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Give Me What I’ve Been Longing

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** All characters involved in sexual interactions are at least 18. **


Oscar, as usual, seated at the back of the classroom, looked to the front row. He smiles as his eyes find Lisa. Her shiny copper hair tied in a neat ponytail, attention fixed to the blackboard in front of her. As if she felt that he’s watching her, she turns her head, just for a second, before looking forward again. Almost sure he’d seen a smile, he observes how she takes her phone and starts tapping the screen.

Oscars phone buzzes. Surprised, he looks at it; A message from Lisa.

Eagerly Oscar opens the text. He’s treated with a picture of Lisa only wearing lingerie; this makes his member stiffen instantly.

The photo shows Lisa with her arms crossed over her midriff, making her small breasts appear fuller. Her relatively narrow hips encased in a blue slip with a bow on edge, Her slender waist decorated with a navel piercing in the shape of a butterfly. Lisa’s large amber eyes and slightly open mouth give her freckled face a cute innocent look. The caption makes Oscar lick his lips.

‘Just a little teaser. Will you fill me up later?’


“Maybe, Mr Williams can tell us what’s wrong with this function instead of daydreaming?” The professors stern voice jerks Oscar out of his daydream.

“Sorry, professor,” Oscar says as he looks at the statement on the board. “The error is in the second recursion. There, the counting continues on the first index instead of the second.”

“Right!” The professor nods approvingly and continues his lesson while Oscar feels his cheeks burning. Disappointed, he looks at his mobile phone lying in front of him.

‘Stop dreaming about it; she’s way out of your league.’ He thinks. With a sigh, he focuses his attention on the lesson.

It continues for another hour, teaching them the importance of the correct usage of indexes and how to use them as variables for calculations within the iterations. A concept that, given Oscar’s previous education, wasn’t unfamiliar for him. When the lesson ends, he’s glad he can go back to his dorm.

He quickly gets up and walks towards the door.

He usually avoids interactions with his classmates unless it is essential. But, as he grabs the door’s handle, Lisa’s voice startles him. “Oscar?”

‘Why would she talk to me?’ He questionably thinks to himself.

“Yes?” He replies while facing Lisa, noticing the very tiny dimple in her cheek.

Although he mostly evaded social interactions. It wasn’t because he’s shy. It’s because most people just regarded him as a weird guy.

“I’m throwing a party tonight. Would you like to come?” Lisa asks in a sweet voice.

“Why would you invite me?” Oscar asked, frowning.

‘Probably to make fun of me?’ His mental voice tells him.

“I’m inviting you, like everyone else in our class, to my eighteenth birthday party.” She says with a confused look on her face.

‘Right, And you still need someone to laugh with.’ Oscar thinks to himself as he shakes his head. “I’ll think about it.” He turns, opens the door and takes a step.

Lisa sighs, “Fine; I’ll text you my address. If you’d come, the party starts at 6 pm.”

Oscar nods; without looking back, he walks on. He can feel Lisa’s gaze following him as he turns the corner.

‘Right, she’ll text me, sure. But, unfortunately, she doesn’t even have my number.’ So he thinks as he makes his way to the school’s exit. His phone vibrates. Confused, he looks at the screen, a message from an unknown number.


Lisa is lying on her bed, wearing only her white ankle socks. Her legs are held up by her boyfriend, her knees just under her armpits. She uses her hands to guide his encased penis to her entrance. She’s been longing for this moment, all week edging herself, making her extremely horny. She is hoping that John’s thrusts would now finally push her over the edge.

John holds Lisa’s ankles tightly as he penetrates her with a powerful thrust.

Lisa gasps; a pleasurable pressure rolls over her as her labia part. She bites her lip and lets out a long moan. Without further delay, John starts pounding her insides, the pace quick and the thrusts hard. With every thrust, she feels her orgasm build faster than usual.

‘The edging worked!’ So she thinks as she tilts her hips, trying to make John hit her sweet spot.

He picks up the pace even further while his breathing is becoming shallow.

Noticing the signs of his approaching orgasm, she says. “John, slow down.”

He ignores her, keeping the rhythm. He frowns, and then, knowing he once again will orgasm before her, she pleas again. “Please, slow down.”

Another wave of pleasure washes over her as his cock brushes her sweet spot, making her gasp while he keeps his rhythm high.

‘Just a bit longer; I’m so close!’ Lisa thinks as she closes her eyes, focusing on her building orgasm. She slides her hand between her legs, her fingers brushing over her clit.

John grunts as he buries yenişehir escort himself inside Lisa. She feels his member swell, followed by a light pulsing.

She grunts in frustration, ‘No, no, no, not again! I’m so close!’

