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Helen was young and vivacious. Captain of the cheerleaders squad for her final year and, if she had her way, class president. She was quite pretty and her intelligence and charisma helped. As far as she was concerned, the election would be a mere formality. Who wouldn’t vote for her?

Michael was also young and charismatic. A born leader with the politician’s trick of appearing to listen and respect the opinion of whoever he was talking to. Intelligent and a good sportsman, he was captain of the football team and intended to round off his final year by being class president. Who wouldn’t vote for him?

So the battle lines were drawn. Everyone was picking sides and trying to persuade opponents to change to the winning side. Helen and Michael didn’t even talk to each other, firmly of the opinion that the other should yield gracefully.

The faculty watched the show with detached interest. The consensus there was that Michael would win. He had a big advantage in having Martin, his brother, advising him on his campaign. Helen, on the other hand, had a distinct flaw in her campaign. She tended to ignore things that didn’t specifically interest her, whereas Martin made sure that Michael didn’t fall into that error.

Slowly but surely, Michael was gaining the upper hand, and Helen was astute enough to know this. She considered ways and means to get Michael out of the race. She didn’t really care how she was going to do it, but Michael would have to quit.

Friday came and with it Helen decided to see if her scheme would work the way she expected it to. Michael was male after all. He wouldn’t have a chance.

Helen left school slightly early, slipping home to change so she would be properly prepared for her meeting with Michael. Then she headed off to the park so that she could accidentally meet him on his way home.

Martin was crossing the park on his way home when Helen stepped out from behind some trees.

“Hi, Michael,” she purred. “I thought we should discuss the election, and it will be easier for us if there’s no one else around.”

Martin blinked, and almost laughed. Helen was dressed in a mini flirty skirt with the edge of her panties showing beneath them. A boob tube and he’d swear no bra. She was obviously dressed to vamp Michael and charm him out of the election race.

About to point out that he wasn’t Michael, but Martin, his twin, Martin changed his mind. Best to find out what Helen had in mind before exposing Michael to it.

“What’s to discuss?” he asked. “I’m winning and you would be smart to pull out of the campaign.”

Helen moved right up next to him, almost leaning on him.

“I haven’t even begun to fight the election yet,” she purred. “I just thought I’d give you a chance to back out of it and let me run unopposed.”

“And why should I do that?” asked Martin. “The way things are going I’ll have a landslide victory.”

“Not if some rather nasty rumours start to fly,” pointed out Helen. “I mean, accusations of indecent assault or rape could turn all the girls off straight away.”

Martin laughed. “That won’t work and you know it. Everyone would just consider where the rumours are coming from and dismiss them as a standard election ploy.”

Helen nodded. “That’s what I thought,” she said. “So I thought a little bribery might not hurt.”

Her hands brushed the front of his crotch and lingered there for a moment.

Martin nodded thoughtfully. That’s her game, is it? He indicated the side path that Helen had used to waylay him.

“Why don’t we step off the main path to where we can have a bit of privacy to discuss this?” he murmured.

Helen elmadağ escort smiled and turned down the side path, confident that Michael would be right behind her. Men were so easy to tame.

Away from the main path and with privacy assured, Martin addressed Helen.

“Just what are you offering?” he asked.

“You’re interested?” asked Helen smirking, confident in her attractiveness.

“Depends on the stakes, doesn’t it?” suggested Martin.

For a second, Helen hesitated, but her mind was really already made up.

“If you pull out of the election I’ll give you a blow job,” she stated blandly, confident he’d accept. After all, who could turn down that sort of offer from the leader of the cheerleaders?

“Tempting, very tempting,” said Martin, smiling. “I’ll tell you what. Take off those panties I can see peeking out below your skirt and make another offer.”

Helen flinched. Take off her panties? She hadn’t intended going that far. Was he serious?

“Ah, I don’t really need to take my panties off to do you,” she demurred.

“You do if you want me to really consider your offer,” pointed out Martin. As Helen continued to hesitate, he shrugged.

“OK. We’ll forget the whole thing,” he told her, turning to walk away.

“Wait,” called Helen quickly. “Just wait a moment.”

