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Gathering Apples

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I recently started a second job and I needed a break. I decided to head towards the cottage for a long weekend. It was a real hot day in August and I thought it would be fun to go for a boat ride. It was my own boat that I built by myself with some help from my dad.

The motor was set in place and I made sure that there was enough fuel for the day. The motor started good, but the drive angle had to be set. So I took it around the bay a few times. The fishing equipment was sitting on the dock and I put this in the boat so I would be prepared if I found a good fishing spot.

There was a shadow right behind me and I turned to see Sara standing there. Sara was the girl across the road. While growing up, Sara and I spent the summers doing things together. We grew up together and played together in the summer. We went fishing and swimming with some of the other children sometimes, but we mostly liked each others company.

She asked if I mind having a passenger with me. She was out of University now and came home for the summer and was a great sight before my eyes. The white terry cloth beach coat she wore was open, revealing her beautiful breasts. The bikini top was just enough to cover them but not by much. Looking lower towards the bottom, thong sort of bikini revealed her stomach and a jewel in her navel. She was a gorgeous blond without a doubt.

I felt somewhat of an erection starting as I looked at her. My mind now was fantasizing her dropping the coat and the bikini. Then her hand would gently slide my swim trunks down in a pile around my feet. My erection was very obvious and a bit difficult to hide, so I stopped the fantasizing and helped her into the boat.

We started going in an easterly direction and Sara didn’t waste any time getting her robe off. She sat on the front seat with her head tilted back to enjoy the sun on her body. What a beautiful woman she was, seeing her body full length along the front of the boat. Was this a coincidence or was this the reward of a lucky man.

Even though I tried to control my emotions, my erection became even more obvious. After a while riding on the choppy waves, Sara said, “Maybe maybe we can find a place along the river bank to take a break and have something to eat.” There was a place not far from here that I thought would be an ideal spot, an old apple orchard. As the boat pulled up to the shore I felt my temperature rise and I couldn’t help fantasizing again. What a beautiful woman. I thought as I walked behind her.

She had a perfect bum which taksim grup yapan escort gave the signal that this body would like to get fucked. We spread the blanket down beside an old apple tree but kept it in the sun. My erection was very plain and I could feel my rock hard cock pushing against my swim trunks.

Sara asked, “Is it alright with you if I take my top off?” “Yes, no problem here.” I replied. Her top just seemed to drop. Beautiful breasts that were rounded and looking for a mans hand to fondle them. Sara said, “You are horny and that erection is not easy to conceal.” She said, “Come here and let me help you out of your swim trunks.”

I was getting wet and could feel precum making a spot on my trunks. Sara was just as horny as I was. She was on her knees in front of me and she pulled down my trunks and just about got slapped in the chin with my cock. Her hands and fingers were digging into my buttocks for a minute. The pulsing in my cock was continuous.

With one hand she pulled the shaft to her mouth. Her lips surrounded just the head and with her tongue circled the little ridge and it was driving me insane. Sara seemed to be experienced with a male body and knew just what to do with a cock to please a man. Goose bumps were showing on Sara’s breasts and her arms.

It was getting intense, her nipples were erect and hard. I was holding back as much as possible while looking at Sara’s hot and sexy body.

The point of no return came too quickly. She sensed this and twisted my cock back and forth and she tightened her lips around it tight so nothing would be lost. I was pumping into Sara’s mouth one of the biggest loads ever. I could see her juices flowing down her legs. She opened her mouth and gasped while the cum dripped over her mouth and onto her breasts.

She rubbed her breasts with both hands. She cupped her nipples and saving the ejaculate to rub into her now wet and dripping pussy. Her hand kept going to her mouth and savoring her flavor and mine together.

Her body was undulating like the waves on the water. She lay back on the blanket and invited me to lick her pussy and she continued stroking my now softened cock.

Positioning myself with my face close to Sara’s wet and juicy pussy, the delicate aroma of her warm, tender and pulsating vagina was like an aphrodisiac. Her clitoris was slightly erect and protruding just as the tip of my tongue flitted it back and forth.

