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Emil has “Special Needs” Ch. 05

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Emil looked out the window with a deep sense of longing. Lara had scarcely been gone a day and he was already missing her terribly. He could think of no one and nothing else. It was even worse this second time around, because now he had come to know the scent, the feel, and most of all, the taste of Lara; the exquisite taste of her luscious lips and of her soft, tender nipples. Needless to say, at this point, Emil was dying to eat Lara’s pussy. Oh god, he was going nuts yearning for her.

All this longing for Lara reinforced Emil’s conviction that he should start earning a living, the way his dad had done all these years to support the family. Emil had grown up with the traditional belief that the man should be the one earning money to take care of his wife and children. When Emil reminded his dad he was eager to start working in the New Year, Mr. Beauchamp was still taken back, although the two had already discussed the idea briefly.

When asked why he suddenly felt the need to join the family business, Emil said it was because of his girlfriend, Lara, whom he needed to take care of. Mr. Beauchamp blinked twice, almost in shock. Although he knew Emil had a huge crush on her, hearing him call Lara his girlfriend had Mr. Beauchamp frozen.

For the next two weeks, Mr. and Mrs. Beauchamp would feel the gravity of Emil’s need for Lara, almost firsthand. His parents would be bombarded constantly by Emil’s single-minded question, “When will Lara be back?”

Even though they were aware of Emil’s intentions towards Lara, they didn’t quite know Lara’s intentions with regards to their baby boy, that is, until Michael disclosed what she had told him on their ride to the airport.

Initially shocked, the mature couple resolved they would eventually have to ease into the possibility that Lara was serious about Emil. But there were so many concerns. Lara herself was so young, they thought. How could she know what she was in for? How could she know what taking care of Emil’s special needs entailed? Truth be told, Lara and Emil were in love, as that was evident to anyone with eyes. But for Lara to spend the rest of her life catering to Emil’s needs, being at his beckon call, well, that was another thing altogether. Mr. and Mrs. Beauchamp wondered if they needed to take her aside and explain things to her in no uncertain terms.


It seemed like yesterday that Lara had seen her sweetheart, and here they were together again. Lara hadn’t expected Emil to be missing her so soon after they parted, but after much discussion, not to mention constant pleas from Emil himself, everyone gave in.

So, late Friday morning, at the end of their first week back to school, Michael and Lara packed into his big gas guzzler yet again to make the trek upstate.

Emil was waiting out front when they pulled into the driveway. The look in his eyes was beyond description when Lara got out of the car and rushed over to hug him. She was wearing the pretty necklace and the intoxicating perfume he had given her for Christmas. Emil’s embrace was the tightest one Lara had ever received from another person, as he didn’t want to let go of her for at least a minute. One would think he hadn’t seen her in ages, when in fact it had only been a few weeks.

At dinner that evening, like before, the dining room table had been kept short, round and ever so intimate. Emil was seated between the two most important women in his life, his mother and his new girlfriend. As for Lara, she was blissfully nestled between the two handsome Beauchamp brothers.

No longer feeling the need to be as polite or formal, Mr. and Ms. Beauchamp got down to business. Kate started the serious discussion, directing her words towards her son’s new girlfriend. “We’re amongst family here, Lara, and whether you know it or not, you’re fast becoming a part of our family.”

Lara beamed a bright smile in response, and then gazed into the eyes of her sweetheart, with whom she was holding hands. She was now prepared to declare what was in her heart to his entire family. “Mr. and Mrs. Beauchamp, I love your son, and I want to make him happy.”

“Oh honey, it’s wonderful to know that our boy has a special girl who wants to make him happy. We’re over the moon to know you two are in love”, Kate answered back warmly, gearing up to say what was on her mind.

“But…?” Lara followed up expectantly.

“Well, dear, we all know what we’re dealing with here, so I won’t ignore the elephant in the room”, Kate stated earnestly, while she clasped hands with Emil next to her. “Up until now, Lara, we thought Emil had a harmless crush on you; we thought it was only puppy-love. And we assumed you couldn’t possibly… I mean, that you didn’t… return his affections, not in full measure at least. But after Michael told us how you truly felt, and after an intense two weeks of Emil going out of his mind missing you, Mr. Beauchamp and I felt the need to discuss what’s happening at the moment, because it’s happening rather quickly.”

