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Good Morning My Love

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I could tell by the way you sighed and gritted your teeth as you snuggled up against me last night, even though I had said no to your advances when you came in late from work and really needed me. I felt bad, because I could feel your need, but you never asked why, you just accepted my ‘no’ and settled for what you could have. I was just so tired, in fact I’ve hit snooze twice this morning already. I can feel you watching me as I try to sleep some more, you’re propped up on one elbow next to me, just watching my half naked chest move as I breathe. Every once in a while I hear you lick your lips and I know you still want me, but you want me to sleep.

I finally roll over and drag myself out of bed to shower and you follow me to the bathroom to chat, and as usual, watch me shower. It’s always amusing to me, you sitting on the floor watching my every move as I wash myself, smiling and licking your lips, occasionally swallowing hard if I do something that particularly catches your eye. This morning you’re watching especially closely, I’m sure because you still want me from last night. But you’re also aware that I know this and I didn’t offer when I got up, so I know you’ll just watch like that.

I turn my back to you and start sliding the soap over my body, across my back, down to my shapely ass and then across my hips. As my hand slips down between my legs I hear you swallow hard from your spot on the floor, but I don’t turn around either, just smile slightly to myself as I wash. Slowly smoothing soap up my thighs, and then bending just ever so slightly so that you get a good view of my soapy ass as my fingers brush across my red bush. Moving my hands down just a tad further I’m sure you can see as my fingers part my outer lips with the soap. ‘Was that a faint growl I just heard from the other side of the bathroom? Hmmm, it’ll have to wait… I think my inner lips need a good cleaning too… ‘

Still with my back to you I toss my head back and duck under the spray of water to rinse it, and to cover the much more audible growl I know will come when you think I can’t hear you. Still with soapy fingers, I deftly slip one clear inside my wet snatch. Yup, heard casino oyna the growl again, this time much more clearly. A tiny bit of washing while it’s there and I move both hands back to the soap on my ass. I know you like your pussy to taste like woman, and not soap. I pull the shower head down and the water to hot as I turn around to smile at you while I rinse all the soap off. I love it when you look at me with such controlled lust. Just sitting, staring, eyes on my body, lips parted as you take in the sight. It doesn’t scare me at all, in fact it’s quite a turn-on, to be able to see the need in your eyes and in your body when you look at me. It’s very powerful, very sexy and one of the things that I find irresistible about you.

I’d better stop watching you adore me and turn the water off and get out now, before I turn into a bright red little lobster on you. I know you’re being patient because I said no last night, and you think I need to be at work in half an hour, but you don’t know that they called last night and told me they didn’t really need me and I should just have a great ‘mental health day’. And what’s better for this redheads mental health than some lovin from her Wolf? I flick the water off quickly, and grab my towel at the same time so that you don’t have the opportunity to do it for me, like you usually do. Your top lip flares slightly but you stay seated, which was my intention, not to take away your fun in drying me like your little sleepy brain is thinking right now. ‘Be stil my love, your time is coming.’

I wrap the towel around my body and smoothly step out of the tub onto the carpet and you gaze up at my bush and lick your lips. Hungry this morning are we darling? Before you get a chance to do anything but stare I drop swiftly to my knees in front of you. You gasp, I think half startled because you thought I’d fainted, and half because as I did I dropped the towel to the floor. I lean forward and kiss you gently, but you can only handle so much ‘gentle’ this morning and kiss me back hard, reaching to hold my face against yours and maintain the passion of the kiss. If I didn’t already know your desire I sure do now! Tongue sweeping canlı casino through my mouth with fervor, trying to taste all of me at once.

Suckling my lips hard and then returning to kissing them gently for just a moment before taking off on a rampage again. Oh I do so love your kisses, they are always exactly what I need and your passion always shows, even when you try and control it. Your desire, even at times animalistic need for me, always get me hot. As I warm up and return your fervent kisses you start to lean into my wet body, trying to hold me tight against you, but I have other ideas for you this morning my hungry She-Wolf.

Tucking the towel underneath me I turn on my knees and face the tub, leaning my upper body over it and looking back at you from between my legs with a smirk on my lovely redheaded face. Your jaw drops, but not for long, as you lunge forward and grab me around the hips, hand smoothing over my tight ass as you lick your lips. I can see you, see how much you want me. Giggling slightly I push your hand down my ass and push back against you so your fingertips just barely enter my wet pussy. Then watch as you sit back on your haunches and lick your fingers with that devilish wolf grin on your face.

You admire me for a moment and then lean down to lick me from behind, lips brushing over my bush, trying to get at the sweet nectar inside. I feel your tongue press against my lips and I widen my stance just a bit to allow you better access. Sweet slippery tongue lapping at my wetness, my hips trying to rock against you, but held mostly in place by your strong arm around me and your hand tightly on my ass. I’m watching you in the mirror as you eat me, I can see the look of bliss on your face as you devour me.

I love that look, you do so like to please me and I’m finally beginning to understand why you enjoy it so much. It is a thrill to work someones body until the shivers of delicious feeling overtake them and they lose themselves in what you are doing to them, and even more exciting when they let loose and cum all over you.

You can’t reach my clit from there though, and I can hear you growling, both with need and frustration. kaçak casino Hand starting to move from my ass and reach for my sex, in search of my waiting bud I suppose. But this morning I want more, I want you to be able to release those frustrations from work last night and to be able to take me in the way that you seldom allow yourself to. What you’re doing feels so damn nice, but I want your fingers inside me, I want you to take me, to lose yourself in what you are doing at the same time for once. I start asking for your fingers and after my words finally make it through the woman-scent fogging your senses you meet my request with an awesome growl and fill me with all three fingers at once. It feels so damn good to be filled by you. I start rocking back into you, slamming my tight pussy against your fingers, driving myself onto you. You lean over me, resting your head on my back, lightly nipping at my ass. I yelp, but just keep going, grinding against you until you bite me harder.

‘Come on love, I know you like to mark your territory, but you rarely bite me as hard as you want to. ‘Harder.’ I whimper, and you just growl. You start to work your thumb against my clit and I lean down more to be able to watch you better. I love to see your fingers on me, love to know that these sensation come from the only person who knows me well enough to make me cum so many times. Another woman all my own to share such intense pleasure with. As those feelings start to take over and my moans get louder you finally start to bite me hard enough, growling and biting my shapely ass while my pussy clenches around your fingers. You’re moaning too and breathing heavy as I push myself onto you and you pump me back in return. Three fingers is so snug, so full, I can feel the pressure, I know you must be cumming too, in your own way, as I explode and my juice runs down your arm. Fingers still moving inside of me, triggering many more smaller orgasms, I feel you shift back to your haunches to admire your handiwork and watch my pussy continue to convulse around your fingers.

As things slow down and my breathing, and yours, start to return to normal your fingers slip from inside me and you lean down to kiss the bites on my ass, finally resting your cheek in the small of my back, arm wrapped around me tight again as you enjoy having claimed me as your hard earned prey. Your conquest, your own.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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