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Dreams Can Come True

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Tracy sat in yearbook class and opened the piece of paper Brian dropped on top of her desk as he walked by on his way out the classroom. He had asked the teacher if he could use the restroom. Tracy slowly unfolded the letter, curious of the letter’s contents.

Brian was on the successful football team, but he rarely played because he was only 5’6″ and only 112 pounds. He was also on the wrestling team where he was very successful. In his school, football was where the popular jocks were, not on the wrestling team.

Tracy was on the a star on the basketball team her first two years, but broke her arm her junior year and had to sit out the season. She was finally able to play again, but felt subconscious about the big scar on her arm. She had a beautiful face, athletic body and was always smiling.

Brian had admired Tracy from a distance. His only conversations with her were exchanges of greetings as they passed. What Brian admired the most, besides her natural beauty and athletic ability, was the fact she would talk to anyone. It didn’t matter if the person was the star of the football team, the smart nerd or the ugly duckling of the class, she always believed everyone was equal.

Tracy opened the letter and felt tears stream down her face as she read the letter. Brian had written her and expressed how happy she made him when she would smile at him or say hello. He told her how he didn’t feel like he fit in, but he always felt comfortable around her and envied how she had such a good life and so many good friends.

She pulled out a pen and paper. She wrote him back and told him she was grateful for his kind words. She also told him that she also had her insecurities about fitting in. She told him that she thought he was a great guy and that she would like to be his friends.

He was afraid to return to the classroom. He wasn’t sure how she would react. He had shown his vulnerable side and now felt naked. He wandered the hall for a few minutes before finally gathering the strength to walk back into the classroom. He opened the door and avoided contact with Tracy as he walked past her and sat down in the desk behind her. Tracy turned around and looked at Brian. Brian looked up to see Tracy’s beautiful blue eyes looking directly at him. She smiled and handed him a letter before turning back around.

Brian was too nervous to open the letter right away so he waited until the class bell rang. He sat down for his next class and read the letter. His heart began to swell as he read her words of encouragement. He never dreamed she would want to be his friend. He was so happy he had opened up to her. His only regret was that he hadn’t told her sooner. They were going to graduate in less than a month and head off to different colleges. He hated that he would not have much time to build their friendship.

Brian and Tracy ran in different circles and though they had written back and forth and exchanged Christmas cards, they had only seen each other a half dozen times in the past sixteen years. Brian had moved South. Tracy married her college sweetheart and started a family with him. She loved her husband very much.

Brian had several relationships, but never married as he was unable to find a woman who made him happy. He was always thankful for the way Tracy treated him in high school. He regretted never asking her out, but cherished his memories they shared briefly before graduating high school.

He sat down Wednesday evening and logged onto Facebook. He read through the daily posts when he saw Tracy’s name appear online. It had been three years since he had talked to her. He clicked on her name and sent her an instant message to say hi. They chatted for awhile as the caught up with the happenings of each other’s life. Brian mentioned that he was returning to his hometown in a month and said he would love to see her.

Tracy smiled at the thought of seeing her old friend. Brian had mentioned in the chat that he had a high school crush on her. She wondered why he never mentioned this before. She had no idea he felt this way. She felt her future might have been different had he had the courage to mention it years ago. She loved her husband, but had always admired Brian.

Tracy and Brian met up for lunch when he returned to town. Brian could not help but stare at Tracy as they talked. He tried not to make it obvious, but Tracy was aware of his ogling eyes. She found it flattering that he found her attractive. She felt like her sagging boobs and aging face were making her less attractive then when she was a teen.

Tracy was glowing about her children and her loving husband. She mentioned that she was missing him sorely because he had been working 80 hours a week for the past three weeks. Brian told her about his life in Florida and the joys of living in the south. They finished lunch and Brian walked her to the exit. Brian told Tracy it was great seeing her and asked if he could see her again before he left town.

“I would love to see you again. Do you have any plans tomorrow şirinevler escort evening? My husband is working and my mom is taking the kids so I can have some free time.”

“I always have time for you.”, Ryan said as he leaned in and hugged her.

He smelled her perfume and the scent of her skin as he held her close. He could feel her breasts pressing against him as they hugged. Tracy pulled away and gave Brian her signature smile. Ryan was melting.

