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Eaten by Big Bad

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It was a nice day, early spring, birds chirping, the cliché flowers blooming. I was standing at the window of my dingy office when she came in the door. She was cute, picnic basket over her arm, tear in her eye. She told me her name, Little Red Riding Hood. Red. It fit; her red hair was tucked under the hood of a red riding cloak, almost a cape even. These days I was working as a lumberjack while the sun was out, but my office door said “Private Eye.” Correspondence courses had gotten me the know how to be a private dick. I was moonlighting, though, until I finished my day job and got licensed.

Red came into the office, looking pretty as can be. Cheeks wet with tears, nose pink, I assumed from crying. I offered her a seat and a whiskey. She accepted both, downing the latter and asking for more. I sat on the edge of my desk, knees apart. Her eyes went quickly to my crotch, mere inches from her full, red lips. I had to concentrate on something other than the thought of me in her mouth. The bulge in my pants grew with the thought and I got the yellow pad of paper from the desk, putting it in my lap in a vain attempt to appear professional.

I called her little lady and asked what on earth could make such a doll like her cry.

“It’s my grandmother,” she said, taking a white kerchief to her eye. “I was going to visit her, to bring her some food from my mother. She’s sick, you see, and we wanted to make sure she was ok. And my mother, she just makes the best bread and cakes and homemade soups.” She indicated the picnic basket she had put on the floor next to beşiktaş masöz escort her. “On the way there I met up with a beast, a sexy beast, but nonetheless, he was a beast. He called himself the Big Bad Wolf…” her red lips formed a sexy smirk, “he was certainly a big bad…” her pink tongue ran across her lips, her eyes suggesting something naughty.

I was entranced by her; she had Bambi eyes that were bluer than the sky, creamy complexion, skin white. Her hair fell in loose curls past her collarbones, beneath which her supple breasts were threatening to fall out of her dress. And those lips, I’d heard the term, but never witnessed anyone who could claim DSLs, Dick Sucking Lips, until now. Soft and supple, painted crimson, pouty. I tried not to imagine kissing those lips, having those lips consume me. Devour me.

I cleared my throat, “continue” I encouraged, hoping she’d go into detail.

“Well, I got a bit distracted, worn out after my encounter with Big Bad… had to rest a while. When I got to my grandmother’s cottage in the woods, I knocked on her door. She told me to come in but her voice was different. When I saw her, it was terrible. The sickness had turned her into a monster. Her ears and eyes were huge; teeth were sharper than any I had seen before on an old woman. She said the better to hear and see me with; the better to eat me with. I got scared then and ran away. I think Big Bad may have eaten Grandmother, but not how he ate me. The only place I could think to go was here. You’re a brave man, strong, beşiktaş otele gelen escort powerful.” She batted her eyes at me, dark lashes fluttering, “I’m sure that you could help me if you wanted.” She looked at my crotch again, “the problem is, I don’t have any money to pay you for helping me.”

“I’m, uh, I’m sure we can figure something out.” I coughed, trying to maintain my composure. So we make an arrangement for my services, I’d be the first to admit that our contract was not what some people would consider professionally ethical, but I’m a man who has my own needs and Red seemed to have no qualms meeting them.

I followed my seductress to her grandmother’s house, which happened to be over the river and through the woods, carrying my axe over my shoulder. Her ass was firm, but well rounded. Walking behind her was becoming increasingly more difficult. I was relieved when she slowed down and pointed through the trees to a small cottage. It was quaint, prissy and well kept. I just wanted to bone Red.

I motioned for her to follow me to the cottage, which eased my pain a little, not having to look at her. I crept up to the door, and looked in the window to the left. I could see ‘grandmother,’ Big Bad seemed to have some how gotten rid of her and was wearing her dressing gown and sleeping cap. He seemed to be enjoying himself in the bed, looking at dirty magazines and watching bad porn on the small television. I almost creamed myself when I heard the moaning from the video.

Glancing in beşiktaş rus escort the window, I could see Big Bad had his pants around his ankles and was fully aroused. I chuckled to myself, if Red was calling him Big Bad, she’d be in for a surprise when it came time for payment of services rendered. I decided I’d start calling him Little Bad

Red opened the door, surprising Little Bad by walking in to join him on the bed. The whore. She pulled up her skirt, spread her knees and the big bad wolf ate her. Watching Red on the bed, being eaten by the wolf made my pants so restrictive I had to unbutton them just to save me from the pain. It served me right, wearing such tight jeans. My hard on had become raging, and I was eager for release.

I rushed into the room, axe swinging. Little Bad pulled back in fear, exposing his stomach and erection. The axe sliced open his belly and he collapsed, from fear or pain, I don’t care.

The axe cut open his gut, spilling his intestines and to my surprise, Red’s grandmother. She was fine, partially digested, and in need of some serious cosmetic surgery, but alive.

I pushed Red over on the bed, so she wasn’t under Little Bad’s body anymore. My hand quickly slipped under her skirt, which was practically soaked through with a mix of her arousal and the sloppy saliva from the wolf. I told her to stay there while I went to get some rocks from outside. I buttoned my pants to keep them from falling, though I doubt they would have. My rock hard cock was doing a fine job holding up the waist band.

Grandmother understood what was happening with Red and helped me by sewing his belly up after I filled it with rocks and went to another room of the cottage, with no comment about what was to transpire. In fact, she gave me a once over and licked her lips while I unzipped my pants. I had fulfilled my end of the bargain; it was now time for Red to hold up her end of the deal.

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