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Fuck Ch. 05: The Date

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“I mean..what the fuck.” Kylie spoke to Amelia from the desk chair in Amelia’s apartment.

“I know…I don’t know.” Amelia’s whole face was red and she sat crumpled and endlessly fidgeting at the end of her bed. “I just didn’t know how to tell you or if I should tell you-“

“IF?! I’m your best fucking friend I’m supposed to know everything about you! I know that you watched Barney until you were eleven! I know how big a dick every single one of your ex’s had! I know that you used to jack off with a toothbrush in middle school-“

“SHHH! I get it!” Amelia buried her face in her hands.

“BUT OH NOO!” Said Kylie, refusing to shhh. “You fuck a good friend of ours, that we see almost EVERYDAY, a guy that would seem very out of character for you to fuck and NOW you get shy with me?!”

“I KNOW! Ok? I know! I would be upset too!”


“It’s just after all I’ve said to him I didn’t want to seem like some weak chick he’s charmed into bed!”

“Is that what you thought I would think?!”

“No I guess not. I just thought that if I told anyone, it would just…get out and people would judge me and think I was a hypocrite and a whore and stuff.”

Kylie put her head in her hand. “For fucks sake Amelia, you’re not a hypocrite you were just wrong about him and there’s no such thing as a whore.”

“Not everyone thinks that way.”

“You need to stop caring what other people think before… I kill you. Also I’m not going to tell anyone, obviously.”

“…I know, you’re right.”

After a moment of silence Kylie figured Amelia had suffered enough guilt. She came over and sat behind Amy on the bed and hugged her. Amy turned around and hugged her back and took a deep breath.

“So?” Kylie asked impatiently, breaking their embrace.


“Jesus chr-How is it?!” Kylie flailed her open hands.

“Oh.” Amelia sighed “Amazing.” She winced as she anticipated Kylie’s squeal.

“EEEEEEEE!” Kylie bounced and lightly slapped Amelia’s arm over and over as she squealed.

“I don’t even know how to describe it. He’s infuriating and annoying and…fucking fantastic in bed. I hate him and fucking him is all I think about.” Amelia felt relieved to finally get these feelings out to her best friend.

“Oh my god you guys are so weird, tell me everything. From the beginning.”

So Amelia told Kylie about every encounter with Blake and gave intimate details when Kylie pressed her to do so, which was the whole time.

“Holy shit. That’s…so hot!” Kylie responded rolling all over the bed.

“I know! UGHH” Amelia fell back onto the bed and Kylie curled up next to her.

“What’s wrong?” Kylie asked quietly.

“I’m supposed to go on a date with Richard but I feel so bad for messing around with Blake while I’ve been talking to him! He totally seems like my type and I really like him!”

“But?” Kylie encouraged.

“But…I don’t know! He’s like perfect but all I can think about is Blake!”

“Yeah…but, I mean you haven’t spent very much time with him. I bet when you go on your date you’ll get to know him more and you’ll be more excited about him than you are about Blake.”

“Yeah. That’s true…But what if I’m not?” Amy asked quietly.

“Look.” Kylie turned onto her stomach look Amelia in the eye. “Yes, you’ve been fucking Blake while talking to Richard but you aren’t even sure about Richard at all yet so you have no responsibility to be faithful to him and also, Blake’s just been kinda showing up and seducing you. Where has Richard been?”

“He’s busy. He’s a med student and working and stuff.”

“Well, Blake’s a working student too but he’s making time for you…”

“I highly doubt Blake cares about his grades. And he’s only making time to fuck me, it’s not like he’s asked me to get coffee or anything. It’s completely selfish. He’s not making time for me he’s making time for his dick with me. It’s different.” Amy scoffed.

“I bet you text each other all the time and actually he’s always got A’s and B’s. “

“Oh.” Amelia’s cheeks flushed a little.

“Yeah you judgmental bitch!” Kylie laughed and hit Amelia with a pillow.

Amelia laughed a bit but her face fell after some time and she asked “Kylie what do I do?”

“Ok.” Kylie sat up. “Go on this date with Richard,”

“Ok” Amy nodded.

“See how you feel about him. If you like him, boom. Solved.”


“If not, just see where it goes with Blake.”

“Wait, what?”

“Why are you thinking about Blake like he’s not an option? Do you know how rare it is to find someone you’re this sexually compatible with right off the bat?”


“You know it took me months to teach Landon how to go down on me right!”

