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Fight Like a Girl

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This is my first submission and I am wanting to improve my writing, so all constructive feedback is welcome. Thanks to FLSr5r for editing the piece.


Ella opened the door and turned the lights on.

“Welcome to my dojo. I’ll get you an icepack,” she offered.

The throbbing pain in my cheek had eased but it still hurt to smile. I followed Ella inside. Foam mats covered most of the floor and the smell of stale sweat filled the air. I touched my face and wondered how swollen it was, how much uglier had I become since our date begun. There was a wall paneled with full length mirrors, and I started towards it to see.

“No shoes on the mats!” Ella shouted.

“Sorry.” There was no way I was going to disobey a voice as stern as that. I kicked off my shoes and continued. I caught the icepack she lobbed at me then checked out my reflection.

Ella said, “It doesn’t look too bad, considering how hard he punched you. If the bone’s not fractured it will disappear completely after a day or two.”


The night started so well. Dinner conversation was lively, we had so much in common. It was a first date but it felt like we had known each other for years. It went so well that we planned to go to her house for coffee, or watch a DVD, or whatever excuse we settled for, and headed to the car park. That’s when we hit an obstacle. Two of them, in fact. Out of the darkness came a pair of burly men wanting our wallets. If I was by myself I may have just thrown my money at them and ran in the opposite direction, but with Ella there I convinced myself that I had to be a man. I had to be her hero. I put my fists up, they then put one of their fists in my face and I folded my way down to the asphalt. It took a few moments for my vision to unblur, but it was at that moment the first of the thugs grunted and joined me on the ground, clutching his ribs in agony. They had turned their backs on Ella, believing her to be small and helpless little girl. It was not a great move to make against a jiu jitsu instructor. Wearing a little black dress and heels, she held the second assailant in a sleeper hold. “Any more hands that attack us will be broken,” she said. They pleaded surrender and stumbled away.

Ella looked me over with her round, brown eyes. “How much does it hurt?”

The emasculation of being saved from two bullies by my date hurt more than the blow. “I don’t think anything is broken; I’ll survive. I’m not bleeding, am I?”

“No, you’re not. You told me at dinner that you were a boxer. I didn’t see much boxing.”

“I may have exaggerated my skills a little. I punch bags and mitts a lot, but I’ve never stepped in the ring. You on the other hand greatly undersold yourself. What you did was amazing, I wish I could do that.”

“I’d love to teach you.”

There we decided that the best time to start practicing was then, so we drove over to her dojo.


Ella rummaged through a locker that contained the traditional white uniforms. “I think you’re probable a size 5,” she said, “try this gi on.” She directed me to a curtained changing room. “And tie your pants on tight, otherwise they might come off when grappling.” I sniggered at the thought of two people fighting with their trousers around their ankles. The pants fitted me well, but the kimono-style top was new to me.

“Do I wear my singlet underneath this?” I asked through the curtain. I could hear Ella changing into her uniform on the other side.

“No, the rules say you wear it bare-chested.” I hoped that rule applied to everyone.

I figured out how the strings kept the bathrobe in place, and pulled back the curtain. I felt unnatural in the clothing, it was loose in places where clothes aren’t usually loose and the fabric was much starchier than anything I had ever worn before. It also had a deeply plunging neckline that showed off skin as pale as the uniform. Ella, however, looked the part of a seasoned warrior in her gi; it suited her perfectly. She had tied her shoulder-length brown hair tied up in a ponytail and wore a black belt around her waist to complete the look.

“Did I get this all right” I asked.

“You succeeded in dressing yourself, yes. Now for the belt. I suppose you don’t know how to tie this” She held a white belt wrapped tightly in a coil.

“You suppose correctly.”

“Okay, arms up.” I raised my arms and she wrapped the belt around me twice, then knelt to tie the knot. I looked down to watch her tie it, but my eyes were drawn to what lay between her crossed lapels – a pair of well-shaped breasts pushed together in a lacy black bra. It wasn’t the bare-chested dress-code that she insisted upon me, but it was nevertheless beautiful.

Ella adjusted the folds in the knot and gave both ends of the belt a tug to finish. “Thanks Mum,” I said with a smile. Ella retuned with a spiteful smirk in return. Perhaps I should be more careful what I say, I might pay for it later.

