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Don’t Call ME…

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SS40: “Don’t Call ME…”


Another story type and category first for me: as this doesn’t really fit anywhere else, it’s going under Toys/Masturbation.


Tuesday, December 9th, 2014, 4:58 p.m.

Susan Emilia Day was about to close another mindshatteringly exciting day of work at Seven Seas Systems, the company which had been kind enough to bring her under its employ three years ago. She shut off her computer, collected her stuff and navigated through her ritual of goodbyes like so many days before. If there was a friendlier person in the person—or the city—Susan’d yet to meet them.

“Bye Andrea!” she called to Andrea Richards, a marketing rep with seniority over just about everyone in the office. “Give Christian and the kids some X-Os for me!”

“Will do, Suse,” replied Andrea. “G’night.”

“See ya, Drew!” Susan tossed to Drew McAdams, a review coordinator who’d come onboard two years back. “Take care!”

“Sweet dreams, babe,” waved Drew. “Catch ya tomorrow.”

“Cheers Terri!” she bade Terri Finklestein, a department manager who’d been around a bit longer than Susan. “Lotsa love!”

“Later on, Susie,” Terri sent her off with a wink-click-point-shoot. “Have a good one.”

Susan next knocked on the cubicle wall belonging to Patricia Dimberg, a recently hired data entry clerk, and her ASL interpreter Jeanine Peddington, who’d informed everyone her friend preferred Patty for short. Jeanine turned to see her, and manually told Patty Susan’d just popped up behind her. Patty gave a small gasp and jump. Turning to regard Susan, she looked a bit frazzled.

“Hi Patty!” Susan smiled with a friendly wave. “Are you liking it here so far?”

Jeanine translated, and Patty responded. Jeanine nodded, addressing Susan verbally.

“She says yes. Everyone’s been super-nice, and she’s really happy.”

“Oh, that’s terrific,” said Susan, prompting Jeanine to sign again. “Well, I gotta get goin’, so you two take it easy!”

The two cubicle occupants shared their next signing exchange. Jeanine translated for Susan once more.

“…She says she’s very glad you stopped by, hopes you have a nice night, and she really really loves you.”

Reading her lips, Patty abruptly and vehemently shook her head. She gave Jeanine an insistent tap on the wrist and signed again.

“Hm?… Oh, I’m sorry, Susan. She says she really really likes you.”

“Oh. Gosh. Well…” Susan chuckled, regaling them with another wave. “‘Kay, thanks, bye!

“¡Adios Maria!” she said to Maria Figueroa, a bilingual secretary with a first year under her belt. “¡Hasta luego!”

Maria nodded. “Mañana, chica. Buenas noches.”

Susan slung her purse in the passenger seat, driving home as normal, singing and rapping the steering wheel. The labor part of her job was fine enough, but the real reason she worked at Seven Seas was her colleagues. She loved them. She really was just about the friendliest person on Earth, and had cultivated a semi-special relationship with almost every workmate, in one way or another.

She’d turned 26 a few months before, and now roomed with her 22-year-old sister Jess. Well, “roomed with” may’ve been a bit of a stretch. “Took care of” would more accurately describe their situation. Jess had grown tired of living with their folks, and crashing in Susan’s apartment was basically her only option. It was considerably smaller than their parents’ house, but Jess didn’t mind, having freer rein with just her sibling. Though the salary of her mall job at Mrs. Fields Cookies enabled her to contribute only about a fifth of the rent. Jess was lethargic, and Susan had trouble getting her to pull her own weight, but the kid sis was not without her charms. While she could be an advantage-taker when it came to her only sib, Jess would be the first to concede and agree how lucky she was. To have Susan as a sister, and as a caretaker, who didn’t mind keeping food on the table for the both of them.

Speaking of food, Susan had to stop on the way home for some shopping. She full-handedly pushed the door open to see Jess lying on the couch, watching television, grazing on a bag of cheese curls. The bag and remote rested side by side on her belly.

“Ngh! Hi sis,” Susan grunted, arms weighed down with grocery bags.

“Yo,” muttered Jess, mouth full of crunched-up cheese puff.

“So, uh…what’cha watchin’? Anything good?”

“Nah, just surfin’.”

Susan put away the groceries, then traversed the hall and living room, plucking Jess’ stray clothes from the floor. A small heap of them mingled in the carpet between the couch and TV. Susan stooped to collect them.

“Mm. Susie, you’re kinda blockin’ the TV, babe,” Jess complained.

