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Hell… What are Friends For? Pt. 03

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A quick note on the name change from Parts 1 & 2. I made a mistake when I started Part 2 and didn’t realise until it was released. I will revert back to Chris for Part 3, as Craig is the name of a character in my story “No More Rules,” and they are very different characters.


Six months had passed since Ashley and Chris had started having sex, and the power of Chris’ incredible misshapen manhood had been discovered. For a while Ashley could pretend that she was “training” Chris, and doing him a favour, but soon she had to admit that she was addicted. Chris had learnt everything he needed within a few months, and now had full control of his stamina. He could draw sessions out for as long as he wanted, giving Ashley orgasm after orgasm; or they could fire through an explosive and intense fuck in a matter of minutes. The regular sex had helped Chris get into shape, and he supplemented this with an increased exercise regime that was starting to draw attention. Until now Ashley had managed to keep it quiet that her awkward, yet suddenly very attractive friend, was a sex God.

The first real test of Ashley’s resolve came three weeks before the wedding of a mutual friend. Until now the the longest they had abstained from each other was a week, yet now Chris would be away on a business trip, and she couldn’t make it out there. They would not see each other again until the day of the wedding, and Ashley didn’t know how she would react, or whether Chris’ new found confidence would land him in bed with some foreign beauty. Realising she had no choice, Ashley tried to remain calm, and stocked up on batteries for the weeks ahead.


Chris felt pretty exhausted as he made his way over the grounds of the estate his friends had hired. He preferred when couples refrained from splashing out on their weddings, he always felt awkward if a lot of money had been spent. His new physique had required a new suit, and whilst this was expensive, he felt confidant in his new look, and mentally thanked Ashley for her help.

The wedding venue was made up of several marquees, tents and huts, linked by fairy lights that would light up when it became dark. In the mid afternoon sun it already looked stunning, and expensive. Chris quickly sought a familiar face, and found Lea and Hailee talking and drinking champagne. He crept up and interjected.

“A little fancy right?”

They both stopped talking and Chris quickly found himself in a three-way bear hug. They hadn’t seen him in a long time, little did they that know that was all Ashley’s doing.

Hailee was the first to break the hug. “I think it’s beautiful, but you always knew Emily would throw a ball like this.”

“Oh no, it’s beautiful, no doubt,” Chris explained, “Just a little intimidating.”

“I’ll agree with you on that, I feel like I have to prove my worth as a friend just to be here,” Lea whispered, “Especially as I bailed on the hen night.”

For the next few minutes they caught up, but soon Chris noticed Ashley’s absence. Normally the three of them would stay together at any function like this.

“Ashley running late?” He asked.

Hailee sighed. “She had us go on ahead, kept stressing about her outfit, then her hair. She hadn’t started her make-up before we were out the door.”

Lea laughed. “I don’t understand, doesn’t she get you’re not supposed to look your best? In case you upstage the bride, she doesn’t want to go all Pippa Middleton on this shit.”

Hailee leant in and quietly added “The last couple of weeks she’s been pretty short tempered. I was starting to think she had some history with the groom or something.”

“You noticed that too!” Lea chipped in, “I thought she was acting strange.”

Ashley had managed to stay pretty cool around Chris, at least when they weren’t fucking. He briefly thought about whether he had something to do with it, but the conversation quickly turned to something banal.

They still hadn’t seen Ashley when just before sunset, the ceremony started. This was held in the open air, with an archway and two columns of seating. Despite the extravagance, Chris felt it was pretty much the same as any wedding. Nice to see his friends come together, heartwarming, all the rest, just in more extravagant surroundings. Ashley felt the same, sat at the back, trying not to draw attention. She now felt embarrassed by her outfit. She knew she had gone over the top. She had been able to play it so cool with Chris, but the time away had nearly driven her mad, and she had gone too far.

There was some mingle time after the wedding and drinks were handed out in the twilight setting, as the fairy lights lit up, it looked stunning. Chris was still talking with Lea and Hailee when he caught a glimpse of Ashley. All three stood slack jawed. Ashley could have been walking in slow motion as she approached, her dress, makeup and hair were immaculate. The outfit was a striking red colour, hugging her gorgeous curves, with a neckline that plunged, teasing her ample cleavage. Her hair was up, revealing her long neck, whilst highlighting ataşehir escort bayan her face. The makeup accentuated every facial quality she possessed. She knew her face was Chris’ weak spot, one day when she needed leverage, she’d let him cum on it.

