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Fuck It

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Just a quick hook-up between two sexually frustrated friends. No back-stories, no multi-chapter plots. Just fondling and fucking. Enjoy!


“I swear, if I don’t get fucked in the next 5 minutes, I WILL kill someone!”

Tony laughed as he watched his longtime friend Emma storm through his front door, 5’4″ of sexual fury. She dramatically stomped her way to the kitchen, throwing her purse angrily in his direction as she passed.

“Oh Emma, hi, didn’t see you there. Do come in please.”

Tony heard a snort from the kitchen.

“Shut the fuck up Tony. If you were as pent up as me, you’d be bitching too!”

Tony sighed quietly to himself. Unknown to Emma, he WAS that pent up. He spent most days with a constant hard-on, struggling to find new ways to hide his 7 incher from his professors and fellow students. It was growing (HA) to be a real problem.

And she was the cause of it.

Emma Sanders was what some would call a “shortstack”. In layman’s terms, Emma was a short girl with exaggerated curves. She liked to brag she was only 1 inch away from being Sir Mix-A-Lot’s perfect woman. She was also Tony’s perfect woman, though he’d never tell her. They’d been friends since diapers, it would be wrong to take advantage of their friendship just to get laid.

Tony knew all the reasons. They were the only thing keeping him from throwing Emma on his kitchen counter right now and sating her sexual urges. Instead he lazily stood up, purse in hand, and walked into the kitchen to join Emma.

As he entered the kitchen, the first thing Tony noticed was Emma’s large, round ass sticking out of his fridge. Not an un-welcome sight, especially since Emma had gone with her plaid skirt today, but now Tony’s “real problem” was acting up again. He felt himself grow hard, and this time there was no way to hide it. He had been wearing gym shorts when Emma had come over, and they were now clearly tented.

Emma remained oblivious as she continued to ransack his fridge, her ass cheeks shifting from side to side under her skirt as she complained.

“I mean, how hard is it to find a willing cock these days? I’m a good looking woman. I’ve got the big tits and the fat ass guys seem to love canlı bahis these days. I should be DROWNING in cock! But nooo, I’ve got to live in the only town where every guy is either taken or gay! It’s ridiculous!”

‘Yes it is’ thought Tony as he tried desperately to make his erection subside before Emma turned around. Unfortunately for Tony, his dick wasn’t having it. In fact, the longer his erection lasted, the more excuses Tony was coming up with to just go for it.

‘I mean, what’s the harm? I’m horny, she’s clearly horny. Maybe we could just…help each other out.’

Tony moved forward, shocked at his own body. He was now standing so close to Emma her skirt was slightly rubbing against his tented shorts. Not enough to feel anything, but still way closer than was acceptable for “just friends”.

Emma chose this moment to turn around, her fridge raiding yielding her nothing. And since Tony was right there, she ran into him immediately. She squeaked and almost fell over, and Tony, out of reflex, grabbed her by the hip and pulled her back to him.

And here they were, Emma held against Tony, her large breasts pressed against his stomach, his erection throbbing against hers. A beat passed, Emma and Tony staring at each other, lust hot in their eyes, and a single thought blasting through both their minds.

Fuck it.

Tony and Emma’s lips met, their tongues fighting over who would be leading this particular sexual encounter. Emma played dirty though, using her womanly moans and grasping hands to make Tony groan with need. He picked her up, Emma giggling as she looped her arms around his neck. She turned her head to see where Tony was taking her, smirking.

“On the counter Tony? How very theatrical.”

Tony laid Emma down on the counter, burying his face in her neck as she squirmed and moaned. He growled into her ear, making her shiver.

“I’ve been thinking about this since the days you came back to school with those things on your chest.”

Emma pushed Tony back lightly, mischief in her eyes as she unbuttoned her shirt, slowly. She teased him, though her breathing was growing heavy and her eyes lidded, so the act was a bit transparent.

“Oh these? I didn’t know you’d bahis siteleri noticed them. It’s not like I catch you looking at them all the time.”

Tony blushed, caught, but Emma only laughed, her hands still slowly, oh so slowly, revealing more and more of her heaving chest.

