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Five Shades of Desire

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1: Inscrutable

In Kyoto, the cherry blossom season is in the early spring. In the first half of April, Maruyama Park is the favorite spot for cherry blossom parties. The centerpiece of the park is a tall shidarezakura (weeping cherry tree) which is lighted at night. During the autumn, the park is famed for the brilliant reds, yellows, and oranges of its falling leaves.

Couples as well as families can be seen strolling through the park day and night during the height of both of the seasons. Such is the park’s fame that tour groups come from all across Asia, Europe, and North America to take in its great natural beauty.

During the off-seasons of high summer and deep winter, the park is not so crowded. A pair of lovers can easily slip away to share physical intimacy under a shady bower, hidden by a rocky outcropping, or alongside a gentle spring. It is a favorite place for photographers, as one might expect. At times, the lovers and photographers intersect to produce erotic images of great beauty and intensity.

Akira Watase, 23 years old, a former fashion model, and now famous on five continents, was kneeling on a grassy patch of ground still with its spring softness. In a week or two, it would be drier and harder. But now, it was soft enough that the videographer spread the grass-colored covering down so the girl would not soil her feet or her knees. She was surrounded by a number of attendants just out of camera range. There was a make-up specialist, someone to hold the reflecting sheets, another person to tend to her costumes, someone else preparing refreshments.

The lovely young woman was performing fellatio upon a young male model. His face would not show in the video. He was there, after all, only for his erect penis. She was the star. Tall for a Japanese woman at 5′ 6″ and fashionably slim at 110 lbs., Akira was perhaps the most popular AV (Adult Video) idol in Japanese history. She was possessed of a beautiful smile and long lovely legs. Her skin was flawless and her pretty face breathtaking.

As she vigorously sucked the boy, bobbing her head demonstratively, making slurping noises, and licking up and down his shaft, the cameraman moved to shoot her image from all angles. Her 34-23-33 figure with her D metric cup breasts was perfect. It was not often that a woman of such extraordinary beauty performed in pornography.

The boy signaled to the director that he was about to cum. It was to be a “facial” so the cameraman got close to her face as the young man removed his cock from her mouth and masturbated all over her cheeks, nose, and forehead. Akira never lost concentration on the task to which was assigned and took the spent penis back into her mouth, sucking and licking up the semen. As the camera filmed the close-up, she took her right index finger and scooped up the cream off her chin and onto her tongue.

“Cut!” the director cried. The young male actor turned away and donned a white terry cloth robe. An attendant rushed over to Akira, as she rose to her feet, with a soft, warm, wet cloth and a mild, scented soap to clean the cum off of her face, hair, and breasts.

“Thank you,” she said politely to the rather homely and chubby young woman who was gently dabbing at her face.

“That was great, Akira!” the director said. “Just great!”

The young woman wiped the moisture from her face with a clean towel as she said, “I hope so; I wanted it to look natural, as though it was something a girl would do every day.”

To most porn stars in Japan, this was a job for which they were paid very well and because of which they were accorded a fleeting celebrity. This was also true for the non-pornographic audience. Unlike most cultures in the west, the Japanese considered sex natural and normal, not salacious. A star such as Akira was well respected in all circles. Her approach, though, was somewhat different from the others.

As the many male actors fucked and cummed on her, as she took their hard cocks in many positions in many locations ranging from the bucolic, as in the park, to the devastated, as in the ruins of buildings destroyed by the earthquakes that occasionally plagued Japan, Akira thought about Hiroshi and imagined him inside her.

Her first love, she had never forgotten him. She was 13 when she saw the handsome 16 year old athlete. She had fallen head over heels in love with him. Too shy and too nerdy looking at the time to be as forward as she would have needed to be in order to meet him, she adored him from afar.

As she grew into a beauty, she still felt the need to satisfy the sexual urge that he had kindled within her. With every cock she took in the mouth, the pussy, and even the asshole, she imagined his long, proud erection ravishing her.

“Are you ready, Akira?” the director asked.

“Yes, I’m ready,” she answered softly with a slight bowing of the head and a slight smile. The make-up girl had finished applying the base and the blush to her cheeks and refreshed her ruby kadıköy escort red lipstick. The hair dresser had quickly blow-dried her hair and combed it out. She was indeed ready.