“Hi guys, beautiful wasn’t it?” Ashley congratulated herself on not jumping Chris there and then.

There was some idle talk, but Chris had no focus. He wished his new suit had more give around his waist as he tried to hold back an erection, he felt like a teenage boy. Ashley wasn’t really concentrating either, she could see the look of lust in Chris’ eyes, and her pussy was screaming for attention. Noticing that Hailee and Lea’s glasses were full, she quickly finished her drink, then asked Chris to accompany her to the bar. Chris had no control, and did as she said.

As they reached the bar, they quickly headed to the back, and escaped through a service entrance to the marquee. Hand in hand they ran, found the wall of an abandoned hut, and passionately began kissing.

Their behaviour hadn’t gone unnoticed. Ashley wasn’t the type to flaunt her looks, but tonight she looked like a supermodel. Hailee started to believe her theory that she had history with the groom, it was just too strange. Lea was chatting to one of the ushers, so Hailee went to the bar to search for Chris and Ashley. When she couldn’t find them, she started to search around, but got lost. “How big is this fucking wedding?” she cursed.

As Hailee came through an opening she heard a noise. Following it, she rounded the corner without making a sound. She saw a flash of red and walked closer through the trees, slowly revealing the intense, lurid scene her friends had quickly created. Ashley was bent over against the maintenance hut, her hands propped against the wall. The beautiful red dress she had painstakingly fussed over, was hiked up over her ass, and as Hailee stepped closer, she saw Chris enthusiastically fucking her from behind. Almost paralysed by confusion, Hailee watched as her two friends worked each other up into a frenzy. Ashley appeared to be lost in an intense orgasm, Chris had removed his jacket, allowing Ashley to bite into it, and stifle her moans. Hailee continued to watch as the fucking continued, just as Ashley’s first orgasm finished, she was quickly hurtling through another. Chris came inside her as her second orgasm climaxed, then he held her up to stop her from falling into the wall.

Hailee backed away, unsure what to do. How long had this been going on? Why were they fucking? Wasn’t Chris a notorious virgin? She didn’t have time to regain her composure, before Chris walked round the corner.

“Oh fuck!” Any one of the three could have said it, but this time it was Chris. “How long have you been here?”

“What the fuck was that?” Hailee whispered.

Ashley came round the corner, adjusting her dress.

“Oh fuck!”

“Ashley, she saw us.”

“What the hell guys, we’re at a wedding, I didn’t even know you two were an item!”

“We’re not!” Chris blurted out, before Ashley hit him on the arm.

“Look we’ll explain in a minute,” Ashley snapped, “But we have to get back to the wedding. I need food!” Quickly she brushed past Hailee, heading on to the dining area.

Hailee and Chris didn’t speak as they walked back to the party. Lea was still talking to the ushers, Hailee wondered if she’d made her pick yet, but grabbed her by the arm and dragged her over to where Ashley was sitting.

“What’s going on?” Lea asked.

“Ask them” replied Hailee.

Chris and Ashley sat quietly for a moment, Ashley was already tucking into the various delights on offer from the buffet.

“It’s difficult to explain,” started Chris. “We’re not a couple…”

“So friends with benefits?” asked Hailee.

“Not exactly,” continued Chris “Well, maybe but…”

“He has a miracle cock!” Ashley blurted out between bites. “Earlier this year, I was horny, and helped Chris out, as friends.” She took another bite, she looked exhausted. Hailee and Ashley sat in stunned silence, Chris’ head was in his hands. “I can’t explain it, but when he fucks me from behind, it’s perfect. I cum every time, always first.”

Hailee smiled, “Every time?”

“Every time,” Ashley replied. “His dick is curved in a funny way.”

Chris chipped in, “I think that’s enough Ashley, we don’t need to go into the anatomy…”

“Makes missionary almost impossible. But doggy style, oh it’s so fucking good.”

“Why didn’t you tell us?” Lea enquired.

“Because I knew you’d want a piece of him to yourselves. I know you, certainly you Hailee! Now I know Chris as well, and there’s a hidden desire there. He’ll happily fuck all three of us.”

“I’m going to the bar.” At that Chris got up and left, and the conversation was left awkwardly hanging. There was still their friend’s wedding to enjoy, and no-one could work out whether to be pissed at anyone. Although Chris was pretty annoyed that Ashley had been so candid. But not so annoyed that he didn’t take her home, and fuck her escort kadıköy until they both passed out.


