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Flight Attendant

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‘Ugh, fifteen hours??’ I wrestled my way down the aisle to 28C. ‘Fifteen hours in an aisle seat near the bathroom?? At least the overhead bins should be empty back there.’ Trying to find a silver lining somewhere I tossed my carry on into the overhead bin and took my seat next to an old man who smelled of peppermint and pipe tobacco. It reminded me of The Parent Trap and I smiled for the first time since arriving at the airport that morning.

Once the plane was in the air I realized I hadn’t taken any pills for the trip. I have a phobia of open water and heights. Flying is typically fine and I’m not afraid of it, unless it’s over water. I also get motion sick on planes. Once we leveled off I called for a flight attendant. A woman came from behind me to turn off the call light. When she saw how pale I looked, I am white but no one should have the hue of green I’m sure I was also displaying, she put her hand on my shoulder and asked if there was anything I needed. I asked for Dramamine and she hurried off to where she had come from. I rested my head in my hands, trying to settle my stomach. Feeling my hair fall around my shoulders and face brought some comfort. A moment later the flight attendant was at my side again with a cup of water and a couple pills. She waited for me to take the medicine before leaving me again to ready the beverage cart for the rest of the passengers.

In the Dramamine induced sleep that followed I dreamt I was surrounded by large spiders and an amazon woman came to my rescue fighting them all off. I knew when I woke up that my fears of traveling to Australia couldn’t even escape my subconscious. Upon waking I also noticed a blanket had been laid carefully over me. I snuggled a little further into it and tried to sleep again despite the dream, my stomach was still not up to par. I was unable to lull myself back to sleep however and kept feeling eyes watching me from behind. After a few minutes I looked back. The flight attendant was standing in the back with the food, smiling at me. This was the first time I had really looked at her. Her dark brown hair was pulled back in a bun exposing high cheekbones and large brown eyes. Her skin was a few shades darker than my own and her body a perfect feminine silhouette: the full figured hourglass. Her eyes were smiling at me as I looked her up and down. I smiled back once I reached her face again and she left her cohort to ready the snacks by himself.

“How’re casino siteleri you feeling?” she asked as she crouched to speak to me. Her hand was on my shoulder again, this time I felt a tingle of electricity in her touch and felt myself blush.

“I’m feeling much better, thank you…” I held the last word, silently asking her name.

“Angela” she finished my sentence. She removed her hand and stood up straight, making me regret feeling better.

“Angela” I repeated, feeling it in my mouth. “Nice to meet you, I’m Sarah.” She smiled, nodded, and turned to return to her work. As she walked away she looked back and caught me staring at her ass, which made her blush and laugh.

I nodded off again and when I woke up I had three snacks waiting for me: pretzels, peanuts, and crackers all laid out on my tray table. I looked back to see if Angela was there, she wasn’t, but I knew it was her who had left them for me. My stomach was certainly ready for some food since I didn’t feel nauseous any longer. I ate the pretzels and crackers and put the peanuts in my purse for later.

All at once the realization that we were most likely over an ocean at that moment made my eyes water with fear. I put my head into my hands again, trying to calm myself down for the second time this flight. Not a minute later a familiar hand was on my shoulder. “Sarah, are you feeling alright?” Angela’s voice sounded far away through my muffled ears. When I didn’t respond she took my hand “come with me.” Obediently, I unbuckled and let her lead me to the back of the plane. “Sit here.” she put me in the seat I had seen her in earlier. She poured a cup of water with one hand while still holding mine with her other. Once the cup was full she knelt next to me and handed me the cup. I sipped a little off the top and let it fall down my throat. It felt cool against my warm panic. I took a deep breath and started to relax. Angela smiled at me and stood up, letting go of my hand.

“I’m sorry to be so high maintenance today,” I said, looking sheepishly into the cup. Angela looked at me shocked.

“There’s nothing to be sorry about. This happens,” she blushed before adding “but never to girls as pretty as you.” I averted my gaze and took another sip of water. It really was helping, and feeling Angela watching me gave me courage.