“Yeah but that doesn’t-“

“Every judgement you’ve made about Blake, everything you’ve loathed him for has turned out to be false. Yeah, ok, he’s a bit of a bro, but I think, given your new sexual history, he’s worth getting to know.”

Amelia was silent. She grew a very concentrated expression.

“I don’t think that would ever…be a thing.” She finally said clumsily.

“Okay, but you never bakırköy escort knowww.” Kylie replied in a sing-songy voice.

“Why are you even here?” Amelia teased.

“Oh my sweet little sex kitten.” Kylie started, petting Amelia’s hair.

Amelia laughed

“You’re so wrapped up in your own vagina you hardly notice anything.” Kylie wiggled the fingers on her left hand in front of Amelia’s face.

“NO FUCKING WAY!” Amelia screamed and practically ripped Kylie’s hand off her arm.

“Yes yes yes! I’ve been saying that a lot today.” Kylie tried to appear nonchalant but couldn’t help when a giggle escaped her throat.

Amelia tackled her and shook the tiny girl around.


Kylie continued to regale Amelia with the very romantic story of her engagement to Landon. The story was long and their conversation ended up lasting hours as they contemplated Kylie’s future wedding plans and eventually, the entire concept of marriage itself. They eventually went out to eat and walked around some stores together to find an outfit for Amelia’s date with Richard that evening as well as one for Kylie’s engagement announcement photo’s.

Amelia ended up being a little early to her date with Richard. She got them a table and waited patiently. She ordered a glass of wine and texted Kylie. Finally Richard showed up, she got up to hug him.

“Hey!” she said.

“Hey, sorry for being late I usually never am.” He said as he sat down.

Amelia was expecting him to give an excuse but none came.

“Um it’s ok I know..stuff happens.” she tried to be understanding. As soon as he opened the menu she happened to glance over at the door and see Blake walk in with two other dudes she didn’t know. Her entire body stiffened in a way it had only done so before at the dentist. He passed their aisle of tables and didn’t notice her so she breathed a little bit of a sigh of relief. It still freaked her out that he was there. As he turned the corner he looked back and made eye contact with her. He froze for a second and stared at her surprised before continuing on to where the host was leading them.

Fuck! Amelia thought. She looked down panicked at her menu and decided to order a salad as her nerves were on fire and anything else sounded too heavy. She felt her phone buzz silently in her purse. She looked over at Richard and saw that he was still buried in the menu. She sneaked her phone onto her lap to read what she knew was from Blake:

“That headband is cute. U look like a church girl. Tryin to fool Dick into thinking ur a virginal angel? LOL”

Amelia looked up to check Richards attention which was still away from her.

“I need you to fuck off right now. Turn around and ignore my existence.”

“He seems nice but does he know what u need? If he can touch u even half as good as I can I’ll leave you alone. Promise.”

“I don’t know might find out tonight.” She responded heatedly.

“I want you to think about me licking your pussy while you try to be a fake little good girl for Dr. Dick over there. I want you to think about how my tongue makes you shake. If he can get your mind off of my head between your legs I’d be very impressed but I bet you’re getting hot already.”

Amelia turned to where Blakes booth was and glared at him. He had turned his head to meet her gaze and blew a kiss in her direction. Richard set his menu down as the server came to their table causing Amelia to rip her eyes away from Blake.

Richard and Amy ordered and the server took their menus and left the table. Amelia’s shield from Richard had been stolen from her so she took a good swig of her wine.

“You look beautiful.” Richard spoke, his eyes looked dreamily at her. For some reason his expression felt like a lot for her at the moment.

“Thank you, you’re quite handsome yourself.” She blushed. She squeezed her thighs together as flash of Blake’s mouth on her took over her thoughts for a second.

“How have you been?” He asked.

“Good. Just trying to keep busy which isn’t too hard since finals are coming up.” She replied tucking a stray lock of hair behind her ear.

“True.” He chuckled “My organic chemistry class has been a challenge but I seem to have a better handle on it than most other kids in the class. Poor things look like they’re drowning. I keep telling them I’ll study with them but they never take me up on it.”

“That’s nice of you.” Amelia almost rolled her eyes down her spine.

“Yeah I like to think I’m a nice guy.” He smirked.

That’s actually a cute smirk he’s got to be honest Amelia thought. Her mind went to Blake’s smirk and she tried to shake her head as if it would knock loose the thought of him. Her phone buzzed in her lap. The light noise of the restaurant covered up the sound of it but she felt it nonetheless. When Richard sipped his drink she looked down to get a peek.

