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Emma’s Bracelet Ch. 03

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This is the final part of Emma’s bracelet, it has taken a long while to finish but I hope you all enjoy it. It isn’t necessary to read the first two chapters but it helps. As always, comments are greatly appreciated.


Emma was kicking back on the couch with a half gallon container of dark chocolate ice-cream, secure in the knowledge that any weight gain was just a moments concentration from disappearing. This was because a few months ago Emma found a bracelet while digging in her grandfather’s backyard. This wasn’t any old bracelet though, this was a magical bracelet. The bracelet was shaped like two snakes spiraling her right forearm and it granted her the power to change her body in any way she wanted while it fed from her orgasms. Emma could also use the bracelet to steal an imprint of someone, gaining access to their physical form and all their memories, but Emma had so far refused using this particular power, thinking it was tantamount to assault and theft. Because Emma was a very shy and glum lesbian before the bracelet, the only non-consensual changes the bracelet imposed on her was a boost in confidence, a brighter outlook and a mind much more in touch with her own subconscious, her urges and desires. Another benefit was an increase in flexibility and elasticity in her entire body, especially her pussy and ass, along with a desire to have both filled to the brim. The bracelet also healed Emma if she got hurt or sick, the gods feeding off her and her lover’s orgasms couldn’t have her indisposed and unable to feed them after all.

The boost in confidence was what led Emma to finally reveal her secret crush on one of her friends, a Scottish redheaded waitress and former classmate working towards becoming a chef. Anna had responded with enthusiasm to Emma’s advances and they had been a couple since that day. Together they had explored many of the possibilities of the bracelet as well as each other’s fetishes, finding that they both enjoyed dominance and submission, bondage, ass-play and numerous other kinks they hardly had known existed and some of their own invention. They had gone to a nearby sex shop several times and had built up a respectable collection of toys, bondage and fetish gear. The girls had scoured the web for all kinds of porn and erotica when their own imaginations failed.

Before the bracelet Emma was a tall and pretty brunette of Greek and Swedish heritage. She had an athletic build and a very toned physique from her years on the track team. When she got the bracelet she immediately fixed her biggest disappointment in her own body, her mosquito bite breasts, and now she had normal sized b-cups in public and when at home with Anna she had a sizable d-cup or more. She often added some flair to her hips and added some fat as well, making herself have Scarlet Johansson’s body with her own Greco-Roman face. She had also removed all hair on her body except her eyebrows and hair and made her skin ultra smooth and sensitive.

Emma was alone and eating ice-cream lunch because she had a week off from college, well, she wasn’t completely free; she had a paper due November 4th, the next Monday. This meant that she couldn’t come with her girlfriend who was over in Scotland visiting relatives. It was the first time since they got together they would be apart for any considerable time since Anna had moved in directly after that first night. Emma was a bit sad to be separated from the love of her life, but at the same time she thought that some time apart might do their relationship some good.

Emma was zapping through the channels on her 50″ LED TV when a nature show caught her eye, it was about octopuses and how their tentacles worked. This made her think back on the few times she had sprouted tongue-like appendages around her crotch to pleasure herself and Anna while they fucked. She also remembered that she had gotten really turned on by a tentacle story called The Cell Mate and watching such a detailed description of how octopus-tentacles works and the analogies drawn to the human tongue spawned a new idea in Emma’s sex addled mind. She finished of the last of the ice-cream and excitedly got up from the couch and stripped of her sweats and big tee in her spacious living-room. As always when she was home her tits were a pair of hypersensitive size D’s with big nipples. As she stood and absentmindedly played with her breasts she closed her eyes and focused on the changes she envisioned for her body. Six tentacles started growing from her body, two from the lower halves of her buttocks, two from her hips and the last two from below her shoulder blades. When the tentacles reached three feet Emma suddenly felt woozy and had to stop, however it only took her a few moments to realize the problem, she hadn’t created more blood or made her heart stronger to cope with the added body mass, this had been a problem a few times in the past. After correcting her mistake she finished her transformation, stopping the growth when the tentacles each were eight feet long.