Her pusssy was convulsing and with each thrust taksim masöz escort her creamy white thighs were hugging my ears. She was talking in rhythm to her orgasm which was getting my penis hard again. We lay back with fresh thoughts and relaxing our bodies but not talking.

We just were appreciating sex and how beautiful it can be. “Would you like an apple?” Sara asked and it seemed so out of place that we both laughed.

It was amazing that we knew each other from our young tender years and played together for many years. We never thought about having sex even when we were going through puberty. It was just not in our agenda. However, a few years had passed and I now saw just how beautiful her body was and it was just too much not to enjoy such a feast.

Somehow, Sara could bring back those smiles and facial features that made me want to make love to her. We were the same age, but Sara was way past me in sexual desires. I was still green in this area, except for those young uncontrolled boners. We lay back and held each other and hugged for it seemed like hours.

The shoreline was unique and went from sandy beach areas to secluded places where the trees overhung the water. We pulled the boat under the tree branches and slipped into the warm shallows. Sara took fine sand and started to gently scour my body, cleaning especially my penis and balls.

Gently rubbing with her tender hands and rinsing with the warm water. She also lay back and opened her legs suggesting that I may clean her up in the same way. She was still oozing fluids and cum, but I rinsed her pussy with tender care making sure not to get sand where it wasn’t wanted. As I was washing and rinsing I saw her body undulate, like a pre-orgasm preview. We rolled in the water and kissed, letting our arousals cool down with river water.

We rinsed our swimming gear and let it dry inside the boat. The sun was tingling its presence on our skin and we knew that we were going to have a sunburn if we didn’t move into the shade. The boat slid into a natural wharf setting with grass on either side. The shade of the apple tree was casting a longer shadow as the day ended.

It was a welcome sight and we got dressed under its shady arms. We leaned together and kissed and embraced as though it was the foreplay we missed before we quickly indulged in sex from the beginning. Her skin was pinching like mine and we knew a long restless night lay ahead of us. The long shadows and a slightly cooling breeze taksim otele gelen escort felt good on our skin.

Sara then wrapped her arms around me and whispered in my ear, “I love you, Jim. I need you to be with me now and for a long time”. I was somewhat embarrassed, but the warming on my face was not just the sunburn. It was the long wait from childhood to this moment. We were really in love and our bodies and souls reached out to each other. The slapping of the boats hull on the water shook us into the increasing west wind. She smiled at me and her lips made the I love you gesture over the sound of the motor. I love you too, Sara. I mouthed back.

When we came to Bass Island, which was just a strip of land left from the old canal, I thought we might see what may happen while we looked about. The north shore still had the large box where I used to keep a make shift tent. It was easy to set up, attaching the rope to two trees.

We set the one end so the canvas lay right into the sand and left the other end open and looking away from the sunset towards the north shore of the river. It was close to a mile across so no one could see us there. It was a place of seclusion except for the occasional boat going by.

Sara sat beside me and held unto my arm. She was cooling down and starting to shiver. Goose bumps set themselves along her legs and her top to her shoulders. I set the canvas around her shoulders and started a fire.

The day had been hot, but with the bit of sunburn on us we chilled down fast as the sun set. I gathered enough dry wood to light up a fire near the front of the tent. The crackling soon drew both of us close to the fire. We took sticks to arrange the burning embers into our own design.

Playing in the fire with sticks brought back some memories from a few years ago when we would roast marshmallows over the flames. Sara slid down and curled her body around the fire being careful not to get too close. When I returned with another armful of firewood and placed it beside the fire, I felt her hand grab my ankle and she tugged till I lost my balance and fell over.

Quickly she wrapped her arms around me and kissed me intensely. Soon my cock was pulsing and pumping hard into my swim trunks. Her hand slowly went down the top and felt its way to my balls.

She squeezed them gently and held my cock with her hand. Her thumb soon enticed a bit of pre-cum to the slit on the head. The magic of her fingers slid around the head of my cock and rolled around with that slippery precum.

She then lay down beside me and rolled towards me with eyes bright like a kittens. She was saying without words, please fuck me all night. She spread her legs and her bathing suit was showing a slight bit of cum from her pussy. I couldn’t help but think, this day was one of the best apple gathering sessions I ever had.


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