Holding tight to Emil’s bursa escort hand, Lara replied, “Well, Mr. and Mrs. Beauchamp, I can honestly say that I’m prepared to spend the rest of my life with your son and will do everything I can to take good care of him.”

“That’s sweet honey, but what about the university? Don’t you have at least a year and a half to finish, just like Michael here?” Kate questioned, almost as if to challenge Lara’s resolve.

“Well, I intend to finish, there’s no question about that, and then I plan to become a social worker, just like I told you before.”

“So in the meantime, you plan on having a ‘long distance’ relationship with Emil?” Kate asked, a slight tinge of mockery in her voice, as if to convey her disbelief at the possibility of the two surviving as a couple.

“Yes, what’s wrong with that?” Lara asked innocently, looking a bit confused.

Mr. and Mrs. Beauchamp looked at each other knowingly, almost amused at Lara’s naïveté.

“Well, you haven’t been here to witness Emil pining away for you. Just to give you an idea of it, before you arrived this time, Lara, he was asking when you’d be back oh, about 25 times a day, I kid you not, every single day, morning, noon, and night. He speaks of nothing but you. In case you haven’t noticed, Lara, he’s completely fixated on you. You can even call it an obsession at this point, which is why we wanted to talk to you about the situation, so that everyone is aware of what’s going on.”

“Oh, Emil…honey I…don’t know what to say”, Lara reacted, looking deep into the blue-green eyes of the intense young man beside her.

Kate went on, “It would be a different story if you and Michael were the ones to get together, whereby everything would be so simple, but you’re with Emil, who doesn’t even know what he wants to do with his life, and his future, and…”

Emil suddenly spoke up, “I’ll start working with Dad; I’ll have a job so I can take care of Lara.”

Lara looked at Emil like he was a hero; at that moment he appeared to her the noblest gentleman in the world.

Trying her best not to burst Emil’s bubble, Kate gently said to her young son, “Oh darling, I don’t know if that’s a realistic expectation. How could you begin to live on the pay you’ll make at Dad’s company?” Kate blinked for a second and turned to her husband. “By the way, Cheri, what would he be doing at your company?”

Mr. Beauchamp finally entered the conversation, “Well, I figure Junior could be a gopher/custodian. He could help sweep things up, deliver materials, and maybe help carry and lift things. If he does alright there, I might take him with me on projects and to construction sites…”

“And I suppose you’ll be working at Dad’s company while Lara’s at the university?” Kate asked bluntly.

“Yes, Mom” he said reassuringly to the only woman who’d ever taken care of him. Now he felt the need to add something important.

“Mom and Dad, I love Lara. I want her.”

Even though no one mentioned the “M” word throughout the conversation, the subject of “marriage” was indeed what everyone was discussing; everyone that is, except for Michael, who characteristically hadn’t so much as uttered a single word. His motto stayed firm, “My name is Wes; I’m not in this mess…” Besides, he was too busy sneaking looks at Lara’s cleavage, not to mention her exquisite legs under her skirt.

“Oh Emil…my Emil”, was all Lara managed when the serious discussion was over and they were finally left to enjoy the rest of the meal. She gently released her grasp on his hand to reach down to caress his thigh, looking deep into his eyes. She continued, “Baby I’m going to treat you so good tonight. I’m going to make you feel every bit the man that you are…”

Michael felt blood rushing to his groin again. His imagination ran wild, “Jesus … she was going to treat him real good …make him feel like a man…” Damn it, his kid brother had all the luck.


At 1 am, the lights were out in the big Tudor style house belonging to the Beauchamp family. However, as a result of the cappuccino he had after dinner, Michael couldn’t fall sleep. He thought he’d start up his good old laptop, the one he carried with him everywhere. He quickly opened up his browser to his favorite porn site, looking for a video to enjoy to help him get off.

Throughout the ride back to his parents earlier, Lara sitting mere feet away in the passenger seat, not to mention her tits bouncing around like nobody’s business, Michael must have gotten a total of three or four boners; this even after he had jacked off when he “got up” that morning. During the ride, Michael could do nothing about those boners, but it was a different story now; he was in his bed, and all alone.

Staring up at his high school sports trophies on the shelf, Michael reckoned he probably didn’t have much of a load to shoot, but he figured jacking off would at least relax him and help him sleep. As he was starting to enjoy the explicit video he had chosen from the millions bursa escort bayan available on his go-to site, Michael started stroking. It felt comfortably familiar, spanking the monkey in bed in the house he had grown up in. Keeping his eyes glued to the laptop screen, he noticed the girl in the video was getting extra verbal expressing her sexual pleasure. Or did another girl appear in that same make-out scene?