Ashley knew she had to act quickly, it wouldn’t be long before Hailee turned up on Chris’ doorstep, wearing nothing but heels and a trench coat. So the next day she met up with Hailee at a nearby coffee shop to lay out a plan. Lea joined them having confided in Hailee that she also planned to seduce Chris. After discussions, a weekend getaway was agreed. Lea knew of a secluded lakeside cabin that would provide the perfect location for the women to hang out, and take turns trying out Chris’ wonder cock. Hailee and Lea agreed to undergo a routine health check, and were advised to go on the pill. Ashley explained that she and Chris had used condoms for a brief period, but the orgasms weren’t as strong, and the feeling of his warm semen spraying inside was an experience they did not want to miss. As they left the coffee shop, all three were turned on by the proposal. Hailee and Lea returned to their respective apartments to masturbate, whilst Ashley took inspiration from her fears, and turned up on Chris’ doorstep, wearing nothing by heels and a trench coat.


For the next few weeks Hailee and Lea upheld their part of the bargain, and Ashley and Chris’ relationship wasn’t mentioned again. Chris initially found this suspicious, but also enjoyed the renewed vigour Ashley was bringing to their sessions, and didn’t hesitate when a weekend away was proposed. Chris was unaware of the plan, but he knew Ashley had something going on. They had abstained from each other for a week, and the tension on the drive up was intense. Upon arrival they were struck by the beauty of the place, Ashley was surprised Lea had such great connections. But before they could begin to explore their surroundings, there was a tension that needed breaking.

Breaking through the front door their cases were thrown to one side. The bedroom was found, their clothes shed as they went. By the time they reached the master bedroom they were naked. They admired each others bodies from either side of the bed, Chris was still drawn to her flared hips, gravity defying breasts, and her beautiful face. Ashley was now able to admire his newly chiselled physique, and could just make out an outline of newly formed abs. But her focus was on his erect penis, curved to the side, ready to blow her mind. As she moved to the bed they made eye contact, only breaking as Chris moved between her legs, and began to kiss and caress her body. Soon his kisses had reached her pussy, and Ashley’s hips involuntarily arched to meet his touch.

Chris spread Ashley further, kissing her freshly shaven pussy. Ashley mewled quietly, then Chris began to gently probe her glistening opening with his tongue. Chris had long since moved on from spelling words, and knew exactly how to make her squirm. Normally Chris would treat her to at least two orgasms before he entered her, but today he was desperate for release, and he just needed Ashley to be ready. Within a minute he had his face buried in Ashley’s crotch as she hurtled through her first orgasm. Already he had her hot, wet and ready.

“Ashley, do you mind if I start? I really need this.”

Ashley didn’t answer, she just smiled and flipped onto her front. Chris climbed to meet her entrance, spread her lips, and pushed his erection deep within her folds. As Ashley cried with delight, Chris placed his hands on her beautiful hips. Her skin was soft to the touch, but with a hint of sweat. He marvelled in her perfection, then slowly pulled back, and began his preliminary thrusts. He had learnt that by holding back on the start, he could control his own arousal, yet still make Ashley explode. Soon he had Ashley incoherently babbling beneath him, then almost on queue she took a sharp intake of breath, and Chris pushed deep inside her. Ashley came violently, battering Chris’ wonder cock with glee. As she calmed down, Chris resumed, now with increased gusto.

“Are you close?” Ashley shouted over her shoulder.

“Don’t worry, I can go at least another round” he replied.

Now he was suspicious, but he continued as normal, enjoying her hot sex caressing his increasingly sensitive member. He ran his hands up her body and reached round to feel her breasts. He groaned as each orb filled his hands, her nipples poking into his palm. They continued like that until Ashley started to built to another climax. This one was traditionally more subdued, but Chris was surprised to find Ashley was rubbing her clit. He wondered if he doing something wrong, but it didn’t take long for his attention to return to the sensations surrounding his cock. Ashley was cumming hard, and her pussy was treating him accordingly. He’d told her he could go again, but Ashley had him right on the edge. Just as he felt he couldn’t hold on, Ashley’s orgasm peaked, and he thrust deep into the depths of her pussy and rode out the onslaught.

Chris had made it, but he wouldn’t last much longer. As he started up again, he told her “Sorry Ashley, but I’m real maltepe escort close.”

Ashley reached back and stopped his thrusts, then with a whimper she pulled forward and he slipped from inside her.

