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Footsie Ch. 1

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This work is copyrighted to the author LuckOfTheDraw© 2002. Please do not remove the author information or make

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I guess it was the time that I first saw her in a skirt that I realised how much I was turned on by Seema. She normally wore only Indian clothes, so this was a pleasant surprise. It was nothing very daring, quite the opposite if anything. It was calf length and loose, made of some darkish material with a close floral print. But when she sat down, she smoothed the skirt carefully over her buttocks, and the curve held my gaze. When she crossed her legs, the hem of the skirt came to just below the knee, and I could make out that the legs were soft and cushiony. She had shaved her legs, and the skin was smooth and polished. She had caught me looking at her body on that occasion, and the glimmer of a smile had said “naughty, naughty!”

Seema’s husband Rajesh worked in the same organisation as my wife Pratima. It was an unusual situation because both Rajesh and Pratima were very much more aggressive as personalities compared to Seema and me. Both were very competitive, so most occasions when we met as families tended to become opportunities for shop talk between Rajesh and Pratima, with frequent arguments which never caused any rancour, because they were good friends. So both Seema and I tended to stay in the background, although we were both equally as educated and had our independent careers. Seema was very much the supportive wife, making sure that they entertained well, being nice to the other wives, and the like.

All of us went abroad for a while, us to the UK and Rajesh and Seema to Hong Kong. When we came back, we once again started to meet frequently, and I was pleased to notice that Seema had remained much the same. She had never been what one would call a great beauty, but she had a pleasant face with a nice smile, and black eyes which now seemed more playful than before. Her figure was much the same, short and on the plump side, but with breasts that were definitely large and seemed to be still firm. Her black hair still came to her shoulders. This evening her legs were encased in tight Indian pajamas, called churidars, and appeared to be as soft and cushiony as I remembered them.

It was at dinner that the first incident took place. I was seated next to her at the corner of the table and I guess we had all drunk quite a bit. I shifted my position slightly and felt my knee brush against something under the table. I saw the slight start she gave and realised it was kadıköy escort her leg. I immediately drew my leg away. Then I noticed that she had given me a quick smile.

I waited for a while and then moved my knee towards her under the table, ever so slowly. I felt it register against something soft and warm and I knew it was her leg again. This time she didn’t pull away. I moved my leg a little more

and felt the flesh of her leg press harder against me.

We sat like that for a couple of moments. The sensation was incredible. I could feel a warm glow start to form where our legs were pressing. I could feel a raging hardon in my pants. But above the table, Seema continued to converse as though nothing at all was the matter. I did likewise, though my sentences were somewhat monosyllabic.

I then started to rub my leg up and down against hers, slowly and softly and then harder against her. Her lips parted in a slight gasp, but she did not move away. Soon my leg was caressing her hard under the table. No one noticed, and there was no sign of anything going on except for an ever so slight heaving of Seema’s bosom and the occasional flick of her tongue against her lips. As for me, I was having difficulty concentrating on my dinner.

It was getting too hot for me and I was worried that Pratima or Rajesh would notice something. I moved my leg back and saw Seema exhale softly. I guessed maybe she had had enough. My attention moved back to the food and the conversation.

Then to my utter surprise, I felt Seema’s leg against mine again. She pressed it quite definitely against mine, and then, even more amazingly, I felt her other leg as well against my leg from the other side. She pressed her legs together and my leg was now held firmly between soft and warm female flesh on both sides. She started to move both her legs very slightly together. It was as though her legs were a vagina fucking my leg. She continued in this way, alternating the movement of her legs, so my own limb felt as though it was being corkscrewed. I thought I would come in my pants there and then. I stole a glance at her. For a moment she looked at me and the sight was stunning. Her lips were parted and her skin was slightly flushed. Her breath was coming shallowly and she was clearly trying to hold down her gasps. But it was the eyes more than anything else that simply blew me away. They were half closed and had a sleepy languorous look in them, a look I had only seen before in a woman’s eyes when she was close to orgasm.

Then all of a sudden the spell was broken. Pratima got up and announce that she would be bringing in the dessert. Seema got up to join her and Rajesh üsküdar escort and I quickly polished off the last of our dinner. In a short while we were all relaxing in the drawing room, with the contentment that comes after an excellent meal and good company. Seema had completely recovered her poise and there was no sign whatsoever of what had transpired so recently. Soon it was time for the goodbyes as Seema and Rajesh left. A quick smile was the last memory I would carry of that evening. I was still very horny when we went to bed, but Pratima was clearly tuckered out, and besides we all had a busy working day coming up. It took me quite a while to reach a troubled sleep, my mind refusing to let go of what had happened.