Or perhaps a separate video screen popped up with an additional video. This happened sometimes, as Michael usually turned off the “Block Pop-Ups” feature on his computer. He stopped stroking to check where the extra female voice was coming from. But there was no pop-up screen, nor was there another girl coming into the scene of the current video. Michael then muted his computer for a few seconds. He could still hear the extra moans and gasps. What the hell?

He looked at his bedroom door, which was still closed. Slowly, he got up and opened the door. Instantly, the female noises became louder and clearer. They were coming from the direction of the guest bedroom. Michael instantly thought of Emil and Lara. He wondered if his parents could hear the noises, but then recalled the heater was on full blast in the house, making it especially noisy downstairs. Besides, his folks usually left their TV on late into the night, so they probably couldn’t even hear anything going on upstairs.

Michael turned to head back to his room, now satisfied after having ascertained the source of the noise. Although he didn’t quite know just how he felt about his kid brother and his schoolmate getting it on in the family home, he figured it was not all that alarming, since the young couple had already declared their devotion to each other, and after all, they were both consenting adults.

Settling back in bed, Michael pulled down his pajama pants again, though it suddenly occurred to him he didn’t need the video anymore; he had all he needed right down the hall, real sounds coming from a real life hook-up. He closed his laptop and pushed it aside. Then he opened his bedroom door so he could again hear Lara’s undeniable ecstasy. Back on his bed, he started stroking again, this time closing his eyes and imagining Lara’s amazing tits, fully exposed.

Damn she was loud! If he could hear her clear across the hall and her door was closed, Michael could only imagine how earth-shattering Lara’s screams were right there in the room. He glanced at his phone; it was 1:20 am.

Going against his personal ethics to respect others’ privacy and stay out of their business, Michael couldn’t take it anymore. He was curious as hell, extremely horny, and perhaps a little envious of what was going on across the hall.

He quietly walked towards the guestroom, hearing the noises ever more clearly. On the slight chance the door was not locked, he wrapped on the knob and twisted it gently. Then his eyes opened wide.

On all fours, Lara was getting fucked doggy-style by Mike’s baby brother. Emil gripped Lara’s hips tight while he fervently pumped her from behind. Mike couldn’t see their faces, but he really didn’t need to, in order to fully appreciate their enjoyment.

Michael’s cock grew even stiffer seeing Lara’s huge tits swinging pendulously to the rhythm of Emil’s thrusts. He could also see the juices oozing out of her pussy, thoroughly coating his brother’s admittedly impressive-sized cock. But what truly drove Michael over the edge were not Lara’s breasts, nor her pussy; what drove him nuts was Lara’s smut mouth, as he was rapidly realizing she was quite the filthy whore behind closed doors.

“Oh god, Emil, fuck me, fuck me good! Shit, gimme that cock! Come on baby, ram it into me! Yeah that’s right, you god-damned fucker, fuck this nasty cunt! Oh dear Lord…Jesus Fucking Christ…!”

Emil, on the other hand, was completely without words. He was speechless, except for the occasional lustful moan and primal grunt.

“Grab my tits, baby! Squeeze my fucking tits!” Lara instructed her lover, upon which Emil reached under to grope and fondle to his hearts delight, only too happy to comply with Lara’s request.

After being molded and kneaded for several minutes, while still being pounded from behind, Lara suddenly pushed Emil off her, only to turn around and pin him down on the king-size bed. “Let me get up on top and ride that big cock! Come on, cowboy! Let me ride you like a cowgirl!”

Michael marveled at Lara taking charge, climbing on top of her man and wasting no time in fucking the shit out of him. Again, her tits were jiggling up and down, left and right, and every which way. Michael even started to get dizzy watching them swing around, or was it because all the blood in his body was gathered at his groin?

Michael remarked to himself, “Man! This is turning out to be the best porn ever; except this was real life, realer than any “amateur” video.”

Lara was now grinding her cunt on Emil’s prick, which allowed for direct stimulation to her clit; she licked her lips like a escort bursa naughty girl while rubbing her swollen clit on her lover’s shaft. Her messy hair flew in every direction, and Michael could see fresh sweat on her skin. Within seconds, she was breathing harder and moaning faster.

