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Guitarbeque Ch. 02

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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction concocted entirely within my imagination. Any resemblance to real people shouldn’t be surprising since most of my stories are based on people I know. While I hope you enjoy this story and are compelled to provide feedback, I don’t expect the subject matter will appeal to everyone who reads it. As such, I discourage venomous, nasty feedback full of violent wishes against essentially fictional characters in fictional situations. If this story does not appeal to you, there is undoubtedly one somewhere on Literotica that will, so your energy will be better spent on finding it rather than on vilifying me.

Note: If you haven’t already, read Guitarbeque, even though it isn’t really a prequel to this story.

I was getting a beer when Nikki approached after her performance. I thought she was just going to pass me by and I was planning to check out how her ass looked in her khaki miniskirt, but she actually came right up to me.

“I wanted to thank you for the song recommendation,” she said, “I really think it suited both my playing and singing.”

“I thought it would when I heard it,” I replied, “but I’m glad that you and Paul agreed. You really nailed it.”

Paul was our mutual guitar teacher and Nikki had just finished her performance of She & Him’s “This is Not a Test” during our semi-annual guitar recital, which he called Guitarbeque. I had performed earlier but was hanging around to watch and support my fellow students.

“You want a beer?” I asked as the bartender brought mine.

“I’m not quite twenty-one yet,” she replied, “but thanks anyway. You want to grab a table?”

We headed back toward the stage and grabbed a couple of seats to watch the next few guitarists, making some small talk between performances. A while later, when Paul was setting up for a couple of acoustic performances, I decided to take advantage of the break to use the bathroom. Nikki decided to do the same. We headed around to where the rest rooms were located, agreeing to meet near them afterward. She was not waiting for me when I came out so I was lingering nearby when she was finished. There was a stairwell in the area that I had become curious about, so we figured we’d check it out. At the top, we found a deserted game room and explored it briefly, commenting on the various video games and pinball machines.

Nobody else had joined us by the time we were ready to head back down to watch more of our fellow guitarists so, before we left, we ended up in an embrace, making out. I ran my hands down to her ass and caressed it while her arms went around my neck. I’d been interested in Nikki since the Guitarbeque where she’d played Deep Purple’s “Highway Star” but never really had the opportunity to pursue her since I only saw her every six months. I didn’t know at this point if she’d been feeling the same escort ataşehir way or if it had just been an impulse for her, but I wasn’t really worried about it at the moment. I just wanted to continue making out with her for as long as I could. Unfortunately, we heard voices approaching the stairwell after a few minutes in each other’s arms.

We might have had some color in our cheeks, and there may have been a slight rise in my Levi’s, but there wasn’t anything else to give away what we’d been doing as the interlopers joined us in the game room and we immediately headed down the stairs. We grabbed a couple of seats back at the Guitarbeque, this time slightly apart from everyone else and in a bit darker area. With everyone’s attention on the guitarist currently playing, I slipped my hand under the table and along Nikki’s inner thigh. She didn’t stop me and actually parted her legs a bit more. I think we looked totally nonchalant because, above the table, our appearance was completely innocent.

“We’re going to need to leave soon,” Nikki said after a while, “or I’m going to leave a wet spot on this seat.”

“You want me to just remove my hand?” I asked.

“No, I think it is a bit late for that to make much difference,” she replied, “My car is outside, though. Maybe there’s someplace a bit more private we can go.”

“You sure?” I asked.

“If we don’t leave soon, I’m going to stick my tongue back in your mouth in front of everyone,” she replied.

I didn’t think that would have been such a bad thing, but it would have gotten a lot of people talking, which isn’t always a good thing. We casually departed during a break, grabbed our guitars and headed for the parking lot. We put our guitars in the back of her car and climbed in but, before she started it up, we started making out again and I ran my hand up her inner thigh to her damp panties. She wasn’t kidding about being wet so, since she was wearing a miniskirt, I just pushed it up around her waist and lowered my head. I kissed her smooth inner thighs as she spread her legs for me then started to slide her panties down. She raised her ass, then brought her legs together briefly as I slid her panties down them. She leaned against her door and brought one leg over me while I lowered my head again toward her trim, light brown bush.

I ran my tongue up her slit, tasting the copious juices that she was producing as she let out a moan and grabbed my head. I knew how fired up she was so I started out lapping up her nectar but soon slipped a finger into her while licking and sucking her clit. Her pussy was quite snug but extremely wet, so I had no problem pumping my finger in and out of her but it crossed my mind how incredible it was going to feel to slip my cock into her. I figured that would follow soon after she came, so I focused my efforts on making that happen. kadıköy escort bayan I didn’t want to rush, however; I wanted to make sure she experienced a great deal of pleasure while I made sure to appreciate the opportunity to have my head between her thighs. At the same point, I knew that she was already very worked up so I didn’t want to torture her by taking too long to build up to her orgasm. Plus, we were in her car in a parking lot, which wasn’t the most private, nor the most comfortable, place for prolonging the pursuit of pleasure.

