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Doing Dishes The Fun Way

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Its 9pm. The kids are in bed and sleeping. Stephen sits on the couch to watch a movie as Autumn washes dishes in the kitchen with the radio going softly to not disturb Stephen. As she washes dishes Autumn becomes lost in her own world and begins swaying her hips to the beat of the music and humming the songs that play.

Hearing Autumn humming, Stephen looks over his shoulder to the kitchen and is mesmerized by the sway and roll of Autumn’s hips, the slight bend in her knees, and the way her hands swirl the soapy water around the plates and cups. Oh, so delicately yet making sure to get them clean. Stephen straightens his position on the couch so he can watch her easier, all the while his internal temperature is rising as his cock begins to swell for her.

Autumn, oblivious to Stephen’s intent stare starts swaying and rolling her hips faster and faster, increasing then decreasing the bend in her knees to rise and lower herself gently as she moves. Stephen’s palms begin to sweat and his pulse races as he continues to watch her. Just as she finishes rinsing the last of the dishes Stephen stands from the couch and creeps up behind her at the sink. As Autumn reaches into the sink to pull the plug Stephen molds his hips to hers, moves her hair from the back of her neck and begins kissing her, just below the ear.

Feeling Stephen’s lips on her neck and his hips against her Autumn closes her eyes, sighs, and pushes back against him ever so lightly. Stephen wraps an arm around her waist and pulls her tighter against him as Autumn rolls her hips against his, tilts her head to the side and reaches up to hold his head with her hand. His had slowly creeps under the hem of her shirt and climbs her stomach to unlatch istanbul escort her bra.

He slides her bra from her chest and begins to roll her hard perky nipple between his fingers and tug just a bit. Autumn sighs in pleasure as her legs threaten to buckle. She doesn’t worry though because she knows Stephen has her and would never let her fall. She arches her back just a bit to shove her ass tighter into his crotch. She can feel the bulge of his cock against her and begins to rub her ass on it enticing him further and making him nibble harder on her neck and collarbone. Just as Stephen reaches his other hand for the snap of Autumn’s jeans she turns around, wraps her arms around his neck and kisses him passionately.

His hands move under her shirt to her back as he presses her tighter against him, molding their bodies together. She breaks the kiss and licks along his jaw line, up to his ear where she nibbles on his earlobe. Stephen’s hands slide down her back to her ass and squeeze her thru her jeans. As Autumn nibbles his ear she maneuvers their bodies so her back faces the kitchen door instead of the sink. As soon as she has moved them enough she releases Stephen and walks away, stopping in the doorway to look over her shoulder at him. Autumn gives Stephen a playful smile and runs for the bedroom. He chases her and catches her just as she reaches the bedroom door. He turns her to face him and walks into the bedroom, closing and locking the door behind them. As Stephen’s mouth closes over Autumn’s in a fiercely passionate kiss he undoes the snap of her jeans.

Her hand reaches for his and undoes Stephen’s jeans. They fall to the floor at avcılar escort the same time. As Autumn hooks her fingers in the waist line of Stephen’s boxers he grabs the hem of her shirt. Autumn lowers her body to remove his boxers and Stephen lifts her shirt and bra over her head as she lowers herself. She kneels in front of him and runs the tip of her tongue up the underside of his swollen cock as it stands at attention in front of her. As her hands cup and massage his balls her tongue traces all the bulging veins of his beautiful cock and he shivers with pleasure.

The tip of her tongue caresses under the crest and circles to the top, moving around the head causing another shiver to run up his back and his head to lay back against his shoulder blades. He reaches down and twines his fingers thru her hair urging her to take him in her mouth. She resists and traces the veins on the top side of his cock, down and back to the tip. She runs her tongue thru the slit in his cock head catching the first drops of precum. His grip tightens in her hair as she takes the head of his cock into her mouth and begins to suck him. Stephen moans in pleasure as Autumn’s mouth encloses his cock. Her hand comes up and strokes him from the base to her mouth, in perfect rhythm.

Autumn squeezes his cock in pulses as she gently twists her hand and suck on him like her favorite candy. Back and forth, up and down, gently scraping her teeth on him. As his cock begins to throb in anticipation of his release but he wants to prolong it as much as he can. He gently tugs her hair and gets her to stand up after sliding his cock out of her mouth. Her hand stays put, still pumping him and squeezing. She kisses şirinevler escort a trail from his stomach to his chest, then to his nipple, taking it in her mouth and nibbling on it. He backs her up to the bed and lays her down. In one quick movement he has her legs spread and the head of his cock positioned to enter her. He lowers his head and kisses her as he slides his cock into her warm, tight, wet pussy. Slowly, inch by inch making sure she feels every bit of him as he enters her. Autumn arches her back with pleasure, wraps her legs around him and locks her heels at the center of his spine, spreading her legs wider, using her legs to urge him deeper inside her. As he burys himself all the way inside her he moans with pleasure at the feel of her pussy closing around his cock like it was made to fit him perfectly.

Stephen lowers his head and flicks his tongue over one of Autumn’s red peaked nipples as he starts his rhythmic strokes inside her. Sending them both closer and closer to heaven. As his pace increases Stephen massages one of her breasts with his hand, tweaking and pinching her nipple with his fingers as he takes the other in his mouth and sucks it. Flicking his tongue over the nipple and biting her gently. As Stephen’s pace continues to increase Autumn moans his name begging him to take her faster and faster, harder and harder. His moans mix with hers in perfect harmony as her pussy muscles clench around his cock in her orgasm, triggering his. Autumn screams in pleasure as she feels his cock throb with each burst of his cum inside her. She releases her grip on him and her arms and legs fall to the side as he slides himself from her still warm pussy. Stephen lays down on the bed behind Autumn and pulls her to him. She curls up next to him, resting her head on this chest as they both try to catch their breath.

Autumn leans towards the foot of the bed, grabs the sheet, covers them up and falls asleep using Stephen’s chest as a pillow, with one of her legs threaded thru his and her arm across his stomach. Soon Stephen is sleeping too.

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