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Gloria’s Transformations – The Stripper

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See the previous stories describing Gloria’s series of genetic transformations into a terrifically voluptuous, totally uninhibited, and breathtakingly gorgeous blonde, who develops a hypersexuality condition encompassing a hyper sex drive and many perverse and extremely powerful sexual impulses, including size and black male fetishes, exhibitionism, masochism, and submissiveness.

Her body has been changed dramatically in a series of genetic treatments. Her face is movie star gorgeous, and her skin perfectly smooth and totally flawless. Her light blonde hair is full, long, and naturally curly. She has no body hair except on her head. Both sets of her lips were enhanced twice. Her facial lips were made quite voluptuous, and her labia majora lips swell out an inch upon arousal. Her derriere grew into a huge bubble butt, and her tits expanded to awesome proportions. Her tiny waist gives her a stunning 81-21-71 figure.

Her boobs are highly resilient and have just the right amount of firmness to not sag but yet are soft and jiggly. They lactate two liters of milk an hour and are a size 36Z cup when drained of milk. Each tit has a very deep and highly expandable central milk duct with folds in a large, rounded entrance. Her nipples are an inch long and 1.5 inches across to accommodate the entrance holes and are highly elastic, along with all the tissues surrounding her milk ducts. Her areolas are five inches in diameter and rise up an inch at her nipples.

Her white cream starts flowing at the slightest arousal and becomes voluminous during sex. She grows additional Bartholin’s glands to secrete cream directly into her vagina and her lower colon. Her vaginal opening was made very tight, enough to hold fluids. New erogenous zones were created inside her mouth and throat, main milk ducts, colon, and all the skin on her boobs, and the sensitivity of all her erogenous zones elevated to the extreme. Her abdominal, bladder, stomach, womb, and colon tissues were all made weak and highly elastic, making possible huge expansions of her belly. Her urethra and cervix were made expandable but very tight, and her vagina lengthened to nine inches. She becomes a sex slave to sixteen well hung brothers to try to satisfy her uncontrollable and overwhelming desires and fetishes.

Her Idea

Her hypersexuality makes exhibiting her body to men extremely rewarding and arousing for Gloria, and she continually seeks new ways to indulge her craving. One day she thinks,

“Why don’t I get a gig at a strip club? I love showing off my body, so why not get paid for it? And I could entertain my masters and meet lots of brothers!”

She knows the money for exotic dancing won’t be as good as her whoring or her live sex shows for rich clients. But a strip club will be filled with many highly appreciative and enthusiastic voyeurs. She wonders how excited the men will make her and how many climaxes she will have by exposing herself to and arousing so many men. And it will be so much fun to tease the men and see how wild and crazy with lust she can make them. She knows strip clubs are strict and won’t allow her masters to pimp her out at the club. She must frequently endure being sold to disgusting men and then serially raped in her limo outside night clubs and in the back bedrooms of private parties, so this will be a refreshing change. And she will enjoy an opportunity to acquire new black lovers to satisfy another craving of hers – lots of variety in her sex partners. Plus she knows her exhibition will stir the passions of her very voyeuristic bros. So she decides to become a featured dancer at an all nude strip club.

Her bros approve her idea but tell her to perform at a topless club, where they can drink and she can earn them more money. They agree she should remain anonymous to the public. They all want to attend her performance, but her limo isn’t big enough, so they hire a 20 passenger stretch limo for the night.

Getting Hired

She emails a topless selfie to an upscale hip hop topless club and very soon is invited to an interview with the manager when the club is closed. A security guard enthusiastically greets her at the door of the club and escorts her through the mostly empty club to the manager’s office.

She is wearing a black, skin tight dress and nothing else. Her long, gorgeous blonde hair curls around the sides and under her boobs. The very stretchy and light weight material of her dress clings to the insides and undersides of her huge tits and wonderfully displays their bulbous shapes. Her dress is cut so low, the tops of her areolas are exposed. The protrusions of both her nipples and areola mounds are huge. Her dress is with her milk over her entire bosom, and she is dripping milk through the material unto the floor as she walks up to the manager. The manager can’t take his eyes off her luscious tits and enormous cleavage, even as he speaks to her.

“My God, Gloria, you are gorgeous! And you have such an incredible figure! What are your measurements?”

“Well, I haven’t been milked for a while, so right now I should be about 85-21-71 with 36 triple Z cups. I don’t want to be a regular, just a featured dancer.”

