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Forest of Love

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Priscilla was a quiet girl. If you met her, you might just think she was a plain girl with humdrum interests. Open and shut. She was a cute girl – many boys thought so, but she didn’t feel very attractive most of the time. She didn’t have many male friends in her life actually – they were after only one thing, and she saw them for what they were! Now in her early 20s, Priscilla was comfortable; she had a couple of close friends whom she trusted, and enjoyed the quiet student life. The third year of university had just begun, where she studied literature with some classes in languages. Poetry was her love, even more than the prose she partially-enjoyed to read in school.

Only three weeks into the term, the weather was still clement outside. One evening, Priscilla had decided to go to the library to see if they had the books in that she had requested a week earlier. Upon arrival, the library was quiet and peaceful as it normally was at that time, just as Priscilla liked it. The old university library was a traditional gothic-style affair with those old rustic bookshelves that come free with that pleasant odour of old wood from years gone by, and was darkly lit with faux-candle style lights at the ends of each aisles. Priscilla headed straight for her section and began skimming through the titles.

After picking a book she thought looked interesting, she sat down at a large desk, hidden at the far end of the library. Sat there already were an older academic woman and a younger man, she sat down and began to delve into the book she had chosen to get an idea of its content.

After a while, the older woman at the desk left, leaving only her and the younger man. He looked about late 20s she thought, and although she couldn’t get a direct look at his face, he appeared well presented. She noted the way the light reflected favourably off his medium length, dark brown hair, which was kind of tousled in that unkempt-yet-structured way young guys tend to keep it. Priscilla was shy, but something made her unexplainably curious about this boy. She went back to her book, and got distracted by a piece of writing that interested her.

A few moments later she abruptly looked back over to the young man, and to her surprise he was gazing right at her. The situation got a bit hot for the introverted Priscilla and she looked away, but only after the young man looked away first she secretly noted. He was handsome with his brown submarine eyes and a clean complexion. Priscilla’s heart was racing a bit, but as she started pretending to go back to her book the young man spoke. “Hi there, I’m Julian.”

Priscilla’s heart started beating fast again just as it had started to calm down! The handsome man was talking to her she wanted to act cool and composed here. “I’m Priscilla.” she smiled back at him minimally. He smiled too, and it was such a cute smile he gave her. Julian invited himself over to sit closer to her. He was tall, he must have been at least 6 foot, noted Priscilla.

As the slow conversation started unravelling, it turned out that Julian was a doctoral student who was a few years older than her and in the Sciences. She didn’t care too much for science, but she certainly liked this man, so she pretended to be more interested in him than she maybe was, but in a fully noble way. He was charming and handsome and he seemed so nice, not like most of the other guys she had met on campus. Simon was interested in sports and kept himself fit. It was safe to say that Priscilla was interested. Julian bit the bullet and anadolu yakası escort asked her if she cared to go for a walk with him around the campus to have a chat. Priscilla although slightly scared, felt attracted to his confidence, and shortly after they put the books back where they lived and then left together. What an intriguing encounter, Priscilla thought to herself.

The campus was surrounded by a mile or two of forest and many winding intersecting paths going through it, beaten by the generations of student who had lived her before. During the day Priscilla had cycled and walked all around them and as they weren’t too far from the campus, she felt safe enough to go with this mysterious stranger she had only just met. Something about Julian just made people trust him – it may have been his comforting voice, or the way he used slight hand gestures when he spoke. The man just oozed confidence, Priscilla considered. On they went along the main artery that went into the forest, discussing all manner of silly things, smiling and laughing. Julian was lovely she surmised, so easy to talk to and he listened to what she had to say. Where were all the awkward silences and moments of doubt that she had felt in the company of all those other boys, She wondered.

