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Exotic Taste Pt. 03: Kindle

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This story was copyrighted by the author, who retains all rights whatsoever over the publication in any form. It must not be published on any pay-site or used in any publication for profit, without the author’s written approval. The file may be reposted to Newsgroups, but must not be changed in any way, must be posted in its entirety and must contain this note “FROM THE AUTHOR” in full.

GENERAL All names are fictitious and do not intentionally relate to any person, either living or dead. All comments and constructive suggestions may be directed to me via the COMMENT tab on my profile.


I’m doing my books by Universe now because I want to do crossover events in stories. In other words, if you see “this book takes place in the **** universe, then it’s in the same world as another story with that tag above it. There will be 3 main universes:

1. Erolandia Universe

2. Erotiska Universe

3. Nightshade Universe

Stories with “Standalone” at the top take place in their own universe outside of the 3 just mentioned. That said, The Snow White Series and this story right here take place in the Erotiska Universe. Enjoy the read.


Kieran stood there, soaking wet in shock as he stared at the source of his problem. Erika had obviously changed over the past few weeks and now he knew why. As he looked down at the tablet in his hand, he looked at the tabs she had open in the browser. Stories about secretaries, accountants, and girlfriends were all there, but the common theme was that they were all submissive to a young male. The one that really got to him was a story about a guy who made his hot roommate his pet.

“Does she want me to act like this towards her? What exactly does she want out of me?”

He obviously knew what she wanted sexually. And he had an idea about who, most likely him, but he wasn’t sure if she advanced on anyone else. For all Kieran knew, he could just be caught in the crossfire of her uncontrollable lust for someone else. He could never understand these American girls.

Shaking his head, these thoughts led to Kieran questioning himself.

Did he really like Erika or was it just physical?

He was obviously aware of Erika’s beauty. It was the first thing that struck him when he moved in about a year and a half ago. And it was because her beauty that Kieran’s secret almost came out. He promised himself he would keep his hands to himself in America. But Erika was making it hard for him.

He would’ve continued to ponder this, if not for the fact that a shiver ran up his spine, followed by a sneeze. “Shit! Bloody Hell, I’m still here wet!”

He quickly ran to his room. He would think about this later.

(the next day)

I woke up in the morning, absolutely refreshed. Somewhere along the line, I forgot to stop acting and just started doing. My new attitude was refreshing, opening new doors for me. But it also closed one for me. I was still without a job and I had yet to ask Kieran about that secretarial position. Praying the position was still open, and knowing Kieran worked from home sometimes, I snuck towards his room.

I opened the door slightly. Noone was inside, which was weird, Kieran was still home. He must be in the kitchen or bathroom. I walked inside, closing the door softly behind me, and looked around. His room was pretty tidy, as she was expecting clothes on the floor and tissues in the trash can. I found no one inside. I wondered why, but I suddenly started checking his room for porn. I wanted to know what turned Kieran on, so I could match his taste. My search came up empty but a pair of underwear in his hamper caught my attention. Before I could stop myself from doing it, I was pressing his drawers to my nose, taking deep breathes to stain my nostrils with his scent. This sweet, masculine smell was undoubtedly his, and I realized I’d fell to such a primal level where even scents were turning me on, noticing a slight wetness between my legs.

I would have stayed in my own fantasy world, getting myself off to my roommate’s scent if not for the fact I heard Kieran walking down the hallway. It was weird that I could even hear his steps, but I would take the heads up. I threw the underwear into the hamper and dove under his desk, pulling the chair to it in front of me. And at that moment, he came into the room.

I couldn’t really see him very clearly, but he was apparently shuffling around his room, looking for something. I wondered to myself why I decided to hide, I should have just sat on his bed. That would be the normal thing. He apparently found what he was looking for at his desk, pulling the chair back. I froze as he slumped down in the chair, his legs sliding past me. Luckily, under his desk was roomy. If he found me under here, I don’t know what I would tell him. How do you make an excuse for hiding under someone’s desk in their room? It’s just weird. And this left a new problem, how I was going to get out from under his desk?

While this battle raged in my head, I heard Kieran sigh. “I’m not feeling too well right now. That girl, what was she thinking yesterday?” pangaltı escort

It was then I realized that Kieran was wearing nothing but underwear, and I could clearly see the bulge of his cock growing in his undies. I slowly bite my lip, pushing my skirt up a bit, rubbing my quickly dampening slit. But Kieran’s words rang in my head. Was I the reason he wasn’t feeling well? Did he catch blue balls from yesterday? As I was slowly getting the wrong idea, Kieran talked again.

