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FWB Ch. 01

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As I look around my living room, all I can see are coasters going unused. That’s not true. I also see my dear friend, Meg. Just 3 hours ago I picked her up from O’Hare and now she’s here and we’re having sort of a mini reunion plus several of my friends that Meg doesn’t know. She’s regaling the crowd with tales of our past.

Meg and I have known each other since we were in diapers. Our mothers are best friends. It’s really something. She’s the only person that gets me. I mean GETS me.

Elle is in the kitchen cooking up something that smells amazing, and I can’t wait to eat whatever it is. I don’t know how I always manage to drink like a rookie, but I started without a bread base. My eyelids are already heavy and I’m tempted to down some coffee to stave off a heavy head.

Some cute guy Ellie works with has been hitting on her all night and for some odd reason it’s annoying me. Where does he think he’s gonna get with that $80 haircut and fancy suit? He’s too high maintenance for her. She’s like me. My needs are simple.

Meg’s arm swings around my waist and I put mine around hers. While I’ve put on a little weight, Meg has gotten thinner since college. And the bitch of it is that she eats whatever she wants and doesn’t even know what a gym is.

“I miss you,” she whispers in my ear.

“I miss you, too,” I lean into her and glance over to see Elle and her coworker walking out onto the balcony, “He’s not her type,” I nod in their direction.

“Alison… are you jealous?” she raises an eyebrow.

I laugh and my tummy feels warm, “Not jealous. Just looking out for her.”

“Uh huh. Well, she is very pretty. How did you two meet again?”

I smile, remembering, “She hit me while she was riding her bike on the lake path.”

Meg laughs loudly, “I really wish I could’ve been there to see it.”

“We’ve been friends ever since,” I raise my glass in Elle’s direction and she raises hers in kind.

“Well, I’m just glad you’re so happy. I’ve worried about you the past few years. You’ve been so out of touch,” Meg tucks a chunk of bangs behind my ear.

“I… listen, would you be offended if I went to lie down?”

“What? It’s only 11!”

“You’re here all week. I don’t know what my problem is, but I can barely keep my eyes open all of the sudden,”

“Here, I’ll tuck you in,” she smiles and leads me to my bedroom.


I wake up just after 3am. I must’ve passed out before everyone else. My mouth tastes like wine and guacamole. I pad into the kitchen to get a glass of water, and that’s when I hear something unfamiliar. At first it’s just a soft gasp. Then another. As my ears hone in on the sounds, I can hear kissing noises.

Suddenly, my face feels like it’s on fire. Ellie let that guy spend the night! Gingerly setting my glass down, I walk ever-so-softly to her door. It’s cracked open just a bit and casino oyna as my eyes adjust to the darkness, I feel as though my knees may buckle beneath me.

I’m stunned by what I’m seeing. All I can make out is the top of one woman’s head between another’s thighs. I scurry to the living room to find the couch empty, confirming my suspicion.

Elle is in bed with Meg. My Meg. The Meg I shared my first kiss with. The Meg I shared clothes, secrets, boyfriends, and the majority of my young life with. I feel as though I’ve just woken up from a nightmare and I’m petrified.

I manage to get my feet working again and – avoiding all of the creaky spots in the floor – find myself a comfortable spot outside of Elle’s door. My eyes have accepted the darkness, and I can see now that Elle is the one between the thighs. Meg is on her back, her body is arched and I can see her breasts in the street light creeping through the curtains.

Two pebbles sit atop each gorgeous mound. She’s trembling. She jerks her head up and from what I can tell, she watches as Elle devours her. I’d always tried to get her to let me eat her pussy. I was always curious. But she’d never go farther than kissing. I guess one time she let me suck her nipples, but she said she couldn’t do anymore.

She must’ve changed her mind. Her head fell back again, long hair dangling between her shoulder blades. I’ve been absentmindedly rubbing my own breasts this whole time, and I’ve suddenly become acutely aware that my pajama shorts are sticky with my own arousal.

I feel like a total creep, but right now I don’t care. I can see Meg’s flat tummy tightening. She’s grown up to be unbelievably gorgeous. I imagine that Elle’s hands are mine. Running the length of her torso. Feeling soft skin underneath. Elle reaches up to Meg’s chest, squeezing a nipple between her finger and thumb before hoisting herself up onto her knees in front of Meg.

Elle puts a hand behind Meg’s neck, holding her there. She inserts two fingers into Meg and pulls them out, bringing them first to her lips, then to Meg’s. The fingers hastily find their way back between Meg’s legs. Elle is giving her intense eye contact, her arm alternating between fast and very slow penetration movements.

Meg’s face crumples up and Elle shushes her, bringing her hand all the way around and covering Meg’s mouth. Meg’s eyes open wide and I can hear her strangled orgasm from underneath my roommate’s fingers.

Out of the clear blue, my muscles begin to tighten and flex and my fingers are soaked. I’m surprised at how unaware of my body I’ve been this whole time. I let my climax ring out through my body, silently moaning while I watch Meg come down. Elle kisses Meg’s perfect bust, savoring what must be the sweetest skin. Elle collapses next to Meg and the two murmur quietly.