She then knelt upon the grass-colored covering again as the three erect male actors approached her. She would take the thrusts of their cocks into her pussy in a variety of positions for close to an hour in order to get the 20 minutes of usable footage for the film, tentatively titled, “Little Girl Park Slut.”

Her face showed how she was feeling. The director and everyone else on the set marveled at how she projected such passion, such intimate involvement throughout.

“Uhn … uhn … uhn …” she grunted as the men took turns fucking her. Her performance was up to her usual standard, of course. She was, after all, one of the most reliably emotive AV idols ever. The girl had talent, they all said. A conscientious, hard worker who could really act.

‘Hiroshi! Oh Hiroshi, my love! Take me! Yes, take me!’ she said to herself as a gentle breeze moved the grass and shook the nearby roses.

2. Slattern

“Sexy Dee” was on her hands and knees on the bed in the motor inn. The BBW’s (big beautiful woman: a euphemism for “fat girl”) younger client/lover, Todd, was holding her head in his hands as he fucked her mouth. He liked to stroke her thin, jaw length, blonde hair as she sucked his cock. He would soon be shooting a big load down her throat. It usually took her two gulps to get it all down.

At the same time her older client/lover, Jeff, was fucking her pussy from behind. His cock was bigger than Todd’s and she loved the feel of it striking her deep. It was one of the biggest dicks she’d ever had. He had good endurance and could go for a long time, which pleased her. He also ate her pussy better than anyone she’d ever had. (She prided herself on always being scrupulously clean everywhere.)

While preparing that morning to rendezvous with the two men she loved, Dee (her real name was Lois) thought about how she’d started as an “escort.”

Her first client was a man who had worked with her in the chain restaurant she managed in Owl Creek, Alabama. She’d needed extra money and so had given in to his entreaties to fuck her for cash.

She would be meeting him that first evening in her apartment. He had told her to be naked on her hands and knees and facing away from the door. He would come in, place the money on the end table near the door, get down on his knees, and fuck her from behind. Then he would leave. There would be no conversation; just the quick fuck and he would be gone. She was not to turn and look at him. She chuckled to herself remembering how she had wondered if she could actually go through with it.

There she was, a thirty-nine year old divorced mother of two daughters, one in high school, and already a mother herself, and one in college studying to be a minister, about to turn a trick! She could scarcely believe it. She’d looked at the clock on the wall in the cramped kitchen of her one bedroom basement apartment and knew it was time for her to unlock the door and to get on all fours. He would be there soon.

She remembered the door opening and a rush of warm air until he closed it. She heard his footsteps, heard him place the envelope on the table, and heard him unzip his pants. She heard the jingling of the change in his pocket as the pants hit the floor. She heard the sound of the condom’s foil packaging being ripped open and the sound of a rubber being unrolled down his erection.

Then he guided his hard cock inside her, put both hands on her ample hips, and started fucking. Her big body shook and her slack belly jiggled with each slapping thrust. He must have been excited because it didn’t take him long before he gasped and grunted, slowed his humping and eventually pushed in and held it there as he orgasmed.

Silence. He hadn’t moved; she was still, holding the doggy-style position that he’d requested. After what seemed like 15 minutes but was only two, he hastily withdrew his cock, pulled off the cum-filled condom, and stood up. She heard him lift his pants and buckled his belt. He dropped the rubber into the plastic waste paper basket by the door and opening the door, left abruptly without a word.

Lois stayed in the position for another minute. She had put her face to the carpet and said to herself, ‘I’m a whore. I’ve done it for money. I’m a fucking whore!’ She thought she might feel ashamed, she had wondered if she might cry. She felt and did neither.

Instead, she just got to her feet and still naked, picked up the money and counted it. As she walked to her bedroom she felt elated. ‘Hell,’ she thought, ‘that’s the most money I’ve ever made in fifteen minutes … and I didn’t have to do nothin’.’

“Oh, yeah! Here it comes, Dee; here it comes … ahh!”

