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First Time , Heat Rhymes Pt. 01

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This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.


First Times & Heat Rhymes

Part One

Still and quiet, the grey wolf embraced the night.

She perched upon a flat rock beside the river, hind paws dangling over the edge to dip her bare toes in the water. Her sandals sat on the rock behind – a bold style choice for a young lady of her time – within her reach if needed. Staring down into the water, she swept her hair over her shoulders, letting it fall in a shimmering, black curtain down her back. Lined with willow trees, the trickle and burble of the river was soothing to her twitching ears and she relaxed as the minutes dripped by, leaning back on her paws to cast her gaze towards the star spangled sky.

So much bright…

Had she been rash in her choice? The wolf shook her head, trouble gleaming in her eyes. It had been a simple enough thing to accept an invitation. It could even be said to be impolite to ignore an invitation from a good friend without fair reason, especially for a young lady. Yet she questioned her choice. She blinked slowly, trying to make sense of the repetitive action, the physical sense of being. Whereas she had pursued the quest of knowledge in her young life, travelling to countries on the nearest continent to her home soil, England, it was not an interest in yet another summer study retreat that made her toes curl impatiently.

She blushed, raising a paw to her cheek to feel the heat seeping through fur, invisible to all but touch.

No: hers was a far sweeter concern.

A bush rustled and she sat up, tail stiff and ears pricked to catch the faintest noise on the breeze. The bush – a small, green shrub of approximately waist height – shivered with mirth, a chuckle bursting forth. Knowing ‘it’ had been caught, the culprit of mischief himself leapt from it, leaves and twigs tangled in his mop of brown hair, a mangled tuft atop his head.

The wolf shook her head, heartbeat returning to something akin to a normal pace. Though she could never be truly relaxed around this bat, oh no.

“Hans,” she murmured. “You followed me from the house.”

“I would not have followed you from any other location, my dear.”

Too quick for her.

He bowed with a flourish, sweeping a winged arm across his stomach in the most gentlemanly pose he could muster. Against her will, the wolf giggled, the sound loud under the cover of darkness. Yet there was no one near enough to hear them; even the lights of Hans’ brother’s house were snuffed out in the distance, candles and lamps quieted as the household slumbered. Only the youngsters were awake to cause trouble this silent night.

The wolf paused, wanting to say more, but was unable to stop greedily drinking in the bat’s form with her eyes. Garbed in a thick coat, his flannel sleeping trousers fell to his ankles, boots unlaced and messy. She flushed at the thought that he had not even wanted to wait to tie his laces before following her outside. She had made sure he had seen her leave, after all, and his haste pleased her.

His leathery wings creaked as he stood up tall, brown fur bristling along the line of his short muzzle, which was tipped with a flat nose.

“What has possessed you to come out here on your own, Bethany?” Hans frowned, shrugging off his father’s overcoat. “You shall catch your death.”

“I do not feel the cold, you know this, Hans. And I was not the one hiding in a bush. Could you not find a more suitable hiding place? We are no longer pups, after all.”

“Bethany.” His eyes were stern as he held out his coat to her, offering it in one paw. “Please. I will not see you chilled.”

She signed and took the offered coat, rising to her hind paws in order to put it on. Hans stood an inch or two taller than her, otherwise matching the charming female perfectly in height. Clad in a simple nightshirt, he shivered, short fur fluffing up as he strove not to show Beth that he was indeed cold. The wolf’s lips twisted and she faced the fleeting thought of wrapping her arms around him, pulling him close so that he could share the natural heat of her body.

The cold never bothered me anyway…

She crossed her arms over her chest, pressing the thin night shirt close to her fur.

“You can call me Beth, Hans. You are always so formal with me. Why is that?”

“My…” He rubbed his shoulder, fingers dancing away an itch. “You are direct tonight…Beth. There is something different about you. I shall be damned if I can put my finger upon it though.”

Beth turned her muzzle away, hiding a smile. She did not want Hans to think she was laughing at him, the way he still ever so slightly mixed up his words. A German accent was difficult to hide but his skill in speaking English was incomparable to any other English second language speaker she had come kocaeli escort across thus far. It never ceased to amuse her and made something in her heart flutter like the wings of a trapped butterfly.