“Come on baby, shit, I’m gonna …! I’m gonna fucking …! Oh god, oh god, oh shit, fuck…!

Sensing that Lara was going to scream bloody murder at any second, Michael instinctively reacted, immediately shutting the door, lest his parents get woken up by Lara’s high pitched screeches. Michael then swiftly headed back to his room and gently closed the door.

For the last few minutes, Michael’s dick had been dripping pre-cum, almost soaking his pajama pants, which he pulled down as soon as he hopped back in bed. He shut his eyes tight and violently started jacking off. In what seemed like mere seconds, his cock exploded. Although he didn’t have much cum to shoot, Michael’s orgasm was so intense that it seemed to cause spasms throughout his entire being, sending his body into uncontrollable convulsions.

It was at least a full minute before he could see straight. He was completely spent, lying in bed, spunk all over his stomach, and his breathing was still slightly accelerated. After what he had just seen down the hall in the guestroom, Michael was confused as ever.


“What are you all up to today?” Kate asked the gang during lunch. All three youngsters hadn’t woken up early enough to make it down to breakfast that morning, because they had gone to sleep late the night before.

Lara spoke up, “Well, I’m curious about where Emil will start working on Monday. I’ve heard you all talk about the family business so much that I’m interested to know more about Mr. Beauchamp’s company.”

“I could drive you up there to take a look”, Michael offered. “…but I’m sure Dad’s going to insist we wear hard hats and stay out of the way while we’re there. If the place hasn’t changed too much, then I’ll know most of the people there.”

“That would be great”, Lara replied, “Mrs. Beauchamp, do you think it would be okay?”

“Oh sure honey, I think Mr. Beauchamp would be happy to know you’re taking an interest in his company, and besides, it’s the weekend, so only a few employees will be there today. Anyway, the boys haven’t been up there in quite a while, so it’ll be nice for them to go back”, Kate indicated.

Michael looked at Lara and added, “Up until a few years ago, there was talk about me taking over the family business when Dad retired, so I used to accompany him to work a lot during my school vacations, you know, winter and summer, to get to know the business inside and out, but…”

“But in recent years, since Michael’s decided to become a lawyer, you know Lara, what we DON’T need more of in the world”, Kate jokingly remarked, “…he hasn’t been up there at all. So now there’s talk about Mike’s cousin, Tom, possibly taking over the business. If not, we might just end up selling the company and retiring on that.”

Lara looked lovingly at her boyfriend, “Well I think it’s great that you’re excited to be working with your dad, Emil, and I can’t wait to see where you’ll be doing it.”

Michael spoke up, “Well alright, then, let’s go. Mom, do you want to come with us?”

“No, Cheri, your Aunt Teri is coming over to show me some knitting and sewing tricks she’s learned recently. You kids go on ahead, and have fun.”


On the ride to Mr. Beauchamp’s construction company that afternoon, Lara didn’t ride shotgun like she had been doing lately in Michael’s car, to his disappointment. Instead, she and Emil sat in the backseat, cozying up to each other amazingly fast. In fact, they wasted no time in snuggling up in order to share their body heat.

Although he couldn’t quite hear everything they were saying in the back, Michael could make out the gist of things. He had always been good at deciphering messages communicated between two third parties, the two third parties who currently couldn’t keep their hands off each other.

“I wanna eat your pussy, Lara”, Emil whispered to his girlfriend.

“Oh yes baby, you can eat my pussy tonight. Eat me all up, honey!”

“And could I fuck you in the ass?” Emil asked hopefully.

“Yes, baby, you can fuck me in the ass. You can do anything you want to me, Emil. I’m all yours.”

Momentarily losing control of the car, Michael almost crashed into a tree.

On the ride back home, Michael decided to turn up the volume on his sound system. He preferred to tune out whatever went on in the backseat, as he was afraid he’d get into a collision.


As of late, Michael could think of nothing but Lara; her huge jugs, her wet cunt, her dirty mouth, her long hair, her pretty smile, her sweet voice… shit. “Remember, man, she’s your brother’s girl, off limits. Besides, you already have your sights set on your dream girl, the hot blonde with the amazing legs, remember?”

But what Michael’s brain told him was apparently overshadowed by what his dick was saying. He found himself being surprisingly introspective lately, “How the hell did your special needs baby brother get a girl, while you’re alone in your room jacking off to porn?”

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