Without noticing it, they had sauntered pretty far into the forest now, all that could be heard was the birdsong up in the higher branches of the trees. Fearlessly, Julian took Priscilla’s hand as they slowly walked on, and Priscilla smiled to herself then looked up to Julian through her hair so she could see him without giving herself away. But Julian was already glancing down at her with that cute winning smile he had mastered. “I hope you don’t mind me being so forward” Julian began, “but I find myself attracted to you in a way i have never experienced before.” Priscilla didn’t know what to say. Was this a line? Was he sincere? No other guy had ever said anything like this to her. Julian continued “I wouldn’t normally have taken your hand like that, but i felt that you wanted me to.” It was true, Priscilla realised, she did! He was such a sexy man though. She would have regretted not allowing him to hold her hand. Peculiarly at ease now, she replied “It’s ok.” not knowing where this was going, but she sure was keen to find out!

For Priscilla, it felt both weird and wonderful simultaneously; she had never experienced such instant attraction before, but she couldn’t deny her excitement. Half of her wanted to see where it went, the other half felt guilty in case she was betraying her better judgement.

As the evening twilight started to arrive, it was getting harder and harder to see in the still woodland clearing they had stopped in. Just when she thought she had rationalised the situation in her head and was going to suggest they head back to the campus, Julian put his hands on her shoulders. They stopped and he faced her. “I have never done anything like this before, but I don’t want it to end”. Priscilla didn’t know what to say to that. Her heart was racing but she was growing more and more excited with everything Julian said. She couldn’t deny that. She was so turned on by this handsome man holding her telling her this. She felt special, even. Julian moved closer to her and kissed her soft lips, dominantly asserting his tongue into her mouth. Priscilla was a bit shocked at the speed but she liked it. He tasted nice and he was firm but gentle. His clean shaven face was smooth and smelled delicious. ataşehir escort As the kiss progressed, Julian had placed his hands around her waist and pulled her in tight against his developed body. Priscilla didn’t dare object. She certainly wasn’t expecting this when she left the house earlier!

With him pressed up against her, Priscilla could feel that Julian was getting excited and they broke away at the lips for a brief second for some air. “Don’t stop!” she gasped, without thinking. Priscilla had never done this. She had never had anything remotely like a one-night stand and never wanted to! But she was moist! She had become erect in this sexy tiger’s strong arms like any woman would and she didn’t want to part! Her heart was racing. She could feel his heart racing too. That was it! With all the confidence she had gained from her embrace, she grabbed a hold of the bulge made by Julian’s erect appendage and fumbled around trying to unbuttoned it! She didn’t know what she was doing, but that didn’t matter right now. She grabbed a hold of his vigorous erection as she looked deep into him. “I am so hot for your cock right now. I just want to feel it inside me”. And just like that she had become a naughty girl. She loved how it felt, how wet it made her pussy just from thinking it. Julian’s cock was gigantic – she had never seen anything like it! It must have been at least 8 or 9 inches long, and was substantially thick. She had to question herself as to whether she could deal with something as almighty as this! Her erect clitoris was swarming with pleasure as she stroked Julian’s rock-hard shaft through his tight jeans, loving the way it throbbed in her hands. He was under her control now. With her face back up in his she whispered seductively “Julian, I am going to drain ever drop of cum out of your big balls, honey. You won’t ever want another pussy again once you have had mine baby I promise” and went down to take him into her mouth.

Priscilla had never taken a man’s penis into her mouth before. She didn’t even know how! All she know was that you put it in your mouth and move your lips up and down, so that’s what she did! She could feel the powerful pole ebb and flow in its animalistic, carnal twitching. Julian’s breathing quickened to almost match the rhythm that she set with her pleasing strokes. He was loving it! She was loving that he was loving it! It was like an awakening in her mind and in her body. Priscilla slid her right hand down to her breasts – they were almost as rock-hard as Julian’s cock. Surprisingly, she realised that his cock tasted sweet and pleasant, not like she had imagined. Every nose-hair in her nostrils wallowed in that manly sex smell that was in the air around them!