With more frustration seeping through her voice than she liked, she says. “Keep going! Keep fucking me.”

John, however, holds his body still as he looks at her; his eyes are glazed. “I can’t, babe. I need some time to recover.”

He sits upright and pulls his member out of her.

Lisa frowns, her arousal replaced by anger. “But I didn’t cum!”

John shakes his head and rolls his eyes. “Next time, I’ll make it up to you.”

She slams her fist into the mattress. “Asshole!” She shouts as she jumps out of bed. Her anger only inflamed by seeing the evidence of his pleasure gathered in the condom that he’s knotting.

‘Next time, It’s always next time, but you never do!’ She thinks as she darts away towards the shower. She slams the bathroom door shut and steps into the shower. As she turns on the water, she curses, realising she forgot to take off her socks. With another grunt, she tosses them out of the shower cabin.

The warm water cascading her body cools Lisa’s initial anger, changing it into determination.

‘That’s it, I’ve had it with him. I’ll dump him. But maybe not tonight. I can do without this drama at my party.’ She thinks as she’s washing her body thoroughly. ‘Why should I wait? He’s not going to sleep here, that’s for sure.’ Making up her mind at that instance, she thinks. ‘I’ll do it at the end of the party.’

After towelling herself dry, Lisa wraps the bath towel around her. She walks back towards her now empty room; she picks a pale blue shoulderless summer dress out of her closet and puts it on. In a drawer on the bottom of the closet, she picks out a slip in the same colour and pulls it up her legs.

She smiles as she looks into the mirror, her centred dress accentuating the slight curves of her body. ‘Sometimes, there are some advantages to small breasts.’ She thinks as she admires her bare shoulders.

Lisa walks into the living room, where John’s casually lounging on the sofa. She shakes her head, glad that the doorbell rings and the first guests arrive at the exact moment.

The living room quickly becomes crowded, and after about an hour, the room is full of party people; Lisa smiles. Her party seems to turn out successful. She makes her way through the crowd to fetch herself a drink. Passing the hallway towards the kitchen, she notices Oscar entering. He politely smiles as he spots her.

‘It’s a shame he doesn’t talk more to people; he seems so sweet; I’ll talk to him after I’ve got my drink.’ So she thinks as she continues her way.

After taking a drink, Lisa walks back through the hallway when she notices some commotion at the front door. She makes her way through the crowd forming around the scene. John is standing in front of Oscar, making himself broad. “What are you doing here? Losers aren’t welcome.” John says to Oscar.

Hearing this inflames Lisa’s previous anger. She pushes through the crowd and steps up to John, standing in between them. “He is welcome. I’ve invited him.”

“And I say he isn’t!” John shouts, pushing Lisa aside. The tone of his voice tells her he’s intoxicated and out for a brawl. She stumbles back, dropping her drink.

Oscar’s eyes flare with rage. He steps takes a step closer towards John and says. “What the fuck is wrong with you! That’s not how you treat your girlfriend.”

‘Oh my god, is he stepping up for me?’ Lisa thinks as she witnesses John pushing Oscar with both hands on his chest.

Oscar stumbles backwards only to step up to John again.

“Stop it!” Lisa screams at the top of her lungs. Both men look confused at her. “Get the fuck out.”

Oscar rolls his eyes, the disappointment evident on his face as he turns around. “Not you, Oscar. John.” Lisa says, keeping her voice surprisingly steady while looking meanly at John. Oscar turns towards her in disbelieve.

“What did you say?” John says as he takes a step towards Lisa. Suddenly afraid, Lisa backs up to the wall. Within the second, Oscar is standing in between them. ‘He’s braver than he looks.’ Lisa thinks.

Feeling protected slightly by Oscar, Lisa responds, looking over Oscar’s shoulder. “We’re done John, I never wanna see you again. Now get the fuck out!”

John’s face twists in anger; he takes another step towards Oscar, who braces himself. Suddenly John is grabbed from behind by two jocks of the football team. While trying to break their grip, he shouts. “You’ll regret this, you fucking bitch!”

Lisa’s reply is one fuelled with stacked up frustration. “Not as much as I regret sleeping with you!” The crowd around the lets out a loud “Oh!” followed by cheering. John struggles harder, but the jocks lift and carry him outside, closing the door in front of him.

Oscar turns around to face her. “Are you alright?” He toroslar escort asks with a soft, caring voice. Lisa can hear Johns muffled shouting through the door, although she can’t understand what he’s saying. Her eyes lock on Oscar’s bright blue eyes, her heart misses a beat. ‘He stepped in front of a guy twice his size to protect me. He stood up for me even though we barely spoke before.’ She thinks. ‘Noone ever did something this kind for me!’

