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Haitian Bisexuality Ch. 06

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There is nothing quite like the feeling I get when I dominate my favorite and very willing lover’s sexy body in our bedroom. It’s something we both love, though. That’s why I’m doing it to him right now. My name is Amy Stephanie Isidor. Originally from Cap Haitien, Haiti, but currently living in the good old U.S. of A. I’m a five-foot-eight, voluptuous and bootylicious black chick with braided hair which I’ve recently bleached blond-white. And I have naturally light gray eyes. I am forty two years old and live in an apartment in the city of Brockton, Massachusetts. Down in the West Side. Not far from Shaw’s Market. I own a small convenience store. Yeah, it’s a good living. Let me tell you all about my sexual proclivities. I am addicted to kinky sex. What do I enjoy? Long walks on the beach, romantic dinners, and shoving a dildo up my man’s ass. Not necessarily in that order, though.

My man Trevor Rodolphe loves it when I shove my dildo up his ass. Right now, I am stroking his long and thick, uncircumcised black dick as I push the dildo into his ass. He is lying on his back in our king-sized bed, relaxing and enjoying himself. He’s a six-foot-tall, big and chubby, yet still very good-looking black man in his early twenties. Works as a Corrections Officer for the county. And he’s a bisexual stud who totally gets off on this kind of action like you would not believe. When we got together, Trevor was honest with me. He swung both ways. That didn’t bother me one bit and I thanked him for his honesty. I’m bisexual too. The monogamous kind, though. I did tell him that while we were together, it was going to be just me and him. No other girls and no guys. He was okay with that. We’ve been getting along famously since then. On with the sex. The dildo is well lubricated and slides easily in and out of his asshole. I love my sexy black stud for canlı bahis letting me do this. Nothing gets me excited quite like giving his sexy black ass the anal pounding we both know it craves.

Trevor and I are both really into anal sex. Why, just last night I was riding that big black dick of his like there was no tomorrow. Yeah, I was on all fours, ass cheeks spread as far as they could. Trevor came up behind me and shoved his cock into my asshole. He gripped my very wide hips and thrust his dick into my deep, tight hole. I love it when he fucks me like this. Hard and fast, just the way I like it. Trevor loves to slam his big black cock into my tight asshole. He loves the feel of a tight ass around his cock. After fucking me like that, he came inside me. He flooded my asshole with his cum. I screamed in pleasure, loving every second of it.

After Trevor fucked my ass, I lay there in a sea of our fluids, happy as a clown. I amazed him by showing how quickly I could get really down and dirty. I sucked his cock right after it had been up my ass. That’s probably the raunchiest thing you’ve ever heard of, right? Or at least pretty close. I sucked Trevor’s cock and licked his balls. Then, I put on a condom on his dick and gently pushed him on his back. Trevor pushed his dick into my pussy and I began riding him. He put his hands around my waist and fucked me hard. I loved the feel of his hard dick in my pussy. We fucked and sucked the night away. Yeah, last night was a good night. I fell asleep in my man’s arms, my pussy and asshole sore from getting thoroughly fucked.

You see, I’m the kind of woman who gives as good as she gets. That’s why I wield my strap-on dildo with expertise and authority as I drill it into Trevor’s asshole. I shove my dildo as deep as it can go in his ass, which is pretty deep. Trevor screams as I began bahis siteleri pounding his asshole mercilessly with my dildo. Oh, yeah. I was owning his ass and loving every moment of it. It’s all about the butt hole pleasures, folks. I got the deliciously wicked idea of changing positions. I put Trevor on all fours and fucked him like that. Doggy-style. Hard and fast, I drilled my dildo up his asshole. He stroked his cock as I fucked him. Now that’s what I call a good fucking.

Trevor loves to get his ass pounded by my dildo. And I absolutely love doing it to him. We’ve had a lot of fun like this since we’ve gotten together. I bought a strap-on dildo for the first time six months ago, just to please him. He told me once that he had fantasized about that. Truth be told, I fantasized about doing that to a man too. I didn’t think Trevor would be into it, though. He’s such a big and tall, macho black stud. However, I was wrong. Even a big strong guy like him could be into the whole strap-on dildo thing. And that’s more than okay by me, as you can imagine. Trevor groaned as I fucked him in the ass. He told me to fuck him harder. I laughed. That’s just what I wanted to hear.

I was determined to give him the fuck of the century. So, we changed positions once more. I lay flat on the bed, with my strap-on dildo sticking upward. Trevor lowered himself onto me, until he had impaled his ass on my dildo. I put my hands around his hips and he began to ride me. I shoved my dildo deep into his ass and he screamed in delight. Yeah, that’s my kind of fuck. I wanted to own his ass. And I did. I stretched his manhole with my dildo like strap-on sex was going out of style. Trevor’s screams of pleasure mixed with pain filled the air. And you know what? They were music to my ears. What is my favorite activity in the world? I love fucking black men in the bahis şirketleri ass with my strap-on dildo and if loving it was wrong then I didn’t want to be right.

Trevor’s impassioned screams filled the air. I continued to pound his ass until he begged for mercy. Only then did I relent. I pressed a button on my mechanized dildo and it released a spray of hot artificial cum deep into his ass. Trevor screams and I see shock on his face. He is amazed at how vicious and kinky I can be. I gently stroke his face. Yeah, I just fucked the hell out of him. Who’s the bitch now? Slowly, I squeeze the dildo out of Trevor’s ass. He sighs in relief. I unstrap the dildo and throw it on the floor. Trevor and I lie side by side. Our bodies are covered with sweat. I gently stroke his cock, which is covered with cum. He pulls me to him and kisses me. I giggle as he whispers into my ears that I’m all the woman he’ll ever need. You know that’s right. I know how to get any man and keep him. Even if he’s bisexual. What he needs is an adventurous gal who’s not afraid to try some crazy, kinky stuff. And you know I’m definitely the right woman for the job.

Trevor and I spend the night together. Tomorrow, I’ve got all kinds of shit to take care of. Running a convenience store isn’t exactly fun and games. I manage it just fine, most of the time. Trevor’s asking me to move in with him. I’m a little hesitant about that. Don’t get me wrong. I love my man. He’s awesome. He’s good to me. I care deeply for him. And we get along great. But I’m not sure if I’m ready to live with someone. I’ve had relationships with quite a few men and women in my time. I’ve actually loved a few of them. But I’ve never enjoyed living with any of them for extended periods of time. Living together, being in each other’s space all the damn time, that’s not exactly my idea of fun. I don’t want to hurt Trevor’s feelings but I like things exactly as they are. We hang out, we go dancing together, we have dinner and we hook up. It’s good like that. Fun and exciting, without drama. Why fix it if it ain’t broke?

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