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Kim and I had always been really good friends. We had gotten each other through some tough times at school and with each of our respective professional and personal lives. We became friends at college, and though our lives were often separate, we ended up living in the same city after school, and maintained our own lives. We had never truly considered any romantic involvement until one fateful night a few months ago.

We were both attending a party at a mutual friends, and since we were both unsuccessful in our respective dating, we just went together. The party was great, and all present had a fun time eating, drinking and socializing. The crowd started to thin around midnight, and not long thereafter, Kim and I found we were the only ones left helping our hosts clean up. As the hour was getting really late, and since we all had a little too much to drink, we decided to accept our hosts’ gracious offer to spend the night in their guest room. There was a king sized bed, and our hosts knew Kim and I were not romantically involved and thought nothing of our sharing a bed for the night. And neither did we because we had done so in the past with no problems.

Kim went off to do her nighttime thing, and I fixed the bed and borrowed some pajamas from our host. Kim emerged from the bathroom in a long, mans dress shirt and crawled into the bed telling me goodnight and that the bathroom was all mine. I took my time preparing for bed, showering and not even thinking this night would bring an end to my involuntary celibacy. I crawled in the bed opposite Kim and told her goodnight too. Kim and I just sort of started talking about the party, our hosts, couples at the party and gradually to sex.

She asked me if I found anyone there attractive. She asked what I found attractive in women. I asked her the same, and we began revealing some of our secrets to each other. We were still somewhat uninhibited from the alcohol, and our conversation grew more and more intimate. Kim asked me when the last time I was with a woman. She asked me what it was like. She asked me what kinds of things I liked from a lover and what kinds of things I liked to do in bed.

She in turn told me the types of things she likes in her sex life and I found myself revealing many more secrets than I would have under sober circumstances. And I also found myself getting rather excited from the openness and sexuality of the conversation. I told Kim how much I liked oral sex with women and how I loved being slow and torturous in teasing my lover to pleasure. I told her how much I liked watching the things my lover does to me to increase the excitement by mental stimulation in addition to physical.

Kim revealed to me how she likes to occasionally dominate her encounters, and sometimes play submissive depending on the mood of the situation. She told me how much she loves giving oral sex to her partner because she knows how much men love it and she enjoys the power of the control it gives her with a cock in her mouth. She said how much she loved knowing her man was about to come in her mouth, and she would just stop halkalı escort and make him crazy with urgency.

I asked her how it felt to have someone inside her and what she likes to be done to her. Kim told me she likes to ride her lover’s cock inside her so she can control the action. She said if her lover can keep hard inside her, she can sometimes come several times. She loves to have her breasts played with and to feed her hardened nipples into her lovers mouth while she gyrates on his hips.

I was absolutely beside myself with desire in listening to these wonderful secrets. Kim I guess sensed my feelings and asked if I was getting excited, and if I had and erection. I told her yes, and she admitted she was quite turned on too. She asked me if I ever masturbated. She asked me what I did with my come, if I used a towel, or tissue, or just did it in the shower. She wanted details. And I found myself telling her everything she wanted to know. She asked me if I fantasized about my experiences while I masturbated, or if I created fantasies.

She told me she likes to masturbate sometimes several times a week when she is not with a regular boyfriend. She told me she could make herself come quickly sometimes, and other times, she liked to treat herself to a nice slow session with a vibrator. She calls it BOB-battery operated boyfriend. She explained to me in detail how she can imagine her lovers cock inside her as she brings herself slowly to orgasm.

When she closed her eyes explaining to me the details of her self-pleasure experiences, I could picture every word in my mind. She then told me that she was quite excited, and that if I was too, I could go take care of myself in the bathroom, and she would do the same in the bedroom.

After a short pause, she then offered another alternative. She said she would like to watch me masturbate if I wouldn’t mind. She said one of her fantasies was to watch a man masturbate for her. I was a little apprehensive at first, but I soon found myself enjoying the idea, and promptly agreed. She was quite happy, and jumped up to get a towel from the bathroom.

She returned and lay down on her side next to me, propped up on one elbow. I slowly slid off my pants, and she helped me take them off my feet. The tip of my cock was sticking out over the waistband of my underwear, and I looked at her to see her eyes glued to my groin as I slipped those off too.

I grabbed the base of my cock, and just held it there. I could see Kim’s eyes glazed with passion and intent, as were mine. I told her I was pretty excited already and that with this new twist of her watching, that this wouldn’t take long. I started stroking myself up and down real slowly and enjoyed the sensation. I thought she would just lay there and watch, but soon she started talking about how nice my cock looked, and how much she loved the sight of the veins sticking out and the little drops of come that leaked out as I was jerking off. Hearing her sultry voice was incredibly exciting to me.

Her taksim escort words were turning me on as much as my own ministrations. Then to my surprise, I felt her warm hand on my thigh, stroking the inside of my middle thigh lightly and absently, but the feeling of her skin against mine was wonderful, and I had to slow down a little bit because I didn’t want to come too soon. She coyly asked me if I minded her hand on my leg; I said it felt quite nice.