“I’m sweating too much thinking about it. I’ll deal with it when I’m feeling better. And it’s hot.”

He really wasn’t feeling well from the teasing? I felt bad, but all remorse quickly went out the window. He stood up and took off his draws, sitting back down with an exposed, hard, throbbing cock. It took every fiber of my body not to reach out an touch it. But my hand speed up on my swollen cunt, my juice dripping down my thighs. It wasn’t just a long cock, it was thick. I imagined it filling me and I couldn’t hold back anymore. If he wasn’t feeling well, I would relieve him.

I knew that he could probably feel my breath or something touching around his crouch. And maybe he thought it was his imagination, as he stopped was he was doing at his desk for a minute. But I didn’t care, leaning forward and swallowing half of his cock in my mouth. Getting the rest of it would be hard, it was thick and long enough to get lodged in my throat easily. I just had to work it. I bobbed on his cock, slowly pushing my head down on his shaft when he finally realized his dick was a bit too moist.

“Erika…what are you doing?” He looked helpless as I bobbed on his lollipop, savoring this fine, rare cuisine. And I didn’t plan on getting kicked out of the restaurant just yet.

I pulled up, partially to catch my breath, run my tongue along the underside of his shaft. It came out of my mouth with a pop, and a looked up at him smiling, a mixed strand of precum and my saliva connecting his cock to my lips. “Tasty”, I said, licking at that mesmerizing dangling strand of his jizz.

“Erika, we cant do this. You don’t know what you’re getting yourself into to.” Kieran tried to plead with me, but I took pity on how he looked. He was sweating an abnormal amount, but maybe it was his first blowjob and he didn’t know how to handle it. If that’s the case, I would rock his world.

I reached up and started stroking his cock, teasing him a bit.

“Kieran, do you want me to examine this abnormally large cock with my hand? Orrrr… Do you miss my oral examination?” He looked conflicted like his answer got caught in his throat. That was cool, I was gonna slob on his knob like corn on the cob regardless of what he said anyway.

I moved my hand from his shaft to his thigh, impaling myself on his long cock ounce again. I was a sloppy eater, saliva and his jizz dripping from my mouth. The taste was unmatched by any dick I had sucked and any food I had eating. Truly an addicting five-star dish. I might acquire an exotic taste from it.

As thoughts of receiving three hot loads a day formed in my mind, I started to fondle his balls while continuing my ministrations. I wanted his cock to pollute my body and violate my throat. I massaged his balls so he could release his white super storm inside me, coating my walls with his heavy snow.

He was going to come quickly, and I prepared myself for his heavy load. But I wanted my milkshake now. I made a vacuum with my mouth, pulling off his cocking slowly before stroking his cock. I alternated between licking & sucking his head and his shaft, paying special attention to his glands by licking the rim. I flicked my tongue over his head rapidly, before slapping the tip of his dick against my tongue. I kissed his dick while making a ring with my finger, speeding up my stroking while running my other fingers against the side of his shaft. I licked down the other side of his shaft, reaching his balls, before sucking one into my mouth, massaging the other one.

This caused Kieran to lurch in his seat, his orgasm imminent. I licked back up his shaft before plunging his delicate meat into my famished hole again, and the damn broke. He blessed me with his sauce, marinating my throat with his hot milky white cream. He kept cumming and I was finding it hard to breathe. He kept cumming down my throat, dumping my load into my stomach. I tasted good. I looked up at him, my mouth probably a wet mess of cum and saliva. He seemed dazed. I pulled out and lapped at his cock, cleaning off the mess I started. It was still hard but I decided to back off for now, but I would eventually be back for another meal. I pushed back Kieran’s chair and stood up, looking at him while licking my lips.

“Was it that good for you? Sorry but you tempted me with a strong drink. I was thirsty, but hey, your “blizzard” tasted good at least.”

When I didn’t get a response, I looked at Kieran’s face. He was red and was breathing heavily. Wait, he came in soaking wet yesterday. Maybe he isn’t feeling well because of a cold, not because of what I did yesterday. I placed my forehead on his forehead, pendik escort checking for a fever. BURNING! Looking at the rest of his body, he was riddled with nothing but sweat.

“Was this my fault yesterday? Did I hold him too long in my teasing? Did I make it worse by sucking his dick?” While I freaked out, voicing my frustrations aloud, the voice of reason came from a slightly unconscious place.

