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Eloise’s Winter Break Pt. 01

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All characters are fictional and 18+. Enjoy.


Ellie had just turned 18 and returned from her first semester of university for winter break.

It was nice to be back home but after a few days she’d begun to realize why she left in the first place. Her town was relatively small and definitely boring. Its biggest charm happened to be her biggest pet peeve; everyone knows everyone.

“Eloise! Are done eating?” Ellie frowned and looked down at the salad she’d been pushing around her plate.

“Yeah I guess so” she said, getting up from the kitchen stool and cleaning her plate. She looked over at the back door and smiled at her dad, putting her hand on her hip.

“What is it, Dad?”

“Not much of a lunch anyways, right? Wouldn’t you rather do your old man a favor?” He joked.

“Ha, ha. What do you want?”

“Me and your Ma are heading over to Manny’s house, can you go watch Alan’s kids? He’s working on some building plans and you know how that is.” He said waving as he stepped back out.

“I guess I have to”, she said to the air.

Ellie had known Alan and his two kids for around five years. He’d lost his wife a while back and moved in next door after getting work here as an architect. He and his kids were nice but it wasn’t how Ellie envisioned spending her break.

She sighed. “But it would be nice to see them.”

She threw on a large flannel over her tank top and shorts, and made her way next door.

She knocked twice and no one answered. She went around back and saw the kids playing on the kitchen floor.

“Hey Ryan, it’s Ellie! Could you open the door?” She couldn’t help but smile when the nine year old boy opened the door and jumped up to hug her.

“Ellieee! I’m so happy you’re here! We missed you!”

“Hey buddy! I missed you guys too, come here Jess.” The six year old girl looked up at her distressed.

“Can you help us cook? We made PB&Js but we messed up.”

Ellie looked around etiler ucuz escort the kitchen and saw that the counter had been covered in jam. Ellie immediately started cleaning up and quickly put together some sandwiches for them. After she settled them down in front of the tv in the living room with PB&Js and juice she finally stepped back.

“Where the hell is he?” She muttered.

“Dad’s in his office” Ryan said without looking up from the cartoon.

Embarrassed Ellie murmured a thanks and head further into the house to find Alan.

If she remembered clearly his office was down the hall, next to his room.

As she reached the door into his office her heart began to pound in her chest. She squeezed the door handle and tried to calm herself. She closed the door behind her and felt like a little girl again. Alan had fallen dead asleep on his desk. Drawings were splayed on the floor in front of the desk and some were falling off of the desk. Everyone knew that when Alan worked on a new project he became a zombie and Ellie was often called over to keep an eye on the kids. But Ellie remembered keeping an eye on him as well. Alan didn’t seem as old as her dad and she relished the fact that she had been the one to help him for so many years.

Ellie salvaged as many papers as she could from his desk and placed them carefully on the floor. He had fallen asleep with his arms around his head, his pencil still in hands.

Ellie slid the pencil out of his hands and gently pushed him upright in his chair. She gasped. It’d only been a few months but she’d missed him. He was still in shape and his muscles peeked through his shirt. Ellie could feel herself shaking as she slid her hand down his face. His face had become scruffy from lack of attention. She debated with herself over and over but her hand wouldn’t leave his skin. This could be her only chance! And she was a grown woman now, she could do whatever she wanted now. She etiler üniversiteli escort held his jaw and touched her lips to his.

The heat from his lips made her body ache and only worsened the need she felt. She yearned for his large hands and long fingers to caress her. She held his hand and guided it against the place that called for him. Her hips rocked slowly on his palm. Her bud rubbing against her denim shorts, wanting more. She could hear breath change, her nipples harden.

Alan moved in restless sleep and Ellie froze. Could she stop herself at this point?

Alan sighed in his sleep and made a grunting noise. Ellie looked down and noticed the small wet spot in the middle of his jeans. Ellie unzipped his pants and his large cock sprung free. She gasped in surprise and couldn’t help but stare.

She bent down and licked him. He tasted salty and like something else she couldn’t put her finger on. The taste and smell overwhelmed her as she took him into her mouth. With her hands free she loosened her own pants to please herself. Horny, wet, and frustrated she groaned as she threw off her shorts. She managed to position herself above him, she could hear her heart beat pounding in her ears. Her pussy tightened in anticipation.

“What is…?” Half asleep Alan fumbled around and tried to get up.

“Alan, please” In a frenzy Ellie impaled herself on his rod.

Ellie had had a boyfriend before and had sex but Alan was larger than she’d expected. She wanted to bounce on him but couldn’t bring herself to move. She clung to him and waited for her body to adjust to his length.

Alan still fumbling muttered a curse “Eloise? What is going on”? His voice a hoarse whisper.

Ellie whimpered against him “please”,she begged as she began grinding against him.

“Dammit Eloise, what has gotten into you?” Alan grabbed her in an attempt to pull her off. But she snuggled in closer and he felt her fatih escort pussy tighten.

“Fuck Eloise, you’re so tight. Am I dreaming, Ellie? I’m dreaming right,” he said wrapping his arms around her waist “so this is okay. I’m going to fuck my friends daughter.”

Alan thrust up into Ellie and she threw her head back gasping. She didn’t want him to think, to stop any of it. She held onto him and one of the arms of the chair as began to get her rhythm. She worked her hips faster and harder. Alan’s moans and warm breath against her cheek made her body melt. She could hear her body making loud sloppy sounds as her flesh slapped against his. This seemed to excite Alan as he fondled her ass as he pulled her down onto him. His fingers slid across every inch of her ass sending shivers through Ellie.

“Fuck. So fucking perfect.” He said, each word rushing out breathlessly.

Ellie tensed around him in an all consuming orgasm. She could barely hear him. Every part of her body felt like it was on fire, all she wanted to was hold on to this feeling.

“Dammit!” Alan couldn’t hold on any longer with her orgasming flesh trying to milk his cock. Roughly his hands grasped her hips and he pounded up into her wet cunt as his desperate orgasm approached. Ellie could barely catch her breathe as she struggled to find his lips. Reaching his breaking point Alan’s mouth ravaged her lips. His tongue wanting to taste everything. He broke away from the kiss just as his final thrust shot his load into her. Ellie savored every bit, her hips rocking back and forth to suck out every last drop.

Finally they collapsed together in the chair. Fighting to catch their breath, Alan reached up and brushed back Ellie’s hair from her face.

“Eloise, what?”

“I want to be yours. Please let me yours” she said wrapping her arms around his neck while nuzzling his neck and face. She could still feel his hot seed filling her up. She was determined now, there was no backing down. She had to make him realize that she was the only one who was right for him.


Please be patient and know that more is cumming! I love hearing feedback, let me know if there is anything that I could do better. A lot of my stories are based loosely on my experiences or personal fantasies so it may not be to everyone’s liking.

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