“Lie down” she ordered. Chris did as she said, his overstimulated cock hovered over his stomach, bouncing with every heartbeat. Ashley kept eye contact, then crawled up to his cock, took it in her hand, and gently sucked the head into her mouth. Chris was speechless, he wasn’t used to blowjobs, she had only gone down on him a handful of times. She was really working him as well, gently edging him to the point of no return, then easing him back down. He loved staring into her beautiful eyes, and seeing her gorgeous plump lips run over his swollen glans. It wasn’t long until she had him moaning in pain. Chris had previously thought blue balls were a myth, now he knew the awesome reality.

Releasing him from her mouth with a loud pop, Ashley sat back. “Are you ready? Do you want to cum all over my pretty face?”

Chris’ eyes bulged, “Oh fuck yes, please make me cum.”

Ashley laughed, then took the head in her mouth, and worked the underside with her tongue whilst her right hand stroked his shaft, and her left worked his aching balls. This time she would allow him to finish.

“Oh I’m gonna cum,” Chris cried as he thrust off the bed. Ashley stopped sucking on the head and began rubbing her thumb over his frenulum and licking his pulsating glans. As Chris started to ejaculate, Ashley smiled and admired her work. The first shot crept out just before a volley fired into the air and over Chris’ shoulder. The curvature of his cock was firing his load away from her, so she pulled back on his shaft and manoeuvred herself over his exploding dick, allowing his cum to rain down on her beautiful face. Chris looked on in awe as he covered her in hot semen, any worry he might have was dissipated by her broad smile. After 11 huge blasts Chris’ orgasm began to wind down, and now Ashley was gently milking out what remained of his load.

Ashley couldn’t see, so she wiped her eyes and stared at Chris again, his semen matting her eyelashes. “Whatever happens this weekend, please remember I did that for you. I love having sex with you, and I’m not ready for this to end.”

Chris looked confused as Ashley grabbed his phone. She turned on the camera and took a selfie of her cum-splattered face, then placed it on the side.

“I trust you, but now I need you to trust me.”

Chris sat beside her, his dick softening in record time. “Ashley what is it?”

Ashley seemed to be struggling to get her words out, it was strange as she was usually so confident. As she wiped the rest of his semen from her face, she explained.

“Later on this evening, Hailee and Lea are going to turn up. After the wedding, I knew they would plan something. I know they’re both gorgeous, and would easily seduce you, so we arranged this weekend. Today is my day, on Saturday it’s Hailee’s turn, then Lea on Sunday.”

“Turn?” Chris enquired.

“They want you to fuck them, so they can see what your dick can do!”

Chris sat for a moment, “And you’re okay with that?”

“We both know this isn’t monogamous, we’re not a couple. Just as I said before, I don’t want this to end, because no-one makes me cum like you do.”

Ashley was starting to become emotional, not necessarily out of affection, but through carnal need. Chris’ cock had recovered at the thought of fucking Hailee and Lea, so he leant across and kissed Ashley’s neck. Within moments she had melted into his arms, his right hand cupping her pussy as he kissed down her body. As Hailee and Lea sped down the highway to await their turn, Chris repaid the favour to Ashley, once with his mouth, then multiple times with his magical wonder cock.


As Hailee and Lea pulled up to the lodge, Chris was in the shower, and Ashley had passed out on the master bed. The remains of Chris’ first orgasm drying on her face, as his second dripped from her exposed vagina. The smell off sex lingered in the air as the new arrivals walked through to their assigned rooms, dumped their bags, then headed to the kitchen to open a bottle of wine.

Ashley awoke several hours later with a dull ache between her legs. She had been well and truly satisfied, yet she was still jealous of the women downstairs, their bodies yet to experience the delights of Chris’ beautiful member. She thought about heading downstairs that moment, naked and with dry cum on her face, but she thought better of it, and headed to the shower with a smile.


The following morning started by the pool. The cabin was fairly isolated, so as Chris emerged into the late morning sunlight with a slight hangover, he came across Ashley and Lea, lying on their fronts sunbathing, both naked. Hailee was taking a morning swim, her skin was so naturally pale she had long since given up trying to tan. Chris sat on a sun lounger just as she emerged from the pool. He was reminded of Phoebe Cates infamous shot from “Fast Times At Ridgemont High.” She wore a yellow, one-piece swimsuit that clung to every curve of her torso. He couldn’t help but glance between her legs to view the inevitable camel-toe that had formed, then watched her breasts bounce as she walked towards them, arms behind her head wringing out her hair.

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