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Dish Duty 69

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This is my first attempt at writing erotic stories. I hope you like it!


“It’s your turn to do the dishes butt-munch!” Sandra said, as she playfully elbowed Rick in the ribs.

“Hey, I cooked dinner tonight, so you should do the dishes punk!” Rick shot back whacking Sandra with a couch pillow.

“Yeah, but remember, I cooked AND did the dishes last time, so it’s YOUR TUURRN!” she yelled jumping into his lap and playfully wrestling with him.

“All right,” Rick said, “tell you what, I’ll “69” you for it; First person to cum does the dishes.”

“You’re on!” she shouted as the two of them stripped down nude and quickly got into position on the living room floor, with Rick on top and Sandra on the bottom. Rick took a minute to admire his lover’s body, a large grin creeping over his face. Her body was taut but not too hard. Her caramel skin was smooth and creamy as if it was woven from the finest silk money could buy. Rick was a lower extremities man; it was all about the legs hips and ass for him, something Sandra had in spades. She had a well toned stomach and a small waist that flared out into her wide hips and had a booty that would make Serena Williams jealous. But his favorite body part of Sandra’s was not on her legs, but in between them. Her pussy was like a siren call to him, with its soft, fat outer lips and pink creamy inner walls. His mind began to wander back to the all the times he spent between her legs, tasting her swollen flesh and consuming her sweet nectar as if that was all the sustenance he needed to survive. Hell, he didn’t need to use this contest with Sandra for an excuse to nestle his face into her wet cavern in fact, he didn’t need any reason to taste her at all. He only needed three things: Time, Sandra and a wash cloth to wipe her sopping juices off of his face when he was done.

“Have fun doing the dishes!” he joked, lustfully staring at her mound which was already starting to drip with anticipation.

“Whatever man, you’re going down fool!” Sandra said in her best tough guy voice.

Sandra was also busy admiring her man’s body. She loved dark skin, and his rich chocolate brown complexion was just what the doctor ordered. He was an avid Crossfit trainer and had the body to prove it; he had broad shoulders, sculpted arms and chest, washboard abs, tree trunk thighs and ass for days. Rick was also blessed with a generous package up front. Not too big, definitely not too small, but just right for all of the dirty fantasies she could cook up. Then there were his balls. She sighed dreamily as she looked at his dangling fruit. She couldn’t recall exactly how or when she acquired her ball sucking fetish, but she was certainly grateful that she had a man who was not only willing to indulge her, but had topkapı escort the perfect equipment for the job. Like Rick, Sandra didn’t need a contest to indulge in her lustful desire; though their weekly contest of trying to make the other person come first filled her with such dripping anticipation that she would make sure there was dirty dishes in the sink when it was his time to clean. She wanted to take her time, playing and fondling and sucking on her lover until he exploded in her mouth so she could suck down his juices, but she knew that Rick was not only competitive, he also a phenomenally good pussy eater, routinely making her cum at least four times in a sitting. If she wanted to win this contest, she was going to have to pull out all the stops. She pursed her lips and blew a stream of air onto his balls, causing him to shiver.

“You ready to lose, boy?” she said with a devilish grin on her face.

Rick quickly shot back, “Hey, HEY! None of that secret weapon, Ninja technique shit either, you damn cheater!” Just straight licking and sucking damn you! This is serious!”

“Serious?!?” she chuckled, “Dude, we’re trying to make each other cum so the other person doesn’t have to do the dishes!”

“Exactly!” he retorted, “This is some Global scale, crisis level shit going on here! The game’s coming on and I’m not trying to get stuck doing some damn dishes! So enough talking, start sucking!” Sandra happily obliged as the two lovers began their weekly game of “Dish 69.”

Rick got off to a bad start; as soon as he spread Sandra’s lips apart and saw that her pussy was already sopping wet, his animal instincts took over and he dove, face first into her lush juices, using one tongue technique after another, causing Sandra to unexpectedly spasm.

“HEY!!” Sandra yelled, “I thought you said no secret techniques, you cheater!”

“Sorry, sorry, just lost my head there for a minute.” Rick grinned mischievously.

“Damn right you’re about to lose your head!” She said. In one fluid motion, Sandra threw one arm around Ricks hips while simultaneously cupping his balls with her free hand and proceeded shove his swollen cock into her mouth.

“*Hhhh* Shhiiiitt! Rick gasped as Sandra’s move and warm sucking mouth took him by surprise. He stammered, “I th-thought… I-I th-thought we said…”

“Ah-ah,” interrupted Sandra between sucks on Rick’s twitching cock, “This is a standard issue move; I do it all the time and you know it.”

