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Helping Hand Ch. 02

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It had been a couple months since my sister in-law Carolyn’s visit and life was pretty much business as usual. My wife told me her sister was planning another visit for the upcoming weekend because she got a smoking deal on a plane ticket. Carolyn had told my wife she had so much fun during her last visit that she wanted to come back and spend some more time with us. My wife, my son, and I picked Carolyn up at the airport late Friday afternoon and we all went out to a nice dinner. After a good meal and a couple drinks we headed home to put my son to bed. The three of us stayed up had a couple more drinks while we caught up on things.

After a while my wife was feeling drowsy from the alcohol and she went off to bed. Carolyn said she felt a little tired too and decided to read in bed for a bit and turn in. After Carolyn went off to the guest room I got on-line and surfed the Internet for a bit. After a while I logged off and decided to watch some TV before going to bed.

I turned the TV on and went to empty my bladder before settling in. As I was heading back to the living room I heard Carolyn call out to me from the guest room, which is right across the hall from the bathroom. I went to see what she wanted and found Carolyn sitting up in bed, wearing the same robe as last time, with a book in her lap. She said she had gotten a second wind and didn’t feel that tired anymore. Carolyn asked me to come in and talk with her a while so I went and turned the TV off and returned to visit with my sister in-law.

When I returned to the guest room Carolyn patted the spot on the bed next to her and told me to have a seat. I sat down and asked her what was up. She said she really enjoyed her last visit, especially our evening together. She told me when she went to bed that night she had a little trouble getting to sleep. Carolyn said she is usually pretty self-conscious and was just lying there staring at the ceiling in disbelief that she had actually masturbated in front of me. In spite of her embarrassment she said she was still really turned on and had masturbated a second time before going to sleep. Carolyn said she could tell I had enjoyed what was going on too because she could feel my hard-on pushing against her back through the pillow.

I blushed and sheepishly told ataşehir escort bayan her how sexy she had looked in her lingerie that night and was sporting a woody pretty much from the start. With Carolyn talking about that evening, and visions of it running through it running through my head, I had a hard-on straining against my shorts as we spoke. Luckily my t-shirt was covering it. Carolyn told me she had used my idea with her husband when she got home and it worked like a charm. She just enjoyed great lovemaking sessions and didn’t think about getting pregnant once during them.

Carolyn said she was actually pregnant but was waiting to tell everyone so I was to keep the news a secret. I congratulated her and told her I hoped that what I had done had helped in some way. Carolyn was sure that my idea had a lot to do with it and she wanted to come back and visit so she could thank me in person. I said, “You’re welcome,” and joked, “As you could tell, it was my pleasure.” She responded, “No, I wanted to really thank you.” With that Carolyn stood up and took off her robe. Underneath she was wearing a sheer, tight-fitting black lingerie top and matching panties. I could see her neatly trimmed pubic hair through the fabric of the panties and blurted out, “Wow,” as I stared at Carolyn’s body.

She crawled next to me on the bed, reached over, and grabbed my crotch. “I see you’re already excited,” she laughed as she rubbed my erection through my shorts. “Let me help you,” I said as I took my shorts off, allowing Carolyn easier access. “I figured I’d turn the tables on you a bit and get you all hot and bothered like you did to me,” she said as she stroked my shaft. Carolyn whispered in my ear, “You know, I was thinking about you when I played with myself in bed last time. I could feel your erection pressing against my back on the couch and it helped get me off.”

I reached over and stroked Carolyn’s ass through her sheer panties as she continued talking to me, all the while stroking my pole. “You must have gotten pretty horny while you ran your hands all over my body. What did you do when I went to bed,” she inquired. “You got me so hot that as soon as I heard your door close I pulled my cock out and jerked off,” I replied. She said, “Tell me what escort kadıköy you were fantasizing about while you did it,” and leaned down to lick my throbbing member.

