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Farm Girl

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Carl was tired of playing games with Daisy. She had been torturing the young farm hand for the three months that he had been working there–coming out to the stables where he worked in overalls and “forgetting” to wear a top under them, gently brushing his ass as she walked by, and so on. He was sick of it. She had even left him a note once, telling him to call her. She knew good and well that he had a girlfriend down in Tucson, and that he couldn’t date her because she was the boss’s daughter.

Now, Carl knew he was a nice-looking guy. He was twenty-five years old, with dark hair, hard jaw, and intense blue eyes, as well as a toned and bronzed physique from working in the sun. He could turn some heads. He wasn’t the smartest guy on the block, but he had no doubt he had the biggest cock.

And that cock, at this moment, was twitching. Daisy was standing in front of him as he worked on a saddle, fairly bursting out of a tight cut-off shirt and blue jeans. Breasts like globes strained against the fabric. A cute freckled face grinned at him under tawny blonde hair. He could see a belly ring in between her top and her jeans, and she was just a tiny bit plump, in all the right places.

Carl threw down his rag.

“All right,” he snarled. “Take your top off.”

Daisy raised her eyebrows innocently and peeled off her tight t-shirt. He could see her cleavage over the lacy red maltepe escort bra.

“Bra, too,” Carl commanded.

Daisy reached behind her and undid her bra strap, letting her big tits fall into her hands. With a devilish look, she held pushed one of them up towards her face and licked the pink nipple. With her other hand, she grabbed Carl’s cock through his pants.
Her eyebrows again shot up. “You’re hung like a rhino,” she drawled.

“Nine inches of pure power,” he bragged.

Daisy unzipped Carl’s jeans and his huge, veined dong flopped out.

“No underwear,” she giggled. While Carl pinched and rubbed her nipples, she took his dick in her hands and began stroking the length of it. Soon his penis stuck straight up in the air, and she couldn’t fit her hand around it. Daisy started to go down on her knees, but Carl stopped her.

“I’ve got a better idea,” he said. “Go lie down in that hay over there.”

Daisy obeyed, and Carl hunted around in the tack room until he found some Vaseline.

“What do you use that for?” Daisy asked.

“Don’t worry about it,” said Carl. He stood over her, oiling his big cock. He could see her face flushing, and she unsnapped her jeans and reached down into them. She was breathing hard as she touched herself.

Carl knelt over her and rubbed his dick on her stomach and jugs. Daisy pressed her mecidiyeköy escort breasts together and Carl pushed his tool in between them, working it back and forth, and Daisy licked the big purple head when it came near enough. Carl was groaning and his tight, brown ass looked incredible over Daisy’s creamy pale stomach.

Before he could come, Carl got up and grabbed Daisy’s jeans, and hauled them off her sweet little ass. He could see a tiny bit of wetness on her red panties, and he licked around her inner thighs, just lightly brushing her panties with his tongue. She was bucking and rearing, so he pushed her panties aside and licked her.

“Oh my God!” Daisy screamed, and dug her fingers into Carl’s hair as he licked her wet sex. Carl licked up and down her channel, and around her clit, and when he gently nipped her, she came with a scream.

He lay down next to her and played with her breasts while she recovered.

“This still doesn’t mean I like you,” he reminded her. She smiled and trailed a line up his still-hard cock with her finger.

“Looks like somebody likes me,” she teased.

Carl got up on his knees his dick in his hands, but Daisy rolled over.

“No,” she said prettily.

Carl slapped her perfect ass with the flat of his hand, and she squealed. Carl smacked her a few more times, until she was laughing nişantaşı escort and asking for mercy.

“Are you going to keep being a tease?” he demanded. He noticed that her pussy was wet and inviting below her red ass cheeks.

“Fuck me like a philly,” Daisy breathed. “Come on, big boy. Show me what you got.”

Carl placed his thick, swollen dickhead against Daisy’s wet cunt and pushed himself all the way in, and when he leaned back and thrust his hips forward for that extra inch, she screamed. He leaned over her back and cupped her heavy breasts in his hands. She took his right hand away from her breast and put his fingers in her mouth. He began moving in and out of her.

He was really fucking the hell out of her. His big balls slapped against her clit as he thrust, and he was groaning and cursing, and she was screaming something fierce. She had never been fucked this angry and hard. It felt like a whirlwind of feathers and fire. She hollered again and came in barn-shaking orgasm.

Carl pulled his dick out of her and stood up, still stroking his thick meat, and Daisy turned around and got on her knees. The farm hand held her full tits in his hands as she sucked his cock with abandon, wet with spit and pussy juices, and he felt her lips and tongue on him, and with a curse he exploded in her mouth. Before she could swallow it all, he pulled out of her throat and jacked his spunk all over her enormous breasts.

Carl and Daisy collapsed in the hay.

“You had that coming,” said Carl.

“Good God, yeah,” said Daisy. “I told Daddy the other day I wondered if you’d ever notice me. He said just be patient.”

Carl just slapped his forehead and groaned.

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