“I want to run my tongue up and down your body.” was what he texted.

It buzzed again

I want to taste you all over.” Her pussy started throbbing.


“I want to moan into your beşiktaş escort clit.” She quickly put her phone back into her purse so she couldn’t be bothered any more but the damage was done.

She was getting very angry. What a selfish asshole trying to ruin my date?! she thought.

“Excuse me a moment im just going to visit the little girls room real quick.” She spoke to Richard and got up. She walked down the aisle towards the bathroom, luckily Blakes table was on the way there.

She looked over to make sure Richard wasn’t looking but he was on his phone. She stopped in front of Blakes table with a furious expression. He and his two companions looked up at her.

“Hi there Amy.” He smirked and gave a quick head-to-toe glance over of her body.

“A word Blake?” She nearly hissed.

His friends smiled knowingly at him and then at each other when he got up.

She grabbed his wrist and dragged him to the hallway where the bathrooms were. She hit his chest. “What the fuck are you doing here?!” She seethed quietly

He grabbed her wrist and stepped closer to her “I come here every week with my friends from my home town. Have for a long time.”

She wrestled her wrist out of his grasp “Do they know about us?” she pointed at his friends.

“Relax baby bird they don’t know.” He lightly put his hands on her waist as if to comfort her but she stepped away. “But I’m sure they can guess with the way you acted in front of them.”

She rolled her eyes. “I am on a date you piece of shit why are you harassing me?!”

“I’m not harassing you sweetheart. It’s not harassment if I know you like it. Which you do.” He teased, stepping closer.

“Fuck you no I don’t! I’m trying to have a nice date and you’re…manipulating me! Mind your own business you creep.”

“Oh come on I’m just having some fun.” He leaned in closer backing her against the wall.

“You know I like to watch you squirm.” His eyes went from her body to her eyes. His sexy expression made her breath quicken. Her heart was pounding and her body responded to his proximity without her consent.

“I’m not fucking here for you to play with. Leave me alone!” She pushed him but he pushed her harder against the wall. She knew there was no use in fighting him so she stood defeated, arms crossed and tried to look away as if enduring his touch, as if she didn’t want him to kiss her right there, as if she didn’t want to hear him moan.

He leaned in to speak quietly in her ear.

“You can do your best to dress up like a good girl and pretend to play nice for your date over there but we both know you’re a horny little slut for me…aren’t you?” He started to slide his hand up her dress. She breathed deep and slow trying to control herself but couldn’t manage to move his hand, her body wanted his touch more than her mind wanted to prove him wrong. Because the simple fact was that he was right and he knew it.

“All I’m asking is for you to behave. Just as long as I’m here.” Her voice was slow and shaky and her eyes looked downward.

“Behave?” He spoke softly with a deep pitch in her ear “Around you Amy?” He slid his hand all the way up until he reached her pussy. He gasped slightly and quietly moaned a smile in her ear at the wet lace he found. Her eyes closed and her jaw clenched. He put a finger into her panties and rubbed her lips for a second before drawing his hand away. Her whole body shuddered at the ending of his touch and she accidentally whimpered quietly. “Never.” He whispered in a deep voice and licked her ear lobe into his mouth, grazed it with his teeth and then pulled away all contact sharply, looked her in the eyes, licked the finger he had touched her wet pussy with, smiled, winked and walked away.

Amelia stayed against the wall for sheer support as her body was shaking. She tried to focus on breathing but her pussy felt swollen, her nipples were hard, her heart was beating, and her whole body’s temperature had raised. She’d lost this battle. She stood up and went into the ladies room. She practically ran into a stall before she locked the door and touched herself vigorously. She put a hand over her mouth and rubbed her throbbing clit. As soon as she slipped a finger into her pussy her whole body shuddered and she came. Her orgasm was silent but intense and she tried to catch her breath before cleaning the wetness in her panties. She washed Blake’s influence off of her hands, got a paper towel and dabbed some cold water on the back of her neck, noticing that her face was flushed and her pupils dilated.

She was so lost on where to go from here. She wanted to get back at Blake by getting more physical with Richard in front of him but she didn’t want to give Richard a specific impression of how the night was going to end if she didn’t know that’s what she wanted. And she didn’t know if she wanted to sleep with Richard just yet. She didn’t want to let Blake continue to mess with her either. She decided to just go back out there, turn off her phone and proceed with the date.