Rick tried to pull his hips up to get away from her warm tongue and sucking mouth that was creating a vice like grip on his cock. Determined to not let her squirming prize get away, Sandra let go of his balls and threw her other arm around his hips, pulling her türbanlı escort entire body off the floor. She pressed her breast against his stomach, opened her jaws and swallowed him to base so that his balls were resting on her nose. The sudden, aggressive move caught him so off guard that he became delirious with pleasure. His legs buckled sending them both crashing back down to the floor with a thud. Having regained her advantage, she pounced on her still disoriented lover. She quickly grabbed his balls again and began to stretch them.Tasting his pre-cum dribbling in her mouth, she took a minute to gloat.

“Aw, what’s the matter, is your friend about to throw up? Heehee…”

“All right girl,” he said breathing heavily, “If that’s the way you want to play it…” Rick quickly hooked his arms around Sandra’s legs and pulled them back toward her head, spreading her pussy lips wide so that he was able to see down into her creamy cave.

“Take this!” he yelled, as he stuck his tongue deep into her vulva, making sure his tongue stroked her clit the entire time while going in.

“Oooh!” Sandra moaned loudly, letting Rick’s cock slip out of her mouth.

The sudden wave of pleasure caused her to let go of his balls, giving Rick a much needed respite. Taking advantage of his the opportunity, he went to work, giving slow, dragging strokes of his tongue up and down on Sandra’s clit, causing her to violently shudder with each pass of his tongue, her body writhing mightily as if trying to free herself from Rick’s clutches. Using his size and strength to his advantage, Rick tightened his legs and flexed his muscular arms and pinned her down. Unable to moved, she was at his mercy as he proceeded to go after her clit his feather light flicks of his tongue every so often stopping to stick his long, lapping tongue deep into her vulva. He took care to keep his cock free and clear of her mouth; He knew if her lips and tongue got a hold of his shaft again, he’d be a goner.

Sandra was so consumed by the pleasure Rick was giving her that she almost forgot about their contest. She was in a bad way. The way he was going after her hole, it was only be a matter of time before she started drenching his face with her uncontrollable orgasms. With her arms pinned to her side and his strategically swinging hips, she couldn’t make a grab for his dick, but then she realized she didn’t have to. Seeing Rick’s balls hang over her face like large, low hanging fruit, she quickly sucked a testicle deep into her mouth. Holding onto her prize and dropping her head she stretched his ball and chord so pleasurably that his arms began to wobble, causing him to almost fall on his face.

“Aaaaahh! Hey! No fair!” Rick moaned “You KNOW that’s tüyap escort my weakness!”

“All’s fair…mmmm… in 69s and dishes!” Sandra moaned, breathing huskily under Rick oral assault.

Determined not to lose and crazed with lust from Sandra’s masterful ball job, Rick thought “Rules be damned, I’m going for it!” Once again, Rick pulled Sandra’s legs back, spreading her juicy lips and exposing her throbbing clit. Using his secret technique, Rick Flattened his tongue lick a cat’s and began to take slow, stiff, deliberate downward strokes on Sandra’s swollen clit, sending droplets of her juices spraying onto the carpet with each lick. He used his tongue to find its way under her hood finding his swollen prize. Cornered in its hiding hole with nowhere to escape, he unleashed a merciless assault on her throbbing clit causing her jerk crotch so violently she would have knocked him out if it was for all her padding. He grimaced in pain as Sandra dug her nails deep into his legs as she began squirm and spasm, causing him to hang on for dear life. Rick smiled to himself, thinking that he was close to winning the battle, redoubled his efforts to assure his sweet, nectar tinged victory.

Sandra, also sensing that her climax was near and also realizing that her lover was playing dirty, decided to go all out as well. Grabbing his shaft and stretching it taut, she turned on the suction and sucked both of his balls into her mouth, sucking, kneading and tugging on them, while licking the base of his shaft up and down with the tip of her tongue taking his balls along for the ride stretching them back and forth with each long lustful lick.

Letting out an enormous moan, Rick shot his load so hard that it flew all the way down to Sandra’s naval, splashing up to his chest, while Sandra, overcome with pleasure, releases Ricks balls to let out and orgasmic wail, splashing her juices all over Ricks chin and face. Ricks collapses onto Sandra, who is still shaking from her post orgasmic shivers and the two lay there on the floor, breathing in short, raspy breaths.

After a few minutes, Rick rolls off Sandra’s stomach and onto the floor, sweating and grinning from ear to ear.

“Another tie?” he asked her playfully.

“Yeah yeah,” replied Sandra, “I almost had you that time butt munch!”

“Not on your life! You were going DOWN sucka!” Rick says through snorting laughter.

After their playful banter subsides, Sandra returns the conversation to a more serious subject.

“So, who’s going to do the dishes?” she asked.

“This is like, what, the fourth or fifth tie game? Maybe we should just stick to using paper plates and cups.”

“What, are you kidding me?” Rick asked, “I LOVE doing dishes!”

Sandra give Rick the side eye, causing him retract his statement.

“All right all right.” He said “I hate doing dishes, but if we used paper plates, how would we play the “Dish Duty” game?”

Sandra crawled over and lovingly kissed Rick on the lips;

“Don’t worry honey, there’s always the laundry!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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