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Greg’s Italian Dinner Ch. 02

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I hope you enjoy this one as much as the first part. Thank you to everyone for the feedback I received.


Looking down at Greg’s cock poking out of the soapy water, I could barely contain the urge to jump on him and ride him like a mechanical bull (think URBAN COWBOY). But, as we were still playing around with the ‘Master Greg’ idea I decided to go with it and give him a good cleaning. As he laid back in the tub I turned on the jets to get the bubbles really going good.

“Master Greg, where would you like me to start washing you? Or do you want me to choose myself?” I said as I kneeled down between his spread legs.

Greg opened his blue eyes at me and smiled, “You can start anywhere you want slave. Just don’t make me cum, I have plans for that later.” And with that he relaxed back into the bubbles and sighed in content.

The urge to fuck with him became acute. Okay, he wants to be clean but not cum… I can do that. No problem! Reaching for the loofa I squeezed a generous amount of liquid soap into it and starting at his chest I worked my way around is body. Chest, neck, nipples, shoulders, arm ect ect. Eventually I ended up right back to his cock which was still hard as a rock. Soaping up my bare hand I reached down and grasped his cock and gave it a REALLY good cleaning. He started squirming as I started stroking it up and down.

“Mmmmm, Oh babe… I mean… slave, that feels so nice.” He said relaxing back with his eyes closed.

“Master Greg? Why don’t you slide down a bit in the water so I can rinse you off?” he slide down a bit further in the water and I knew immediately I had him where I wanted him.

After rinsing off his cock with the, I picked up his right leg and rested it on the edge of the tub. This movement caused him to peek at me through one eye. “I’m just washing it Master. I can’t very well wash it under water can I?” I moved the loofa up and began to slide it up and down his leg. After cleaning it I turned around and gave the other leg the same attention.

Looking down I could still see his hard cock bobbing above the waterline as he relaxed under my care. Quietly I dropped the sponge and getting my hands nice and soapy… I moved them over to grasp his cock with both hands.

At this Greg was completely awake again. “Oh yes! Keep that up sweetie. Mmmmmmm!” As my right hand stroked his pulsing cock, my left moved down and massaged his balls. I made a point of letting my finger stray a bit and give the sweet spot between his balls and asshole a bit of a rub as well.

By now Greg had passed awake, and was well on his way to turning into Old Faithful. His cock was leaking a good amount of precum, which smelled wonderful, and it was pulsing with his heartbeat.

Suddenly, I moved both hands off of him and started washing his foot.

“Hey?” he said.

Looking over my shoulder at him I said, “I’m just following your instructions Master Greg. ‘Clean but no cum!’, Remember?” and I turned back to his foot.

I could feel his dominance starting to crumble while his cock started to control his thinking. Smiling to myself I returned to his foot.

“Slave? I want you to continue what you were doing.” He said trying to sound tough.

“But, Master you said you didn’t want to cum? Won’t you punish me if you cum?” I tried my hardest to sound meek (I’m sure he was not fooled at all as I continued to work him.)

“Well, bostancı escort bayan ” he said thinking, “…yes I will. Just make sure I am very clean and then we will move to the bedroom.”

“Yes sir.” I moved my soapy hands to grasp him again. As I started stroking him he started humping up to meet my hands. I smiled at him as he started groaning and before he could cum I moved my hand down and proceeded to slip a soapy finger up his ass.

“HOLY SHIT!” He shouted. By now Greg was grasping the sides of the tub and hanging on for dear life as I finger fucked his ass and stroked his cock. I loved seeing him so excited. Then before he could cum I did a very cruel thing… I stopped!

Standing up naked in the tub I put my hands on my hips and looked down at him. Panting as he tried to come down off his high, legs still spread with one on each side of the tub. Hi big dick was laying against his stomach hard and throbbing. Greg finally opened his eyes and looked at me.

“Jesus baby, I hate it when you do that to me.” he groaned.

“Greg?” I said touching my wet breasts.

As my hands started to roam my naked wet body Greg stopped squirming and watched me. “Yes baby?”