The bat stepped closer. Beth imagined she could sense the beat of his heart, tap-tapping like a drum as it pumped his life blood through his veins. Her mouth watered and she blinked, chasing away the notion with a scowl. No, not that. It was not proper for the moment. Mother had said so. She would not say anything serious without rhyme or reason to her cautions.

“Will you not return to the house with me?” Hans folded his wings in front of his body, blocking out the worst of the nippy breeze. “For the summer months, it is not pleasant here.”

“If you are cold, why did you give me your coat?”

Beth’s eyes twinkled and he parted his lips to give a smart answer in reply, only then catching on to her ploy.

“Bethany.” He shook his head, exaggerating the motion. “You are wicked.”

She ducked her head, coyly peering through her eyelashes.

“Am I?”

Beth licked her lips and placed one paw over his heart, claws pricking into the fabric of his shirt just hard enough so that he trembled at the sensation. He was not born of the predator species she was, his ancestors hunting smaller prey under the cloak of night. The wolfess leaned in close, close enough so that their noses almost touched, though not quite. He swayed, mesmerised.

“You have not seen anything yet, my Hans.”

His eyes clouded with confusion and he tilted his head to the side; Beth near melted.



“Yet,” she confirmed, pressing her lips to his in a kiss.

He stiffened, her boldness catching him off guard, and she seized her chance, wrapping her arms around his neck to hold his muzzle to hers. Tilting her head to the side, she flicked her long, canine tongue over his lips, enticing him to part them, and he welcomed her tongue inside. She deepened the kiss, fiery need rising in her loins so that it was all she could do not to whimper and grind her hips against him. Was this what it was like to be in heat? No, she was not in heat, she was too young. All she felt was raw lust. And she loved it.

Moaning softly into the kiss, Beth curled her fingers into Hans’ short fur, tail wagging as his leathery wings wrapped around her, moving without conscious thought from the bat in question. His body knew what to do but, alas, the young male fumbled in his touch, moving his paws restlessly as if he knew not where to place them.

Blushing crimson, Hans pulled away and held up his paws, angling his body away from Beth. He stared her down reproachfully, a wounded edge to his rigid stance.

“Bethany, we should not be doing this!”

Her eyes narrowed.

“Why should we not?” She crossed her arms over her chest and glared. “Do you not want me, Hans? Have your sidelong looks and so called accidental caresses been for naught?”

“Of course not! I desire you more than anything in the world. I would do anything to taste you on my lips again, Beth, only…” He bit his lip, looking down at his twisting paws. “I have never…been with a female. I do not know what to do.”

“Oh… Is that all that concerns you?” She chuckled, resting a paw on his forearm. “Please, Hans, I have never been with a male. We are on even ground in this matter.”

He fiddled with his wings, his tuck of a tail pressed down over his rump, little protection that it was.

“In this matter?” He muttered at last, unwilling to raise his voice above a whisper.

“Of course, I best you intellectually.”

He smiled at that, brightness returning to his eyes.

“It is not proper to lay with you, Bethany,” he said, interlacing his fingers as her face fell, darkening. “I would much rather do things in the proper way, as we should. I care for you so much. You are important -“

Her lips crashed into his and he squeaked, protests muffled by her ferocity. Her paw boldly dropped to the bulge in his night trousers that he so desperately tried to hide and squeezed, thrilled by the thickness she found: clear evidence that he desired her like no other. Hans whined, a high pitched keen of longing, and ran his paws wonderingly down her back, exploring the curve of her body for the very first time. Beth savoured every second, arching into his touch like a domestic feline being petted.

Bearing the bat down to the grass, Beth laid him gently upon his back and straddled his hips, paws on his chest as, panting, they broke the kiss, sharing breath. Their chests heaved and Beth groaned, squeezing her thighs around the male’s narrower hips, his hardness grinding beneath her night skirt.

“Tell me that you do not want me,” she breathed, “and I shall walk away. I will never speak of this moment again.”

“I cannot…”

“Then we have no reason to hold ourselves back, my sweet Hans.”

She fiddled with the buttons on his shirt, tongue sticking out the corner of her mouth as she fought to reveal him. It would be cold, she was sure of kocaeli escort bayan it, but she had to see him, she simply had to. The buttons succumbed to her cool paws and she parted the fabric breathlessly, tail wagging gently to and fro like the pendulum of a clock.