She started moving her had upwards towards my crotch as I continued slowly stroking my hard cock. Kim was continuing her slow ascent, and I was as transfixed to her hand as she was to my cock. Soon, her fingers reached out and started stroking the underside of my balls, and I told her that was great. She smiled her approval and asked me if I was going to come soon.

I told her I could, but I wanted it to last a little longer. She said she admired my self-control. Her sentence was punctuated by her changing from gentle stroking of my balls, to a nice, firm massage. She cupped my balls in her hand and rubbed them expertly, exactly the right pressure. She said how much she liked to feel the weight of my balls in her hands and she continued her motions. Now my hand was touching hers with each stroke, and I let myself linger to touch her more. I slowly stroked the underside of my cock, and told her that this was the place that felt the best.

I told her I could go crazy with ecstasy with only the slightest stroking right there at the groove. She said she tried it on some of her lovers, and some could take the teasing while others were too urgent. I returned to stroke myself for her, and told her how turned on I was by this whole scenario.

I loved her touch, her voice, her looking at my actions. Kim raised the level of pleasure again she placed her hand around mine and said she wanted to feel my hand as I masturbated. I continued as slowly as I could as her hand was wrapped around mine. I closed my eyes, and imagined her hand wrapped around my cock.

Kim must have sensed my thoughts, and she asked me to change places with our hands. She promptly pushed my hand away and started stroking me with the same rhythm without missing a stroke. I wrapped my hand around hers, and was overcome with the feeling of her small hand wrapped around my stiff rod, ready to explode.

She stopped moving for a moment, and I felt my cock uncontrollably twitch in her grasp. She smiled, and resumed jacking me off. She said how hard I was, and that she could tell I was going to come soon. I could only whisper a yes, and she picked up her tempo and grasped me just a little firmer.

I watched her hand under mine going up and down, up and down. She said how much she loved to watch a man come, and shoot his sperm.

Then for the first time since this episode started, she looked up at me, and said, “I want to feel you come.”

Those words uttered so sincerely and so passionately were enough to send me over the edge. After a couple more strokes, I said I was going to do just that. The feeling started şişli escort at the base of my spine and curled my toes. I shot my load and the first jet landed up around my shoulder, and she kept stroking me. The next drops landed on my chest, and Kim groaned with me as my orgasm subsided.

She kept my cock firmly in her hand and continued to stroke the last of my climax out of me. She held me there for a few moments, then smiled at me and helped me clean myself up with the towel. I told her how great that felt, and

now it was my turn to watch. She said she was so turned on, her panties were just soaking. I found that to be quite true as she slipped them off without further ado. She handed them to me as if to confirm her statement. I brought them to my face and inhaled her scent and told her she smelled wonderful, and indeed they were quite damp.

She assumed the position I had moments earlier and allowed me a complete view of her very moist pussy, awaiting her hands attention. I told her how incredibly sexy she looked as she started to tub the outer lips with one hand, and she reached up with the other hand and undid a few more buttons of her shirt to afford me a look at her breasts as well. I still couldn’t see inside her shirt, but her hand had found her nipple and I could see she was stroking it under her shirt. She looked at me and smiled.

I could sense her arousal by the flush of her face and the slight glaze in her eyes. She enjoyed showing off as much as watching. The hand between her legs had sunk one finger deep inside her moist slit and emerged shiny with her juices and she began to slowly rub her clitoris. Her eyes closed slowly as she was becoming emerged in her own pleasure.

I rearranged my position and casually rested one hand on her knee and softly began to stroke her knee and thigh as she continued to masturbate in front of me. She let out a soft moan of approval and brought both hands to her pussy. She spread her lips with one hand and lightly stroked her clit with the other. I slid my had up further on her smooth thigh until I was stroking the hairs around her gorgeous sex.

I stayed there for a few minutes until her breathing became more shallow. I told her again how sexy she was doing this for me. She said how great it felt for her too, and pulled my hand towards her steaming pussy. I slipped two fingers inside her as she continued to stroke her clit. She gasped slightly and worked faster. I twirled my fingers in and out, around and around the inner recesses of her pussy. I told her how great her pussy felt and asked her if she was going to come soon.

I was hoping to help throw her over the edge with the verbal banter she used for me. She just called my name a couple times softly and then I felt her orgasm approach. Her back arched and her eyes clamped shut tightly as she fell into her climax. I could feel her inner muscles clutch my fingers and rubbed her slowly through her orgasm. She came back down slowly and we just lay there for a few moments with my fingers inside her.

She told me that was one of the most powerful sexual experiences of her life and punctuated it with giving my fingers a squeeze with her pussy. I slowly withdrew my hand from her and helped her clean up a little.

We told each other a slightly sheepish thanks and rolled off to sleep with smiles on our faces and our friendship strengthened and a little changed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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