She amsterdam shemale focused on each of the tentacles, giving them commands to pick up various objects around the room. She thought more of it as commands because, as with real octopus tentacles hers had a large amount of neurons in their nervous system, making them almost independent and much less taxing on her own coordination skills, this also meant that they were much better suited for what she had in mind for the rest of the day. All tentacles were extremely sensitive and dexterous, as she reached back with one tentacle she could read the indented words of the spine of a book in her bookcase without looking, with one she could handle the remote and with the others she felt around the room, the tentacles finding their way by using her sense memory and her mental image of the room. One found the fruit bowl behind her and without her even giving a mental command it brought an apple to her mouth. This surprised her a bit, but she figured that since she had given the tentacles a large amount of neurons and they were connected to her brain, it had felt her need and fulfilled it. As Emma realized this she gave a squeal of delight, she was feeling like submissive sex and if the tentacles were as free as they seemed this would play perfectly with her fantasies.

After finishing the apple Emma turned to walk to the bedroom but let out a gasp of surprise as her foot failed to hit the floor and she suddenly flowed forward much faster then she could walk. As she looked down her feet were a foot above the floor and all six tentacles were carrying her in the same manner an octopus traverses the ocean floor. The sensation was completely novel but surprisingly comfortable and fast, and for a moment she wished she could use this way of travel outside of her apartment. Emma quickly entered her bedroom and turned on the four HD cameras around the room, they were hidden in the walls and roof and connected to a big flat-screen mounted over the bed so the girls could see themselves and relive the more extreme of their escapades when they felt like it. The videos never left their home as it would be devastating if the world ever found out about the bracelet, and neither girl had any aspirations of becoming porn stars.

Emma looked at herself in the six by six foot mirror at the foot of the bed, another great sexual aid, and marveled at how well the tentacles fit on her body, the ones on the sides of her hips used the outward curve from her waist to flow seamlessly outwards from her body, as did the ones protruding from her ass cheeks. Both pairs started out as wide as her thighs and slowly tapered towards the tips. The lower four were smooth and round while the two flowing out of her back had the same suction cups as an octopus and a special sucker at the tip that Emma had invented herself. All tentacles had a sort of modified sweat glands that could produce something very similar to her own pussy juice, perfect for lubrication.

As Emma stared at herself in the mirror she felt herself grow wetter and then she suddenly tilted backwards on the bed, the tentacles reading her desires and trying to fulfill them as well as they could. Emma felt a rush of panic but knew that if she focused she could get them to stop or change what they were doing, however, she left everything up to the tentacles, wanting to submit as completely as possible. She was placed on her back just beneath the display in the ceiling, resting on the tentacles about twelve inches over the mattress. Her arms were grabbed by the upper tentacles and pulled underneath her, her elbows and hands bound tightly together, making her back arch out and her prominent breasts thrust out. Emma fought a bit against the tentacles, mostly to see how helpless she was, and realized that the tentacles were extremely strong as the two attached to her butt easily caught her flailing legs and folded them so her heels pressed against her ass. The tentacles wrapped around her upper thighs and ankles and angled her legs outward from her body, her pelvis lewdly thrusting forwards while her back arched even more, making Emma groan from the strain. The two upper tentacles wrapped themselves several times around her torso, one spiraling downwards towards her crotch while the other placed several suction cups on her breasts, one over each nipple, then wrapped tightly around her neck before covering both her ears and eyes, finally using the sucker in the tip to swallow Emma’s tongue and gag her. Emma felt completely helpless, she couldn’t move, she couldn’t hear nor see, utter nothing but muffled moans, and she couldn’t be happier!