While my hands crept toward my shaved pussy, I lifted my right foot and set it on the tub with my ankle touching his lightly haired knee. At this angle he had a perfect view of my pink folds as I slipped a finger between my lips and pressed my thumb against my clit. “Greg?” I said again. “Don’t you want to play with me?”

As I continued to play with my pussy, my hips began to move a bit with my fingers rhythm. I set my foot back in the tub and turned around now placing my left foot up on the tub. Now Greg’s view was of my round ass that he loved so much and my increasingly wet cunt. Bending over a bit I moved my fingers back into my pussy folds. I looked at him between my legs as his eyes never left my crotch. Bent over the way I was he could clearly see everything from my pink asshole to my clit, as well as my large breasts with my rosy brown nipples.

“Cynthia?” Greg said stroking his hard cock lightly.

“Mmmmmm… yes MASTER Greg?” I said pressing two fingers into my pussy and moving my other hand up to finger my little pucker. “Ooooo what can I do for you?”

“You can get the fuck out of this tub and into the bedroom NOW!!!!” He said with a stifled moan.

Popping up I turned around and smiled at him. “Yes sir.”

“Cynthia, fuck this Master Greg/Yes sir shit. I want my aggressive bitch back right now.”

I squatted down between his legs and let the water start to drain out of the tub. Sitting down with my ass right on his cock I gave a little wiggle of the hips, took his gasping face between my hands and kissed him until we were both breathless. Gracefully I stood up with my face still near his and reaching down I grabbed his cock at the base of the shaft. “Get your ass up and come fuck me!”

I stood up fully and stepped out of the tub, grabbing a towel and drying off as I headed for the bedroom naked. I could hear him scrambling to get out of the tub and follow. As I walked I could hear him coming up behind me and suddenly a truck scooped me up and I found myself being carried by my attractive naked lover to bed.


Walking into the bedroom Greg tossed me onto the queen size bed and then proceeded to start throwing pillows ümraniye escort off onto the floor. As he worked at the pillow situation I grabbed at the comforter and tossed it on bench at the foot of the bed. Knowing how horny we both were I was pretty sure that it would get funky from the body fluids alone, and since I had only just got it back from the cleaners a couple of days before, I was not willing to return it this soon.

Laying on my stomach I suddenly felt two huge hands grasp my ankles and yank me towards him.

“Where do you keep that oil you use after your shower that smells so good baby?” I looked over my shoulder and told him to look on the shelf in the bathroom. “Don’t even think of fucking moving.” He whispered in my ear.

I relaxed on the bed and waited for his return. Suddenly there was a blast of cool oil on my back and ass. “FUCKING HELL GREG! Your supposed to warm it up first in your hands. You act like your putting ketchup on french fries.”

I shivered as my already damp body started to get cold. “Don’t worry sweetie. I promise to warm you up.”

I shivered again as his hands started to slide all over my lower back and ass rubbing in the scented oil. The bed shifted as he kneeled down. His legs straddled my thighs, and as he leaned forward I could feel his balls brushing against my legs, then the head of his cock touching my ass as he massaged the oil up and onto my shoulders.

“Mmmmm… that is delightful baby.” I arched my back a bit pressing my ass into his crotch. I looked over my shoulder again at him, “That is delightful too!” I said staring at his cock. “Can I put a little oil on you now?”

“Sure, but be gentle I don’t know how much more of this I can take.” He said moving up to lean against the head board. I stood up on the bed and rubbed in as much of the oil that I could reach on my back. Picking up the bottle I dribbled a large about of the oil over my tits and down to my pussy and thighs.

“Lay down on your back so I can put some oil on you sweetie.” I said lightly rubbing in the oil as he watched

Greg scooted down and was now laying flat on his back with a pillow under his head and a big cock pulsing against his abs. I straddled his legs and ran my hands up his thighs. As he watched I poured more oil on my body and then dipped down and pressed my body against him. I slithered against him as he moaned with pleasure at the feel of my naked oily body massaging him. Little by little I moved up his body toward his head, kissing licking and touching my way up. When I reached the point that my pussy was pressing against his pulsing cock and my big tits were somewhere around his upper stomach I took his big hands in mine.