Before Lisa realises what she’s doing, she wraps her arms around Oscar’s neck. She places her lips on his; Oscar’s body tenses. Lisa brushes the tip of her tongue along his lips. Oscar’s mouth opens slightly, and she feels his arms wrap around her waist. He pulls her closer as their kiss deepens. The people around them cheering. When she breaks the kiss, her heart is pounding against her chest. Slightly flustered, she whispers. “Thank you.”

Oscar is looking at her, his face filled with incredulity; she smiles and places another kiss on his lips. Then, she breaks their embrace and steps back, keeping her eyes locked on his. ‘He sure knows how to kiss.’ She thinks as she turns around.


Oscar looks shocked at Lisa’s back. ‘She kissed me!’ He thinks, ‘She actually kissed me!’

Oscar shakes his head. He walks through the crowd towards what he thinks is the kitchen. Guessing right, he enters and pours himself a beer.

Lisa is nowhere to be seen, so he goes to the living room and sits down on the sofa. Contrary to how he thought tonight would be, he does start to enjoy himself. Oscar always liked watching people, not in a creepy way but just observing their behaviour. Some hours pass as he keeps glued to his spot when Lisa suddenly reappears. She sits down next to him.

“Are you enjoying yourself?” She asks with a soft voice. He looks into her eyes; they’re watery, and the irises a little unfocused.

‘She’s tipsy.’ He thinks.

“Yea, It’s been a fantastic party. But I was just thinking about going home.” Oscar replies with a smile.

Lisa nods. “About that,” She says. “I’ve heard John is still stalking outside, looking for a fight.” She shrugs her shoulders. “Maybe it’s better if you stay here?”

Oscar smiles. “Sweet of you to suggest it, but I can hold my own.” It’s no lie; Oscar had been practising martial arts for years.

Lisa nods and looks down. “Seeing how you were acting earlier, I don’t doubt that. But I would feel a lot safer if I knew I wasn’t alone tonight.”

‘Feel safer? By my presence? If it makes her happy, why not?’ He thinks.

Oscar smiles at her. “If you really want me to, I’ll stay.”

Lisa’s face lights up, and she grabs Oscar’s hand. “Thank you.”

For a moment, she lingers, looking into Oscar’s eyes, and for a moment, he thinks she’s going to kiss him again. But, instead, she squeezes his hand and stands up, back in the party crowd.

A few more hours later, the guests are leaving. Oscar, still in his spot on the couch, watching Lisa let out the last guest. She quickly closes and locks the door.

With a sigh, she steps into the living room. “Can you believe- ‘m glad it’s over?”

Oscar smiles as he looks around. “I don’t think we’re done here. I’ll help you clean up.”

Lisa smiles and tilts her head, a move that makes Oscar’s heart beat faster. “No way.” She says. “Those- are worries- for tomorrow. I’m gonna go change.” Oscar frowns; other than her glassy eyes and double-tongue, there are few signs of her intoxicated state, although those few are clear to notice.

As Lisa steps out of the room, Oscar looks around again and begins to clear the sofa. He picks up the empty cups and throws them in the trash can in the kitchen. When he is back in the living room, he rubs the sofa’s cushions to make them crumb-free. In some places, the seat has wet spots, and it smells like beer.

“Whatya doing?” asks Lisa, who suddenly stands behind him.

“Making room to sleep?” Answers Oscar as he turns around. He lets his eyes glide over Lisa. She is wearing a loose button-down blouse and loose short shorts. The top buttons are open, giving her a cleavage that stops just below her breasts.

Lisa giggles and chokes up. After a few coughs, she says. “You don’t need sleep- here, silly.” She gently nudges him on the shoulder. Then, with a wink, she adds. “Ifya stay on yo’r half; yo’re welcome- to sleep next to me.”

Oscar feels his penis stiffen at her proposal.

‘First, she kisses me, and now she proposes that I sleep next to her? Is it the alcohol?’ He asks himself. ‘I’m going to regret this, but.’

In a shaky voice, he answers. “Ok, fine.”

Daintily Lisa turns around and says. “Co-me.” She steps out of the room, and Oscar follows. As she steps up the stairs, Oscar is treated to a view of her heart-shaped buttocks under her shorts. His member throbs.

She steps into the first room on their right and immediately lies down in the middle of the double bed. She taps the mattress on her left side mersinescort as she watches him.

Oscar lies down on the edge of the bed, the distance between them as great as possible. Lisa smiles and asks. “Ar’yo gonna -to sleep with your clothes- on?”

