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Halloween Wish

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Night was falling over the mostly deserted main street in the small Washington town as Tina stepped out of the vintage clothing shop where she worked and locked the door and security gate behind her. She had worked a long, busy day by herself after the manager had called in sick. Usually business was fairly slow, but with Halloween the next day, they had more customers than usual, looking to buy unique costume attire.

She glanced up and down the street before crossing to her car, a baby blue 90’s Geo Metro. She had graduated high school 2 years ago and still drove her teen car. She sighed. Maybe she’d save up enough money some day to get a better one. With no prospects of a better job, though, it was unlikely to be soon.

Tina had never been popular. She could hardly even be called pretty. Her height was average, 5’4″. She was thin, boyishly so, with no hips to speak of and a 32A bust…barely. Kids in school had nicknamed her “Tina Tiny-Tits”. Her mousy-brown hair hung limp and thin to her shoulders, unstyled. The only thing she could actually say she was thankful for was clear skin and perfect eyesight.

Too bad she couldn’t even tell if she’d “mature” into a nice body by looking at her mother or sister. Someone had left her at a fire station when she was about a week old. Foster homes tossed her around until she was finally emancipated at 16. Now 20 years old, she had few friends and no claim to family.

A frustrated sigh hissed through her teeth when she reached her car and noticed the orange flyer stuck under the windshield. She pulled it out angrily and went to toss it, but had a quick thought about the evils of littering and shoved it into her jacket pocket instead.

Traffic was a breeze and she was home 10 minutes later. She let herself into her small, second floor, 1-bedroom apartment, dropping her purse on the kitchen bar, along with her jacket.

The crumple sound of paper reminded her of the flyer and she dug it out. She meant to throw it away, but something made her curious about its message, so she smoothed the creases out to read it.

“Dreams? Wishes? Plans?” It screamed in bold lettering across the top. Smaller words followed. “You can realize the best the world has to offer! Just make your wishes and this Halloween, your world will change!”

No contact info, party addresses or any other information was listed.

Weirdest thing I’ve ever seen! Tina thought. She balled up the paper and tossed toward the waste basket. Missed. Oh, well. She’d pick it up later.

She was heading toward the bedroom to change when she heard a scratching at the door. She opened it, but saw nothing, so stepped outside onto the walkway. No one was there.

She sighed again and closed the door, locking it carefully. Not that anyone would come in, she thought dismally. “Not even a rapist would think I was hot enough to fuck.” She frowned at her thoughts spoken out loud. Something about this holiday was making her more gloomy and self-loathing than usual. Maybe seeing all of the people invited to or planning parties, but having no plans of her own. “I wish I was someone everyone wanted to be with, instead of little ‘Tina Tiny-Tits’!” Her breath caught in a half sob.

Changing took no time at all. She never bothered to wear a bra, even in public, so going from work clothes to shorts and a spaghetti strap top took about 2 minutes. It took 2 more minutes to heat up leftover pizza, a few seconds to grab a soda, and then she was seated in front of the television and tuning in to the night’s halloween movie special “Sleepy Hollow”.

Somewhere near halfway done with the movie, she started feeling weird. Her head was heavy and achy, her skin itched and felt hot and her eyes refused to stay open. She clicked off the TV set and stumbled to bed, not even bothering to put pajamas on before curling up on top of the covers and passing into dreamless sleep.

She woke up slowly, feeling like her brain was full of cobwebs. She could barely remember coming to bed. Her clothes felt weird…tighter. Standing, Tina could feel the cool air on her bare stomach, even though her stretch top usually came halfway down her butt. She felt for the bottom hem, now somewhere between her belly button and boobs, and pulled, but it just felt tighter around her chest. Rubbing her sleepy eyes, she stumbled to the bathroom…and gaped at the mirror. She hardly recognized herself!

Her hair was full, thick and bouncy, falling in shiny waves past her shoulders. Her eyes sparkled from a heart-shaped face with glowing skin and rosy lips. Her ass and hips had filled out, rounding into a peachy bubble-butt above legs a cheerleader would die for. But the crowning achievement, above her flat, toned stomach, were the boobs. No wonder her top didn’t fit! She pulled it off and gaped at the wonders on her chest.

Each one was nearly the size of her head! The gravity defying orbs were topped with pink nipples and areolas the size of a silver dollar. She touched one and it instantly hardened, sending tingles kartal escort through her body. The nub stuck out almost half an inch.