Priscilla now had her finger down in her jeans like a horny teenager masturbating for the first time. She needed some relief. And quick! Her pussy was palpitating, resonating with good vibe, unlike she had even known. She quickly got the middle finger of her right hand down to her clit and rubbed around the hood! it was too sensitive to touch directly right now. Still engulfing Julian’s big rod with her soft lips, she glanced up to see him looking down at her in awe! She was enchanted by it, and it made her rub around her clit faster and harder. But it wasn’t quite giving her what she needed, so she soon declared “I need you inside me!”

Julian wasn’t one to leave a person hanging. He moved them both over to a nearby tree and pinned his bitch against it! Dispensing with her ümraniye escort already half-undone jeans, Julian ripped her soaking white panties down too and off her legs, like a beast in heat! Priscilla was sporting a neatly trimmed bush, matted in all her naughty excitement. The sexual animal in Julian liked it straight away! Priscilla, anticipating what was coming for her, opened her juicy thighs appropriately to make way for Julian’s perfect penis!

Not usually one to tease, Julian oscillated the head of his bulging, muscular rod in the porch of Priscilla’s streaming pussy and teased her little hood with all his boyish charm. He smiled and smirked, teasingly, as he looked at her with his face within inches of hers. She could feel the heat from his body. Julian was on fire now, charged up like a machine! “Give me it” she ordered! And he did! Lustfully looking into her eyes, he slowly inserted his glorious flagpole deep into Priscilla’s fertile soil. She was so young and beautiful. At the half way mark there was slight resistance from Priscilla’s inexperienced hole, but Julian broke through until his tip was right under Priscilla’s belly and has balls were resting against her sexy thighs! He grabbed her round juicy bum. He was in heaven! They both were.

Julian’s powerful rod was throbbing now like an angry soldier. The thick swollen piston plunged in and out of Priscilla’s young sanctuary like technology meeting nature, her generous lubrication providing all that her youthful body could for this mighty stallion. How lucky she felt to have found such a prime example of pure animal masculinity, and how lucky he was to have been able to take pleasure from a creature so beautiful.

Priscilla’s importune moans and downright primal sexual cries echoed wildly through the still forest, in harmony with the surrounding hullabaloo of wild forest animals. They were part of nature right now; unable to fight against what nature had decided for them chemically.

Suddenly, with a powerful spark running through her, Priscilla exploded in delight! Her throbbing clitoris all trembling now in awe! Wave after lovely wave of pleasure erupting from her belly right up to the back of her neck. Paralysed in orgasm! Nature could not allow this stallion of a man to provide her with anything but an exceptional orgasm! Looking deep into Julian’s stony eyes, she could see he was observing her and glorifying in it every bit as much as she was. Zoological bliss!

Mutually, Julian who had just luxuriated in the secret pleasure of making such a beautiful girl ejaculate her sweet juice all around his pole was getting close! All this robotic thrusting could only lead to one place, and as Priscilla had started to calm down slightly in her moaning, enjoying the trip back from her orgasm, Julian’s now fully-swollen cock erupted inside her. Checking for permission from her eyes, he implanted four thick torrents of balmy, refreshing seed from his huge balls deep inside her lovely pussy, marking her and telling her sexually that she was his! Looking with love into her beautiful eyes he was rewarded unconditionally by seeing that his seed was appreciated! After another 7 more spurts of his thick pure nectar, Julian’s balls were empty! They had done what they were designed by nature to do, and he remained inside her, Priscilla not wanting to let him leave her, wrapping her legs around his lower torso to help plug him in.

With a long amorous session of kissing and embrace ensuing, Julian’s penis had become flaccid inside her and he withdrew back into the colder, sterile air of the forest and back into his jeans. When they caught their breath back, they went hand-in-hand through the night forest, high from their adventure, back to Julian’s bedroom and as night filled the sky, they spooned all night long, not wanting to let go, without any other care in the world.

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