Oscar feels himself blush and sits up again. Quickly he takes off his t-shirt and pants and lays himself down again. Hoping Lisa doesn’t notice his obvious erection.

Lisa closes her eyes and lies down on her back, her hand lightly caressing her stomach. Oscar looks at her. He licks his lips as he takes in every inch of her dainty body. Lisa smiles and whispers. “I like the way- y’ look at me.” She turns towards him and closes the distance between them. She places her hand on his chest; her leg draped over his hips.

‘There’s no way she can’t notice my erection now.’ Oscar thinks, ashamed as he feels the pressure of her leg on his member. ‘What must she think of me?’

Lisa kisses him on the lips. It’s a brief kiss, but Oscar’s heart races anyway. She lays her head on his chest and hugs him tightly. Then, in a sleepy mumbling voice, she says. “Tha -nks again f’r taking- care of me earlier.” Her body relaxes as she dozes off to sleep.

Oscar, on the other hand, is wide awake. After about ten minutes, Oscar’s position starts to become uncomfortable. His arm is wedged between their bodies, the top of his hand at the level of Lisa’s thighs. Her leg still presses against his painfully swollen member, and he feels her body heat radiating into him. Careful not to wake her, he tries to pull his arm up, aware that his hand is sliding along her soft skin. Lisa grunts and turns away. Somewhat disappointed that there is once again is a distance between them, Oscar turns on his side.

Sleepily Lisa asks. “C’n yo hold me?”

Oscar frowns; glad she asked, he says. “Sure.”

He positions himself behind Lisa and places his arm around her waist. She takes his hand and puts it just above her chest. She embraces his arm and pushes her hips back; She wiggles her butt against Oscar member. The sensation almost makes him cum. Oscar moans involuntarily; Lisa exhales and dozes off again. Oscar bites his lip, feeling her calm heartbeat in his fingertips and the soft top of her breast in his palm. He doesn’t dare move; afraid Lisa will break their embrace. Finally, he falls asleep too.


‘Ooh, My head!’ Lisa thinks with a throbbing headache. She feels the hand above her breast move. Becoming aware of the body pressing against her, she opens her eyes. ‘Oscar? Did-‘ Her stomach turns. Lisa jumps up and sprints to the bathroom. She drops to her knees in front of the toilet.

While her stomach contents end up in the toilet, Oscar enters the bathroom. Lisa wipes her mouth and turns around. He holds out a glass of water to her. “You could probably use this?” He asks as Lisa accepts the glass and eagerly drinks. She lets her eyes slide over his body. Oscar has relatively broad shoulders, he isn’t ripped, but his muscles are slightly defined. His narrow waist gives him a slight V-shape. A big contrast to how he looks when he has clothes on. Lisa lets her eyes rest on his crotch. Through his boxer, she can see the outline of his penis. ‘That thing is gigantic!’ She thinks, swallowing as her pussy becomes moist. Not that she had much to compare. John is her only bed partner, but it’s clear that he’s not well-endowed based on what she sees now. She bites her lip, surprised by her body’s reaction.

Oscar’s cheeks turn blood red when he notices what Lisa is looking at. He quickly turns around and says. “Sorry, I-“

Lisa giggles; a blush is forming on her cheeks. “No, I should say sorry for staring.” She says as she looks down. ‘I have to ask.’ She thinks and gathers the courage for her question. “Did we have sex?”

Dumbfounded, Oscar turns back to Lisa. “No, You were drunk; you immediately fell asleep. You kissed me, though.”

Lisa nods. ‘I remember that kiss.’ When she looks up, she notices Oscar staring at her breasts. Her nipples are stiff and must be visible through the fabric she realises. ‘No one has ever looked at me so longingly.’ She bites her lip again, letting it slide through her teeth. His gaze only excites her more.

“Oscar, would you mind if I showered?”

Oscar looks up and blushes even more. “No, I’ll go home and give you some privacy.”

Lisa nods and smiles. Oscar steps out of the bathroom and closes the door behind him. Lisa lets out a deep sigh. ‘Actually, he is quite sweet; most men would have tried.’ She thinks as she undresses. ‘and given the condition yesterday, and how aroused I’m walking around these days, I would have cooperated willingly.’

Lisa steps into the shower and turns on the water.

As she washes, her hand glides over her sensitive nipple, causing her to breathe in sharply. Lisa closes her eyes. Her body is tingling from the brief touch.

‘Just a quick rub. Just to take the tension off.’ So she thinks as she runs her hand over her nipple again, this time followed by a soft moan. Then, with her other hand, she stalks along her groin towards her centre. Lisa frowns and massages her nipple, her other hand sliding over her slit. Finally, she pushes her finger lightly between her labia, looking for her clit.

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