The next morning, I found myself racked by guilt about what had happened. I resolved not to do anything that would bring Seems and I closer to each other. As the days passed and there was no word from her, I decided that she too must have come to the same conclusion and decided to end matters where they had stopped.

Then one morning, I found that our home computer had developed a problem just when I needed to work on some

documents real urgently although it was a holiday for our company. Deciding to get dressed to go to the office, I went to our bedroom and found Parma on the phone to Rajesh. I quickly told her that I had to go to the office to do some work.

“Oh, that’s all right.” she said. “Why don’t you use Rajesh’s instead? It’s so much closer.”

“No, I’d rather not” I started to say, but she had already started speaking to Rajesh. And of course he agreed immediately.

And so it was that I found myself at their apartment at around 11 in the morning. I went in to find Rajesh on the phone.

“Of course” he said. “I’ll be right over.”

“Sorry.” he said to me. “That was boss man. Seems an emergency situation has come up. I’ll have to leave immediately.”

“Will you be back for lunch?” It was then that I noticed that Seema had just come into the room. She was dressed in a skirt, again a printed number with a floppy loose blouse of some soft white material.

“Afraid not” replied Rajesh.”Looks like I’ll be out till three or four o’clock. But Seema will take care of you.” he continued, turning to me.

In a short while he was off and I found myself seated at his computer. I was a little tense, but also excited at the prospect of being alone with Seema. I found myself wondering if I would get any work done.

Then she came into the room and I saw that she had put on her shoes and was carrying a bag.

“I’m going out for an hour or so.” she said smiling. “So you’ll be able to work in peace.”

With that she was gone. I tuzla escort was a little disappointed but at the same time relieved. I could concentrate on my work now and it was reassuring that there seemed to be no surprises around the corner.

I worked away on my document and found quite suddenly that I had almost finished. I glanced at my watch. It was already a quarter past twelve. Just then I heard the front door open. Seema must be back, I thought. And so she was.

“How are you doing?” she asked from the door to the computer room.

“Almost finished.” I said.

“Good.” she said. “Then we can have some coffee and cake as soon when you’re though.”

That sounded quite welcome and I quickly finished up, collected all my stuff, and went into the dining room. She had just finished setting out the cake and coffee.

To my surprise, I saw that she had arranged for us to be

seated next to each other at the corner of the table.

We sat down and she heaped some cake onto my plate.

“I have to be home for lunch.” I started to say, but she cut me short.

“Oh no, you don’t. Your wife’s away at work, I called her. So you have all the time to eat all you can.”

Now surely that was an unusual way to put that? The was a naughty glimmer in her eyes and the smile was slow this time. She teased a strand of hair as she looked at me. I started to feel the sexual tension beginning to build up between us.

I started on my cake. Just then, I felt a slight touch against my leg. I knew immediately it had to be her leg. I felt a wonderful feeling wash over me.

I looked up at her and smiled at her. On an impulse I did nothing, and went back to my cake.

I felt her foot again. This time it was not just a touch. It rested against my leg and then quite definitely started to rub up and down.

I took a slice of cake in my spoon and looked up at her.

“You’re eating very slowly”she said and her voice had become throaty.”Don’t you like cheesecake? I thought all men did.”

I looked at her and licked the spoonful of cake very slowly as her foot rubbed up and down my leg.

“This cake has a wonderful texture.” I said.”So soft and smooth.”

He lips parted slightly.

“That’s good.” she said.”What else do you like?”

“Well, fruit.” I said.

She teased her hair again and her foot became more insistent against my leg.

‘Uh huh? And what kind of fruit?”

“Well, peaches, certainly.” I said.”I love the feel of a ripe full peach against my tongue. Especially when the juice runs down. And mangoes. I love biting into a mango.”

She said nothing, just looked at me with those half parted lips. Her eyes had become very dark now, with that sleepy look I had seen in them before.

I put my spoon down, pushed my chair back and got to my feet. My hardon must have made the front of my trousers look very strange, but I didn’t care. She was still looking directly at me. I moved to her side of the table, bent down and kissed her.

Her lips opened immediately and her tongue darted into my mouth.

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