I could feel her already snug, wet pussy becoming even more slippery and engorged as she apparently got closer and closer to cumming. An occasional passionate moan would slip out but I could tell that she was trying to keep herself under control enough not to draw any attention to what we were doing. The rate that her hips were humping toward my face was increasing the longer I ate her until she started to tense up in anticipation of cumming. A low, throaty moan escaped as her body started to shake and the tension drained out of it. I continued eating her as she came, raising my head only when I was certain that she’d finished. Her eyes were still closed, so I took a quick look around and decided that there were better places we could continue if she was up to driving.

“Are you okay to drive?” I asked once she’d opened her eyes and smiled at me.

“I will be in a minute,” she replied, “Do we need to leave?”

“I just thought we might find someplace better to park where we’re less likely to have spectators,” I told her, “assuming you want to keep going.”

“Absolutely,” she replied with enthusiasm as she started to sit up. She leaned over to kiss me then started the car, “So where are we going?”

I navigated us to another larger parking lot where we’d be less conspicuous among all of the other cars assuming that no one got in any of the cars immediately surrounding us. Once we’d parked, I immediately started sliding my jeans and underwear down, freeing my throbbing cock. Nikki crawled over to straddle me and lowered herself onto my cock, causing both of us to moan. While she started to slowly move up and down on my shaft, I reached around to squeeze her ass, which I’d initially just been hoping to observe clad in her khaki miniskirt. The soft, smooth flesh felt so nice in my hands, but not nearly as nice as the sensation of her hot pussy sliding up and down my tool.

As Nikki held onto the seat behind my head, my attention was drawn to her bouncing tits. I brought my hands up from her ass and under her blouse, first caressing them through her bra. Her nipples were hard so I stroked them through the thin material before reaching behind her to unfasten it. Her tits were just on the smaller side of average, but I had no complaints about the soft, smooth flesh in my hands. escort bostancı I was caressing her tits and brushing my palms over her hard nipples when she leaned closer and we started to make out again. I was beyond thrilled to have my cock buried in her pussy, her tits in my hands and her tongue in my mouth given how long I’d harbored such fantasies.

My hands eventually wound up back on her ass as she rode me harder and faster, but not before I’d lifted her blouse to watch her tits bounce. I was starting to push up into her each time she came down, relishing the feel of her hot pussy on the full length of my shaft. I felt her pussy getting hotter the longer she rode me, but I wasn’t expecting her to necessarily cum again, though I was hoping she would. It was when she went from riding me hard and fast to suddenly going into slow motion that I realized she was on the verge again already. I just caressed her ass as I let her control what happened next. Her body convulsed and she moaned when she started to cum but she kept slowly riding me as she twitched and shook.

She just sat on my cock, catching her breath once she’d finished cumming, then she climbed off of me and knelt on her seat. With her ass aimed at the driver’s side window, she lowered her head toward my lap and took my cock in her fist. She wrapped her lips around my tool and started to pump the base of it in her hand while engulfing it in her mouth. I ran my fingers through her light brown hair while relishing the feel of her mouth sliding up and down my tool. She was definitely a respectable cocksucker so I knew I’d have no trouble blowing my load down her throat.

I reclined my seat enough that I could watch her profile as sucked my cock, savoring not only the feel of her mouth but the visual as well. I brought my hand down from her hair to cup her tit, gently pulling on her hard nipple and caressing the soft, smooth flesh. I glanced over at her ass up in the air, her skirt around her waist, and thought about kneeling behind her and fucking her. The visual, mental and physical stimulation had my orgasm building quickly so I tried to just focus on the pleasure that Nikki was providing. Her hot mouth felt so good sliding up and down my tool that I had to fight the urge to push my cock deeper into her mouth and just appreciate what I was feeling.

As my cock began to swell more when I was right on the verge, I tried to relax and savor the pleasurable feeling. When I exploded into her mouth with a grunt, she didn’t even pause and just continued sucking me off as she swallowed my load. It was only after I was completely spent that she let my cock fall from her mouth, raised her head and smiled at me.

“You’re fucking awesome,” I told her with enthusiasm.

“And you’re awesome at fucking,” she replied.

“I don’t think you should make that judgment until you’ve had more opportunity to make sure it’s an accurate statement,” I told her.

“Okay,” she replied, “if you insist.”

“I’d like the opportunity myself to get you completely naked,” I continued.

“Well,” she said, “let’s figure out how to make that happen.”

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