Emma prepared herself for a hard, deep and swift penetration of both her holes, but instead she felt the tentacles gently teasing her. The four lower ones caressed her feet, her legs, her inner thighs, coming close to her already engorged lips, but never lingering long enough to give any relief. While this happened down below the suckers on her torso started, well, sucking, they gave her light rotterdam shemale hickies all over and elicited sweet pleasure from her nipples and tongue. After what felt like an eternity of teasing, her entire body glistening from her own sweat and the lube the tentacles exuded, the tentacles finally made their way to her now dripping pussy. It felt like having four tongues licking gently at once, one rimming her ass, one playing around the entrance to her welcoming cunt, one working her lips and the last one teasing her engorged pink pearl. Emma was soon driven to the brink of pure ecstasy but just as she was about to crest the tentacles pulled away, making the leggy brunette scream in frustration against her gag. She was so frustrated and needy she tried to focus on getting rid of the tentacles but they responded quickly, breaking her concentration by sucking painfully hard on her nipples and giving her inner thighs several whiplike wet smacks. Emma shuddered as the pleasurable pain broke her concentration, and she didn’t have time to gather herself before the tentacles again used their dexterous tips to bring her to the brink of cumming before pulling away. This torture was made even worse by the fact that none of her other senses could distract her.

Again and again she was brought to the edge just to have that sweet release taken away at the last moment. Emma was feeling the panic rising again as she realized how much control she had given the tentacles, they could stop her from removing them by keeping her on the edge forever. After denying her for what must have been the tenth time she felt the tentacle around her head shift and suddenly her ears and eyes were free. As she squinted up at the monitor above she saw herself splayed wide open and her entire body glistening in its tentacle wrap, her pussy extremely engorged and gaping slightly, it was an incredibly erotic and primal sight and just seeing herself like that almost made her cum. The display showed the input from all four cameras and as she looked at the other images she saw the two tentacles from her hips wrap around each other in a spiral, making one big-ass tentacle poised to fuck her pussy senseless. The twin tentacles lunged forward just as the second suction cup tentacle attached the sucker on its tip to her clit and sucked hard. Emma was filled faster and harder than ever before as her clit was sucked painfully hard, but as Emma was a bit of a pain slut this only made the resulting orgasm stronger. When the tentacles bottomed out in her pussy Emma came as hard as she ever had, her entire body in spasm as she squirted again and again. She even blacked out for a minute or so.

When Emma came to again she felt one of the well lubed tentacles sticking out of her ass cheeks penetrate her tight ass. For a moment her asshole reflexively clamped down at the intrusion before Emma focused on relaxing and breathing. Ever since that first night with the bracelet she had fallen in love with all things anal and now she was looking forward to being stretched like never before. It had become a ritual for both girls to start every morning with a shower and an enema and today was no different, so Emma knew she could take a lot without any unpleasant obstructions. The tentacle worked itself deeper and deeper while the two tentacles in her pussy just shifted slightly to compensate with pleasure the dull pain in her ass. The sucker on her clit hardly sucked at all, just enough to keep her clit from hiding under its hood. The tentacle in her ass soon reached that bend from her rectum up into her colon Anna had discovered 8 inches in while fisting her ass. The tentacle snaked past just as Anna’s fist had but it didn’t stop, it just kept wriggling deeper and deeper as Emma’s ass stretched wider and wider. Suddenly, as she lay there and focused on her breathing and relaxing her ass, the tentacles in her pussy started pulling out and then slammed back in, over and over, faster and faster, bottoming out in her love tunnel each time. Emma soon started cumming, her clit milked and pinched as she was pounded hard through orgasm after orgasm, every time the tentacles pulled out a jet of girly cum squirted out along with it. When the tentacles sensed this flow of liquid the only unoccupied tentacle reached out from the bed for an empty glass on the nightstand and started collecting the never ending jets of cum. As Emma started feeling raw and felt like she was losing her mind completely to pleasure when the hard pounding finally stopped after a final hard cum. During the entire time the tentacles had made their spiral slowly thicker and thicker until Emma’s pussy was stretched wider than ever before.

Emma lay panting and quivering after what felt like one continuous half hour orgasm when the tentacles tilted her to a half sitting position, the one in her mouth removed itself and her legs were allowed to relax from their stretched positions. Emma worked her slightly sore jaw around, both of her lower holes still very full, as a glass of what she assumed was water was blog shemale proffered by one of the tentacles. She was very thirsty and gulped down eagerly and did not take note of the different taste and consistency until her third swallow. When she recognized the taste as her own cum, instead of recoiling, she started drinking with a renewed gusto as this was one of her favorite things to do since she discovered she could squirt.