Susan straightened up to throw Jess a stare. As much as she loved her sister, and as okay as she was looking after her, sometimes she could be just the smallest thorn in the bursa escort tushie.

“Oh, I am so sorry, Jessie,” Susan sardonically apologized. “So sorry that doing your laundry is so disturbing to your entertainment.”

Her kid sis picked up on neither the sarcasm nor the hint. She merely and affably thumbed Susan away.

“No problem, no worries. Just scoot so I can see.”

Talking of entertainment, Susan now and then entertained consideration of booting Jess out on her butt, but she couldn’t do that. For one, their parents would never let her hear the end of it. Besides, they were sisters. They loved each other. Jess was kind of a freeloader, but also a sweetie. She was off work tonight, which was fine. But on the evenings when duty called and Jess trolleyed off to the mall, Susan had to admit to a bit of relief in having the place to herself.

She tossed Jess’ less than fresh threads in the laundry, and also ran the dishwasher. It was nice to sit, kick back and let the machines do their thing. An hour or two later, she whipped them up penne pasta for supper.

“Jess! Dinner’s ready, hon!” she called from the kitchen, slapping some on her plate. “Come and get it!”

There may not have been a multitude of reasons for Jess to vacate the comfy couch, but dinner was one. As Jess entered the kitchen and they crossed paths, Susan took advantage of the empty sofa, plopping herself down, claiming the remote and flipping to her program of choice. Jess reentered with a dish of food as Susan’s show was starting.

“Oh geez, you’re watching New Girl?” a disenchanted Jess uttered.

“Um, duh!” laughed Susan.

“God…” Jess groaned, perching beside her. “D’you have any idea how much ribbing I’ve taken ’cause of this damn show?”

“So totally exaggerating.”

“Oh, really??” Jess proceeded into an imitation of fans of the show who found it cute to kid her about it.

“‘Wow, your name’s Jessica Day?? No kidding! You look nothing like her! Har-dee-har-dee-har!'” She returned to her normal voice. “Well no Schmidt; I mean, hello?? I am nothing like her. We’re complete opposites! She’s a brunette, I’m a blonde, she’s a nerd, I’m cool, she’s straight, I’m gay, she’s got a smoking hot model friend, I’ve got…you…”

Susan chose to ignore that remark, instead re-retrieving the remote to turn on closed captioning.

“Well hey, why don’t’cha just get married? That’ll solve both our problems.”



The rest of the evening progressed as more or less normal for the Day sisses. Susan put the clean dishes away, replaced them with the dirty ones, changed into her jammies, made the bed, flossed, brushed her teeth and hair, applied facial cream and fluffed her pillows, readying herself for sleepy-bye time.

“Jess? Don’t stay up too late, honey,” she called back out into the living room.

“I woooo-oooon’t…” an exasperated Jess called back in a sing-songy voice, uttering one more word under her breath.


Susan pushed her bedroom door all the way without shutting it. Her teddy bear and eyeshades waited for her in their reserved spots.

The phone rang.

Susan looked to the clock. “What in th—…’s almost 11:00 for heaven’s sake. Who’s calling this late?” She picked up her extension.


She failed to understand the first thing she heard. It sounded like just…breathing. Heavy, hard breathing.

“Hello?” she repeated.

The breathing loudened.

“Okay, you get one more hello and that’s it. HELLO??”

Finally, Susan heard a soft, raspy female voice.

“Hi there, you sexy thing.”

Susan made a strange face. “…Excuse me?… Who is this?”

“The girl of your dreams, sweet baby.”


“You heard me, honey.”

“Um…yeah. Well, listen, honey: even if I had the faintest clue who you are or what’s going on here, there’d still be about a dozen things wrong with this, so…however you got my number, I’ll kindly thank you not to use it again.”

The breathing resumed.

“Hello?… Did you hear me?”

At this, Susan heard a moan, followed by—

“C’mon, you know you wanna get naked with me! My pussy’s starved for you. It’s so wet! Don’t tell me yours isn’t!”

WHOA. “Yeah, okay, I’m gonna say bye now.” Click.

She marched back out into the living room, where Jess continued to catch waves on the cathode ray tube.

“Where’s the cordless phone?!” Susan demanded to know.

Jess whipped her head in Susan’s direction, a bit startled by her sharp grilling. “What?? W—…I dunno.”

Susan eventually located it, scrutinizing the caller ID readout. 12/9 10:54p UNAVAILABLE

She blew out her breath. Figures. She probably star-67’d me.

“‘Sa matter?” asked Jess.

