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I slide my finger out of her and pulled her pelvis back. The cheeks of her ass pressed firmly into me, as my other hand pressed her at the middle of her back. She bent slowly. Her hands gracing forward across the top of the table right in front of her while her ass lifted into the air. She lowered until she laid her upper half fully upon it. Her head pressed against the table as she peered around her shoulder, not enough to look at me directly but enough to be aware of me behind her. Her hands to either side as though she was to do a push up, ready, waiting, eager for whatever may come next. How did we get here? Here with her, face down on the table with only her own skin and breasts as cushion against the its glossy hard surface, her back arching up slightly lifting her pert ass in the air, swaying ever so gently in a way that defines … come and get it.

Earlier in the evening, we were at the bar. Our bar. She was there. She always was. Cute and beguiling as ever in a sophisticated new friend of your little sister kind of way. But our group of friends didn’t bring intergroup relations into play. At least not very often. And hence, I didn’t categorize her as a sexual player on my field.

“You’re just in time honey,” she would say to me later in the evening as I was making my way along the bar. She hoped down from her chair and planted a big kiss on me. The man who was chatting her up threw back his drink, turned and walked away. It all happened quick. I stood startled, a deer in the headlight moment. Happy to help of course, but caught. Unbeknowst to my friend, I had made some quick in roads with a cute little coed. The coed thought it felt something like love; we all might-have a just few years ago when we too 18. She and I were on our way to the door, coats in hand, and I was planning on doing quite unspeakable things with her nubile body. The coed unfortunately at this moment was standing behind me as this kiss unfolded, her hand in mine as I was leading her out. I felt it pull away from me, and I turned slowly to face her just as she unloaded a vicious slap across my face. The sound reverberated right at a down moment in between songs. Wincing oohs bellowed out of the crowded bar followed by a hush as they tuned into to our drama. I didn’t move. She pushed past me and rushed out the door. The peanut gallery erupted into a myriad of reactions. I took a deep breath and pursed my lips in a combination of self deprecating dismay, but didn’t otherwise move.

Over my other shoulder, my kissing friend was simultaneously amused, embarrassed and guilty. It manifest as a giggle while she lowered her head to take a drink from her glass. She lifted her eyes up to peak at me while her head stayed down. The guilty look of a puppy dog who knows shes in trouble. Head cowered, eyes peaking up.

She started to speak, “I…am….so…sorry!”

It really was quite a laughable moment. But right then and there I was definitely irritated. My glare burnt into her for a moment while I took one more deep breath before finally walking away. The night carried on from there like many others. Laughs, b.s. and debauchery ensued as always. Everybody had a good and unimpeded time save for the few moments where my cold shoulder or disdaining glare for her presented itself and an air of awkward boiled up for everyone in the surrounding vicinity. She did in fact try to make nice on several occasions, but I wasn’t about to let her off the hook just yet. I don’t know what the statute of limitations on cockblocking is, but I felt like I was certainly within my rights to see it through for the evening. She felt bad to begin with, and it grew on her more and more throughout the evening.

By the time she followed me into the mens room to get me alone, she was beside herself. The door had nearly shut when she pushed inside, closed it and stood partly against on the handle side to keep anyone from coming in. I stood at the counter, watching her in the mirror.

“I…really…am so…sorry.” She begin each word split by the kind of pauses you could drive a car though.

“I…just needed help at that moment and… you…well……….what can I do….”

I looked at her in the mirror across the restroom, dark for the most part with periodic can lights casting spots of illumination that set a sensuous mood. She looked back at me. There was nothing but silence for seconds that seemed like minutes. I turned quickly and moved to face her close enough to clearly break the barrier of her personal space but still with inches between us. The proximity triggered a break in the normal context of our relationship. The rules of our engagement all changed. Possibilities flood into those inches where we had previously left barriers. Her eyes darted back and forth between mine. Her and my breathing both changed to something between nervous and excited. There – within the tight proximity, the deep serious gaze into each others apologetic pendik escort and angry eyes, the rhythm of our breathing, and the silence – was a whole conversation. She knew. I knew. It was as though it had already been written. The door opened and we received a smirk of a look from the surprised entrant. I caught the door and slipped away leaving her still with no redemption but seed of new perspective.