“Erika, calm down. Take a deep breath”, Kieran proclaimed, giving me a glazed over look with heavy breaths.

His voice really was soothing and I calmed, assessing the situation better. I needed to get him on the bed and wipe him off. I knew I couldn’t pick him up, but he was already in a swivel chair. I rolled it over to his bed and pushed him head first onto it, rolling the rest of his body slowly onto the bed. I apologized for how I did it, but there was no other way. I then walked to the bathroom for two towels and two wash rags and then to the kitchen for an ice pack. I wiped him clean of his sweat, silently admiring how ripped he was and his dick before putting the ice pack on and leaving the room so he could rest. He needed sleep. Asking him about a job could wait. Kinky shit could wait.

(Later That Night)

Did I mention I was a horny slut when it came to Kieran? All logic and reasoning go out the window and around him, I just want to give in to carnal desire. It took a herculean effort to just not jump him for dick. I was letting that leash go slower and slower as I advanced on him, but tonight, I was losing my sanity.

My fingers refused to satisfy my swollen cunt. Ricardo, my trusty vibrator, wasn’t satisfying my lust. Sure, it felt good, but I found myself craving more. Kieran was in the next room, but he was sleep. He wouldn’t notice if I…

“NO! NO! NO! HES SICK YOU DUMB SLUT!!” I cursed myself aloud, reprimanding myself.

I wasn’t that out of control where I would stoop to fucking a sick man I claimed to love in his sleep. But the idea of his throbbing rod buried deep inside my cunt aroused my wanton lust. The taste of his cock and his creamy white blessing where frankly unforgettable. And yet I didn’t feel full, all 3 holes hadn’t eaten yet.

What was stopping me was his sickness. My blowjob early made him konk. If I had sex, would he die? Maybe I was overthinking it, but I didn’t want to hurt him. But my love was a serpent, speaking in two tongues. My pussy craved his meat, salivating between my thighs as I tried to calm down. Sleep was out of the question and reading Literotica would probably convince me that going to fuck Kieran was a good idea. And what if he thinks its rape?

This new thought made me break into a cold sweat, as I mulled over pros & cons. But I knew I had to do something, and fast. A single look between my thighs was enough to tell the story of my horny state. I decided to use my tablet for good use, watch some porn.

My fetishes were dodgy, to say the least, but my hand dodged between my legs on the first video, fingers going to work. I liked being tied up, sexually dominated. Being told that I wouldn’t be anything more than a cum dumpster. Becoming someone’s pet. Being choked. I loved worshipping cock. And recently, I was into nightcrawling. But college was behind me, and there was only one cock truly worth the admiration in my life now. I just needed to figure out how I could get it to bless me.

Speaking of nightcrawling, it wasn’t helping that the video I was watching was about it. And it wasn’t helping that I already thought of going to Kieran’s room for another serving of my happy meal. I had to do something, porn wasn’t helping anything but my wild fantasies. A battle of will vs lust broke out inside me, and it didn’t take long for lust to win out. I was a slave to my carnal desires.

I put on my “nightgown”, a satin turquoise flyway gown, in the front and the back. I never wore it to sleep, but only when I felt naughty. And tonight, I was ready for sin. I loved this particular gown though, as it came with a strappy neckline with a sapphire X accent, straps all down my back in a sexy, intricate pattern. And it came with a strappy side thong and garter belt with a blue satin bow on it. I also threw on some black lace thigh highs with a turquoise floral pattern running through it and a pair of fuck me heels. Why go through all this to fuck a sick, sleepy guy in the next room, aesthetics that’s why.

I quietly tiptoed through the hallway, slowly sneaking into his room. It was nice and cozy in here, with the heat keeping his room at snuggle/cuddle temperatures. The man in question himself was out cold, but I saw his limp dick. The thought of it made my mouth water.

I walked over to him without a side, a hoe on a mission. I slowly dropped to my knees on the side of his bed, looking straight at my prize. I could probably make a lot of noise and he wouldn’t wake, but I wasn’t going to take any chances. I slowly crawled onto the bed, spreading his legs out so I could devour his dick.

