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Fun Time at a Pool Party

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It was the first weekend of August 1998. Mike Bradley was looking forward to leaving for college in two weeks. He was almost done with his crappy summer job at the local Dairy Queen.

He’d worked there every year since he turned 16, but now that he was an 18 year old soon to be college freshman he was ready to leave it all behind.

Every summer since he started working for Lew Rafferty he always had an end of summer bash at his large home for his employees. The rules were quite simple. Lew provided all of the food and beer you could ever want; you just needed your parents’ permission to come and give Lew or his wife Cheryl your car keys when you arrived.

Tonight Mike was looking to get lucky. Last year at the annual party he hooked up with a girl from the neighboring DQ in Middletown and they did everything but fuck. She was a little cutie and Mike was hoping that Anna would be coming tonight so he could seal the deal. He didn’t want to leave for college a virgin.

Mike left for his bosses house and about halfway there the storm hit. It was a typical summer evening thunderstorm and Mike was cursing that it would fuck up any chance of seeing Anna in her little red bikini. He was successful in removing it off her petite sexy body last summer.

He pulled into Lew’s driveway and was waiting in his car for a break in the rain when he noticed Anna getting out of her car and running to the front door.

“Hey Anna. How ‘ya doing?” Mike asked as he followed her to the front door.

“Oh, hi Mike. Great. When do you leave for school?” she asked.

“On the 15th. How about you?”

“Same day. Where are you going?” Anna asked.

“OSU. How about you?”

“No way! I’m also going to OSU,” she screamed.

Mike was checking Anna out as they spoke. She’d really filled out since he’d last seen her. Her breasts were much larger than last year and she had an ass on her that was to die for. She must’ve been a late bloomer because she went from being cute at 17 to a knockout at 18.

“What’s your major?” Mike asked.

“Business. How about you?”

“Same here. I wanna run my own company someday so I figure a business degree can really help.”

The two of them chatted until Lew opened the door.

“Hi guys. I hope you brought your swimsuits because I have the heat on in the pool so the rain won’t cool the water down much. Mike give me your keys. Same with you Anna.”

They gave Lew their keys and went into the large dining room where about a half dozen of their co-workers were mingling. Mike spoke with his friends from work but didn’t want Anna to get away so he kept his eyes on her.

Anna bumped against Mike and whispered, “I didn’t bring my red bikini tonight. I have no swimsuit.”

“Well how can you go swimming escort izmit then?” Mike asked.

“I have a tube top and some shorts. My bikini doesn’t fit anymore. My tits got too big for it,” she explained and winked right after she said it.

Mike knew then and there that the two of them would hook up again and he’s finally get to put his virgin cock inside of a pussy.

They both had some pizza and a beer when Lew announced that the pool was open since the storm had passed.

“The guys can get dressed in the downstairs basement and the ladies can dress in the spare bedroom,” Cheryl announced.

Mike and his buddy Karl went into the basement to dress along with four other guys.

“I see you found Anna again,” Karl stated. “Are you going to try and fuck her tonight?”

“Karl! Shut the fuck up! We’ll see what happens. Who are you eying up?”

“Barb from Middletown. Henry told me she’s easy so I figure I’ll give her a shot.”

They finished putting on their swim trunks and went outside to take a dip in the pool. Mike was waiting for Anna when Barb walked by followed by Karl. Barb had massive tits, probably the biggest tits Mike had ever seen. Soon it became clear that the majority of the guys there wanted a piece of her.

“Well Mike what do you think?” Anna asked as she walked up to him.

He didn’t know what to say because her tube top really showed off her boobs. She had on a tight pair of red shorts and Mike wasn’t sure but it almost looked like she wasn’t wearing any panties because he thought he saw ‘camel toe’.

“Wow!” was all that came out of his mouth.

They sat at the edge of the pool with their feet in the warm water and talked as they heard Barb scream. Karl had managed to untie Barb’s bikini top and her at least D cup tits were fully exposed. She was running around the pool being chased by a half dozen horny guys and Mike and Anna just sat there and laughed.

“Now you know why I’m wearing a tube top. You can’t untie it and I can control who gets to see me. Know what I mean?”

“I..I,,I think so,” Mike stuttered.

“Lets jump in the pool to cool off. Your cock looks like it wants to burst thru your trunks,” Anna stated.

The two of them got into the pool just as Barb ran by naked with a couple of guys swim trunks in her hand. She was being chased by Karl and Dan from Mike’s DQ. Both of them were naked and Anna laughed as they chased Barb to get their suits back.

“Why do guys think girls with big tits are easy?” Anna asked.

“I don’t really know,” Mike replied. “I’ve heard that the bigger the tits, the smaller the brain but I really doubt that it’s true. I really can’t say for sure though.”

“Well I’m just glad we ran into each other again. I regret not letting you fuck me izmit darıca escort last year, but I wasn’t on the pill yet so I was afraid of getting pregnant.”

