under the table. Being with you previous occasions, I’m able to tell when you are getting close to an orgasm. You reached under the table and grabbed me by head to make sure I didn’t move until I finished the job. Unfortunately for the surrounding party, your sexy noises are getting louder by the second. Then finally I received my reward. I hungrily licked and sucked up all of sweet juices flowing from your kitten. I made merter escort sure that I didn’t miss a single drop before returning back to my seat. I adjusted myself when I returned to my seat. You were looking exhausted and sweaty in your seat.

Sucking on your kitten made my dick very hard and painful that I had to take it out of my pants. After you fully recovered from your orgasm, you gave me a sly grin and went under the table. You grabbed my dick and pulled it down to your hot mouth. The sensation was incredible because you deep throated me in one motion. The sensations from your throat me sent soaring to a new high. Now it was my turn to try to maintain my cool. The waiter returned to see if we were done or desired anything else. Looking as if I was in a daze, I told him no. Again he seemed aware of the situation and walked off.

Meanwhile under the table, you were giving the best head ever. I raised my ass a little so I could get my pants down. Then you started massaging and squeezing my balls. It was like you try to milk a cow. I felt myself getting close, and started making my sexy sounds. I looked up and notice an older couple looking at me. I just smiled at them and focused back the situation at hand. You stopped playing with my balls and grabbed me by my ass. You were trying to get more of my dick down your throat. A couple more minutes of this you finally got your reward. It felt like gallons of cum coming out of me, and you did spill anything. The whole time you kept my dick in your throat swallowing it all. When my orgasm finally subsided, you lick me clean and returned to your seat. I pulled my pants back up, and we both adjusted our clothing.

Then all of a sudden, we receive standing ovation and applause from the people around us. Some of them jokingly said that didn’t expect a dinner and a movie at this restaurant. Embarrassed to a point, we both smiled and accepted the comments and applause.

By now our food is cold because of our time we both spent under table. Oh well I said and then I left a sizeable tip for the waiter. I retrieved your coat and asked the valet to get my car. Again the valet watches you as you get into the car. This time you notice it, and give flashed him your beautiful smile. We decide to skip the rest of the events I had plan tonight, and went home for a wild night of fun.

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