“I was thinking about you. I wanted to go to your bedroom and get in bed with you. I fantasized about spooning you and sliding my aching cock inside you from behind,” I confided as I slid my hand inside her panties. I moved my hand down her ass and plunged a finger into her wet slit as she licked up and down my shaft, soaking my erection with. She took my cock in her mouth and sucked on it as I nudged her lower half to swing around so I could get her into a 69. “I want to taste you,” I pleaded as I pulled Carolyn’s panties off.

I reached around and grabbed Carolyn’s ass as I buried my face in her soaking wet pussy. I lapped at her clit and told her how good she tasted. She responded by telling me how hot it made her when I sucked her fingers clean after she had masturbated in front of me. It was difficult to concentrate on what I was doing because of Carolyn’s expert ministrations on my member.

We worked on each other orally for a bit then she swung her body around. Carolyn straddled my hips and guided my erection to her opening as she eased down onto it. “Oooooh you feel so good inside me,” she moaned. “This is what I fantasized about when I was playing with myself in bed.” I grabbed her hips as she ground her pussy down on my pole. Carolyn really knew how to ride a guy and she moved her pussy forward and back, massaging my cock with her pussy as I reached up and played with her breasts.

I massaged Carolyn’s breasts and played with her nipples through the gauzy fabric of her top before pushing it up over them. She pulled her top off as I sat up and took one of her nipples in my mouth, flicking it with my tongue and hungrily sucking on it. I went back and forth, moving my mouth from breast to breast as I massaged them, then laid back and concentrated on fucking my sister in-law. As Carolyn impaled herself on my pole I met her grinding hips with thrusts of my own. “That’s it Carolyn,” I panted, “Fuck me. Ride my hard cock.”

“Ooooh, you’re hitting just the right spot,” Carolyn moaned, “you’re gonna make me cum.” She bucked wildly on my pole as I rammed it into her slit. Carolyn maltepe escort stifled a scream as she shuddered and jerked with a powerful orgasm. I had her dismount and get on all fours on the bed as I moved behind her. What a beautiful sight, my lovely sister in-law bent over with her engorged pussy spread open, waiting to be taken. I leaned in and ran my tongue up and down her hot slit. I thumbed her clit and moved up to tongue her ass and her body stiffened. I ran my tongue over her backside as I worked her clit. I don’t know if it was a continuation of her last orgasm or if she was cumming again but Carolyn cried out, “Oh God…oh God… I’m cumming…” Carolyn buried her face in her pillow and screamed as she came.

As Carolyn’s orgasm subsided I had her lay flat on her stomach with her legs apart. I slid my aching cock into her pussy and moved my legs outside of hers as she brought hers together. I began pistoning in and out of Carolyn’s pussy as I rubbed my thumb over her wet back side. I was so close I knew I wouldn’t last very long. I thrust forcefully into Carolyn’s pussy as I blurted out, “Oh yes…yes…” Carolyn could feel my dick grow inside her and she panted, “Oh yeah, cum inside me.” I couldn’t take any more and I shot my load deep inside Carolyn’s pussy. I grabbed the base of my shaft as I continued to slowly thrust inside, milking my cock, emptying every drop into Carolyn’s pussy.

I fell to the bed beside Carolyn and we kissed passionately. For some time our tongues danced together as we embraced and caressed each other. We then fell apart, trying to catch our breath from the hot sweaty sex. “Did it live up to the fantasy,” asked Carolyn as we lay there. “It was even better,” I answered. “Ditto,” she said, “no one’s ever licked me like that before. That sent me over the edge.”

After a brief recuperation period Carolyn said, “I still owe you one,” and began sucking my flaccid cock back to life. She proceeded to give me the best blowjob I ever had. Even though I had recently had an orgasm, Carolyn sucked me off fairly quickly, swallowing every drop of my second load of the evening. After finishing me off she kissed me and said this was her special way of thanking me for helping she and her husband conceive a child. Carolyn added that although the sex was great, it had to be a one-time thing. There would not be a repeat performance.

Although the thought of making love to Carolyn again sounds appealing, I think it was best that it ended there. I will always have incredibly erotic memories of the two nights we shared.

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