“Why not a regular?”

“I don’t need a job.”

“So casino oyna why are you doing this?”

“I enjoy showing off my body to men. Let me show you my qualifications to be an exotic dancer.”

She slides the dress straps off her shoulders, stretches the waist of her dress to get it past her huge butt, and lets it drop to the floor. She’s wearing no bra and hates panties. His jaw also drops as he gawks at the most magnificently stunning and sexiest women he has ever seen, with a movie star face, gorgeous blonde hair, and gigantic, gravity defying boobs with outrageously big nipples. He loves that she’s lactating so much she’s continuously spraying a fine mist of milk when her boobs aren’t being touched or even moving!

When his eyes finally get to her hips, he can’t believe they are twice as broad as her waist. She turns sideways to him, and the high position of her buttocks on her body and the distance they stick out from her back are even more unbelievable. She has the most perfectly shaped and biggest bubble butt he has ever seen. And her thighs are normal size! The side view of her also shows how fantastically far out her voluptuous tits extend. He goes into mental shock and can’t take his eyes off her. To thrill him more, she bends her knees, arches her back, and sticks out her ass, which she can do now to an incredible extent, thanks to the enhanced flexibility of her body from her latest transformation. She also raises one of her arms to give him a better view of her tits and smiles at him.

She likes the carnal lust she sees in the manager’s face and the obvious bulge in his pants. She is getting aroused standing naked in front of him and watching his wide open eyes devour her body. She can feel her cream starting to flow. He is a middle aged whitey but is good looking. She thinks about how much more exciting and pleasurable it will be when a huge crowd of young, handsome brothers is ogling her. She jiggles her assets for him, and they say nothing for the longest time, each lost in their own sensual pleasures from their complimentary fetishes, exhibitionism and voyeurism.

“Am I hired?”


“Is my body good enough for your club?”

“Ah…Are you kidding me? When can you start?”

“This Saturday. Please circulate flyers in hip hop clubs and advertise me as the biggest, most shapely tits and ass in the world. I’ll send you some revealing pictures. I’ll use the stage name Gloria Whoppers. I want your club packed with black men who like big boobs and booty. You see, I prefer brothers. You can settle with my black boyfriends on what you owe them after you see how much extra money I make for you. My brothers will be here to protect me, so you won’t need to hire extra security for me.”

She steps out of the office naked, so she can enjoy the reaction of the workers in the club as she puts her dress back on. The bar-backs, delivery men, and janitors all freeze while they gawk at her.


During the limo ride to the club, Gloria is naked under a loose cover up, so she won’t have any clothing marks on her body. She is pleading with her bros.

“Please guys, don’t mess me up as you usually do! You want me to look great for my performance, right? And I can’t be late!”

Her bros grudgingly decide she is right, but some of them watched her get undressed and are horny. So she moves forward in the seat, leans back, spreads her legs, and gives them some relief with her pussy, without otherwise touching her.

The limo pulls up in front of the club’s entrance. As she steps out, her bros form a tight circle around her and escort her through the club, so no one really gets a good look at her. The girls in the dressing room are envious of her, and some make catty remarks, so she decides to ask for a private dressing room next time. She inserts a short hollow tube into her vaginal introitus, with a narrow part to keep it there. It will keep her vagina drained to reduce the bulge in her stomach and give her more flowing cream for her show. But she doesn’t want to do the same for her ass and worries what the men will think as her abdomen grows during her performance. She decides to tell the truth, that her cream is causing her bulge. They don’t need to know that the cream causing her expansion is in her ass, since they will ask a million questions about how that is possible. She is getting more and more excited anticipating exhibiting herself almost naked before a large crowd of handsome and horny black males.

She studies her breasts in the mirror and likes how big they are. She hasn’t intentionally been milked in two hours, and her breasts are two cup sizes bigger than normal. She puts on a bra with size ZZZ cups to fit her milk engorged boobs. The bra has lace cups and is black, to accentuate her light blonde hair, which is radiant tonight. Her bra is flimsy, so her breasts bounce almost as much as they would naked. Her nipples and areola produce huge bulges in the elastic bra, and their dark pinkness clearly shows through the thin material between the laces. Her bra is cut down to just above her nipples, and the raised, pink tissues of a third of her areola are fully exposed. She needs no support, so the bra has just tiny canlı casino straps to hold it in place. It has an underwire that goes up between her tits, so each breast has its own individual cup. She knows her boobs will come out of the cups occasionally during her dancing. That is intentional to entertain the men and let her tease them by coyly putting her nipples back and give them just a glimpse of her naked tits and their huge fuck holes. Her bra is waterproof so it won’t get heavy with her milk.

