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Dream to Reality

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It’s hot. Moaning in her sleep Melissa marvels at how real this dream seems to be. She could feel large male hands gliding up her thighs. Hissing Melissa could feel herself getting hotter and wetter. Oh it feels so good. Turning over to her back Melissa opens her legs. She desperately needs those hands between her thighs. The hands glide higher. Chuckling, the hands stop just short of where she needs them to be. Instead the hands roam to her belly. A tongue dips into her navel. Groaning and arching her back she starts to pant. Her legs are scissoring. She needs the feel of this man’s weight on her body as much as she needs the feel of his cock inside of her. Reaching up she grasps hot, hard masculine shoulders and begins to caress. He groans and rewards her by licking her breasts. She cries out. He begins to suckle. She reaches out blindly with her mouth and connects with his throat. She licks and lightly scrapes his neck with her teeth.

He whispers an obscenity and begins to tremble. Leaving her breasts he begins the journey south to where she desperately needs him to be. otele gelen escort Trailing his tongue from her navel to her pussy, he pauses and lightly blows on her hot core. Melissa moans and spreads her legs wider. She needs this more than she needs her next breath and she begs him to take her. He groans and places his mouth on her center. Moaning. The taste of her is like nothing he has ever experienced before. He begins to lick and suckle her. God, he couldn’t get enough of her. He buries his face in her and begins to eat her in earnest.

Melissa can’t take the pleasure and she screams out. Burying her hands into a luxuriant mane of hair she trembles and cries out as she comes. She whispers. Lifting his head her dream lover delivers a smile of pure sin and blankets her body. Moaning she reaches down and grasps him. Gliding her hands on his thick length she has an overwhelming urge to taste.

She whispers, “My turn.” Gently applying pressure to his shoulders she forces him onto his back. She begins to explore. Leaning down she licks pendik escort and blows into his ear. He hisses and grabs a handful of her hair. She emits a sultry laugh that raises goose bumps on his skin. Going further south she licks and suckles his nipple, while lightly scoring his chest with her nails. Her phantom lover moans and trembles more. He begins to beg. Deciding she has made him suffer enough she trails further down until she finds his cock. Grasping it gently, she lightly licks his broad tip. She moans. He tastes decadent. She licks him from base to tip, then takes him deep into her mouth. They both groan. It feels so good.

He can’t take it any longer. Grasping her by her shoulders he lifts her up and rolls until he has her where he needs her. On her back. Grabbing onto her thighs, he gently forces them open and positions himself at her entrance. He plunges in. They shout. Hissing, he begins to stroke. In, out, in out. Deep strokes that turn Melissa into mindless jelly. All she can feel is the pleasure. He drives deep again and finds rus escort a rhythm that drives them both insane. She scores her nails into his shoulder and whispers to him how good he feels thrusting his cock inside of her. She begins to tremble. Screaming she climaxes hard. Breathing heavily she tells him to come and squeezes his cock on the inside. Groaning deeply he empties himself inside of her. He rolls off of her and Melissa feels the cool breeze on her heated skin. He pulls her into his arms and they drift off.

The irritating buzz of the alarm wakes Melissa from her erotic and titillating dreams and she rolls over to shut it off. She bumps into a hard male body and her eyes flies open. He gazes deeply into her eyes and smiles at her. Melissa screams and jumps out of bed. He chuckles and said, “was it as good for you as it was for me?”

“What are you doing here?! How did you get in here?” She yelled.

“The same way I get in every night. You let me in.” He replied.

“No.” she moaned. It wasn’t possible. She wouldn’t. She couldn’t. To do so would mean to lose everything she had ever wanted. Why couldn’t she remember? God. Glancing at him she felt heat flash through her. He let out a husky laugh, knowing what that look meant.

“Let yourself go. You know you want to.” He rolled over and took her into his arms. Moaning in defeat she let herself go.

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