“I’ve thought about you everyday since last year. I haven’t been able to get you off my mind,” Mike explained.

“Same here. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve fingered myself thinking of you.”

“God only knows how many times I’ve jacked off thinking about you.”

“Then let’s go find a quiet place while Barb is kept busy,” Anna stated.

They got out of the pool and looked over and saw Karl and Barb fucking in the deep end of the pool.

Anna led Mike by the hand and they went into the basement and found the laundry room just off the family room.

Mike pulled Anna close to him and their lips soon met. They were kissing passionately their tongues dancing in and out of each others mouths as Mike slipped his left up inside of her tube top.

Her nipple was firm and erect as he fondled it and he quickly pulled her top up to her neck releasing her nice perky pear shaped breasts.

“Oh yes Mike. Kiss them! Kiss my tits!” Anna moaned as Mike moved to her chest alternating from left to right breast.

He took his free right hand and pulled her shorts down and he realized right away that he was right. She had no panties on beneath her shorts. He immediately found her wet slit and he spread he lips apart and inserted a couple of fingers into her wet box.

“Oh yes! Right there! Rub right there!” Anna moaned.

Mike knew he found pay dirt because he finger fucked this teenage goddess closer to orgasm.

“Mmmmm. Yes! Oh fuck!” Anna screamed as her pelvis started moving and shaking. “Holy fuck! Yesssss!” she screamed then she collapsed onto the floor.

She was covered in sweat and was breathing quite heavily and Mike was getting ready to go get help when she opened her eyes and smiled.

“That was well worth it. I’ve been dreaming about you doing that to me,” she explained ans she sat up. “I’ve never cum like that before. Now it’s your turn.”

She got on her knees and pulled Mike’s suit down to his ankles. His hard cock almost hit her in the face as it sprung out of captivity.

“Come here Michael,” she commanded as she pulled his crotch close to her.

She started at his hanging testicles and kissed her way up to the throbbing purple tip of his cock.

“I want you to cum in my mouth. I wanna taste you,” she stated.

“Keep that up and you’ll taste me in no time,” he meekly replied.

She slowly took him in her mouth and Mike was convinced that he’d bust a nut as she took all 6 inches in her mouth.

“Yes! Oh yeah. That’s amazing…oh fuck I’m cumming!” he shouted as he exploded filling her mouth izmit rus escort with his pent up excitement.

All Mike could hear was slurping as Anna kept his cock in her mouth milking him of as much cum as she could.

“Yummy!” she explained.

Mike got beside her and they started kissing and Mike got to finally see what he tasted like as they French kissed.

“I want you inside of me,” Anna stated.

“I’ll be ready in no time, but first I wanna taste your pussy.”

Mike got between her legs and put them on his back as he buried his head in her musky smelling cunt. He spread her lips apart and where he used his fingers before he now used his tongue.

Anna grabbed the side of his head and forced him closer to her as she wrapped her legs around his neck.

She let out little moans and grunts as he ate her snatch and she arched her back and let out a loud scream as she had her second massive orgasm of the evening.

“Anna! Be quiet! Do you wanna get caught?” Mike asked.

“Oh my gawd! That was awesome. I’m sorry but I can’t control myself. Now fuck me mister.”

“Okay,” replied Mike.

He spread her legs apart and guided his now rock hard cock into her wet waiting snatch. It was a feeling like he’d never felt before. It was way better that tube socks or toilet paper rolls. This was a real live woman’s pussy.

Since it was his first time every time he’d thrust his cock would pop out of her pussy. He was unsure of himself and Anna must’ve sensed it.

“Lay on your back and let me get on top. That way you can kiss my tits,” Anna commanded.

Mike obliged and Anna got on top and guided his cock into her waiting hole. She leaned over and put her tits in his face and Mike kissed and sucked on the one tit while pinching the nipple on the other. Anna was riding him controlling everything then she went faster and faster while she rubbed her clit.

“Oh baby I’m cumming again,” Anna moaned and her vaginal muscles tightened like a vice grip on his cock and it made him explode deep inside of her snatch.

“Oh fuck! That was the best thing I’ve ever done,” Mike screamed after finally fucking a real woman.

Anna collapsed on top of him and they fell fast asleep with his cock still partially inside of her. They woke up when they heard their boss Lew calling their names and weren’t able to get any clothing on when he walked into the laundry room and turned on the light.

“Oh hello,” he called out and he quickly turned the light back off. “Sorry. Don’t let me stop you. Just be careful,” he said as he went back upstairs.

They looked at each other and laughed. They got dressed and joined the rest of the crew around the fire pit. Karl looked over at his best friend and gave a thumbs up. Mike also gave him a thumbs up and they both realized that they got what they wanted.

Mike and Anna ended up in several classes together and spent their college years dating on and off. They ended up getting married after school and are still going strong after 10 years.

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