“Now we’re ready to get started.” Ella said.

I şişli grup yapan escort walked onto the mats and put my fists up in a boxing stance.

“Don’t get ahead of yourself, we need to take a bow first.” She lined me up, facing the front of the dojo. “Just follow what I do. Oos.” She bowed to the front.

I bowed as well. “Oos.”

“And face me.”

“Oos,” we both said as we bowed to each other.

“Now that we have paid respects to those who came before us, and each other, we can begin. We’ll start with some stretches. Turn your head side-to-side.”

We moved our heads in all directions, and she took us through a set of exercises that worked through each of our joints from head to toe. My favorites, to watch Ella perform at least, were the hip exercises. Watching her rotate her hips as if spinning a hula hoop, then thrusting her pelvis back and forth, filled me with lewd thoughts of what else she could do with them. “Jiu jitsu is all about the hips,” she lectured, “You will be surprised what a strong pelvic thrust can do.”

“Alright, now sit on the floor and stretch your legs as far apart as they can go, then lean forward.” Ella said and gracefully moved her legs to into side-splits. “I said, as far as they can go.”

My legs were stuck at right angles to one another. I pulled one leg further back with both hands but that just sent the other one following it. “This is the best I can do,” I said.

“I’m not very impressed, but at least you have room for improvement.”

I sat there straining forward and struggling to keep myself from falling backwards, whilst she casually flopped forward and placed her elbows on the ground in front of her. Once again I caught sight of those beautiful bulbous breasts. I imagined my hands sliding under her top and kneading that soft flesh. She looked up and caught me mid-fantasy. She knew exactly what I was doing.

“I would usually wear a shirt underneath this, but I didn’t have one here,” she explained. She pulled the lapels together to try and cover up, but showed no embarrassment for herself nor irritation towards me.

“What? You mean the girls don’t have the same strict dress-code as the guys?” I said.

“No, it’s too distracting for the guys, as you have just proven.”

“Well, I can’t argue with that.”

“That should be enough of a warm-up, now show me how good a boxer you really are,” Ella said. I stood up, sunk back into my boxing stance, and showcased a few combos. Jab-cross-hook. Jab-jab-cross. Jab-slip-hook-uppercut.

“Interesting,” said Ella. “That might work in a boxing ring with oversized gloves and a thousand and one rules, but fighting like that will make you very vulnerable in a street fight.”

“I’m sure jiu-jitsu has its short-comings as well.”

“Not in real-world fighting. Jiu jitsu, the style I teach at least, will stand up against any other martial art.”

“I think we’re going to have to put that to the test. It’s just lucky for you that I’m a terrible fighter.”

Ella laughed. “I’ve never sparred with a boxer before. Maybe there’s something you can do that will surprise me. So, the rules are ‘no contact to the head’ and ‘only light contact to the body.’ All techniques are allowable providing that they can be performed without causing an injury; we want to keep this fun. Do you understand what I’m saying?”

“So we pull our punches before they hit. Sure thing.”

I reached out to touch gloves with my bare fist. Ella raised her palm to me and halted my approach. “No,” she said, “we start with a bow from a safe distance apart.”

Her dojo, her rules. We bowed and prepared to fight. Her stance was very different to mine, her back leg was some distance behind her front, and she had one open hand half-stretched out in from of her at head height whilst the other was low with the elbow at her hip. I had one leg a foot-length in front of the other with both my fists protecting my face. With only one hand defending her head, I was sure to tag her with a left-right combination, but I was very conscious to control any aggression, I wanted to impress her with my skills without knocking her unconscious.

I lunged at Ella with fists flying. She dodged effortlessly to the side and brought her knuckles half an inch from my bruised cheek. I understood the message and conceded the point, although I put it down to her taking the fight just a bit more seriously than me. I upped my speed to match hers and launched a flurry of attacks, but she once again dodged and countered. I tried a third time, I was anticipating that she would evade to the side and planned to intercept her. My arm was at full stretch pointing towards her face, but falling short. I saw no movement on her part but felt the wind squeezed out of my belly. I looked down and saw her foot planted in my gut. Stumbling backwards, I tried to regain my breath and pretend that it didn’t hurt.

“Was that too hard?” she said.