Meanwhile, I’m now stuck on the floor in the hallway, terrified that if I move, they’ll hear me. My pussy is still flexing from deep canlı casino within and I relish the moment a little longer before scooting slowly back to the living room.


I’m lying on the couch in the dark at 1am and all I can think about is Elle. God, Al would kill me if I told her that. I pour what’s left of the wine in my glass and gulp it down. Elle’s door is open just a bit and I slide inside. That allergy pill will have Alison knocked out for a while yet.

I feel bad that I tricked her like that, but I have to have time to do what I need to do. As I stand over Elle, I watch her sleeping body. She’s wearing a nightgown. Sheer. Through the fabric I can see a taught tummy and some gorgeous tits. Maybe B’s. They’re small, but I can’t wait to get my tongue on them.

I get into bed next to Elle and her eyes open quickly, sort of afraid. I cover her mouth with my hand, “Be quiet,” I command and hold eye contact.

She shakes her head and begins to protest, but I quickly place my hand high on her thigh to let her know my intentions.

She’s mumbling something into my fingers and I only tighten my hand over her mouth, “Alison will wake and hear you if you’re not quiet,” I say and then quickly get on top of her.

She’s staring at me, wide-eyed, while I pull her nightie down. I lick one nipple through the fabric of her nightgown, then pull up to see her face. She’s still in quiet shock. I find the other nipple, this time pulling the lavender nightie down so that I can taste her skin.

“Mmm,” I moan against her and look up to find her still surprised. “I watched you all night. I wanted you all night. Just relax and I’ll make you lose your mind,” I let my tongue wander into the skin underneath her chin and up to her ear.

I peel my hand away from her mouth, on finger at a time, replacing them with my lips. She doesn’t respond at first, but then I feel the slightest reply, and I adventure deeper. I lick her lips and flick my tongue against the tip of hers.

“We can’t,” she says in a deep whisper.

“Oh, but we can,” I say, finding her already moist panties with my fingertips.

I take her mouth again, this time probing with my tongue. I bite her lower lip and she moans. I’m in

I push my fingers past the lace of her thong and into the pool of hot goo between her other lips. Watching her eyes roll back in her head, my own pussy clenches. I tease the skin around her clit before actually touching it. Even in poor lighting I can see that she’s flush.

“Did you want something?” I ask in her ear.

She breaths heavily for a moment before quietly barking, “Please. Fuck me.”

“Well, because you said please,” and with that, I insert two fingers.

She bucks her hips against me, her pretty face twisted up in what little light we have.

I pull my fingers out, then gently push back in, my mouth beside her ear, “I watched you all night tonight. kaçak casino I imagined what it would be like to kiss those perfectly pink lips. Then I thought about your neck. I wanted to taste it,” I lick and nibble her neck, “Then I thought about how it would feel to put my tongue between your thighs,” I say this and her eyes open, but only for a moment.

She looks at me, her brow furrowed, “Please…”

That’s all I needed to hear. In a moment, I’m between her thighs, tasting the wetness that has spread beyond her cunt. I open her legs and look at her before getting my first taste. I lick the outer lips, spending time on each before going any deeper.

She’s twisting her body up, grabbing her breasts deliciously for me to watch. I drag my tongue up her slit and find her swollen and soaking. As soon as my tongue makes contact with her clit, she shivers and covers her own mouth. She’s shaking under my touch and letting out these little gasps that make me want to eat her all night.

I wrap my lips around her from her mound to mid-slit, letting my tongue play ever-so-gently upon her clitoris. Her fists work the pillow behind her head and I take her deeper, plunging into the wetness waiting for me.

I swallow her juices, savoring the fact that they’re all for me. I suck and nip at her until I feel she’s ready, and then latch onto her clit, sucking and licking hard while she squirms under my mouth. She begins to shiver and puts both hands over her mouth.

When she cums, her eyes are squeezed shut and her body stiffens. Her hips jump every so often, and I let my tongue linger to feel her gorgeous pussy finish orgasm.

With that, she pulls me close and puts me on my back, “My turn,” she takes my tank top, nearly strangling me with it, and tosses it across the room. She runs her tongue over my desperate tits and I relish the hot, wet feeling. She doesn’t waste any time getting between my legs.

In a moment, my panties are off and her mouth has latched on. I can’t tell she hasn’t eaten pussy much, but she’s really trying. Between her sucking sounds, I hear movement in the apartment. Al is awake. I’m going to make sure she’s knows we’re in here.

While Elle suckles my clit, I let out the slightest gasping sounds. I let Elle lick and suck and nibble my pussy. I’m trying to cum, but knowing that Al is probably watching, I get performance anxiety. So I decide to make this about Al now. I arch my body so that when she comes to watch, she can see what she’s wanted so long.

I pull on each nipple, hardening them for her. I flex my abs and then let my head fall back so that she can see the full display. Just then, Elle comes up from between my thighs and fingerfucks me. Her fingers fly in and out so quickly that it’s hard to take pleasure, but I know Al is out there, watching.

I pretend to cum for Elle. She buys it.

She comes back up and gets next to me in bed. We kiss awhile until she falls back to sleep and I go back to the couch. I’m lying there at nearly 4am rubbing myself. I’m sorely tempted to go into Al’s room. I know she’s probably awake. Instead, I make myself cum and pass out.

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