I returned to work the crowded bar to banter with the regulars and mix with the fresh catch. She returned to her group of girls in the rear corner. She sat quietly and watched me thru the bustling environment. I felt her eyes burn into me all the while. I periodically looked over to see her quietly festering in her strange new found and growing jealousy. I eventually made my way back around to our group with whom she sat. Put on my jacket and said my goodbyes. As I finished I very deliberately placed an umbrella down on the coffee table in front of them. Her umbrella. It went unnoticed by everyone except her. She didn’t miss a thing. How could she. Our eyes locked for a moment before I turned past the bartenders playfully ribbing comments and to the door.

She came out a few minutes later. Walked straight out the door. Paused for a moment, nonchalantly looked right, then snapped back left and found me. She aimed herself and hurried to me just out of site line of windows back into the bar. Her long coat accented the length of her knee high boots as they reached up toward her sleek skirt. Her knees and the tender beginning of her inner thigh peaking out from between the two articles of clothes with each step. She arrived at my side, clutched my arm around the bicep with both hands, pressing her breasts into my shoulder as though the bounce in her step had flung her into me. She squeezed and slide both hands straight down my arm without releasing pressure, landing her two hands around one of mine, and sandwiching all three in the heat between my hip and the intimate junction of her legs. The warmth was a welcome respite against the crisp autumn air. Her eyes looked at me as though this moment together was familiar. We still hadn’t spoke, but began walking.

Blocks passed. Our anticipation and wonder quietly simmering, the walk pregnant with all the volatility of full body want. Her hands each were actively caressing in and out of my fingers in search of something. Each moment waiting excited for the next. I snapped her into a narrow alleyway, and gathered her against the wall, the full length of our bodies pressed together, then calmly peeled off and crouched in front of her. My hands slide up the outside of her legs warm against the air. My nails skimming against the skin all the way up under her skirt, knee… thigh… hip… until I found the thin veil of her panties. I dug my nails into her some as I hooked my fingers and slid them down. Her weight shifted, she leaned over me a bit and braced herself for balance on my shoulder as she deliberately stepped out of the panties with one foot. And then the other.

I stood quickly. Our mouths naturally collided. A forceful and drawn out kiss ensued sucking every last drip of desire off of each others lips. A flurry exploded from it. Back and forth. left and right. In opposite tandem, our lips, our tongues suddenly greeting each other as though we hadn’t eaten in days; As though this had been pent up within us both for quite some time. I worked down her neck and under her ear. She lifted her chin to agree to it. Her submission begging for more exploration. Her leg pulled up and wrapped low around my calf as she thrust her pelvis away from the wall and into me. My hand drifted up her the soft underbelly of her thigh, exposing her skin to the cool night. I felt her grind forward against me her pressing her pelvic bone forward in an effort to brush her clit against something, anything. All of her woman yearned for more, nearly begged for it.

And so…I pulled away. Our rhythm abruptly slowed. A single long kiss punctuated the moment. She stood against the wall waiting to be devoured; wanting to be devoured. The hem of her skirt where my hand had been, was still caught lifted showing me her thigh as it lead up to undiscovered areas. Her tight little lips flush now and glistening. She was so elegant, so refined. I pulled at her hand and led her back on our way.

We arrived at my building. The stainless steal doors of the elevator opened, I stepped in to the back, she followed and turned to face out. She stepped forward to select the floor, her legs parting slightly as she leaned. I took the opportunity to the lift tail of her knee length skirt. My hand grazed up the inside of her legs. Her ass cheeks peaked from under the fabric. She took a startled breath. You could almost hear her inhale “here we go.” I cupped all the way under her bottom with my hand. My fingers started at her tight streak of hair and caressed front to back kartal escort across her fevered lips. Then returned forward. At the change in direction, my finger breached her mounded lips and dove into the hidden trove of all that they protected. Grazing the edges of her hole, and driving right thru her clit so that the entire length of my finger skimmed lightly by it. She bent slightly at her lower back without moving her shoulders. It was just enough to lift her ass up and curl the secluded hollow between her legs towards me in a request for more. Who was I to refuse. I didn’t. A single finger graced thru her folds again past the rim of her deeper secrets before pausing to sustain a gentle locomotion around her clit.