“I get off work at five. How about if we meet at the park around six?”, Tracy asked.

“That works for me. Be prepared to have a great time.”

“I enjoyed seeing you today. I have missed you Brian. I am looking forward to seeing you again tomorrow.”

Brian felt like heaven on earth. He had forgotten how beautiful her blue eyes and dirty blond hair were. He jumped in his car and drove away. That night he lay restless envisioning Tracy naked making love to him.

The next day Brian visited a few of his friends while anxiously awaiting his date later on with Tracy. He was hornier than he had been in a long time, thinking about her. He wished he could take her in the park and make love to her. He wanted to tell her how he felt, but knew she was happily married.

Brian sat on the park bench waiting for Tracy to arrive. He was wearing his best pair of jeans and tan polo shirt. He listened to the breeze blowing through the oak trees and distant noises of a small farm town. He looked up as he heard the sound of tires on stone interrupt the normal surrounding sounds. His heart raced when he saw her black Tahoe pull up.

Tracy was nervous. She had rushed to get together and tried on three different outfits before deciding on a pair of tight bluejeans and a white tee-shirt. She combed her hair that hung past her shoulders and decided to just throw hairspray on and go. She stepped out of the car and saw Brian standing up from the picnic table. She walked toward him and gave him a big hug.

He asked her if she would like to take a walk by the canal. She smiled and said she would love to.

“I am so glad we are getting to spend some time together. I have missed you Brian.”

“I have missed you too, Tracy. You have no idea.”

Her hand bumped against his hand a few times as they walked. Without thinking about it, Brian took Tracy by the hand. He was surprised when she didn’t pull away and intertwined her fingers with his. Her skin was so soft. It had been awhile since Brian had been with a woman.

Tracy’s hear was pounding. She could feel her mouth go dry. She didn’t know why she was feeling like this. The silence between them suddenly seemed awkward. She broke the silence.

“It is so beautiful and peaceful out her. Listen to the birds chirp.”

“I know. It is perfect. Beautiful scenery, the songs of birds and a beautiful woman walking with me.”

“Brian you are silly; but thank you.”

“I mean it. You are so beautiful. I wish I would have told you years ago how beautiful you are.”

“Brian you really mean that?”

“Yes, I have always wished you were mine. You are so smart, so beautiful, and so kind to everyone. You have the most beautiful smile I have ever seen.”

“You are making me blush. Stop it. My body is falling apart. I am not built like I was in high school and three kids have taken a toll on me.”

“You have grown into your body well. I think you are just as beautiful as ever. You are everything I have dreamed of.”

Tracy laughed. She was trying to hide the excitement she felt happening inside her. “You dream of me? About what?”

“Well, ummmmm. Yeah, I have dreams about you. To be honest. I have dreams about making love to you and having your kids. I dream about the life we would have had together if we were a couple.”

She wasn’t sure why, but she was enjoying hearing what he was saying. Maybe it was because her husband had been too busy to make love to her in over a month. Maybe it was just an abundance of hormones. Whatever it was, she was turned on by hearing that Brian had dreams of her. She briefly envisioned them naked and making love. She realized she had not replied. She didn’t want Brian to feel awkward. Tracy turned to Brian and gave him a big hug.

Brian hugged her back and held her close to him. He hoped she did not notice he now had a raging hard-on. He loved holding her and didn’t want to let go. He could feel hormones of lust and love flowing through his blood. As Tracy slowly began to pull away, he placed his hands on her cheeks. Without thinking, Brian leaned in and placed a quick kiss on Tracy’s lips before they both pulled away.

His eyes met Tracy. Their eyes were clouded with the lust of Cupid as they stood motionless. Their noses practically touching. Tracy tried to reject her body as she felt herself lean forward until her lips softly touched Brian’s lips. She felt her lips suck in his top lip and her eyes slide shut. She felt Brian’s hands on the back of her head, holding her as he sucked şirinevler elit escort gently on her bottom lip.

Like a bolt of lightning, Tracy came back to reality and jerked her head backwards. She gently pushed Brian away and apologized.

“I am so sorry Brian. I never should have done that. We shouldn’t have done that. I don’t know what came over me.”