“Oh I don’t mind Tony. In fact, there are a couple shirts in my closet that I bought just for you.”

Tony couldn’t take it anymore. He reached out, brushed Emma’s hands away, and ripped her shirt open, sending a couple buttons flying, but neither of them noticed. Emma was busy watching Tony’s reaction, and Tony was focusing on not cumming in his shorts.

Emma’s tits were big, and fat, and had a little sag, but it was the sag of big natural tits, so Tony only considered it a plus. His hands flew to them like they were magnets, grasping them roughly, making Emma give out a loud moan. Tit-flesh overflowed his hands. There was just so much-

Emma placed a finger under Tony’s chin, bring his eyes to hers. She was smiling, her eyes glassy with desire. Her other hand had somehow wrapped itself around Tony’s cock without him knowing, and was pumping slowly.


“Yeah Emma?”

“Would it be too much trouble to ask you to eat me out?”

Tony throbbed in her hand, which made Emma giggle again. God he loved her giggle.

“No, I think I can help with that.”

Emma nodded, still smiling, as Tony moved away from the counter, making sure he took her panties with him as he went. He looked at her, her shirt open, breasts jiggling slightly from her ragged breaths. Her skirt bunched around her waist, thighs spread wide for him, her pussy soaking wet. Tony almost ran back to the counter, dropped to his knees and began to assault Emma’s pussy with his mouth.

Emma’s moans filled the kitchen, echoing though the empty rooms of his home. A part of Tony’s brain was thankful that his roommates were out, or this would have been hard to explain. The majority of his brain, however, was dedicated to finding ways to make Emma scream.

Then her found her clit.

“OH FUCK YES!” screamed Emma, her thighs pressing even tighter against Tony’s ears. Tony, for his part, spent the next few minutes treating bahis şirketleri Emma’s clit like a punching bag for his tongue, which sent Emma into several spiraling orgasms. Eventually Emma pushed Tony away, her throat hoarse from screaming and her body sore from clenching.

Tony emerged drenched, his shirt hopelessly stained with her juices. He took it off before rolling Emma onto her stomach, her ass laying on the edge of the counter, her legs dangling just a little. Emma looked back wearily as Tony lined himself up.

“Tony, please, I need a minute.”

Tony looked at her, and Emma could see he wasn’t going to listen.

Not that she wanted him too. Not really.

Tony grabbed her hips, and with a single thrust, fill Emma completely.

Emma almost blacked out for a second.

When she regained her composure, Emma eagerly began bouncing her ass against Tony’s pelvis, matching him stroke for stroke as they fucked on the counter. The slap of skin on skin filled the air. Tony gave her ass a good smack every now and then as he fucked her, which drove Emma wild. She began screaming Tony’s name as he plowed her. Reaching down, Tony grabbed a double handful of Emma’s breasts, pinching her nipples, making her moan loudly.

Tony didn’t know how long he fucked her on that counter, and he didn’t really care. His balls were boiling, his orgasm closing in fast. Pulling Emma with him, Tony laid on the kitchen floor, Emma sitting squarely on his lap, his cock still deep inside her. She looked down at him, her hair a mess, her cheeks flushed. She placed her hand on his chest, teasing smirk back in place.

“Ready for the grand finale?”

Tony put his hand on Emma’s, locking eyes with her. His other hand, meanwhile, gave Emma’s ass a sharp smack. Yelping slightly, then grinning evilly, Emma began bouncing on Tony’s cock, her breasts bouncing faster and faster as she began riding him harder and harder. Tony gripped her ass with both hands and slammed her down on his cock. Emma leaned forward, burying Tony’s face with her breasts, Tony found a nipple and sucked, hard.

With a cry, Emma began to cum, shaking and moaning on top of Tony. It was all too much for Tony, so he joined her in her orgasm, filling her with his cum. Tony gave a couple extra thrusts before letting go of her ass. Emma, utterly spent, collapsed onto Tony’s chest.

Together, the two friends drifted off into sweet sleep, their urges finally sated.

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