She intends to perform a booty dance first, to lead up to her two huge, main attractions. Her ass is huge too, but there is nothing like a rack of humongous boobies. She knows it won’t be popular, but she intents to do her booty dance without removing her bra. She wants the men to concentrate on her ass, and not her tits, during her booty show and knows they will appreciate seeing her naked breasts much more if they have to wait for them. And she will like teasing them by not taking her bra off until her titty dance.

Next on is her black G-string. It is so small, it just barely covers her vulva. It narrows to two tiny strings that go over her wide hips, following the edges of her huge buns and accentuating then, before disappearing completely in her ass crack. She stands in front of a full length mirror and turns from side to side, studying her bra and G-string. She positions her G-string so its top edge is just at her vaginal slit. She knows it will move around during her performance and give the men glimpses of her slit. She reminds herself to look between her breasts as they separate during her dancing and pull up her G-string if it reveals too much of her slit, to tease the men and placate management. She likes how it clearly shows the curved mounds of her outer labia that are already starting to swell from her growing excitement. And she likes the thinness of its material that allows her to easily push it deep into her slit. Her cream makes it cling to her, and she hopes it will stay in her slit and preserve her camel toe for the men.

She is ready after she drains the cream in her ass in a toilet to reduce her belly pooch. She doesn’t use the ridiculously high platform heels strippers wear; how can anyone really dance in those? The club is packed to its legal limit, with men waiting outside to be let in, when she is announced and steps onto the stage, wearing just her bra and G-string. The stage is round, with a staircase entrance for her and a pole at its center. A mostly black male audience is standing around the stage, with a few curious females too. She can’t believe the noise generated by the packed crowd, super excited by her unbelievable tits and ass and her stunning beauty. Her tits wobble as she walks around the edge of the stage, smiling and waving at a crowd that is very energetic. The men are dumbfounded by the mind blowing size of her gorgeous breasts that are bouncing and jiggling, almost as much as totally natural boobs, as she shakes them. Her audience is savvy about breasts and wondering, “Implants don’t jiggle like that! How can she be so slender with natural boobs that size, and why don’t they sag?”

She bends forward to give them better views of her amazing udders and blows them all kisses. Her arousal, endorphin levels, and cream flow all dramatically rise as she enjoys hearing a plethora of comments about her.

“Damn, look at the size of the tits and booty on that gorgeous broad! Can you believe her?”

She loves watching their crazy antics, wide open eyes, and gawking faces, full of lust, amazement, and admiration. Her powerful exhibitionism fetish is being happily satiated, and she is very glad she took this job. She had previously asked the manager to turn up the house lights during her performance so she could see her audience. She is thankful that her exposure to the men is arousing her enough for her masochism to make the aching in her engorged breasts bearable.

One of her bros hands her a cordless mic.

“Hello everyone and welcome!” The crowd erupts in applause and whistles, and then goes quiet as she brings the mic to her lips, and the loud music is turned down. “My name is Gloria Whoppers, and I think you can see why!” She raises her arms and shakes her boobs, and the cheers and whistles are deafening.

“I hope you all are as excited as I am about my new show! Save your dollar bills during my performance. This lady only accepts Benjamins.”

Gloria has been denied entrance to many strip clubs when her bros try to take her due to her voluptuous body. But she has been allowed in a few clubs and never understood why the dancers didn’t tease and entice the men more. She plans to singlehandedly correct that.

“I must confess, I’m a nympho with many, very powerful fetishes. Let me tell you about some of them. I’m an extreme exhibitionist – I absolutely adore exposing myself to men. I wish so much I could take off my G-string! I’d sit right here on the stage on my huge ass, with my legs and pussy lips spread wide for you guys, and love your stares! And not just to please you, but for my sexual pleasure too! Your gawking at me is making me so hot and wet! When you hear me moan during my show, I will be climaxing, from my exposure to you and seeing kaçak casino your enjoyment of my body. I’m getting close to an orgasm now! Look at my G-string; it is soaked with cream!”

She points at her pussy and the glistening white streams of cream hanging from it and trickling down her inner thighs, now reaching her knees. Few are noticing since they are looking elsewhere.

