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First Experience with a Woman Ch. 2

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We decided to go grab a bite to eat. So we got dressed and went to McDonalds. After we got back we both got undressed and decided to eat in bed! After we were both done eating we lay there for a bit to let our food settle and we watched a little bit of Charlie’s Angels. Well, that didn’t last long cuz we both were getting extremely aroused lying there beside each other. We started kissing again, more passionately this time. She got on top of me, and we kissed a few more times, then she kissed her way back down between my legs again! She parted my lips and starting immediately licking and sucking my clit. She furiously sucked on my clit and soon I was gyrating my hips against her tongue. I grabbed her head and pushed her into my pussy, rubbing her hair. Then I starting playing with my nipples, feeling my orgasm approaching. She moved her tongue up and down my slit, inside me, then back over my clit, and this made me cum! I wanted her now, bad!

I laid her down and dove right into her wet, juicy pussy! Only this time I had a surprise for her! I had brought my “tickler” with me. It was a little cover that went over my tongue ring. It was made casino oyna of a soft rubber and had little nubs all over it. Anyhow I put it on my tongue ring and went back to licking her pussy. When she felt the tickler run over her clit she jumped. I thought I had hurt her, but it just surprised her. I continued licking her slit, up and down, sliding my tongue inside her, rubbing my tickler inside her pussy then dragging it back across her clit. I buried my face deep and licked like crazy. Soon she was cumming again all over my face. I continued licking her clit and she had yet another orgasm. See one part I left out was we called my husband on my cell phone and let him listen to me make her cum!

I went up and lay beside her again, trying to calm down for a few! She looked at me and smiled and kissed me again. We looked at the clock and still had about 2 hour’s left. So we lay there and talked for awhile,(Giving our mouths and pussies a lil break)!!

Finally an hour had past and we realized we only had an hour left together. We just stared in each others eyes for a few minutes then leaned towards each other in a passionate embrace. She pulled canlı casino back, looked at the clock, then started to go back down between my legs, but I stopped her and told her to get on top of me in a “69” position. She was a little hesitant at first but then crawled on me, sticking her juicy pussy in my face. We both started sucking, and licking at each other’s pussies. She slid 3 fingers inside, and started pumping them in and out hard and fast. I could feel my orgasm building up already. She continued harder and faster and the next thing I knew I was having a very intense orgasm, a very “wet” orgasm! I was cumming everywhere all over her face and hand. She sucked and licked every last drop of cum out of me!

I then turned her over on her back and got back between her legs, and started licking and sucking her clit and pussy like crazy! I slid my fingers and tongue inside her and grinded my nose against her clit. Faster and harder, she starting moaning loud, breathing harder. She grabbed my head and pushed it against her pussy. This drove me crazy! I licked and sucked harder and faster, she starting screaming, begging me to please bite kaçak casino her clit. I lightly bit down on her clit and she arched her back, screamed out “Oh My God…Yessssss…..” And started cumming everywhere! After she came down, she held my face in her hands and said “Oh my god, thank you!” I got up and gave her a little smirk and said, “You have a nice drive home baby!” She said, “Damn you, you go and save the best for last!”

We went and got cleaned up, got dressed. We gathered our things up, and prepared to say our “good byes”! We went and checked out, and she walked me out to my van. We thanked each other and hugged and gave each other one last kiss before leaving! I hated to leave, but I knew I had to go home to my family. We both had a wonderful time! And said we would definitely meet again!!

The whole drive home she is all I thought about!!! It has been almost a week and we still talk daily, and call each other! We are already planning our next meeting! We are contemplating putting on a “show” for my husband, so maybe my next chapter will be all about that meeting!

This story was based on a true story. This was how our actual day went. I may have left out a few minor details, but it’s pretty close!! Hopefully chapter 3 will be written soon! Please feel free to give me your feedback, I love hearing what you think of my stories! Thanx!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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