He whimpered as her fingers grazed over his black nipples, perking them up into peaks in the cool snap of air. Curious, she dropped her muzzle to one, giving it a tentative lick much as one would if they were tasting an unfamiliar food. Hans curled his paws into fists and moaned, encouraging her to try again. Playing each nipple with her tongue, she discovered his sensitivity, paws simultaneously struggling to tug down his trousers, which were held only at the waist by a fabric tie.

Doing away with modesty, Beth untied the cloth and flung it aside to the grass, pulling down Hans’ night trousers along with his undergarments, tangled in a pile of fabric. It was too much – he should not have been wearing so much around her. It made it difficult to admire him. Sitting up, Hans traced his fingertips down Beth’s side, breath coming in short, sharp pants as he slowly raised her shirt, asking the unspoken question: may I?

In answer, she lifted her arms over her head, allowing him to remove her night shirt with the softest of touches. Her breasts hung prettily in the moonlight, pulled down into light teardrops from their own weight, full and heavy as she blossomed. Hans bit his lip and swallowed a moan, raising a tentative paw to caress one, touch fumbling in its gentleness. Beth squirmed and arched into him, tail sweeping a path over his legs.

But the young wolfess was too impatient to waste time on touches when her loins burned. Standing up, she ripped her skirt from her legs, hopping on one hind paw with a curse as she struggled to disentangle it from her legs. Hans raised a paw, half-moving to help, before dropping back on the damp grass with a laugh, paws behind his head.

“And what has entertained you so?” She huffed, throwing the skirt forcefully at his head.

He snuffled, his world grey underneath a cloak of cloth, and he yanked it from his face, muzzle wrinkled in a cheerful bat grin.

“You look…”

He trailed off, words failing him as Beth stood naked before him. Her paws on her hips, fire flared in her eyes and she tapped a hind paw upon the ground, grey fur melding seamlessly to white where it came to her underbelly. She flicked her hair back over her shoulder and crossed her arms over her bosom as if suddenly self-conscious of her nudity, though her eyes never left the bat’s face. Slowly, she licked her lips, showing off a gleam of white fangs, jaws strong enough to clamp shut around a fur’s throat and suck out their life blood in a single serving. Hans shivered. She was a force of nature to be reckoned with.

He wondered if he could survive the rising tide.

Bethany stalked up to him, not giving him any choice in the matter. Dropping to her knees, she ran a paw down the soft fur of his chest, feeling his developing muscles with a murmur of appreciation. The wag returned to her tail and the bat relaxed, enjoying the caress and resisting the urge to cross his legs as his body responded, cock rising and hardening into a breeding spire. This did not escape Beth’s attention and she stroked his shaft tentatively with the palm of her paw, easing up and down the length until Hans gritted his teeth, instinct electrifying his veins.

“Does it feel good, my sweet?”

If she had been a feline, Bethany would have purred. Emboldened by his reaction, she wrapped both paws around his length, pumping and stroking like she had heard felt pleasurable, though her stimulation was far from seamless. The first time was always a learning experience, so it was said, only she was taking her first time long before they had confessed to any of theirs. Beth smiled, confident in herself even if her paws trembled. If she had Hans, what else did she have to worry about? The bat wanted her and that was all that mattered in the moment.

Casting him a sly wink, the wolf dipped her muzzle, playing her tongue experimentally over the head of his cock. Hans tensed and groaned deep in his throat, arms splayed out against the ground. Beth could have clapped her paws in delight. She repeated the motion, using her long canine tongue to lather the bat’s length in saliva, the first drop of lubrication for what they both knew was to come, the losing of their virginities. Holding his length up and away from his body, she made sure that no spot was left untouched and wagged her tail as she lapped over and over the head, working each and every sensitive nuance until the bat was no more than a quivering heap of muscle.

“Beth, please,” he begged. “Do not make me wait. I have wanted you for so long. Please do not stop…”

“All in good time, my dear Hans.”

The wolf smirked, lips pulling up at the corner, and withdrew, paws exploring his balls with unduly careful fingertips; she knew how easy it was to hurt males in that area all too well. kocaeli escort Rolling his lightly furred orbs between her fingers and thumb, Beth wriggled her hips, need rising in the pit of her stomach. It was fun to play but she needed more, oh so much more. She shifted up alongside the bat, one paw stroking his chest as the other explored his balls and shaft. As Beth moved, Hans lifted his head, blinking through a daze of lust.

