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Exploration of Marz Ch. 01

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Girl’s weekend had just begun. Meet Marz, a thirty something woman, barely married two years, and her friend Lynn, married with 4 children. They had decided to take a road trip to Missouri from Nebraska to stay in a cabin on Table Rock Lake to get away from their husbands and children for a few measly days. Unpacking her duffle bag, Marz realizes that she still had a couple things leftover in there from her last trip; the weekend trip before her wedding; the one where she and her fuck buddy said their goodbyes. After all, she was getting married. Not to the man of her dreams, but to a man that truly loved her. That’s what mattered, she needed someone to tell her that he loves her every day. Who would have thought that married sex would be so boring, so redundant, so lacking of excitement that her handcuffs and favorite small black vibrator would be still packed away in a bag from two years ago.

She giggled as she zipped the pocket shut that had been hiding these little mementos. It had been so long since she has had an amazing orgasm. Her husband just doesn’t turn her on any more. The sex wasn’t bad by any means, but she just didn’t feel it anymore. The last time they made love she caught herself daydreaming and singing the Fraggle Rock theme song in her head until it was over.

It was midafternoon and the girls threw on their bikinis and headed out to the lake shore. Marz confides in Lynn about how she misses the excitement of the forbidden sex she used to have. The go anywhere, try anything, taboo relationship she swore she would leave behind. David didn’t love her in the same way she loved him, but the time they had to together was incredible. David used to invite her over to listen to him play the drums, guitar, keyboard, whatever mood he happened to be in. She never passed up the opportunity to spend time with him, and somehow she always ended up with an orgasm before she left. Once from fingering her with the end of his drumstick on the basement floor because she told him his drumming made her horny. Then there was the time she jumped on top of him in his recliner, in the living room, after just coming over to watch a movie. Sometimes it was planned, the house was empty, and he just wanted one of her mind blowing, cock teasing, blow jobs. He had never had anyone lust his penis the way that she did. He knew this by the way she hungrily devoured it every time. She would suck him off for as long as it would take, and never leave him unsatisfied.

But it was over, she wanted to settle down, get married, and she found someone that wanted that with her. Only, the man she dreamed of marrying was nothing like him. That man was the one she left behind because he was too stubborn to admit what he really wanted or too stupid to realize that she was all he ever needed. David was that best friend that she could tell anything to, and do anything sarıyer escort with. He has always been there for her after every break up or bad date. He always had a joke to bring a smile back to her face.

Just then, her phone blinked. It was him! She talked to him often but still got that giddy school girl feeling every time she saw his name pop up on her phone.

The text message read: “WTF are you doing here?”

“Where? What? Huh?” she sent back.

“Here, at the lake” she received back as she saw him walking along the rocky beach towards them. Apparently he had the same idea for a get away with his friend, who had just inherited a cabin from his grandparents.

“I have a canoe tied to the dock if you would like to go for an outing later.” David said with a smile.

“Of course, sounds fun” she said with a wink.

She looked at Lynn. They exchanged looks of disbelief. Did he really just show up minutes after she said she missed him so much? This can’t be real. David was standing there, with his jean shorts, t-shirt, and flip flops, RIGHT THERE! They are 400 miles from home, yet they ended up two cabins away from each other.

“I’ll make us some dinner, if you would like. My buddy Dean is going out with the waitress he met last night, and I don’t expect him back tonight if you know what I mean.”

“Sounds great! I’ll see you around 7?” She asked, with a little too much excitement.

David headed back to his cabin and jumped in his truck. Lynn and Marz watched as he sped off on the gravel road, obviously showing off, kicking up enough dust to coat his jacked up black truck.

“Are you really doing this? You know this isn’t just dinner, right?” Lynn scolded.

“Yes, I just didn’t think about it when he was standing right here. I can’t go right? I’m married. I can’t put myself in that situation. But, damn, I want to.”

“You can do whatever you want; you know I’d never say a word”

“But I’m married, I can’t, I know what he wants.” Marz says thinking out loud again.

“Whose going to know?” her friend reminded her.

That was true. Who would ever find out? No one knows that they are both there, and it’s not like it’s a romance, so it’s not cheating, she tried to tell herself. They don’t make out. Hell, they have never even kissed. It’s all about the pleasure. Just a friend helping out another friend, that’s not wrong. Was it? There was no talking her out of this. Every consequence she could think of was nothing compared to spending time with David. She has never turned him down before, why start now?

She shows up at the cabin to meet him. He greets her at the door and offers her a seat at the table, where he has prepared mouthwatering steaks and baked potatoes. They eat dinner and talk about how crazy it is that they coincidently took the same silivri escort escape at the same time. They flirt the way they always do, calling each other names and joking around. He balls up the foil from his potato and throws it at her chest. “Bull’s-eye!” The wad of foil, dripping in butter, is now smeared all over her cleavage. Without even thinking about it, she whips off her shirt and puts her breasts in his face.