“I’m şişli masöz escort okay,” I said between shallow breaths. “You just winded me.”

“You made no attempt to block my kick.”

“I didn’t see it coming.”

She took a moment to analyze what I said. “You’re fighting as if I’m a boxer and only looking for punches, but I might kick you, sweep you, or do all sorts of other things. Rather than keeping your line of sight at eye level, drop it to chest level and try to keep all my arms and legs in your peripheral vision.”

What a thing to say. For years buxom women have been chastising me for not looking them in the eyes, and this one instructs me to do the opposite. “Okay, I’ll try that,” I said.

So I watched her chest. Her glorious chest. It was covered by an unshapely canvas gi, but earlier I had been given a glimpse of the twin beauties underneath and my mind’s eye could see them now. I was still in this meditation when the soles of my feet lost contact with the ground and, after spending a brief time floating, my arse made hard contact with the padded floor. What was that second thing she asked me to focus on? Watch all her arms and legs; I guess I failed at that.

“I think you have me beat,” I said. “I can’t even get close to touching you.”

“Does that mean you acknowledge jiu jitsu as the ultimate martial art, now and forever more?” Ella said.

“I acknowledge you as a better fighter than me, but I’m not expert enough to make any other judgments. I can see how you can dodge and counter someone you saw coming, you’re fast enough to do that, but what if someone grabs you by surprise?”

She held out her hand to pull me onto my feet. “Let me show you. Give me a bear hug.” She turned her back to me with her arms relaxed by her sides.

“I’m not going to go easy on you,” I said. “Once I get hold of you I’m not going to let go.”

“Good. I expect you to try and do that.”

I wrapped my arms tightly around her, pinning her arms to her body. My forearms pushed into her breasts and my crotch pressed against her butt. She struggled a little, but I was stronger than her, and there was no way she was going to break my grip. If I was truly an assailant, she would now be in all sorts of trouble. My face was pressed in her hair I could smell her perfume. I spoke softly in her ear, “Is this too tight for you?”

“No,” she said. “I was just waiting for you to get a good grip.”

She leaned forward and shot her hips backwards, pounding my crotch with her rear. With my body stunned, my fingers lost their grip. She danced and managed to get her body to my side and her left leg behind my right. With a flick of her hips she sent me into the air and once again crashing to the ground. How could she possibly do that? There was no way a small thing like her could have the strength to lift me.

“That was impressive, but I have no idea what just happened,” I said.

“Well, now it’s your turn to learn.”

Again, she helped me to my feet. Her gi top was out of place, one breast held in black lace was on display. Again she caught me and gave me a shake of the head in disapproval. I need to learn to be more subtle in my peeping. She adjusted her clothing. “Sorry. But I guess that was bound to happen at some point.” She only seemed to feign embarrassment. Perhaps it was her plan from the beginning to flash me.

“There’s nothing to apologize for; I enjoyed the experience.”

“It’s just that I should be more respectful in the dojo.”

She wasn’t shy about her body, which I found to be a rare trait for a nice, respectable girl.

Ella took me through the move she had just demonstrated. She hugged me from behind, sliding one of her hands under my top to rest on my nipple and pressing her pillowy chest into my back. This was simulating an attack from an aggressor. I couldn’t imagine a more comforting position to be in. Her moist breath warmed my neck when she spoke. “First, thrust your hips back into me.” She guided me through each step, I didn’t get any of them right the first time but we managed to perform the sequence. When finished we repeated from the start, and I tried my best to reduce the number of mistakes.

“I don’t think I’m quite getting it,” I said.

“No, you’re doing great. You’re a very quick learner.”

“But the way I’m doing it now, it wouldn’t save me against a real attacker.”

“No, it wouldn’t. You just need more practice. You also have to put the steps together more fluidly and eliminate the pauses between them. Let’s swap roles again, and I’ll demonstrate.”

“So I hold you like you just held me?”


Whether she meant it or not, she had just given me explicit permission and there was no taking it back. I slid my left hand under her top and my palm warmed, cupping her right breast, my hardening cock edging into the crevice between her cheeks. I moved to seductively kiss her on the neck, but instead found myself şişli otele gelen escort violently pummeled in the crotch and then floating in the air. She was playing a flirtatious game with me, but it was a game according to her rules. Her rules meant that training trumped sexual pleasure. The familiar thud of me meeting the floor echoed through the room, together with the sound of tearing fabric.