Martin stood there, relaxed and waiting, while Helen chewed on her lip. Then sighing, she lifted her skirt and slipped her panties down.

“Satisfied?” she asked. “Now, about quitting the election.”

Martin reached down and lifted Helen’s skirt. He nearly laughed as he saw Helen’s instinctive reaction to slap his hand away, only to have her freeze her hand half lifted.

“You shave very nicely,” he said, “and you have some lovely curves there.”

At that, Helen did push his hand away.

“We’re not talking about me,” she hissed. “What about you?”

“Well, you’re offer is tempting. I’ll consider it and make a counter offer in a moment.”

Martin smiled at Helen’s look of frustration.

“I’ll tell you what. You made the offer, so prove that you’re in earnest. Unzip me and show me what you can do. If I decide I want you to finish, we can discuss terms before you do.”

“You just want me to do it without coming to an agreement,” she snapped.

Martin shook his head. “No. Just use your mouth to warm me up a little. Give me a reason to continue these discussions.”

Helen swore to herself. She’d have to, just to show that she meant what she said. She knelt down in front of Martin, reaching for his zip.

Martin almost swore when he felt Helen’s hot little mouth close around his erection. Then her head started bobbing up and down, slowly, savouring the torment and teasing she was handing out. He gasped when he felt her teeth rasp over the head of his cock, sending little lightning flashes into him.

Then Helen was standing again, smirking, knowing that she’d won. Her smile faded when she felt herself being pushed back against a tree.

“What are you doing?” she demanded, staring at him as he knelt in front of her.

“Returning the favour,” Martin replied, lifting her skirt and pressing his face between her thighs.

Helen jammed her hand into her mouth as she felt her legs being eased apart and his tongue went sliding along between her lips, teasing her slit. Then her lips were being eased apart and his tongue was slipping between them, teasing her sensitive inner flesh. Her hands clutched Martin’s hair wanting to pull him away, but lacking the strength.

Martin briskly probed inside Helen’s esenyurt escort pussy, first subtly testing to see if she was a virgin (no) and then seeking and finding her clitoris. Finding it, Martin started lavishing some unwanted attention on it.

Helen jammed a hand back into her mouth to stop herself squealing when her clitoris was ruthlessly assaulted. Then her hands descended to Martin’s hair again, this time managing to pull weakly on it, trying to tell him to stop.

Feeling relieved and disappointed when Martin rose back to his feet, Helen open her mouth to ask about their deal. Before she could speak however, circumstances changed what he wanted to say. Martin was pressing full length against her, and his rigid cock was pressing up against her pussy, leaning against her slit and apparently trying to enter her.

“What are you doing?” she gasped. “I haven’t agreed to have sex with you. A blow job was all I was offering, and you know it.”

Martin laughed. “If your starting offer was a blowjob, then you were prepared to go higher, and you know it,” he replied. “I’ll make a little deal with you. We both know you’re prepared to have sex with me, and if you say yes I’ll do two things. One is that I’ll be driving into you hard and fast and you’ll feel my cock all the way up to your back teeth. The second is that I’ll write a note saying that I have no intention of contesting the election and I’ll let you read it and countersign it.”

“How do I know I can trust you,” gasped Helen, feeling his cock easing its way forward. If she didn’t do something quickly the whole thing would be moot, because his cock would already have staked its claim.

“I give you my word. You’ll have to trust me to keep it,” said Martin, feeling himself move a little deeper into Helen’s nice warm pussy.

“OK,” gasped Helen. “It’s a deal.”

“I can ravish your willing body now?” teased Martin.

“God, just do it,” cried Helen, pushing herself forward and feeling Martin’s cock plunging deep into her.

Holding Helen firmly against the tree, Martin rolled up her boob tube, exposing her breasts to his hands and mouth. Wasting no time, he bent and suckled on one, while starting a gentle rhythmic movement down below. He wasn’t in a frantic hurry to take Helen. He was going to take his time and made sure he enjoyed her as much as possible.

Helen groaned as she felt Martin moving gently inside her. She lifted one leg and curled it around his waist, holding him against her. She found herself rocking against him, matching his gentle thrusts. She drifted into a dreamlike state, feeling Martin surging deep within her and then slowly withdrawing, only to come sliding back, filling her.