Susan sighed. “Ohhh…something really weird just happened.”

“Oh.” Curiosity satisfied, Jess returned to the TV.

Not knowing bursa escort bayan what to do at the moment, Susan returned to her room. This was no dream, and her mind wasn’t bored enough to concoct such bizarre amusement. But whatever the case, she had to get up again for work the next morning. Maybe Jess had the right idea. Maybe she should just flip on her own tube and let it put her down for the night.


Tuesday, December 9th, 2014, 11:24 p.m.

Susan’s admirer was less than thrilled to be hung up on, but was as enthused to have gotten to speak to her. Her attraction to Susan went far deeper than mere infatuation. She’d enjoyed a nip of brandy, and before she could stop herself, proceeded to drink and dial. The alcohol infused her with the courage to say to Susan the things she really wanted to say, but could not while sober. The admirer did not take to the “orthodox” forms of courtship. She was hooked in by the steamy allure of intimacy. And especially in her inebriated state…the thought of making love to Susan Day set her instantly aflame.

She climbed into bed and fetched her vibrildo. She was an avid, skilled masturbatrix, with capacity for fantasy and imagination that would put most others to humdrum shame. She’d been irrepressibly enamored of frigging off since her first climax as a randy teen. She jilled herself whenever the chance arose, at least a few times a day. It rivaled the most prized things she held dear.

She dreamt about Susan Day and night. Before knowing Susan, she was unaware just how it felt to be in love. The things she loved were loved dearly, and with a passion. And she had fallen as deeply in love with Susan as with her beloved masturbation, the two of which went hand in hand—pun most certainly intended. Her love for booze ran almost just as deep.

She slid her vibing girlfriend inside, nice and easy. She always began slow and gentle, and proceeded to build until veritably raping herself. One of her hotter fantasies involved being on either end of a violent rape. It was near impossible to picture Susan involved in a rape scenario, but that didn’t stop her from pretending. The fire pierced her skin with scorching pleasure. Her swelling pussy leaked and drenched her sturdy vibrildo. She needed a strong, resilient piece of equipment to handle the workout she put it through.

“Suuuusan…” she moaned. “Ohhhhh, baby…I need you…so, so bad…”

She eased into herself inch by inch. The lightning strikes intensified. She threw her head back in the pillow, curling her quivering toes. Her nipples stood erect and burning. She began sweating, taken to the next level. Oh, how sublime it felt…

Each time she pleasured herself, she tried to top her previous session. Hot passion seized her in its dizzying grip, forcing her to bite her lip, straining and groaning. She normally became too impatient to wait for her pussy to stretch to max length on its own. She bent at the knees, planted her feet in the mattress, spread her cunt as wide open as possible, arched her back, and plunged. Once the vibrildo held her ajar, she pried back her hood and stimulated her fragile clit. It took not much longer before she began going insane.

“FUUUUUUCK…” she rejoiced, as her eyes began fluttering. “Susan, my love, I need you!”

The vibrildo began to feel like a pulsing red-hot poker in her pussy, unquenchable by her feminine juices. It torched her inside and out. Her shouts built to wicked screams. She couldn’t stand much longer. She thrashed the bed, desperately pounding the mattress with her heels, vibrildo wreaking havoc on her hungry cunt. The lust was unreal. The stimulating tip shocked her clit, sending her through oblivion. She felt as if being tumbled around an inflated, adult woman-sized bounce house, surges of heaven shooting through her, unprecedented to this point in her masturbatory career. Somehow, she always managed to outdo herself.

There was only one ingredient missing to complete her orgasmic experience. She continued building till she could bear it no longer. Finally, it was time to incorporate her last, most vital element. Out of the darkness, she pictured Susan ascending onto her bed…and subsequently her body. Enfolding her in her embrace, holding her endlessly through the night, like a sensual teddy bear. It mattered not if her Susan fantasy involved tender love, smoky intimacy, or harsh, binding kink. She achieved momentous results in all cases.

“Susan… dearest… sweetheart… please return my love. I’ll worship you forever.”

She at last imagined Susan’s lovely voice professing boundless, doubtless adoration to her…

“I love you too, my darling.”

…And that was all it took.

She erupted, primal and ferocious. Her supreme orgasm necessarily included a dose of pure, untaintable love. She shot through every dimension of ethereality before the monstrous orgasm released her. The experience escort bursa was irresistibly explosive. She saw heaven. Stars burst in her eyes, into splashes of magic moon dust, sprinkling her glowing, glistening body. Her engulfed pussy caked the top half of her vibrildo in hot, sticky honey-cum. At last, after twenty seconds of Earth-stopping, soul-searing delirium… it was over.

