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My wife, Kimmi, has always had a fantasy about me and other woman. She often goes into great detail talking about how she would like to see other females seducing me. Whenever we see them in public she asks me how I would feel if I had that ladies legs wrapped around me. I was never too sure what to answer, as I sometimes felt that this should be left as a rhetorical question, I was not sure if she was trying to trick me or whether it really was a fantasy.

One day we were at home, going about our usual homely activities, when a friend asked my wife to help with some sewing. She was single and was always trying to mix with the ‘in crowd’. She had to have a new skirt for a party, and as usual was unable to find anything suitable in the stores, and had left everything for the last minute. She had bought some stretch fabric and was intending to make a skirt out of it. She had sort-of cut it to a pattern but had made a gross mistake in cutting it too short. Kimmi said that she would not mind helping out, but was not sure what she could do, so Nikki came around. Nikki was a tall girl; she had blond hair that was just longer than her shoulders. It was neatly brushed and freshly washed. She had on a tank top, which had seen too many washes; it had shrunk from all washing and fitted snugly around her thin waist. It only added to enhancing her large bust, which was also not overly large, but were round and about 34C, and added to this she made no secret that she had not worn any foundation garments. There was nothing special in the way she dressed, but just your average girl next door. Around her waist, she wore a long skirt, which was made out of flowery material. Nikki pulled from her bag what was supposed to be the skirt, and from where I was standing it looked like there was no hope for this fabric, it looked to me like she would have to start again. The time was short, for the party was in about four hours. I did not say anything and left the woman to do what they were meant to do as I went about my own business. There was a lot that I had to achieve and repair and around the house, like mending the broken window frame casino siteleri and weeding the garden.

I had to rush inside to get some gardening tools and on passing the room, in which the ladies were busy, I could not help but notice that Nikki had removed her skirt so that they could fit the new skirt. It was obvious that this girl did not like too much fabric, as all she was wearing a Lycra g-string. She had legs all way to the ground, and I could not understand why she did not have a special male friend. I heard the ladies giggling, and peered into their door, which stood ajar, they were both very confused about what to do with the skirt and so I went to the kitchen cupboard to get the garden fork. As I passed the door my name was called out, and they asked me for some advice. On entering the room, I was surprised to see that my wife was wearing the skirt; the fabric was so tight that she had to remove her own underwear and the skirt was so short that I could notice her black pubic hairs. Nikki was still standing there, semi naked in her tank top and g-string, her top folded up slightly to reveal a shiny belly-ring. Both woman were still giggling and I was not sure why, but they seem to be both aroused.

Kimmi asked me whether I thought it would look stupid to add an additional piece of fabric and around the base of the skirt, and then giggled some more. I gave my honest opinion that the fabric was too short and that it would look silly with an extra piece of fabric. With this Nikki grabbed the front of the skirt, and was attempting to make a comment that sounded as if it were meant to be serious. I noticed that as she grabbed the front of the skirt with her hand, she used to index finger to rub Kimmi’s love spot, now it was obvious why they were giggling. With all of this going on my own member was starting to rise. Nikki noticed it and lifted the front the skirt to reveal Kimmi’s full bush, which was glistening by, now with juices. Although Kimmi and I had been married for almost three years, I still noticed her blush as she saw me looking at her inviting hole. Then she smiled and pulled Nikki’s canlı casino top up to reveal her perky busts and then playfully tweaked the left nipple. Nikki, not to be outdone pulled the fabric, from Kimmi’s waist, which was the end of the skirt, now it was just fabric, and then grabbed a handful of her butt. Kimmi was determined not to lose and as so pulled on Nikki’s g-string, but she was not going to let Kimmi get it off, oh no! She wrestled Kimmi to the floor and decided that this was not enough, to show that she was victorious she needed a trophy and pulled off Kimmi’s T-shirt.

There the two ladies were having a mud less, mud fight and by now I was rather enjoying the sight of this. I thought that I would make things interesting and with Nikki enjoying the victory, I pushed her over and gave Kimmi the chance. She took full advantage of the break, and managed to get on top of Nikki. She levered her foot into the displaced panty and extended her leg taking the red Lycra with it. Without warning Nikki grabbed Kimmi’s head and pulled it toward her. Then she bent her neck and locked their lips together in a passionate kiss. I could see Nikki’s tongue working around Kimmi’s mouth, teasing and pleasing. Kimmi suddenly jumped off and started to rub my member, which was by now already drooling with pre-cum. She rubbed it ever so gently and squeezed it with care. Nikki arose and pulled on the zip and my member sprung from its prison. She unbuttoned my shorts and pulled down on my scants, to reveal to both of them, my engorged tool. She opened her mouth and took in the full length and sucked on it, Kimmi stood back to watch me get head from her friend. She knew that I would be enjoying this. As I stood there I could hardly believe that Nikki did not have any special male friends. The way she sucked on my cock, felt as though she was a trained professional. She swallowed the whole shaft and tickled the head with an expertise that I found difficult to comprehend. I almost fell off my feet as I could feel myself getting closer to shooting my load in her mouth.

I looked over at Kimmi and saw she was not being an observer kaçak casino to this, but that instead she was occupying herself with the gardening fork’s handle. She was rubbing it in between her legs and tenderly touching her little clit, which was so aroused by now that it was protruding from her lips. I watched as she slid the handle in and out her snatch and then rubbed her clit with her spare hand. Slowly I could see that she was also becoming lame with passion. Nikki must have seen this in both our eyes for now she stopped sucking my member and pulled Kimmi to the ground. She spread Kimmi’s legs and started to tongue Kimmi’s snatch with deliberate nudges to her clit. I could hear Kimmi coming closer and closer to orgasm, Nikki was a tough master and slowly held back, to bring Kimmi back to realization. Then she pulled back a bit and started fingering Kimmi with her three middle fingers and licking her clit simultaneously. I could hear as Kimmi was cumming and it seemed to last for eternity. She could not help herself and was moaning with pleasure and all of a sudden it stopped.

I could hardly hold my load and I saw an opportunity, as Nikki was bending over Kimmi’s now limp body, I dropped to the floor and started to serve her long shots in her dripping snatch. I moved back and forth with desperation and I could feel my member tickling her cervix as she to started to enjoy the pleasures of being serviced by a man for the first time in a long time. She kept calling for more and more until I spent my load deep within her. Then, I too fell flat on the floor almost unconscious, but able to see that Kimmi now pulled her over and was repaying the favor of earlier. She started to drink the sperm from Nikki’s snatch and then after having cleaned her out, worked her tongue around Nikki’s love patch until she too was groaning with pleasure. Then Kimmi lay down next to Nikki and started embracing her and kissing her as they had done earlier, when we had started. This time though we were all spent and satisfied. I drew myself in behind Kimmi and embraced the two of them.

Later Kimmi admitted to me that she had always dreamed of playing with her friends and doing what we had done. What I had never realized was that when Kimmi shared her fantasies of me been seduced by other females, she had an urge for them to be making love to her too.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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