As Emma rested for a while she looked at the monitor above, and was a bit freaked out by what she saw. Her cunt was stretched incredibly wide, her lips turning pale at the edges, as she was filled with a tentacle spiral at least 5 inches wide. Her ass was better off, just stretched to the size of a wrist, but still, the depth of penetration was deeper than ever before. The strange thing was that Emma didn’t really feel as much pain as she expected, she just felt a dull ache and an incredible fullness as every nerve ending in pussy and ass felt alive with sensation.

The tentacle buried deep in her colon started pulling out slowly and as it pulled out the last tentacle spiraled in around it, stretching Emma’s ass greatly. As the twin tentacles in her ass started pushing inwards again so did the ones in her over stretched cunt. She felt something stretch deep inside and suddenly the tentacles in her pussy surged forwards two inches. Emma realized the tentacles had penetrated her cervix and entered her womb, it scared her to feel this novel penetration but as the tentacles started moving inside an intense wave of pleasure surged through her entire body. The tentacles in her ass started pounding her ass with long, hard strokes while the one in her pussy kept a relaxed, almost lazy pace, building towards an incredibly strong anal orgasm. Emma watched in the monitor above as her ass opened wider and wider as the spiral shape of the tentacles caused her asshole to almost vibrate as the ridges passed trough. Soon the tentacles were plunging over a foot deep each stroke as they tore lust filled screams from Emma’s sore throat. Every time she was filled she was afraid she had finally reached her limit as each plunge felt like it would tear her apart, but at the same time there was pleasure and fulfillment like never before. There were no emotions now, just pure animal sex coursing through every fiber of her body. She felt her orgasm building and building, her legs and belly quivering in their bonds as she was pounded brutally. Emma finally came hard, screaming so strongly that no sound came out.

The tentacles in her ass continued pounding her through the orgasm and just as she started coming down the ones in her pussy started fucking her with alternating thrusts, throwing Emma into another series of multiple orgasms. While she was roughly fucked the tentacles wrapped around her body started using their suckers again, focusing on her tits and nipples, her neck and her tongue. The tentacle that previously sucked her clit started spanking her pussy and all these sensations combined to put Emma in a constant state of sensory overload. There was so much pleasure and pain that her mind just melted away, leaving a burning ball of raw ecstasy in its wake.

Emma woke up in the middle of the night cradled by the tentacles. This was the first time Emma woke up tired after sex and it was a testament to how hard the tentacles had played with her, waking her up only to make her pass out from pleasure again and again for hours on end. Emma hurriedly made the tentacles go away, afraid that they would start fucking her again. After the tentacles were gone Emma snuggled up in the bed and immediately fell asleep again.


“Good morning, love!”

“Hmm? Oh, hi, aahh, honey.”

“Oh, were you asleep? I’m so sorry for waking you but I thought it was 11 o clock there?”

“Mmm, your right, I just decided to sleep in, you know I don’t have any school this week and I kind of got carried away with my transformations yesterday so…”

“Okay Emma, if even you got exhausted from sex you have to show me what you did when I get home, but now I want to talk to you.”

“I hope nothing’s wrong?”

“No, love, it’s just that I’ve got to ask you something. Can my cousin Sarah come live with us after Christmas? It’s just that I came out to the family yesterday and afterwards she took me aside and confessed she thought she was a closet lesbian herself and she told me she has secretly applied and gotten accepted into your school for a six month exchange program.”

“First of all, congratulations on coming out, did they take the news well? And I have no problem with your cousin living here for a while, not if she is anywhere near as sweet and likable as you.”

“Oh, thank you so much! You won’t regret this, she is so sweet and funny and I thought we might introduce her to Vicky and her circle of lesbians at the school, you know, a bit of matchmaking. Coming out to the relatives went pretty well, a few were a bit shocked but when they saw how happy I was most were supportive. I was most afraid of what Gran would say, she’s kind of the matriarch of the family, but she just hugged me and said that she was happy if I was happy and that if anyone gave me any grief she would go after them with the frying pan.”

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