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Goddess Ch. 05

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Tom and Sydney got back to the apartment. Tom walked over to Casey’s door and knocked while shouting “OK Casey, I’m here and I’ve got the rent money with m-“.

The door creaked open slightly.

“Casey?” he asked.

Sydney walked in the room, determined to give Casey a piece of her mind. Casey’s room was dimly lit and littered with books. Piles and piles of them, like a library after a hurricane. She was mad enough however, that walking on them didn’t seem all that relevant of a problem. Then, she heard a great groan below her. She looked down, and suddenly a hand burst out and grabbed her ankle. She screamed in terror as she shook her leg trying to get the hand to release it’s grip. The hand gripped her ankle even tighter. Then, another hand emerged from the book stack, and proceeded to move the books around until such time as a hooded figure was visible on the floor.

The figure released Sydney’s ankle and slowly shambled up to their feet, then groaned quite loudly. The figure was a few inches shorter than Sydney (around 5’8″ herself). They took a look at Sydney, then at Tom, then dusted off their grey hoodie and their jeans. Sydney plugged her nose. This person smelled like they’d bathed in a tub full of cheap whiskey. The figure walked over to Tom.

“You must be Tom,” the figure said, with a dry, creaky voice. “I’m Casey. I believe this is the first time we’ve technically met face to face.”

“It’s not face to face when there’s a hoodie obscuring yours, Casey.” Tom pointed out.

“Good point, good point.” Casey said. They pulled a pair of black sunglasses out of the pocket of their hoodie and placed them over their eyes before pulling the hood down. Casey had a very short pink haircut stopping just shy of a buzzcut, two earrings, and skin so pale you’d think they’d never seen the sun. Casey extended their hand out to Tom.

“Casey. They/them. Left communist. Yourself?”

Tom shook their hand.

“Tom. He/him. Anarcho-syndicalist.”

Casey retracted their hand and muttered, “Gleh. Opportunism.”

Casey turned to Sydney tuzla ukraynalı escort and smiled a wide, unsettling grin. They walked over to her and held their hand out.

“Casey. They/them. Left communist. Yourself?”

Sydney shook their hand.

“Sydney. She/her. Liberal feminist.”

Casey retracted their hand even more swiftly and muttered, “Super opportunism.”

Casey wiped their hands on their hoodie and went towards the middle of the room, wherein sat a luxurious red armchair.

“I do apologize for the sunglasses, as you can guess I’m pretty hungover at the moment.”

They sat in the arm chair and dusted off a pile of books that set next to the chair on a small round table. “I trust you have the rent money Tom?”

Tom flashed some money out of his wallet.

“Good, good. Just go set it up on the table. I’ll deliver it in the morning.” Tom stepped out of the room and went into the kitchen where Casey’s half was.

He called out, “Hey Casey! I don’t see your half!”

“It’s there, Tom! It might be buried under some of the books I just had come in!”.

Tom started rummaging through the cluttered kitchen table. Meanwhile, Sydney turned to Casey looking furious.

“And what is your problem this fine morning?”

“First of all, it’s 9:30 PM! Second, you owe me an apology!”

“For what? I’ve never met you.”

“You woke Tom and I up from the most blissful post-coital sleep! You ruined an incredible moment!”

“So I woke you up?”

“Yes! Now apologize!”

“…You’ve woken me up twice, I don’t think I’m inclined to do anything. In fact, you owe me if anything.”

“Twice? We just met!”

“Once today, and then earlier when you and him were fucking loudly in my apartment.”

Sydney’s face went red as a tomato.

“You know, ball gags can be used for practical purposes as well, Sydney.” Casey said, turning their attention to a book.

“I-I… T-Tom said you weren’t… Oh my God.”

She covered her face in absolute shame. Casey’d heard them? They’d tuzla rus escort woken them up?

“If you’d like…” Casey said “…I’m willing to forgive you. Just help me out with some cleaning and we’ll consider this matter water under the bridge.”

Sydney looked at Casey over their book, “Really? You’d let it go just like that?”.

“Sure,” Casey said “There’s a pile over where I was sleeping. Sort it in alphabetical order and I’ll forget this whole affair even happened.”

Sydney went to work. The pile was spread quite badly, but nothing she couldn’t handle. Tom came back into the room and Casey filled him in on the agreement. Tom got down with her and started picking up the books and laying them out on the shelf towards the right side of Casey’s room. Tom picked up a book and started chuckling.

“What’s so funny?” Casey asked. Tom held up a volume of Naruto.

“Never figured you for a weeb, Casey.” Tom chuckled. Casey placed their face further into their book.

“Manga is bourgeois and often reactionary. I’m holding that for a comrade from the party who’s in the process of moving.”

Some color started to show on Casey’s otherwise snowy face. The couple continued picking up Casey’s library. Tom picked up the last book on the floor and grinned widely.

“Oh hey, Proudhon. Well I’ll be damned, that brings back memories.”

He turned to Casey. “I didn’t think you read anarchist literature”.

Casey turned to Tom. “I glossed over it. A comrade sent it to me as a joke gift. I didn’t figure you for a mutualist, Tom.”

“Oh, I’m not. At least, not anymore. I read Rocker and abandoned it. Come to think of it…” Tom said turning to Sydney “I think that was around the time we first met. You know, late last year at the protest?”.

“Oh yeah, I remember it well. It seems like only yesterday.” Sydney sighed happily. “How you swooped in like my anarchist black knight and helped save me from that mob of racist assholes.”

Casey slammed their book shut. “Well, while the two of you have yourselves a real escort bayan Kishimoto moment, I’m going to shower.”

Tom turned to Casey, “Really not helping your argument.”

“Anime is bourgeois!” Casey shouted as they left the room.

“Lousy bourgeois opportunists.” Casey thought, removing their shades as they entered the bathroom.

“Lousy… bourgeois… attractive… roommate.”

Casey’s face turned red. How did they not pick up on that? Had they seriously been so engrossed in theory that they never noticed their roommate looked so good? They shook their head.

“Fuck it. Shower. Just shower.”

Casey stripped and turned on the water. A few moments in the steam started to clear their head. No longer were they thinking about that lousy roommate. And his broad shoulders… and his strong arms… and his cute eyes…

“Ahh, if only he were a Marxist… Oh screw it, I haven’t had any fun lately.” Casey’s hand went south and they started to stroke their cock.

They erased Tom out of the picture, leaving only some core physical features. They imagined it. Running their tongue across some Adonis’ wonderful, sculpted chest. Kissing their neck before having their tongues dance in a divine waltz, as Casey ran their hands through their lover’s hair. Casey broke the kiss, leaving a trail of saliva between them, and proceeded to position themselves so that they could both tend to each other’s genitals. They imagined running their lips along a glorious, rock hard shaft, teasing their lover with release.

“Oh… Oh fuck. Fuck, I’m close.”

They were running their tongue across the head now, and their lover cried out in ecstasy.

“N-no. No you can’t cum yet,” they said to him, intensifying their attention “I-I’m almost…”.

Them and their fantasy both climaxed at the same time. Casey caught themselves by leaning their back against the back wall of the shower. Their knees felt weak as the pleasure ran all through their body.

Casey sighed, “OK. I better wash up.”

Casey reached for their body wash, then noticed through the transparent container that a sizable portion of it was gone.


“Oh my God, go go go go, you will never hear the end of this!” Tom shouted from the other room, hurrying Sydney out the door.

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