“Was that me or you?” I asked. I feared that I damaged her borrowed uniform.

“It was me. Damn it.” She had turned her back to me and was peering inside her top. “It’s busted, and that was one of my favourite bras.”

“I’m sorry, my hand must have gotten caught.”

“It’s okay, these things happen.”

She was removing the remnants of her brassiere without consideration of the mirrored wall in front of her. She discarded the damaged lingerie to the edge of the room and inspected herself for damage and abrasions; there were none. Via the reflection, I spotted a rosy nipple, although from too great a distance to appreciate it fully. Upon this latest turn of events I thought that that might be as much as I would ever see.

Ella put her boobs back in her gi, turned around to face me and said, “Well I’m having too much fun to stop now, and you definitely need more training. Let’s carry on.”

I was glad for being let off the hook for any blunders I may have made. This emotion was followed by excitement in anticipation. It was inevitable that her tits were going to pop out again, this time loose and free, and we both knew it.

“Since you always seem to end up one the ground, you’re going to have to learn how to defend yourself from that position,” Ella said. “Just do your best to survive.”

I had seen a few mixed martial arts fights on T.V.; the proper strategy was to lie on my back, keep my feet orientated towards her and hug her body with my legs if she got too close. What this would achieve, I had no idea. She knelt between my legs and I wrapped them around her.

“That’s good,” she said. “This is called ‘full guard’. Put your legs up a bit higher and lock your feet together. That’s it, now squeeze. You now control my body.”

She leant forward and clasped my lapel with one hand and my opposite elbow with the other. I took this as the correct way to grapple and mirrored her hand positions. She was pushing and pulling in all directions, I knew she was setting up some kind of attack but I couldn’t imagine what it would be. She pulled herself to one side, but the lapel I was holding didn’t follow. Her bare breast dangled over me; milky white and shiny with sweat, it jumped and jiggled with each sharp move she made. If Ella noticed, she didn’t care.

Ella then slunk her body away from me, creating a pressure that unlocked my legs. She then sneaked her head under my right thigh and before I could think she was sitting on my crotch with her hands pinning my arms to the ground.

“And this is called full mount,” she said. “From this position I have a great advantage and can do many nasty things to you. For example, an arm-bar.”

She grabbed my arm with both hands and swiveled around to lay on her back, right-angled to me. One leg draped over my chest and the other lay over my neck. She pulled my outstretched arm into her breasts.

“Tap the ground when this gets too painful,” Ella said. She arched her back and it felt like my elbow was going to shatter.

“I give, I give!” I shouted, banging my free hand on the ground. She let go and the pain quickly subsided.

“It didn’t seem like full-guard was such a great position after all,” I said.

“It is, you just need to know how to work it. This time you be on the bottom.” Ella spread her knees apart to invite me in. I knelt down between them and she straddled me with her legs. They tightly gripped my waist to the point that it was difficult to breathe. “Now I have control of your body, see?”

“Not really. It’s much easier for me to attack you in this position.”

“Try it.”

I raised a fist to prove my point, but was flung forward; she had sharply pulled her legs into her chest and my body moved with them. Her legs jolted in the opposite direction and I was pushed back with them. She gripped both her hands in the nape of my neck and pulled my head into her breasts.

“Now see if you can attack me,” she said. I couldn’t move to any real effect, although I wasn’t sure that I wanted to.

She wasn’t going to let me go until I tried something. I managed to turn my head to the side, nuzzle my nose under her lapel, and lick her sweaty, salty breast.

“What was that?” she said. She pushed me out of that position and the next thing I knew, my neck was locked between her thighs. “Remember, you’re only breathing because I’m allowing it.” Her pussy was tantalizingly close to my face; I would have taken a shot of nuzzling that as well if it was within reach. She must have been reading my mind, because that was the moment she squeezed her thighs together and I lost the ability to breathe. I frantically tapped the ground and she released me.

She sternly asked me, “Are you here to learn something or are you here to mess around?”

I didn’t know the correct answer. First one, then the other? “I’ll behave,” I replied, although my eyes may have said something completely different.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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