Tina raised both hands to the giant tits, first gingerly, then firmly rubbing and squeezing her new accessories. Each movement made her skin tingle like an electric shock was passing through her body.

“This is incredible!” She gasped. “I’ve got to be dreaming!” She slid her fingers down and pinched her thigh. “Oww!” She rubbed the spot gingerly. “Maybe not. But then….how…?” She gazed at herself bewildered in the mirror. Her phone rang in the other room.

“Where the fuck are you??” Her boss, Susie, snapped. “We’re supposed to open early today for the Halloween rush and you’re 5 minutes late!”

“Oh, my gosh, I’m so sorry!” Tina gasped. “I passed out without setting an alarm last night. I’ll be there in 20 minutes!”

“Hurry!” Her boss snapped back, cutting the connection.

Tina ran for the closet…then just stood there, staring at her clothes. What did she have to fit her new body? Finally she settled on black slacks that had always been baggy, but now fit like a glove, and a white turtleneck sweater. The sweater, once a full size too big, now hugged every one of her new curves and only came down to just above her belly button, leaving a bare inch and a half of skin. Her nipples poked out at the soft fabric. She sighed. Susie would just have to deal until she could get some better clothes. She grabbed her purse and was out the door, grabbing an apple to eat in the car for breakfast.

Thankfully traffic was light for 8:15 in the morning and she reached work barely 15 minutes after her boss’s call. She slipped in through the back and hopped right into unpacking the inventory she hadn’t finished the night before.

“That you, Tina?” Susie called from the front. She was a couple of years older than Tina, and had the complete opposite story. An only girl with 2 older brothers, she was spoiled by her parents and very popular in school, mostly due to her bleached-blonde cheerleader looks, DD breasts and skills at manipulation. She’d worked her way up quickly at the shop, taking over a year ago as manager, where she took complete advantage of the position to work as little as possible while still collecting a paycheck.

“Yes, Susie. Sorry I’m late.”

“It’s fine. You’re here now. Listen, I was thinking of taking off a little early tonight. Do you think you…” Susie’s voice, which had been getting closer, trailed off. Tina looked up from hanging a 20’s style dress to find the older girl staring, open mouthed, at her. She recovered quickly.

“What the fuck happened to you?” The blonde’s eyes were big as saucers as she looked slowly up her employee’s new body. “There is no fucking way in hell you got work done like that since yesterday!” She stepped closer and poked a finger at one of Tina’s new boobs. “Are you wearing fake tits, Tina?”

Tina shook her head. “No. I just woke up like this.” She cupped her breasts. “I have no idea what happened.”

“Oh, my God.” Susie circled her. “You’re fucking gorgeous, Tina! Your tits are bigger than mine!”

“And you have a dirty mouth, Susie. Please, can I just finish working?”

Susie shook her head, a quick jerk to clear her thoughts. “Oh! Uh, sure. Um, hey….I, uh, I have this party tonight….a costume thing.” She cocked her head. “Would you, like, want to come?”

Tina laughed. “Me? Really?”

Susie nodded, eagerly. “Yeah! I mean, it might be lame…I don’t know. But you should come! It’s at my house, a bunch of friends are coming by. We’re having, like, a costume party and alcohol and stuff. It’ll be fun!”

With a slight nod, Tina agreed. “Uh, sure. I guess. I’ve never been to a costume party…or any party, actually.” She gave a wry smile.

“Oh, gosh! You have to come then!” The blonde gave her a huge grin. “I’ll help you find a costume!” She circled the younger girl. “No one is going to fucking believe this is you! You look like a new person, Tina! Fuck!” She skipped off back to the front to unlock and open shop.

Tina spent the rest of the day in the back, avoiding customers. She was amazed at her new body, and especially Susie’s reaction to her in it, but she didn’t even know if it would last, and she was finding herself a bit clumsy with her new top-heaviness. Plus, every time anything touched her tits, tingles raced through her body and she had to fight the urge to duck into the bathroom and masturbate.

Time passed quickly and it seemed only minutes before Susie was locking back up. She came back to find her.

“Time to find you a yummy costume, Tina!” She announced, eyes sparkling at the prospect. “Let’s take my car. The costume place by the mall should still be open.”

Tina agreed reluctantly (Susie had never tried to be friendly before) and the two headed off in her bright red BMW convertible.

