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From Me to You

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I just want to thank my girlfriend, who not only edited my story, but gets off to it every time she reads it. I love you Sunshine!!!


I lay you down on your bed and rip your blouse open in the front exposing your breasts. I can’t help myself, so I start to nibble on your nipples, making them harden so that they stand up on their own. Your breasts are so nice and soft; I start to massage them gently. As I massage your beautiful breasts, I kiss you passionately. I find your tongue and start to massage it with mine. I hear you whimper softly as I continue to massage you. I move lower to where your skirt is covering your lower half.

I move my hands along your feet and tickle them just a little bit. Then slowly I move them up your legs. I pass your ankles, move up to your calves.

“Mmm,” I say. “I love your legs.” I start to kiss your legs where my hands have already passed. I get to your wonderful thighs; I stop there and massage them for a few minutes. I know how that gets you wet. I start to move up again. This time I reach where your panties should be, but I find nothing.

“You came ready, didn’t you?” I ask, and you nod slowly, becoming quickly seduced. Before I go any further, I move your hands to your breasts for the time being, and go back to what I was doing. I raise your skirt up this time as I move my hands back towards your pussy. I can feel the bulge in my pants growing, but not yet, I say to myself. With your pussy lips exposed, now, I move my face in-between your legs and softly lick your clit. I can already see your juices leaking from your awaiting pussy. I start to eat you out; you taste so good, and your shaven skin feels very soft.

I stick my tongue in your pussy and you flinch with pleasure. I smile at that and do it again; you flinch some more. Your juices start to flow even more now. I lick them up and continue to eat you out. I then move my lips up and suck your clit until I can feel your orgasm pulsate through your body. Your legs are trembling and you start to moan even louder than you had been. I don’t stop because you won’t let me, which I won’t argue with; you keep my head between your legs with your hands.

You have me stay there until you orgasm a second time. By this time kadıköy escort your juices are dripping from your pussy. I pull your skirt off of you and pull you over to the couch with me where I drop my shirt to the floor, my pants following close behind. To your surprise I am not wearing boxers. I came ready, too. You kneel down to play with my cock, but I pull you back up. I sit on the couch and pull you on top of me, my cock sliding easily into your hungry pussy. You start to move up and down along my huge cock: faster and faster.

I start to massage your breasts again. They are still very soft and, like always, very nice. My lips touch yours and stay there as you continue to fuck me. Your body starts to tense up again. I can feel your orgasm building. You move your lips from mine so you can scream with pleasure. Your pussy tightens convulsively around my cock making me feel even more sensations. You climb off me and push me down on the couch. You kiss me once, and then move your lips down my body, kissing me all over. You bite my nipples and continue down, kissing my stomach and then go still lower.

You reach my cock as it stands straight up from the previous act of lust and lick my head, then move your tongue all over the shaft, licking your juices off of it. Then with one swift movement my cock disappears in your mouth. I moan; I can’t help myself. You start to bob your head up and down, faster and faster; just like when you were riding me. ‘I won’t be able to last much longer if she keeps this up,’ I think to myself. Your movements intensify as you realize on your own how close I am.

“I….I’m cu…..cumming,” I say as my load bursts into your mouth. You keep going not even missing a beat as my cum shoots to the back of your throat. You move your body on top of mine to where your pussy, which is dripping with your newly-aroused-fluids, is right over my mouth. I can’t resist your nice pussy when it’s right there in front of me, so I lean my head up and start to eat you out again. You moan with my cock in your mouth as I suck your pussy. You taste even better this time, I think. You start to massage my balls with one of your hands as you continue üsküdar escort to suck on my cock.

“That feels nice,” I manage to whisper out. I reach around and grab your breasts. They are even softer as they hang from your body. I rub my hands along your back to your ass. I rub your ass as I continue to eat you out. Your legs start to tremble, yet again, as your orgasm reaches its peak. You let out a loud moan followed by a small scream as I grab your clit between my lips and suckle you to an even stronger climax. I pick you up off of me and carry you to the bed.

“Wait here, lover,” I say as I rush off. I head to the bathroom and light a few candles; the smell of strawberries fills the air. I start the water in our huge bathtub and add some bubble-bath to the mix. I put some soft music on the stereo as I head back to get you. I find you with your fingers in your pussy and your other hand on your breast. I smile at you as I take your pussy juice covered hand and lead you to the bathtub. You giggle at how cheesily romantic I’m trying to be as I slide into the water but you follow willingly.

We start to kiss uncontrollably as soon as we’re both in the warm water; our hands are all over each others bodies, as if we were looking for something in the dark. My hands reach your breasts and I start to massage them again — playing with them is one of my favorite things to do — this time they’re both soft and slippery from the bubbles and water. You moan into my mouth as my massaging becomes more firm. You start to adjust yourself to where your pussy lips are right over the head of my cock, hungry for more.

With a thrust, my cock goes into your awaiting pussy. You scream with the sudden pleasure as my cock rubs against your g-spot. We begin to make love again; like always, it feels so wonderful to be inside of you. We turn to where I am on top and I start to pump quickly in and out of you. Waves start to form in the water from my fucking you so hard, and some water even sloshes over the sides. I push into you as far as I can and you moan as I hold it there for a second, practically pressing against your womb.

“Fuck me hard, K—-. Oh God, fuck me fast,” you pant.

“Of course, tuzla escort my love,” I eagerly reply. So I do as you say and start to fuck you hard and fast. With each thrust I seem to go faster and deeper, and with each thrust you moan and scream louder and longer. I push into you all the way again and you let out a hoarse scream; your body starts to shake as your orgasm hits its highest point. I can feel your pussy tighten around my cock, making me reach my climax, too, and a load of cum shoots into your pussy, your flexing muscles milking me even more.

We drain the tub and dry off from our wonderful bath before we move back to the bed. You lay down first and I follow, sliding on top of you and kissing your soft lips. I move the kisses to your jaw-line then down to your neck. You gasp as I bite the side of your neck and start to suckle. Alternating between nibbling and sucking, I continue to attack your neck with my mouth — I know this is practically your greatest weakness.

After about a few minutes of doing that, I move down a little lower to your collar bone. I trace your collar bone with my tongue making you start to breathe harder. I start to suck on the area right below the bone line. Your skin is soft like velvet and smells of strawberries. You are so irresistible and I can’t control myself any longer; your reactions to my attacks have me aroused already.

I spread your legs apart and position my cock to where it is right at the entrance of your pussy. With one thrust I slide in and start to fuck you hard without any pretenses. Only after a few minutes of us fucking you start to moan and grow close to climaxing — you always cum so quickly if I bite your neck beforehand. Hearing you moan and start to breathe so heavily, I come closer to reaching my climax as well. I continue to thrust harder and harder until I can feel your juices start to flow from your pussy. I feel your pussy tighten as you orgasm and it sends me over the edge.

My cum shoots into your pussy, filling you, and it’s enough to make me go soft and to make you a huge mess. I pull out and climb over the bed to lie next to you. You turn towards me kissing me softly on the lips and I return the gesture. I press my lips to the base of your ear and whisper, “I love you…”

You shudder and goose bumps appear all over your skin. I smile as I see what I can do to you and I wrap my arms around you, pulling you close. Right before we both drift off to sleep I kiss your lips just one more time and hear you whisper to me as you snuggle against my chest, “I love you, too, Teddy Bear.”

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