The door started to open. I darted two fingers deep into. She sucked in a breath and held. Partly from the quick penetration, partly because we were still in the lobby. She had never hit the button. We, had never moved.

She exhaled as she greeted the couple standing there, “oh dear we must have done something wrong” in the squirrelly voice of someone barely holding it together. My hand was motionless beneath her, my fingers buried into her. The way were standing, it was our secret, her skirt hanging full down in front, her standing against me slightly to my right, my active arm being nearest the side wall, my long three-quarter length jacket concealing the firm mass that lined the inseam of my left pantleg. I smiled and nodded as they entered. Everyone selected their floor. The doors closed. The elevator started to lift.

The woman looked over at us, I at her and then all of us looked back at the door. I began slowly to retract my fingers from the inner cavity of my friend. Then returned them back in. And out. and in. Her core shuddered. She was doing all she could to not give away anything in her lubricated state — figuratively and literally. But I’m not so sure that it worked. Despite my friends every attempt, the other woman’s instincts seemed to key in. The rhythmic breathing of a girl all worked up in an otherwise silent elevator car is hard to miss. In and out. In and out. The doors opened, the couple stepped out. The woman looked back one last time in suspicion and strange arousal as they walked off not fully knowing why. In and out. The doors started to close. I caressed a third finger around the edge of her hole and pressed it in; My thumb pressing somewhere near her asshole for leverage. Her top half fell in surprise, forward away from me, to give me better access. She caught herself against the buttons of the elevator, and meowed out a long wimper that only women of this species can do. The couple a few steps out, turned quickly in response just as the doors closed on us.

My fingers gave little relief for the few more moments we had together in the elevator. In, out, in, out. She meowed. I pulled her up and back against me. I was so hard, she felt it against her backside and ground her supple cheeks back and downward into me. Both my hands pulled her volva back with carnal intent so that the full length of our bodies pressed firmly into one another. My body wanted to climb inside hers and she desperately wanted the same. My hand slipped up to her chest pressed one breast up then slid around her blouse and braline, across her nipple and cupped her tender mound. The door opened and she stumbled out releasing quickly from my grip. She and I each let out enough slack between us to make sure we made it down the hall without additional incident. Her clothes were all a mess, her blouse, torqued in the front with her bra hanging out on one side, her skirt folded up under itself in the back where I was working revealing her leg to a few inches below the cheek of her ass. She made her way down the hall in front on me. I followed behind her, enjoying the hurried meander of a woman awash with desire. I took pride in my work. She and her yearning were ravishing.

She arrived and leaned with her back against my door until I caught up to her. Her eyes directed into the deepest parts of mine as I approached. I reached past her left hip to key the lock. She reached for my belt and started to loosen. She bit the lower of her willowy lips as it came completely unlatched and her fingers turned out towards me gracing down within my waistline. Her eyes never lowering from mine. The door opened. She pedaled back into the dark entry area. Then she pushed me back against the door to close it. She fell to her knees and finished freeing her target. Her long and dainty fingers sliding in and around all the nuances of my firmer and associated softer parts. She wrapped one hand around my manhood at the stem while she prepared her lips and closed in for a taste. The moonlight lit her beautiful face as she tongued around the perimeter of the head, before delicately nibbling down the shaft. Finally, she located her lips to the tip and gracefully absorb me into her mouth maltepe escort like a cool drink. Her tongue flicked against the underside as she drew in more, then retreated. The pace started slow and deliberate. Her tongue was silk against me, my gut stuttered out a moan to communicate to her my pleasure. She smiled with pride, cupped one cheek of my ass with her offhand and pulled me into her. Her pace picked up. Her cheeks puckers in slightly. Her lips pursed tightly around me. Down and back. Down and back. Long smooth breaths of cock. Pause lick nibble Rub. It was beautiful watching her work there in the moonlight and shadows like high erotic art photo shoot in black and white. Her tongue and lips wrapping and consuming me with great enthusiasm. We both worked to a frenzy. I was at the edge of cumming into her. Onto her. Oh god her lips, her tongue, her mouth. She didn’t let it happen. Without notice, she stood straight up, giggled and scurried down the hall of my apartment toward the moonlight.