The costume shop seemed to take forever! Tina followed along behind her bossy new friend as she gathered several items maltepe escort bayan and then pushed the girl into the dressing room. Costume after costume was discarded as too small to fit her new chest. Finally Susie tossed in one that Tina immediately tossed back.

“No way! I am not wearing that!”

“Come on, Tina! Nothing else will fit you. Deal with it!”

The costume she had found was not a normal adult outfit. It looked like something from a porn shop. Tina put it on slowly. A tiny red skirt barely covered her ass, letting both cheeks hang out the bottom and sported a fluffy red and black fox tail that dangled below the edge and tickled the back of her upper thighs. The ‘top’ was criss-crossed strips of fabric that covered inch-wide swathes of her breasts, looped around her neck and tied in the back. A tiny red thong, strappy 3″ black heels and a headband with red fox ears completed the outfit.

Tina peeked out shyly from the dressing room. The costume made her feel hot and she grew horny just looking at herself in the mirror, but she had never dared to wear anything half as revealing in public.

“Well?” Susie demanded impatiently.

“I don’t know if I can wear this!” Tina hissed in a whisper.

“Don’t be silly!” The other girl snapped back, pushing open the door to see. She gasped. “Oh! You are so wearing that! You’re fucking hot!”

There was a crash behind her as the sales boy walked into a display.


“Fine!” Tina agreed. “Just let me change and we’ll go.”

“No time! Party starts in 30 minutes. Go pay and I’ll meet you in the car.”

She felt self-conscious walking to the register still in costume, but she figured if she couldn’t wear it here, she shouldn’t be going to the party.

The kid ringing her up could barely look at her, keeping his eyes anywhere else as he quickly rang up the purchase and gave her a bag for her work clothes. She could feel his eyes on her ass as she left and a sudden surge of confidence made her put an extra jiggle into her walk. She thought she heard him make a croaking sound.

Susie cranked up the music in her convertible as they sped off to her house. The beat vibrated through Tina’s body, relaxing her as the wind whipped through her hair.

An SUV was out front of the three story house when they pulled into the circular driveway.

“Oh, good!” Susie said. “My brother is here with the alcohol!”

“Your brother?”

“Yeah. Jason. We’re throwing this party together. It started as his thing, in college. Now that he graduated last year, my parents take off for the night and we throw it together.”

Tina gingerly stepped from the car onto the gravel driveway. She wasn’t used to wearing heels, so she wobbled a bit and used the car to help her balance. As she reached the front of the car, Susie’s brother came back outside to grab more supplies from the open back of the SUV.

Jason stood just over 6″ tall, with a tight, tan body rippling with muscle. He was in his mid-twenties and had brown hair and green eyes.

“About time, Susie!” He said, pulling a box from the SUV.

“I was busy!” She pouted.

“You got off work over an hour ago!” his voice was deep and rich.

“We had to go buy a costume.” She waved her arm at Tina. “This is my coworker, Tina. Tina, this is my brother, Jason.”

He glanced up and saw her. For the first time, Tina saw a good-looking, confident man take notice of her, his eyes sweeping leisurely over her body in its skimpy costume. His reaction was instant: a huge grin splitting his suddenly eager face as he dropped the box back on the car floor and came toward her.

“So nice to meet you, Tina!” He stood close to shake her hand and ran his other one up her arm. “My sister never told me she worked with such a babe!” He winked.

Tina blushed scarlet. She wasn’t used to men being attracted to her. Especially good-looking ones! His hand felt nice on her skin and she could feel her nipples hardening. She knew when he noticed because his breathing caught and he leaned closer.

“I’m going to get changed!” Susie called as she left them standing by the car.

At the sound of the door shutting, Jason made his move, backing Tina into the convertible’s side and stepping close enough that his hips bumped against her stomach. His hands slid to her sides, thumbs stroking her smooth skin as he leaned in to kiss her.

She had never been kissed before, not like this. Her last kiss had been in 6th grade, from another of the foster kids. It was wet and clumsy. This was warm lips, teeth and glorious tongue slipping into her mouth, tasting of pumpkin and cinnamon.

Jason’s hand slipping up her side made her shiver, her nipples getting impossibly harder as he covered her left breast with his palm, gently massaging her flesh. It was a simple matter for his thumb to slip beneath the strip of fabric and touch bare nipple, rolling it in circles. She let out a gasp, feeling tingles shooting straight through to the center escort pendik of her body, between her legs.

“These feel totally real!” He squeezed her tit harder.

“They are real,” her voice was soft and breathy.