Todd fired off a load of semen into the forty-five üsküdar escort year old woman’s mouth. She felt the gush of the warm fluid hitting the back of her throat. She liked swallowing his semen. He was sweet to her and although there were significant intervals when she did not see him, he could be very attentive. He was around ten years younger than she was. He was handsome. He visited her because his wife was asexual; or at least that’s what he told her. It didn’t matter to Lois. She was always happy to see him and to service him.

At the same time, Jeff was belaboring her pussy, thrusting his long thick cock deep inside her. He gripped her hips as he drove into her. Even though he was older than Todd by some 25 years, she was very attracted to him. He was generous with her and considerate of her feelings. In contrast to Todd, Jeff was happy with his wife. What Lois offered was the thrill of illicit sex and the threesomes that so turned him on.

“Okay, Dee; here I come!”

Jeff arched his back as he ejaculated inside her cunt. Todd and Jeff were the only clients she let fuck her without a rubber.

Todd had left soon after cumming. Lois was cuddling with Jeff, who, like Todd, was always affectionate and solicitous but unlike Todd, more available. He lay behind her and stroked her ample belly and big breasts while kissing the back of her neck and her shoulders.

It was a lot like having a love affair with these two men. They paid her but they gave her something more: self-respect. They both let her know that they genuinely cared for her.

As she lay on the bed in the motor lodge, alone after Jeff had left, she turned her attention to her daughters. Bethany had just given birth to her third child, a boy, with a third father only this one had married her. She wasn’t that enthused about her new son-in-law but he was good to Bethany and to her other children so she had little about which to complain.

Her older daughter, Chrissie, had recently moved farther away from her. She was an officer for the Salvation Army and had to go where they sent her. She was in North Carolina now, and doing well but Lois missed her terribly. Soon, she knew, Chrissie would find someone and marry. (The organization encouraged marriage between its employees. It was a lifestyle and an extended community.) Though still close to their mother, her girls would both have their own lives. It was just the way of things.

She looked up at the clock and saw that it would be time to check out soon. She stayed at this place often. She made up a story about working for an insurance company but nobody believed it.

On her way out to her car to drive home, the young man behind the desk smiled and said good-bye. As she walked through the sliding glass doors, he watched her and thought, without malice, ‘Whore.’

3. Something Extra

“There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”

‘Boy, Hamlet had it right!’ Luke Tanner said to himself. It was 5:00 AM and he had awakened needing take a piss. As he slid back into bed and looked over at the pretty blonde lying asleep in bed next to him, he wondered, ‘How the heck did this happen?’

“Hi, I’m Luke.”

The blonde turned her head to fix her gaze upon the young man to her left at the bar. He continued.

“Jillian mentioned me to you, right?”

“Yes, she did but she didn’t say how handsome you were!”

They both laughed. Luke’s mischievous friend from work set him up on this blind date. Jillian Wenzel told him that he needed to broaden his horizons.

“You need to do something wild and crazy,” she said to him one Friday afternoon. They had left work a couple of hours early and were sitting at a table in the small, dark bar in central L.A. Luke had just broken up with his longtime girlfriend, Jill. She had wanted a commitment and he had wavered.

“This is how it’s always going to be, right?” she said to him. His silence told her all she needed to know. “Good-bye, Luke; please don’t call me anymore.”

Sarina, the lovely young woman certainly did not look crazy to him, although she might be wild in bed. Jillian wasn’t specific.

The girl was dressed in a strapless dark red iridescent dress that showed her 36″ D cup breasts to good effect. Her eyes were subtly, lightly made up, giving her a very sultry and sexy look. They were set off nicely by the slightest hint of blush on her cheeks and her cherry red lipstick. She fairly smoldered Luke thought!

They moved to a table and chatted, involved in the process of getting to know each other. Luke liked her voice and the way she laughed. As they drank more, they sat closer and closer together. Luke smelled the subtle scent of either a perfume or powder on her and found it, and her, appealing.

During a lull in the conversation, they looked into each other’s eyes and they both stood still. Luke covered Sarina’s hand with his as she tuzla escort leaned forward. Closing their eyes, they kissed. Luke immediately got hard. Sarina put her hand between his legs and whispered, “Would you like to go to my place?”

In the taxi, they kissed again, passionately. Luke caressed her breasts as their tongues touched. He was excited to be with her. He was imagining himself going down on her. He imagined what she would look like as he fucked her from behind. He let his hand stray down between her legs but to his surprise she gently blocked him. ‘Okay,’ he thought. ‘She doesn’t want me get too carried away in a taxi! Classy!’