I looked her straight in the eyes and said “I am feeling much better now, thank you.” Trying my canlı casino courage out I continued, “I want to…” but couldn’t get out ‘feel you all over.’ But the way her eyes changed from simply looking at me to seducing me, I knew she knew what I wanted to say. My face flushed “I don’t feel too well.” I reached for her hand again, “Could you help me?” I winked as she took my hand and lead me to the restroom. Luckily on these international planes the bathrooms are a bit larger, so we were both able to fit inside. Not comfortably, but we fit. I turned to face her, my face burning with fear and excitement. When she saw the intensity in my eyes she closed the door behind her without taking her eyes off mine. While the door was clicking shut I pushed her against the door, seeing her blush made me smile. I held her face in my hands and kissed her fully on the mouth. She gasped and after a moment held my waist to pull me closer. I pulled away from her face to catch my breath and she smiled, bit her lip, and pushed me to the counter. I hopped up onto it to reach her face easier. She slid her hands from my waist to my thighs, pushing them apart.

I wrapped my legs around her as she leaned in to kiss me more aggressively. Her lips opened mine and our tongues intertwined. I could taste the mint of her toothpaste. My hands found their way from her hips to her waist to her chest. She hastily took off her blouse, breaking the kiss for as short as possible. While she did this, I pulled my t-shirt off as well. Her boobs were twice the size of my Bs and as soon as I was done taking my bra off I was working on hers. Instead of coming back to my mouth, Angela held my boobs in her hands, squeezing them gently. I had unclasped her bra but could not fully remove it while her arms were occupied. She lifted my left breast and started flicking my nipple with her tongue. I instantly felt it get hard in her mouth as she began sucking on it and I moaned. When I did she stopped and kissed me again. “We have to be quiet,” she warned in a breathy voice that made me quiver. I bit my lip and nodded as her hands pushed my skirt up my thighs. She let her arms fall to her sides allowing her bra to slip off but before I could play with her boobs, she was dropping to her knees.

In this moment I was grateful I wore a skirt and rarely wear underwear. She smirked up at me while her thumb played with my clit. My head instinctively lolled back and my eyes kaçak casino closed. When her tongue replaced her thumb everything inside me shook. It was all I could do not to make a sound, instead of moaning I started breathing heavily, trying to get oxygen back to my brain. Her tongue was teasing my opening causing my hips to roll forcing her slightly into me. Angela held me down where my legs meet my hips and used her thumbs to expose me further. She licked me from the base of my vagina to my clit and sucked on it, my fingers were grasping at the side of the counter trying to hold back the screams. I looked down at her and saw her eyes half open with seduction staring at me. She smirked as her right hand left my thigh and I felt a finger enter me. My head fell back again as she thrust into me, kissing my stomach, my breasts, my neck, her mouth caught my moan as it finally escaped me. She forced her tongue into my mouth while her fingers were doing the same to my second set of lips. I thrust my hips forcing her deeper into me, I still did not let go of the counter for fear of flying away… or falling onto the floor. But when she pulled away from my face for a moment I let my right hand free to pull her back into another deep kiss.

Not wanting to come yet, and having a strong desire to please her as much as she had me, I pulled away from both her fingers and mouth, looked at her full in the face, and dropped to my knees. I unzipped her skirt and pulled it down over her impressive hips revealing lacy white underwear. I couldn’t help myself and licked the damp panties before taking them off her. I glanced up to see her biting her lip trying not to make a sound. Giving her this pleasure made me even wetter. I ripped off her underwear and spread her legs as far apart as I could in that confined space. I thrust my tongue into her as hard and deep as I could, rubbing her clit with my thumb, and squeezing her ass with my free hand. I felt like I was drowning in her, but I loved her taste and couldn’t pull myself away. She was holding herself up with one hand on the counter and I felt the other on the back of my head. She held me in place as she rubbed herself against my tongue and fingers getting ready to climax. I felt ready to come just from the excitement of getting another girl off. Her thighs tightened around my face, I continued to rub around her clit, and she came. I moaned into her as I felt myself do the same. When her legs released me I would have fallen to the floor out of exhaustion, this had been a long day, but Angela still had hold of my head and pulled me back up to her. As we kissed again I could feel my heartbeat against her skin and it excited me all over again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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