Weaving my fingers with his I slide up his body and pushed his arms above his head. My wet oily pussy was now pressing against stomach and my full breasts were dangling above his mouth. Greg could not resist licking at my nipples and pressing his face into my cleavage. As he lay there I slipped my newest purchase out from under the pillow and suddenly he found himself handcuffed to my headboard.

“Well, well… well! Did we go shopping today?” he grinned at me as I sat up on his torso and smiled down at him.

“Are you complaining?” I said swirling my fingers through his chest hair and plucking at his nipples. “I just thought it might be fun, but if you don’t want to try it…??”

Greg groaned kartal escort as I played with his nipples. “Ummmm… no its fine I just hope you have the key.” I leaned down and kissed his lips, slipping my tongue in and licking at his soft inner lips, as his own tongue joined mine in battle. We made out as I ground my shaved pussy against his body.

I reached behind me and stroked his cock as it bumped against my ass. “Are you ready for me to put you out of your misery baby? Are you ready to put that big hard dick back in my pussy?” Looking him in the eye I slide back onto his cock. The fucking he had given me earlier on top of how wet and oily I was allowed him to slide home right away.

“Mmmmmmmmm!!” we both moaned.

I closed my eyes and just enjoyed being filled for a bit. His cock fit me so perfectly. I did a little grind on him swiveling my hips a little. OH YEAH! He loved it and it gave a nice little friction to my swelling clit. I kissed his lips again and then sat up. Little by little I started to move up and down on his cock. BOUNCE BOUNCE BOUNCE. Greg couldn’t resist the visual of my big tits bounding up and down. Between the oil all over them and the hard nipples they were just begging for him to play with them.

“God your tits are beautiful. Take off these fucking handcuffs so I can touch you.” He demanded.

“No way buddy. You are my toy now.” With that statement I started fucking the hell out of him. Slamming my pussy down to meet his thrusting hips as he tried to get his cock in further. “Watch this babe.” I said and as he looked at me through his lust filled eyes. Suddenly I sat still with his cock all the way in and turned around facing the other way, a classic SIT AND SPIN move.

“Holy fuck!” He said pulling against the cuffs. As he watched my round ass I began to fuck him again. As I played with his balls I could tell he was very close to cumming. Reaching between us I fingered my clit, his asshole and played with his balls.

“OH MY GOD! I’m cumming baby… I’m cumming!” he screamed.

I continued to slam my pussy down on his cock, riding him like a mechanical bull. Pinching my clit and touching his cock as it slide in and out of me. I could feel it building and building. Then suddenly I could feel his cock pulse and then shoot inside me and…

“Ahhhhh…oh baby I’m cumming.” I said. “Cummmmmmmming so good.”

I collapsed on to his heaving chest as I tried to calm myself down. I could still feel his cock inside me and sliding backward a bit I let it slip out of me. I could feel his cum starting to drip out as I moved back for a kiss.

“Now could you please let me loose?” he said with a laugh.

I rolled off of him, missing the warmth of his body, and retrieved the key from the bedside table. Sitting up on my knees next to his chest I unlocked the cuffs and snapped them back onto the rail.

He rubbed his wrists and tried to give me a ‘I CANT BELIEVE YOU DID THIS TO ME AGAINST MY WILL’ look. I grabbed some tissue from the beside table and leaned back and spread my legs. As he watched, I cleaned the cum off of my swollen pussy lips. “Don’t even try and act like you didn’t fucking love that.” I said tossing the tissue in the trash can. “I have NEVER heard you yell like that before.” I leaned over and sucked his soft cock cleaning the cum off of it. Smiling at his gasp.

I moved up and pressed my softly oiled breasts against his chest. He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me back up on him. Reaching down I grabbed at the comforter and pulled it over both of us, pressing my face against his neck.

As I started to drift off I heard him sigh, “Yeah, you’re right, I fucking loved it. Thank you!”

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