She used all of her leftover mental functioning to reach down, turn off the vibrildo, and drop dead asleep.


Wednesday, December 10th, 2014, 8:25 a.m.

“Hi, hi, hi guys,” Susan greeted her coworkers, getting into the office the next morning. “How’s it going?”

She settled into her cubicle, hoping she’d be able to let go of the events of the previous night.

“Hey, Susie,” said Julie, a by-passing friend and colleague. “How goes it?”

Susan turned to regard her. When she didn’t respond immediately, Julie furrowed her brows and followed up her greeting.

“…Y’okay, girl?”

“…Um…actually, Jules…” She waved her in. “Could I talk to you for a minute?”

“Yeah. Yeah, of course.” Julie sidled inside. “What’s up?”

“Well…something strange happened to me last night.”

“Really? Like…bad strange?”


“Oh…sorry, Suse. What was it?”

“Hmmm, how do I explain this…Jules, eh…y’ever gotten an obscene phone call?”

Julie’s eyes opened wide, pushing her eyebrows up an inch.

“No…I take it you did though?”

Susan nodded. “It was weird. And creepy.”

“Oh gosh, I’m sorry, Suse…what’d it sound like?”

“Well, it was a girl…raspy, husky…kinda low and soft.”

“…Wow…well…I mean, I dunno what to tell ya, Suse. There’s lotsa weird stuff out there. Lotta creeps, too. ‘Dya check caller ID?”

“Yeah, of course I did. Just said unavailable.”

“Huh. Figures. ‘Dyou star-69 her?”

“…Well, I…thought about it, but even if that works, I definitely don’t wanna talk to her again.”

“Well, there’s the obvious option: you could always just not answer the phone.”

“No, I can’t. I’ve never been able to ignore the phone. My parents traumatized me with that. Anytime I missed a call, they freaked. ‘SUSAN! What if that had been important?! Suppose that’d been Aunt Brenda or Uncle Chester calling because they had an accident?! Suppose that was your grandparents needing some help?! Suppose the universe blew up?!’ You get the idea, Jules?”

“…So if you don’t answer, and it’s them calling, you know you’re gonna get tortured for it next time you see ’em.”


“All right, well…I’m here for ya, Suse. Just, y’know…be careful.”

“Thanks, Jules.”

Lunch arrived. Susan hopped up, and stopped and popped by a few colleagues’ cubes to see if they wanted to go eat. Apparently, she was late, because they were already gone. It looked as if she was on her own today. She headed outside, pondering meal choices. She was just about to get in her car, when—

She heard her ringtone. A worried feeling took form in her belly. She took out her phone and checked.

Whew. It was her parents. That was right, she realized, the call last night was on her landline, not her cell.


“Hey sweetie! It’s Dad. We’re putting the guest list together for Christmas, and just making sure you and Jess’re coming?”

“Oh, yeah, yeah, we’ll be there. No problem, Dad.”

“Sounds good. Okay hon, I know you’re at work, so I won’t keep ya, just needed to check on that real quick. Love you!”

“Love you too, Dad, bye-bye.”

Just about to hang up, she heard a beep. She checked the display. She was in fact getting another call.

Oh, no… Those same eleven wretched little letters turned her tummy queasy.


Oh god. This creepy girl had her cell number too?? This was getting to be too much. What now? She didn’t know if she could follow Julie’s advice and just not answer. Maybe she could just wait and see if…

She ran out of time to think. Voicemail. Susan hoped there would be no message, and for a few moments she thought she was okay.

Then, she heard the jingle chirp. Oh hell, she thought. She wanted to automatically delete it, but figured if she did, her curiosity would drive her crazy the rest of the day. What if this chick was deciding to add threats to her suggestive remarks?

Screw it, she thought. Be brave. Be a woman about it. She opened voicemail and faced the proverbial music.

“Wednesday…twelve…oh six…p.m.”

“HIya, hot stuff. I guess you’re a little too busy to pick up right now. Bet I know what you’re doin’, too. And I’d like to do it for ya, if ya know what I mean. Hope you’re having fun, thinking about me while you’re stroking that pussy…Susan baby.”

Susan at once felt ill.

The girl knew her name?? Had Susan been able to think rationally, she’d have realized that if the caller had both her numbers, she’d know to whom they belonged. But even still, if she knew her name, what else did she know?! Susan abruptly felt very unsafe.

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