She walked out trying to look unaffected as she passed Blake. His two friends were talking normally, ignorant beylikdüzü escort of the power Blake held over Amelia’s body and mind, he clearly hadn’t updated them honestly on what he’d just done to her. She looked at them out of the corner of her eye as she passed. Blake;s eyes burned as he stared at what felt like the depths of her very being. It felt like he knew.

Blake and his party ate and left soon after that and Amelia resolved to just try to get through her night. She had just had an orgasm but her body felt no relief from the desire Blake infused into it. She was still on fire for him.

The rest of the date was rather boring. She wasn’t sure if it was boring because her senses where heightened and bothered so extremely with Blake or if it was because Richard just didn’t have many interesting things to say. She did decide that she didn’t want to sleep with him though. The way he bragged constantly made her attraction to him sink. She wasn’t sure if she would go on another date with him but didn’t mind the idea of friendship.

With her body still vibrating from Blake she pondered over the idea of him coming over. It would be humiliating to ask him after he had been such an asshole. He didn’t deserve a reward for interrupting and sabotaging her date, but it was like he had infected her with desire and the only antidote was to fuck him. No, the antidote never lasted long. She thought of fucking him constantly. Actually doing it only sated her for a couple of hours at a time. Her lust for Blake was wholly inoperable.

“Are you okay?” Richard asked as the busser took their plates.

“Huh? Yeah I’m fine why do you ask?” She replied trying to seem normal.

“You seem…distracted.”

“Oh I’m so sorry I’m just tired. Finals have me all exhausted.” She lied. Her body was practically electric.

“Well sleep is important. It’s getting kind of late anyway why don’t I take you home?”

“Okay yeah that sounds like a good idea.”

Amelia faked a yawn.

They paid and left. The whole way to her apartment Richard continued to blab on about himself and his achievements. If Amelia’s body hadn’t been possessed by Blake’s touch she was sure she would be able to fall asleep in no time with the way Richard went on. But it was completely taken over, and she was trying not to squirm in her seat too much.

Richard walked her to her door and she worried he would try to kiss her. But when she finally got to the door she wondered if a kiss from Richard might distract her from Blake and make it so she could come to her senses and not text him pathetically like she so desperately wanted to do. She honestly started to hope he would kiss her and that it would make her want to fuck him so she would be free of Blake for a while.

She turned to Richard when she got to the door. He smirked a charming half smile at her.

“Tonight was fun. I hope we do this again soon.” He had an arm resting on the door on the side of her head. A move she typically liked but felt cornered in that moment.

“Yeah maybe after finals next time so I’m not so sleepy.” She fake chuckled.

“Goodnight Amelia.” He spoke. He leaned in to kiss her and she reciprocated. But it felt like nothing. It felt bland and plain even with her heightened need for touch. He pulled away his eyes twinkling.

“Goodnight Richard.” She dismissed. He smiled and walked back to his car. She walked into her apartment and closed the door behind her. She wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and groaned in frustration as she heard Richards car drive away.

She never wanted this. She never wanted Blake Daine to haunt her like this. She never thought he would poison her with lust like he had and she felt defeated and utterly out of control. She kicked off her heels and wandered to her bed. She reached down and pressed her whole pussy with her hand through her panties and groaned at the need. She pressed harder and massaged it roughly hoping that another orgasm would curb her from contacting Blake. She felt herself get wet again and inhaled sharply at the sensation. She heard her phone vibrate.

It was Richard telling her that her wallet had fallen out of her purse into his car and he was on his way back to return it.

Goddamn it. She thought. She stood up and tried to straighten out her dress with her hands and look like she wasn’t just in the throws of passion with herself. She went to the bathroom and wiped the mascara that had run under her eyes slightly and heard the knock on her door.

She walked over and opened it. Blake was on the other end staring at her intensely.

“What the fuck are you doing here?” She looked around to see if Richard was coming.

“What do you want right now? And don’t feed me any bullshit.”

She stared at him not knowing how to respond. She wanted many things. She wanted to not be attracted to him. She wanted to like Richard. She wanted him to touch her. She stared for a moment longer before she grabbed a fistful of his shirt and pulled him into kiss her. He moaned loudly into her mouth, practically growling, and wrapped his arms around her. He closed the door behind them and slammed her against it. He roughly grabbed her breast with one hand and reached up her skirt to feel her ass with the other, pressing his hard cock against her. He groaned loudly as he grabbed at her and seemed to want to consume her whole as he touched every part of her hot, wanting body. Amelia whimpered at his touch and Blake growled at hers.

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