“Come on guys, you need to gawk at something else besides my tits and ass for a sec. See my cream dripping from my G-string and running down my legs? You’re welcome to get your fingers wet from my legs or G-string when you come near the stage. But don’t stick your fingers in where you shouldn’t, you naughty boys! Ha If you do that or some other crazy thing, I’m afraid you’ll be ejected and banned from ever seeing another of my shows. And I plan to do a lot more shows!”

“See how flat my stomach is now? She points at her stomach and turns around so everyone can have a side view of it. “Some of my cream is being held inside me, and soon it will cause a pooch in my stomach that will grow during my performance. So keep your eyes on my expanding tummy!”

“Okay, more about my fetishes – I love big cocks! In fact, I worship really big black ones!

She gets on her knees, tosses her hair, and tilts her head back all the way. She aligns the mic with her throat, opens her mouth wide open, and moves the mic up and down toward her lips. Then she then looks at the crowd, smiles seductively, and licks her puffy lips.

“I am so addicted to sucking big black cocks! I get more pleasure and climaxes from doing it than you brothers do from being sucked! You poor things! Ha If the club let me, my performance would include sucking off a line of big black cocks, balls deep, right here on the stage! I love doing blowgangs and enjoy them even more with an audience who watches me service cock after cock! I also have a fetish for semen – I love it and its smell and taste so much, I never swallow! I can’t tell you how much I love having my mouth loaded up, then fucked hard, forcing semen down my throat and exploding it out my nose and lips and all over me!”

“So, do all you guys want to fuck me? The response is deafening. “Is there anyone here who doesn’t want to fuck me? Hee hee Well, it’s my little secret that I would love for all of you to gangbang me, right here and now on the stage. Too bad we have so many bouncers here spoiling all the fun we could have! Hee hee!”

She grabs the pole above and behind her head and does pelvic thrusts to the music. Then she turns around, grabs the pole again, bends over with her booty stuck up as far as she can, and rocks forward and up and back and down. The men don’t know what is more mesmerizing, her bouncing bubble butt or her gorgeously hanging udders, swinging enough to hit the pole. Next she lies on her back on the stage, with her knees bent and legs spread wide, lifts up her hips and does more pelvic thrusts, beautifully swaying her colossal tits again.

“Oh, yeah, I want so much to have all of the big, black cocks in this crowd in my pussy, ass, and throat!”

The crowd goes crazy. Their excitement makes her shiver from her own arousal.

Her Booty Dance

“Well, I think you’re warmed up now! Ha! Do you guys want to see my booty dance now?”

The crowd roars, so she puts down the mic and starts her dance routine. She stands up with her legs apart, leans forward, bends her knees, arches her back to stick out her ass, and starts moving her huge buttocks up and down. Since her audience is all around her, she rotates continually during her dancing. She has superb rhythm and all her moves are perfectly synchronized with the R&B music that is now turned up. She holds her monstrous tits as she dances to be able to concentrate on her ass gyrations, but they still move a lot and entertain the men in front of her. She alternates between twerking her ass by violently shaking it, large scale movements of her butt, and shaking her hips like a hula dancer, and stays bent over for her entire dance. And she rocks her hips mimicking one of her favorite singers, Shakira, only Gloria does it a lot more often during her act.

Tonight Gloria adds to her usual hip-hop routines a style of dancing that she has been practicing as a gift to her bros. She discovered the style from a MikuMikuDance porn video a bro was watching. It is a very expressive, exuberant type of dancing, made famous by an anime character, Hatsune Miku, with lots of twists, dips, and turns. It is perfect for Gloria, since she prefers aerobic dancing, and it gives her huge ass and tits such exquisite motion. But for now, she just gives her audience a preview of the Miku style by dancing bent over, with her ass sticking out, her feet always on the floor, and her legs wide apart. She pushes a buttock up high to one side, then drips down and pushes her other buttock high to the other side, causing her huge tits to sway majestically from side to side. Then she bends her legs and moves her ass up and down and around in a big circle to the music. She wishes she didn’t have to wear a G-string so she could be exposing her vulva to the men, which this dancing would do. She slowly rotates her body as she dances to give everyone great views of her gyrating behind. The rhythmic swinging of her ass and her tits, which are massive enough to be enjoyed even when they are on the opposite of her body, mesmerizes the crowd.

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