Call me lazy, but I didn’t like to use my hands during sex unless I really liked the person. And while rus escort I really like…love Kieran, he was knocked out. When I did use my hands, I wanted him to be awake and preferably, not sick. Justify actions that needed no justification in my head, I pecked at his cock like a bird pecks at a worm till it finally popped in my mouth. I let some drool role down it but sucking, wanting it to get hard first before I got serious. Then I really wouldn’t have to touch it, it would stand to attention on its own. I looked up at Kieran while sucking his glorious dick, and he seemed to have a slight smile on his face. Maybe he thought this was a wet dream, I hoped to continue looking at his cute face.

But the smell and taste of his cock demanded my full attention. I loved how the combination of the two overloaded my senses, making me give in to carnal lust…even more, than I already had. His dick was now hard, and it looked more delicious than it looked earlier.

I impaled my throat on his kebab, going all the way down till my nose touched his pubic hair. Well where it should be, he was well shaved. I gagged on it, making loud, sloppy noises as I savored my meal, waiting for the entry sauce to cum. Kieran still looked no closer to getting up, so I got bolder with my sucking. Fellatio is an art mastered by the freakiest of women. And I considered myself pretty high on the freak list. I mean, I’m blowing my sick roommate in the night, while he’s sleeping. You don’t get much freakier…and maybe sick…than that. Regardless of knowing what I was doing was wrong, it felt so right. I loved the bitter taste of his cock, that musky smell that wafted off it. The salty taste of sweat. I could go on, but I loved this.

It wasn’t long before I felt his cock throbbing in my throat, my hot load impending. And I would drink all of my protein shakes. For a sleeping person, he came violently in my throat, pumping all his baby batter down it. And I was in heaven. This liquidy, sticky fluid would never get old, but Kierans really was god tier. It coated the walls of my throat in his colors, branding my insides with its elegance. I savored this as he kept cumming, pulling up for air seemingly never crossing my mind, even as I was getting light-headed. I pulled up for air when he stopped, thick strands of saliva and cum running from my lips to his dick.

I pulled at the strands, licking them off my fingers. I looked down lovingly at Kieran wasn’t going to cut it, my pussy was to wet. Streams of my juice rolled down my thighs, staining his sheets. I needed his cock inside my swollen cunt. And I needed that…now.

I straddled him, lining up my entrance with his rod before flopping down, his cock impaling me all the way to my womb. I let out a yelp. I wasn’t expecting it to go so deep, so quick. And it filled my pussy, this thick cock was something else. The insertion itself made me cum, and it took awhile to get over the sensation of this weird orgasm. This had never happened before. But I slowly started bouncing on his dick, his cock really filling into my womb. I started moaning louder and louder, and this is when the room light turned on.

“You’re getting predictable but what are you doing Erika?” I sensed the sarcasm in his voice. I had completely forgotten that Kieran’s light switch was by his bed and that he only need to turn the knob. I was careless for waking him up, but to aroused to stop bouncing.

“I’m… I’m uhhhh…” There was no way out of this. He knew, he definitely knew what was up. That I was riding his cock like a wanton slut. But he surprisingly didn’t seem phased. Still seemed sickly, with sweat drenching his body and shallow breathes, but not phased.

“I have to ask slut, do you ride everyone’s dick like this?”

Maybe it was the shock of being called a slut by Kieran. Maybe it was my arousal by being looked upon as a slut in his eyes. Maybe it was because it was partially true. And maybe because his sickly voice sounded huskier and more seductive than usual. But I do now my pussy clamped down on his cock, and I came right there. It took me awhile to realize he was still talking.

“You just came on my dick, didn’t you slut? Such a slutty roommate, riding the dick of her sick friend. What will I do with you? Youll ride anyone’s dick?

His words were turning me on more, but I decided to try and answer him.

“N…n..no. Not just anybody, it had to be yours.” I looked defeated, he surely thought wrong of me now. Instead, he gave a surprising answer.

“Good pet, now ride my dick and make sure I flood that lil cunt of yours with my cum. I’ll deal with you later.”

He turned the light off, letting me ride his cock like an amusement park attraction. Maybe it was because he was sick that he couldn’t hold back, but he was about to cum. I speed up, clamping the walls of my cunt down against his cock, grinding so he could hit different angles. It throbbed seeming to release. I popped off of it before plopping back down, impaling myself on his cock as he came straight into my womb. His cum filled me, and I couldn’t think straight as explosion after explosion pounded my pussy. My eyes rolled back, my own orgasm rolling through. This was too much. I raised myself off his dick, cum dripping out of my pussy. I looked at Kieran to find he was sleep. I cleaned up, collecting another “load” in the process before sneaking out, a trail of cum leaking behind me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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