“Are you going to clean this up?”

Without an answer he buries his head in her chest. Throws her down on the table, and slowly licks her nipples. They are so hard. There is no hiding how turned on she is. He fumbles with her bra but gives up and just rips it open.

“Ok, ok” she laughs. “You got it.”

She sits up and slips her shirt back on. It’s too early in the evening to get that carried away.

They clean up dinner and walk down to the water and take that little canoe trip he promised her. She sits down and grabs a paddle.

“Nope, give it to me” he says.

She hands it over, and he pushes them away from the dock. She sits there staring at his strong arms as he rows. Then she notices that he is staring back at her. Of course he is staring at her, her thin white shirt and braless tits are no match for the cool breeze coming off the lake. How could he resist?

“You wore a skirt for a canoe trip?” he teases her.

She uncrosses her legs, showing him the world he remembers being in so many times before.

“And no panties, I see… Was someone expecting something tonight?” he teases some more.

They both knew the answer to that silly question. She kneels to the floor of the vessel and grabs his thigh. He puts the paddles down and unbuttons his shorts. Her mouth waters as she waits for opportunity to get his cock in her mouth. It has been so long since she has had a circumcised penis to please. It’s her addiction, his cock; it’s the perfect size and always tastes so good. She knows that after this she is going to want more the second she is done. David is her crack. The more she gets, the more she wants. She runs her tongue back and forth under the head of his dick. He closes his eyes and she continues swirling her tongue and sucking his rock hard cock. She lightly brushes his balls with her hand; she feels the wetness dripping down off of his dick down over his sack and onto his ass.

“Perfect” she thinks to herself, and reaches into her purse for the tiny black vibrator she so conveniently forgot to take out of her bag two years earlier. She puts it inside of him slowly and turns it on. It’s not long before he is squirming. His eyes roll back in his head. She continues to work the vibrator around and at the same time strokes his long manly cock with her other hand. He tenses up and she rushes to get her mouth back on the head of his penis. He şirinevler escort explodes in her mouth. She swallows his candy rain as she removes the little black vibrator and tucks it neatly back into her purse.

“What else did you bring in your little bag of tricks there, Marz?” he questions her a little out of breath.

“Just a pair of handcuffs that I forgot about from last time we were to together.” she explains

“Oh, I am going to definitely need those.”

He can see the wetness of her pussy dripping slightly down her leg just past her skirt. Giving blow jobs turns her on so much, and David knows that. He picks up the oars and quickly gets the two of them back to shore. He pulls the canoe out of the water as she once again watches his bulging arm muscles do the work.

She sees the patio furniture situated close to the lake. A wooden swing on the deck and two matching stone chairs shaped like hands just off into the landscape. She headed toward the swing, but he pulled her in the opposite direction, sat her right on one of the hands and grabbed the cuffs from her bag. She was now seated on the palm of a rough hand with her wrists locked behind her by the handcuff weaved through the chair’s fingers. She wouldn’t be able to push him away this time. When she orgasms, she always pushes him away quickly to cool down. Not this time, she is completely helpless, her hands aren’t going anywhere. He can do whatever he wants.

He slides his fingers up her skirt. She is so wet. He can’t wait to taste it. She is spread out on the chair, already twitching in anticipation of what’s about to come. He starts tonguing her clit ring, two fingers still wandering around her opening. She squirms. He pushes his fingers inside of her, and licks faster directly on her clit. It doesn’t take her long to get to the tipping point. He sucks her clit and wiggles his fingers until she starts to orgasm. She can’t stop it… She tries to pull away but he holds her legs down. She is powerless. She has absolutely no control of her own orgasm any more. This is something she has never experienced before. He hasn’t stopped finger fucking her and she is 10 seconds into a hard orgasm. She squirts wildly.

He drops his pants and shoves his cock inside her. Still throbbing from her intense orgasm he can feel every spasm inside her pussy. He pounds her as she clamps her vagina muscles down on his dick. They are both breathing so hard. She is close to her third orgasm and he is ready to explode. He pauses deep inside her and she can feel him cumming so hard that it tips her into her next orgasm.

He sits on the hand chair next to her and removes the cuffs. They lounge for a bit, just cooling down next to each other not saying a word. He walks her back to her cabin and tells her good night. She watches from her window as he quickly fades into the darkness.

She is getting ready for bed when she hears a text on her phone.

“Had a great time today, I’m heading back home tomorrow night, would you like to keep me company in the truck?” she reads.

With a permanent smile on her face, she responds. “Of course, sounds like fun.”

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