“It is okay Tracy. I think it is my fault. I was overwhelmed with emotions and shouldn’t have kissed you first.”

“I shouldn’t have kissed you back. I guess it is just that my husband has been working so much lately and I am missing his touch. This isn’t fair to you. Maybe I should go.”

“No, please stay Tracy. I don’t want you to leave and I don’t want it to be awkward between us. Maybe we should go do something else.”

“Yes. I think the scenery is getting to me and making me want you so bad.”

Tracy couldn’t believe the words that just escaped her mouth. She wished she could take them back. She shyly looked down at her feet.

“I know. I feel the same way, but you are married to a wonderful man and I don’t want to ruin your family. Come on, let’s go up to ‘The Stick’ and have a few beers.”

Tracy looked up and smiled. “Good idea.”

The two spent a couple hours conversing with each other and their friends while enjoying beers. They enjoyed the night as it quickly passed into morning. Tracy was beginning to feel the effects of the alcohol. It didn’t help that she was also horny. She was convinced that she was going to take her husband and make love to him when she returned home.

Brian interrupted her thoughts as she slid a shot in front of her. She grinned slightly.

“What is this?”

“A celebration shot.”

“What are we celebrating?”

“Our friendship…our great time we are having…our night together.”

Tracy looked his in the eyes. She saw the look in his eyes. She quickly looked away and smiled, chasing the lustful thoughts from her mind. She grabbed the shot and toasted him before slamming it down.

“Wow! That was awesome. What was it?”


She giggled. “You’re wishing huh?”

“Oh. Umm that wasn’t even in my thinking. It is now though.”

They both laughed. Tracy stood up and put her arm in his, pulling him out of the booth and heading toward the back door of the bar. “Let’s go.”

“Where are we going?”

“Follow me before I change my mind.”

Brian was a little confused. He knew what he wanted that to mean. He knew how awesome it would be if she meant what he wanted her to mean. He knew better though. He followed her out the back door as she dragged him toward his car. He unlocked the passenger door and helped her inside. He circled the car and sat in the driver’s seat and closed the door.

Tracy leaned over and planted her lips against his mouth. She aggressively pressed her lips against his as if she couldn’t get enough. Brian wrapped his arm around her and pulled her close. Her tongue separated his lips and pressed against his tonsils. He gasp for air then met her tongue with his. Brian’s hand cupped her left breast. Tracy continued making out with him. The sound of swishing saliva filled the car.

He briefly pulled back and spoke while gasping for air, “Let’s get out of here. I don’t want anyone so see us and tell your husband.”

She pulled back and began buckling her seat belt, “Oh my god. You are right.” She began giggling. “Let’s go somewhere alone. God I can’t believe I am doing this, but I want you so bad.”

Brian felt like getting out of the car and doing a happy dance. Instead, he started the car and put it in reverse. They drove to a hotel in the next town. Tracy held Brian’s hand as she lay against the window, her eyes closed.

Brian felt that he should take her home, but he didn’t want to ruin his chance to live out his fantasy. He pulled into the hotel parking lot where he was staying and pulled her toward him. His passionately kissed her lips, tasting her salty skin. Her eyes sprung open. She smiled as he kissed her. She leaned in and put her hand on his inner thigh.

“Wait, wait, wait. Let’s get inside.” Brian pleaded.

Brian unlocked the hotel door and let her inside. Tracy sat down on the bed and watched Brian as he shut and locked the door. The lock had an arousing sound to it. She thought about how she had secretly fantasized taking Brian from time to time. She looked up to Brian and blew him a kiss. She stood up and approached him. Their lips smashed together as their hands began exploring each other. Tracy grabbed Brian’s ass with her right hand while his hand found her found her breast over her shirt.

Her soft breast felt wonderful in his hand. He lusted to feel even more of her body. His hands slid up her shirt when she spun him and pushed him down on the bed.

“Sit there and watch.”

Brian’s eyes bulged as she slowly unbuttoned her jeans. Time seemed to stand still as she slowly unzipped her jeans and slid them şirinevler escort down her broad hips. He watched intently as the jeans slid down her legs, revealing her white lace panties. He looked up at her eyes. She winked at him then slowly pulled her shirt over her head.