As soon as they entered her apartment, Sarina closed and locked the door and took off her dress. Her beautiful breasts were … well … perfect! Luke was speechless. What she did next surprised him further.

Standing before him in only her black lace panties and high heeled shoes, Sarina dropped to her knees, unzipped his pants, pulled out his already hard cock and began to suck it. Luke thought he’d died and gone to heaven! He ran his fingers through her hair as she gave him the best head he’d had in a long time … maybe ever!

“Sarina!” he gasped. “I’m starting to cum!”

The girl kept on sucking and stroking until Luke blew his load. As he was cumming he was dimly aware of her swallowing his semen. ‘This is a first date!’ he had to remind himself. ‘She certainly isn’t shy!’

Luke finished undressing and let Sarina lead him by the hand into her bedroom. After positioning him on the bed, she kicked off her shoes. Standing at the end of the bed, she asked him, “Are you open-minded, Luke?”

Eagerly awaiting whatever this beautiful and sexually skilled woman would suggest, he answered, “Yes!” Even if it meant her fucking him in the ass with a strap-on, he would let her … provided the dildo wasn’t too big!

She turned her back to him and slowly, sensually pulled the black lace panties to the floor. She coquettishly tossed them away and then turned around to finally show him her …

Penis. A penis; small, circumcised, but a penis. A real penis.

Luke’s face fell and once again he was speechless. Sarina had a look on her face that seemed to say, ‘Okay, you’re not as open-minded as either of us thought. You’re surprised by this and now you want to go home.’ She sighed as she walked over to retrieve her panties. Luke got up out of the bed and starting walking toward her.

“I’m sorry, Luke; I at least hope you liked the blow job,” she said as she backed away, lifting her arms to protect her face. “Please don’t hit me!”

Luke stopped. “Hit you? I wasn’t going to hit you.” He stepped forward and took the cowering girl in his arms and kissed her deeply. She could scarcely believe it and sighed with relief.

“Okay, it’s a surprise, I admit that. And I thought about running out the door as fast as I could. I admit that, too. But I think you’re not only gorgeous, you’re a sweet, intelligent, and really brave girl … with a little something extra.” Sarina laughed with joy and relief.

“Oh, Luke,” Sarina sighed and pressed herself against him. He kissed her hair and whispered, “Now, I’m going to give my first blow job!” He knelt in front of her took the diminutive prick in his mouth and brought her off.

They lay in bed cuddling and talking until they were both aroused again. Sarina had Luke fuck her in the ass with a condom and he jerked her off before they went to sleep. (Taking a dick in the ass was a bit much for him at this stage, he told her. She laughed and said she understood!)

Luke snuggled close to the still sleeping shemale and wondered how a cock would feel in his anus.

4. Kailee

“She’s going away for the weekend.”

“Where to?”

“She told me she’s meeting this guy she started seeing at some place up north.”

“Wow! That’s cool; good for her. Have you met the guy?”

“No; I haven’t met him yet. She didn’t say too much about him except that he was older.”

“Older? How much older?”

The young woman shrugged her shoulders.

“I don’t know; she was kinda vague. She didn’t tell me all that much.”

“She’s probably waiting until it’s, like, ‘real;’ ya know?”

“Yeah, probably. I got my fingers crossed for her.”

“Yeah, me too. I’m glad for her; she really needs someone nice.”

At about the same time as that conversation was taking place, Kailee Dennis was just getting into her car. She had finished her last class of the week before the mid-year break. A fair-sized winter storm was in the offing and they wanted to get on the road before it started snowing.

A dean’s list student since she entered university the year before, Kailee had endured some rocky times emotionally.

She’d had two boyfriends in that time but neither worked out. It was puzzling to her friends because the guys seemed to be nice. Of course, there was no telling what people were like out of the public eye. As her friends had happily observed, Kailee had recovered and was now involved with a man in a relationship that she, and he, found satisfying. Her friends and acquaintances, however, would have certainly been surprised by the fact that Kailee’s lover was an older man. For Kailee, though, it was a logical choice based upon her emotional needs.

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