“Incredible!” He pushed the straps to the side, uncovering her in the twilight, staring at her chest, his hands cupping and playing with the giant globes.

Tina felt her knees growing weak and her pussy getting wetter than ever before. She had never felt a man touching and playing with her body, although she masturbated regularly and had taken her own virginity with a blue rubber dildo. This was so much better!

His mouth covered her right nipple, teeth scraping over the puckered nub. She whimpered, feeling her panties soak through. The whimper seemed to break through the haze of his lust. He glanced up, pulling the strips back over her boobs.

“Oh, God! I’m sorry! I don’t know what came over me! It’s just, your tits…” his voice trailed off and eyes glazed as he glanced back down at her body.

“It’s okay,” she said hastily. “It felt really good! You don’t have to stop.”

He leaned down and kissed her. “If I don’t stop now, I’ll take you against this car and we’ll get caught.”

With sudden confidence, she wound her arms around his neck, pressing her massive tits to his chest. “So let’s find a more private place.”

He nodded eagerly. “Follow me.”

He wound her fingers into his, leading her into the house and up the stairs just past the entryway. They ducked into the second door on the right. She had just enough time to register the bed, covered in a blue comforter, before he slammed her back against the door, hands sliding around her body and tongue plunging back into her mouth. Tina let out a moan, wrapping her arms around his neck and kissing him back passionately.

Her costume was on the floor before she registered his nimble fingers removing the items. He stepped back to admire her, standing in just her heels and the fox ear headband.

“God! I can’t believe those tits, baby!” He pulled his shirt off and unbuckled his shorts, letting them fall to the floor and kicking them away as he pulled her back into his arms. She felt his hard cock pressing into her lower stomach, throbbing with his heartbeat.

A sudden burning ache started, deep inside her pussy. She let out an audible whine, wiggling her naked body against his. “Need you!” She groaned against his neck, sinking her teeth into the muscle.

He gasped, hands grabbing and digging into her ass. A quick jerk of his arms lifted her up, pressing her back against the door.

“Wrap your legs around my waist!”

She obeyed, locking her ankles together behind his back. She could feel the head of his dick against the slick lips of her pussy. He moved his hips, lining up with her entrance and slowly sinking inside.

“Aaahhhhh…!” They hissed in unison.

Tina had never felt so stretched. He filled her up completely, pressing hard into her cervix. His heavy balls swung, lightly tickling her ass cheeks.

“Fuck, you’re tight!” his voice was incredulous. “I don’t know if I can last!”

“Just fuck me, Jason!” She squirmed against him and contracted her pussy muscles on his thick cock.

“Shit!” He jerked, grabbing her hips and lifting her up before slamming her back down onto his hard meat. Her tits jiggled with every stroke in as his hips met hers. He lowered his head and took her nipple into his mouth, flicking his tongue back and forth on the stiff nub as he continued to thrust into her body in deep, long strokes.

She felt the pull on her breasts all through her body, pleasure spiraling out along every nerve. Her pussy tightened around him, letting her feel every bump and vein as he pounded into her body, harder and faster.

A rising pulse began where his cock hammered into her, spreading like fire up her stomach, across her boobs, filling her with overwhelming pleasure.

“Oh, fuck, Jason, fuck me!” she gasped out, digging her nails into his back and wrapping her legs tighter around him. “Ram that big, thick dick into me! Make me cum on your fucking cock!”

“Mmmm, yes, cum on that dick, baby! Squirt all over me! I want to feel that pussy sucking the cum from my balls!” He growled against her damp skin, biting down on her shoulder and plunging as deep as he could into her pussy.

As she felt his cock begin to throb in release, her own orgasm washed over her. Her pussy clamped down on the thick muscle buried inside it, spasming as she felt a gush of moisture flood out of her, squirting on his dick, her voice screaming out as she came and he filled her with his cum. “Fuuuuuuccckkkk!”

For a minute they remained frozen, both breathing heavily. Tina slowly unwound her legs and stood, feeling wobbly. Jason brushed her hair back out of her face.

“You are so fucking amazing, Tina.” He leaned in for a deep, slow kiss. “We’ll definitely have to do this again sometime!” He tweaked her nipple between thumb and forefinger. “You have the most epic tits I’ve ever seen.”

“Definitely,” she agreed, stooping to pick up her costume. “That was too much fun not to be repeated.” She winked and headed to the bathroom to re-dress, thinking to herself she just might have to make a habit of this.

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