“Bethany… Beth. What are you doing?”

She smiled, secrecy in her eyes as she tilted her muzzle down coyly, peering at him through her eyelashes. The look made his heart skip a beat and his cock throbbed, pulsing clear pre-cum on to the tip of his shaft.

“I will make you feel good, Hans,” she promised. “Quiet. Just…relax. This will feel good. I know what I want to do.”

Nuzzling down the length of his body, from chest to lower abdomen, Beth turned so that she straddled him again, facing his curling and uncurling toes. Her back arched as she extended her body on to all fours, tail lifted invitingly to give Hans the perfect view of her pink, untouched sex, clitoris just peeking out from under its protective hood. He gulped and lifted his paws to her hips, scratching through her fur so that she rumbled with pleasure, dipping her muzzle to his cock once more while his confidence grew.

This time, she steadied his dick with one paw and parted her lips, taking the head between them completely. He jerked – she grazed him with a tooth – and she mumbled an apology, slowly letting her muzzle sink lower and lower, ideally shaped for the act she had in mind. Her short claws dug into his thighs as she took his smooth cock almost completely into her muzzle, a couple of inches remaining outside. Though she squinted, she could not quite see how much more she had to take in the low light and grumbled, bobbing her muzzle in a slow, steady rhythm, setting her own pace as she learned. Her tongue squeezed up against the underside of his cock and the bat squirmed, paws moving from his body to the grass and up to her side, running down the length of her torso, all he could reach. There was nothing he would do to halt the moment.

Staring up at her pussy, Hans groaned, drawing her rump down to his muzzle. Moisture glistened upon her folds and he panted heavily, instinct overcoming shyness to lap over the puffy flesh. His partner twisted in his grasp and he took this to mean that she enjoyed his attentions, dipping his tongue inside her cunny to taste deeper of her essence. Moaning around a mouthful of cock, Beth arched her back, leaning heavily on her elbows to thrust back at Hans’ eager tongue, her body understanding the act far better than she. The tongue was a tease and she so desired to be filled with a hot, throbbing shaft, cum spilling inside her. It reminded her of what was to come and the wolf struggled to concentrate on keeping her lips pressed around the bat’s cock in a tight ‘O’, rather than allowing her teeth to come into contact with his sensitive skin again. Blood pulsed just below the surface and she felt that old, familiar ache in her stomach, bidding her to bite and bite deep, to taste…

But that was a heritage she had no manner to acknowledge as yet. Shaking off the primitive, vampiric urge, Beth worked over his cock with a groan, tail flipping from side to side as he pleased her as well as he could. The steady laps of his tongue made her hips jerk, more and more feminine arousal soaking her pussy and the softer fur around it, copious amounts dripping down her thighs. She had had no idea that it was possible to become so wet and aroused! What was the bat doing to her? She shuddered. Hans even chanced a few cheeky swipes of his tongue over the pucker under her tail, making the muscle clench and release in a strange, illicit pleasure. She shuddered and sat up, a string of saliva briefly connecting her lips to his cock as she pulled away. Was that supposed to feel so good?

The bat almost did not notice her retreat, so focused was he upon her sweet nectar. As if starved of food and drained of water for months on end, he flicked his tongue over her clit and drove it between her pussy lips with small grunts, one paw tugging at skin to pull back the hood covering her clit. Beth panted heavily and rocked her hips in time with the bold assault, need rising to a crescendo. She had to have him.

“Hans…” She caught his attention, looking back over her shoulder with piercing eyes that shone through the darkness. “Take me.”

Her tone left no question in the air between them. Beth took the initiative and, though it was difficult to pull away from the whimpering bat, lay back on the ground with her legs spread invitingly. Seeing Hans unable to tear his gaze away, she wickedly pulled her legs back with her paws, bending at the knee and displaying her tight little sex.

He crawled over her and pressed his lips to hers, lining up his cock with one paw as he balanced, fearful of dropping his weight on to the female he perceived as more delicate than he. The head of his cock bumped into her thighs and he growled, the sound making Beth’s eyes go wide, pressing against the wrong part of her folds before finally nudging just the head inside. She hissed through her teeth and her head fell back to expose the creamy white of her throat to Hans, who adored it with kisses, easing in deeper.

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