I grabbed her silhouette before she got to the moon and pushed her against the wall face first. Her body conceded and stood there momentarily while I unzipped the back of her skirt and it fell to the ground. Her ass was the cute perky type that wants more than anything to be seen out of clothes and I was fortunate to do so. My hand cupped under each cheek, down slow then up quick and surprised her with a firm smack that echoed around the walls. My hands traced around her mid section brushing lightly on the edge of a tickle. She squirmed in response her pelvis swirling, until I got to the bottom edge of her blouse and snapped it firmly up over her head throwing her arms up into the air.

My right arm snagged all the way around her waist and pulled us both back against the wall behind me to let the moonlight now wash her front before her arms could return back down. She wore only her bra, knee high boots, and a thin runway slit of hair leading down. I looked over her shoulder across all of it. She panted heavy into my ear slightly turned toward me. Her shoulders stuck to me but her pelvis swayed in anticipation. My hands worked up and pressed both breasts up and together. She quivered. I cupped a hand down into her bra and pinched her nipple. Then quickly bent her forward at the waist, ran a single fingernail firmly down her back and pulled her back up. She winced with surprise and delight. She grabbed my cock behind her for my reward as we regaged. It was time.

I pushed thru the adjacent doorway and up against the table. It hit her right above her pubic line. One hand wrapped around her leg and promptly split her wet lips. The other slide into her bra and cupped her breast up and out of the garment. My finger licked back and forth across her clit and her clit licked back. Our pace was frenetic. Her moans growing louder with each moment. Her body dipping slightly, her ass projecting further out, as she did her best to compensate for her weakening knees. My fingers worked around and around her clit with an ever increasing rhythm. She sang with building moans “Oh, god, oh god, oh god, oh god, oh god, oh god” She called out in pleasurable anguish. I plunged two fingers as deep into as I could. She shrieked. The sudden change surprised us all.

I slide my fingers out of her and pulled her pelvis back. Her ass pressed firmly into me, as my other hand pressed her at the center of her back. She bent slowly. Her hands gracing forward across the top of the table right in front of her. She lowered until she laid her upper half fully upon it. Her head pressed against the table as she piered around her shoulder, not enough to look at me directly but enough to be aware of me behind her. Her hands to either side as though she was to do a pushup, ready, waiting, eager for whatever may come next. And here we are, with her, face down on the table, only her own bosom as cushion against the hard surface, her back arching up slightly lifting her pert ass in the air above the level of the table, swaying ever so gently in a way that defines … come and get it.

I held the base of my dick in my hand brushing the tip up and down along her flowering lips. Her moisture made it glisten in the moonlight. She was ready to explode in so many ways. Her lips parted around the head. I loved watching it happen. Her pussy lifted slightly to welcome it. I brushed my dick back and forth deeper into her and aligned it to her cunt. I pressed into her and met gentle resistance as her pussy slowly opened over the tapered head. I eased until her pussy finally succumbed and my dick popped past the entry. I stepped in and slid as deep as I could, firmly pulling at her hips to squeeze all that I could out of the space between us and fill her. She wimpered and then held her breath. A second full out and full into her. And a third. The entire nights seduction built up and brought her to orgasm with the fourth. The walls of her tight pussy grabbed and grabbed and grabbed around my cock buried as far into her as I could. Her head lifted off and moaned as if howling at the moon before flailing back down finally exhaling after wait seemed like minutes. She reached back to grab my arm at the elbow, twisting enough in the process to look directly at me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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