His eyes scanned her body. He watched as her toned stomach sucked in. His eyes moved to her breasts covered with a matching white lace bra. His eyes scanned down her body to her panties. He strained to see her hidden pussy before moving down her long legs. He admired her thick, athletic thighs. The eye candy was more than he had ever imagined. He could feel his jeans begin to bulge.

“Is this what you want to see?”, Tracy asked as she began unsnapping her bra and letting it drop to the floor.

His eyes moved to her breasts. They sagged slightly as they bounced out of her bra. He stared at her beautiful areola and her hard, puffy nipples. He watched as she turned around and bent over, pulling her jeans over her ankles.

His eyes scanned her wonderfully shaped butt cheeks and moved between her legs. He caught a glimpse of the crease separating her pussy lips as she moved her legs. He wished she stay there forever and wanted her on top him now, all at the same time.

“Is this real or am I dreaming?”, he exclaimed.

She turned back around and smiled coyly. “This is your dream. Now kiss my breasts. Make them feel good.”

Tracy slowly approached him, standing between his legs and pulling his head towards her breasts. Brian put his hands on her ass and pulled her close to him. His right hand grabbed her breast and began kneading it. His mouth lips softly wrapped around her left nipple. His tongue softly circled her nipple.

She threw her head back and tied her hair back in a ponytail. His warm mouth and roaming tongue were just what she needed. They made her feel so good. She couldn’t remember the last time she had felt this excited and horny. It had been years since sex with her husband was exciting.

Her hands moved to the back of his smooth head and held it tight against her breast.

“Oh yes. You are making me so wet. This feels so good.”

His lips sucked on the opposite breast and began kneading her other breast aggressively with his other hand. Her soft breasts felt wonderful inside his hand. His warm lips teased her hard, puffy nipple.

He moved his hands back to her hips and guided her to the bed. She landed on her back, Brian on top of her. She began pulling his shirt over his head. He reached down and began removing his own jeans hastily. Their motions were a blur as they worked together to undress him.

He pressed his hips against her groin, moving his legs between her. His lips alternated between kissing and sucking her breasts. Her hand ran up and down his back. Her body dancing in the light; her hips gyrating against his hips.

She enjoyed his soft, wet lips against her breasts. Her motor was revving as he tuned her body up. She was ready for more. She wanted his lips on hers. She wanted to feel all of his hot body pressed up against her. She placed her hands around his head and slowly pulled him towards her lips.

“Get up here and kiss me. I need to feel your lips on mine.”

He slid his body up her body until his hard dick pressed against her pussy. She let out a soft, playful moan as his lips met hers. Passion took over their bodies as their lips joined. Their hips grinding against each other. Their moans filling the air.

“I want you inside me. Will you please make love to me, Brian?”

“Not yet. I want to see you in all your glory and taste you first.”

With that Brian slid over beside her body and placed his hand on her hips. She lifted her hips while he slowly removed her panties. He slid down to the side of the bed and stood before her feet. He pulled the panties over her ankles. He took the chance to imprint the image of her naked body in the deep recesses of his brain, forever imprinting her in his memories. He took inventory of her sweaty chest moving up and down. His eyes moved curiously down her slick stomach to her glistening mound. His eyes became transfixed on her outer lips that hid her golden treasure. Her closed legs raised to his chest as she giggled.

“You are staring. Take off your boxers and let me survey you.”

Brian laughed as she slowly slid his boxers down his hips. Tracy watched eagerly as the cloth slid down and revealed his saluting boner. He kicked the boxers off his feet and spread her legs.

“Oh my.” was all she said.

He slowly slid his body between her long, spreading legs until his nose was inches from her pussy. He could see moisture glistening from the folds of her inner lips. He took a deep whiff of her sexual scents. His fingers massaged her mound. He used his index and middle fingers to make small circles on her skin. His fingers slowly inched down over her outer lips, massaging them.

She softly moaned as he teased her labia with his fingers until he reached the bottom of her pussy. He leaned in and slid the tip of his tongue slowly up her slit, stopping just before her clitoris. Her lips began to pull back and reveal her intimate self to his hot, wet tongue. His tongue glided up and down, left then right over her pussy. She squealed when the tip of his tongue lavishly touched her swollen clit.

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