Marin drew Helen’s head forwards, taking control of her lips. Tongue darting between he parted lips he teased her tongue, slowly building her excitement. His hands massaged her breasts, squeezing them and rolling her nipples against the palms of his hands.

His hands dropped down to her bottom, clutching and kneading her cheeks, holding her, while all the time his cock continued its gentle administrations, sliding in and out, slowly lifting her and taking her away from herself.

In her dreamlike state, Helen rocked against the cock that was filling her, obeying its demands, her heart seeming to throb to the slow stroke that Martin had established.

Slowly but surely, Martin increased his speed with Helen instinctively responding. As the tempo of Martin’s possession increased, so did Helen’s heartbeat, thumping hard inside her, carrying Martin’s message throughout her body.

Helen etiler anal yapan escort was gasping, her breath mingling with Martin’s as he took her. No gentle rocking now but a hard driving need, smashing deep into her and answered by Helen’s own need as she matched Martin’s relentless drive.

Helen screamed, the sound swallowed by Martin, feeling him flooding her and sweeping her away. She clung frantically to Martin, the only solid thing left in a sea of feeling storming through her. Gasping, she felt the tide slowly draining away, leaving her lethargic, unable to speak.

Vaguely she felt Martin withdraw, then felt her top being pulled down to cover her breasts. She winced slightly at that, her breasts feeling somewhat sensitive. Then Martin stood back while she gathered her senses.

A thought crossed her mind and she gasped, looking quickly around. Spotting her panties, she hastily pulled them on. Looking at Martin, she could see he was writing something.

The memo, she thought. He’s really doing it. She waited expectantly.

Martin smiled and passed Helen the book he’d been writing in.

“If you care to countersign where your name is,” he said, “I’ll let you keep a copy so you’ll know I’m not cheating you.”

Smiling, Helen grabbed the book and signed, where-after Martin tore out one sheet and handed it to her.

Helen was about to fold it and put it in her purse when Martin stopped her.

“Perhaps you’d better read it and make sure it says what you want it to say,” he suggested.

Helen blinked. He had a point. She carefully read through the message. It was as promised. Martin was stating that he had no wish to stand for the position of class president and had no interest in running in the election. Signed by Martin and herself.

“That’s fine, Martin,” Helen said, all smiles. She paused, as a thought struck her. “Why do I keep thinking your name is Michael?” she asked him.

“You’re getting me confused with my brother. He’s much better known than me, even though we’re twins. He’s captain of the football team you know.”

That information seemed to spend a long time seeping into Helen’s brain. She knew it was important, but wasn’t sure why. Then it hit her.

“You’re Martin. You’re not Michael.”

Seeing Martin just standing, looking amused, Helen followed through on that thought.

“Michael is the one running against me,” she stormed. “This whole thing has been for nothing. You tricked me.”

Still Martin said nothing.

“You think you’re so smart, don’t you? What happens when I complain that you raped me.”

“I can produce this little piece of paper you signed, showing that it was for services rendered.”

Taking his smart phone out of his pocket he held it up.

“I put this on record while you were leading me back here. Your verbal agreement for me to have sex with you is on here. You won’t complain, because you know that you’ll come off looking worse than I will.

If it gets out you were offering sexual bribes you’ll have half the boys in school looking for bribes.

Worse, if it becomes known that you did a cock dance with the wrong brother you’ll be laughed out of the election and probably laughed out of school.”

Helen was lost for words. She was screwed. Literally, as it turned out. Martin was right. She couldn’t even raise a peep over what had happened.

“Well,” she said, gathering the remains of her dignity, “if it worked on you it’ll work on your brother. You wait and see.”

Martin shook his head. “No dice,” he said. “When I tell Michael that you’re mine he won’t touch you, even if you danced naked in his bedroom at midnight. We’re twins you know. We don’t pinch our brother’s girlfriends.”

“I am not your girlfriend,” Helen snarled.

Martin just smiled. “I’ll see you home,” he said. “I don’t like you wandering around dressed like that. You never know who you might meet.

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